Yoga Burn for Women Review – Do Zoe Bray Cotton Secrets Work?

If you want to dig more into the Yoga Burn program by Zoe Bray Cotton to see what it’s really like to use it to loose weight before you actually buy into it, you are just in the right place.

Zoe claims to give you through this program all the health and wellness benefits that yoga has to offer to humanity. She claims the moves are super simple to perform and you are not going to have to spend too much towards it to actually get all the benefits off of it.

Well, personally, I don’t like trusting any program on the get goes. I’ve gotten my fingers burnt a good number of times to learn the lesson pretty well. So I always do a thorough research on very program that seems to catch the attention of many to see if it truly does work.

My yoga burn review will tackle most of the things you want to know about this program, and I’m sure you will get well informed to make a decision you definitely won’t regret.

So let’s get right into it!

Product Name: Yoga BurnYoga Burn Review
Website Address:
Owner: Zoey Bray Cotton
Price: Discounted price of $37 or 57 for a bigger better package
Rankings: 91 out of 100

Yoga Burn Review – Introduction:

Getting a truly working fitness program that will help deliver the kind of body results you have always craved for has become quite hard these days. Now the web has been saturated with so many scam artists that are working as hard as the genuinely honest personal trainers out there to create programs and market them.

You will find almost three programs per month being launched claiming to be the best weight loss programs on the market with new technology and super simple “body hacks” to get you the exact body you have always wanted in a short while. And out of all these programs, you will come to see that only 1, if any, that actually works.

The rest are just half baked programs with lots of simple strategies that just want people to get hooked. But once you jump into it, you don’t see any weight being shed or any significant body changes.

I’ve fallen into some them, and I know how painful it is. That is why I don’t want you to fall victim of that too. Read my review and see what you are truly getting from it.

What is the Yoga Burn Program?

This is a 12 weeks fitness program designed for women to helps them loose weight and easily gain the perfect kind of body they see on most models (like Victoria’s Secret). It is set to help you get the best yoga poses that are meant to target stubborn fat and get you to slim down, trim your waistline and bulging belly.

The yoga moves you get here are the most accurate ones that have often been exaggerated by phony yoga trainers. You get the program based on 3 great yoga principles which bring the complete turnover your body requires.

And the making strategy Zoey has made use of here is the dynamic stretching that gives you the basic understanding of effective yoga poses and the shows you how to apply them into even more difficult workouts to make the most out of them and see you get slowly into good shape.

The creator of the system is Zoey Bray Cotton. She is a Yoga and personal trainer by profession and has worked with thousands of gyms and yoga studios in North America. She is also a specialist who is fairly sought after to help people transform their bodies.

With over ten years worth of experience she has gotten to gather up a set of the most rewarding yoga poses that will burn unwanted fat much faster and get your body toned in a matter of 12 short weeks.

With the workouts, you are also going to experience unexplainable peace and calmness that will help you see things in a whole new way. Does she teach genuinely working stuff? I found out that she does deliver! I got quite some positive reviews of her from different reliable sources.

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How Does it Work?

Well, the program basically uses three main workouts. And that is what I want to take a deep look into. Here they are:

• Foundational Flow

As the name suggests, you are getting the basic foundation for yoga here. And you will be getting the introductory phase and some three workouts. In the introductory part, you will be taken through a few yoga poses, the simplest ones, and you will get clear explanations of how to do each so that you are not stuck.

The good thing about this is, Zoey really knows how to walk people through them. She is not hasty or slow, just the perfect pace. You will also get standalone poses you will have to prefect so that you then have all of them running smoothly.

Moreover, you are going to learn a few things on breathing, how to hold it and keep it working right for you not to pant during the class. With the earlier mentioned moderately high pace, you will have your body constantly engaged to have you burning much fat.

• Transitional Flow

Here, you also get an introduction and 3 workouts. The introduction focuses on helping you keep the lessons learned in the foundational flow intact and ready to apply them. The other 3 workouts are more aimed at helping to make the smooth transitions from one pose to the other smoothly and have you see the full benefits the poses come with.

In this flow, something I came to learn is that you will be more focused on is living in the present moment which is what should help you get the peace you see in most people’s lives, get you deep happiness and contentment in the simplicity of your life. This is one phase you will love.

• Mastery Flow

This is the last phase, and as with the previous ones, you get an introduction and 3 workouts. This part is more about combining all the lessons you have learned in the other workouts and ramping things up to get you all the more peaceful, happy, toned and cellulite free.

By the time you are getting here, two months have gone, and you have lost a fair amount of weight and have experienced a huge change in your life. So as you prepare to finish this program, you are sent off with a surge of energy and power.

The main thing here is doing a lot of compound movements and repetitions that hit both the upper and the lower body to get your rate of metabolism soaring and getting your body completely transformed.

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What is Included in the Program?

To make sure, you have made the absolute most off this system, Zoey includes some few bonus yoga resources in the system which come with together after you have ordered your package. Let’s take a peek at what you get:

• Tranquility Flow – This seeks to make you more peaceful, relaxed and more confident than you currently are. You will be taught the best posture always to have and a great technique to relax all your muscles after a workout.

• Tips and Tools – This addresses the simple but important things you should do to make sure you are fully pushing the program to its limit and assure you of the kind of body you want. Things like the best environment to do your workouts and time to mention a few.

• Beginner Flow – If you are just getting acquainted with yoga or have had quite a rough week at work, this will get you on track. You will get even slower yoga poses compared to other video workouts to help you learn or get fully relaxed.

• Pose tutorials – This one tackle, even more, stuff about yoga in depth. And you will know the popular poses like bridge, warrior 1 and 2, and show you exactly how to do each.

Who is it For?

This program is best for women who are looking for a super simple way to loose weight and become more peaceful and happy with life. If you are on the job that taints your heart and attitude everyday before the day is over, this program will help you reclaim your peace and joy. If you also want to lose weight and don’t want to get into lifting weights and other strenuous exercises, this one should make the best fit for you.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• The yoga moves you get here are authentic. You don’t get some rehashed moves that are sometimes simple and others hard. All of them move in a smooth even sequence.

• The poses are easy to follow along. With most of the things well highlighted and the poses well illustrated, it is hard to get stuck on any.

• This is great for all women no matter their age and fitness levels. You are going to find this helpful even if you have been on other yoga classes in the past.

• The price is affordable. If you think about it, a yoga session would cost you a minimum of $20. But you are only investing a one time fee of $37, and you access all the phases.

• You are taught how to remain in the present moment which will help you take advantage of what you have at the time and reduce regrets.

• All the poses are done in a slow, manageable pace. So you don’t have to worry about being hastened and get you injured or having muscle strains.

• You also get to increase your overall flexibility which will help you perform other stretching tasks that you possibly couldn’t before.

The Cons

• Good results do come, but you don’t get to see them more visible until you have gotten to phase 3. So you will want to exercise some patience here.

• If you wanted a program that will get you quick results the easy way, this wouldn’t get you that. It is simple but takes time to get fully in shape.

Final Verdict:

Overall, this program is great. If you are willing to commit yourself to it and go through the phases with determination, you are definitely going to see good rewarding changes in your body. But you will have to accept that you want a simple strategy and this offers that but with a bit longer time to see the expected changes.

If you work with that, you are surely going to have a good time and see what you have been looking forward to sneaking in on you just at the right time. You also get money back guarantee that comes with a 60 days refund policy and this gets you covered almost the entire program, you actually should have seen some changes by then.

If you don’t see them and want your money back, you only need to get in touch with the customer service, and they will have the amount refunded to you in full.

Final Verdict – LEGIT!

Name: Yoga Burn
Owner: Zoey Bray Cotton
Price: Discounted price of $37 or 57 for a bigger better package
Rankings: 91 out of 100

Have you been on the Yoga Burn program before? Have you been on any other yoga class in the past? How can compare it to this? How have you found this program? What can you say about it? Will you try it out? We would really love to hear your thoughts. Please drop them below.

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