Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review – Does it Really Fulfill Promises?

If you are looking to know more about the extreme fat loss diet program by Shaun Hadsall and Dan Long and know whether it’s really worth your shot, then this is your review!

I had a chance to take on the program and truly see if delivers all the claims and promises it makes. And what I learned about it will truly amaze you. So I’d ask you to take time and read through my extreme fat loss diet review to the end, to get the real picture of the program, and its true colors.

I’ve also left my final verdict on it which I have complete faith that is going to help you along way to seeing if the program will make the best fit for you and is actually going to give what you have been looking for all this while, or is just another one of those overrated fitness scam programs out there.

Most importantly, I’m sure it will help you get your right fit by the end of this short read.

So let’s get right into it…

Product Name: Extreme Fat Loss DietXtreme Fat Loss Diet Review
Website Address: xtremefatlossdiet.com/special/xtreme2017.php
Owner: Shaun Hadsall and Dan Long
Price: Discounted price of $15
Rankings: 90 out of 100

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review – Introduction:

If you have been looking for a perfect fitness program that you would want to use to shake off the inches from your waistline or some other part and get to lean up fast, then you can agree with me when I say it’s not easy to find a real program that works, right? You have to go through a countless series of scams trying to make you believe that you can loose weight while eating what you want and not having to exercise.

They will also go ahead and tell you that you won’t need pills or any chemicals to do this. That they would show you a new secret discovery that burns fat in minutes, right? Well, here is the truth. These scams have been there for decades, and they don’t seem to go away. In fact, they are getting more and more every year.

So chances of them disappearing for good are next to none.

What I propose is that you get good at spotting scams right off the bat. And this, I can tell you, will need some skill. You will want to know how scams think, operate and act. To get all this needed understanding of scam products, you will want to make a habit of reading product reviews before buying into them. You will want to take some time and read what people who have bought them and really seen what it’s like to use them so that you get to have insider’s view of it and decide if this is what you want to work with.

This way, you will see a common trend across all the sham programs that will help you identify the ones that will be pushed on you in the future.

And to give you some insight into this, let’s take a look at Extreme Fat Loss Diet system and see if it is one of the many blatant scams or the few honestly effort paying programs.

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What is Extreme Fat Loss Diet?

This is basically a weight loss system that is going to help you burn stubborn fat within 25 days while eating all kinds of foods that you love as you train five times a week. Funny how that sounds, get to burn fat fast while adding it to your body within the longest time frame in a week.

But, the creators of the program argue that, when you deny your body the fattening foods, you are going to have the leptin levels in your body go down very fast and make your weight loss efforts go fruitless. By having the ability to eat both the highly nutritious foods as well as the fatty ones, you get to bring the leptin levels up which makes it possible for the body to burn fat significantly and help every minute of your implementation of the program count.

The two minds behind the extreme fat loss diet are Shaun Hadsall and Dan Long, but if you happen to pay close attention to the eBook you will make a purchase of, you will find the name “Joel Marion” all over the place, in spite of the fact that the two mentioned owners have their names on the sales page. This gets a bit confusing.

Looking up these three people on the web, I found no information on Dan Long. For Shaun, it is claimed that he gained popularity when he joined a transformational contest, Body for Life. This was back in 1998. He defeated more than 20,000 contestants and got the price for the 1st runners up. It was this win that got him the ability to take over the ownership of one of the most influential fitness centers in the world. Even more, fame came when he was crowned as the fittest health and fitness expert in 2008 by a renown fitness magazine.

As for Joel, he has given a bit of information about himself saying that he got from the College of New Jersey, a degree in Health Education and Exercises Science. International Society of Sports along with other fitness certification agencies allowed him the title of a fitness trainer and sports nutritionist. For more than six years now, he has been featured in many fitness magazines like MuscleMag International, Bodybuilding.com, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Day, Muscle and Fitness Hers, T-Nation.com, Self, Muscle Media, Oxygen, and LifeScript.com.

But the truth of these claims has not yet been established.

How Does it Work?

Well, first you have to understand how leptin works. You are taken through this essential hormone that plays a big role in getting you body to lose weight. Ideally, when your rate of metabolism is high your levels of leptin are high. What happens is that when you eat, leptin levels go up which makes your ability to loose weight great. But during the days when you are on a diet, the leptin on your body goes down as you use up more energy without taking in many foods. And this makes the whole working out experience a vain one.

So you are going to want to keep that in mind if you are to see any results with any program.

The program works with very interesting nutrition and workout methods. Let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Nutrition Methods

• Cheat Days – These are the days when you get to eat whatever you like, but only have one bottle of beer. You can eat pizza and any other foods that you like. The goal here is to help the fat burning process to accelerate. You are going to bring in your body a good amount of nutrients as well as calories that will help this process to be a smooth one. You don’t get to drink more than one beer as it will bring complications with your hormone and distort many things that will destroy the chances of you ever getting in shape.

• Protein Only Depletion Days – During these days, you do exactly the opposite of what you will be doing on cheat days. Here, you are expected to be eating an enormous amount of lean meat and as many veggies as you possibly can. You don’t get to have pizzas as this is where you deny the body these to make way for amino acids. Glycogen in the sugary foods can only be accessed on cheat days.

• Moderate Carb Days – These are the days when you have a moderate amount of all the foods recommended in the program. Here, you get to have at least 40% of foods rich in protein, 30% of foods rich in fats and 30% of foods rich in carbs. Here you are supposed to have at least five meals throughout the day. You do this with the main of rejuvenating your body with plenty of nutrients before you get into hard training.

• Fast Days – On such days, your body is already set to start burning fats at high rates. When this is ready, you cut the extent of calorie intake all of a sudden and drink a lot of water filled with amino acids (BCAA type). You also get to do three exercises throughout the day. These workouts are going to help keep the rate of metabolism high and see it burning all the calories you had in cheat days.

• Shake Days – These are the days you get time to take in proteins to help treat the “wounds” of the intensive training you had on fast days. Here, you treat yourself to shakes made of protein and fats and proteins and carbs. This helps your body regain the nutrients it requires to keep the body building, in the proper way.

2. Workout Methods

You are going to get involved in a series of training that you need to know are hard (not as hard as insanity workout) and are going to want you to be very committed. The workouts am talking about include:

  • Density Training
  • Strength Training
  • Lactic acid Training
  • Dynamic Training

Who is it For?

This program is going to make a good deal for people who want to lose weight fast, eating what they want all at the same time getting an extremely intensive training that is going to get their bodies always on the pump. If you are among the people who want to lose weight fast, maybe to fit in that wedding dress or the dress you chose for reunion, then you should get this.

If you also find it hard to leave you favorite foods that you very well know are only adding huge amounts of fats in your body, then you are going to be taken through a good moderation training with this product. You will get to eat what you love at times and still get to go through a weight loss period that will truly stagger you.

But, even though this product is great for most people, there are those who are not going to see any substantial amount of results. And this includes those:

• Don’t want to work their bodies out – If you know you are the kind of people who get into workouts and quit, then this one will not give you a right measure of results. It needs a greatly willing person. You have to be ready to keep the motivation on throughout the training. You are going to want it to the end. So you should prepare your mind in advance. Have the “I must get what I’ve always been trying so hard to achieve!” mentality. And remember always to tell yourself, “I’m not a quitter! I am a gainer!”

• Who wants an easy fix – Sure this is going to give you a quick fix, but not the kind of quick fix most people think of. You know, many people want a fix that will get them what they want in the fastest and easiest way possible. More like a magical pill. Well, this program believes in training your body hard, in breaking a sweat 5 minutes into it so that you can shed pounds each day. So you will want to get your body ready for extreme action if you want to find the product useful.

What is Included in the Program?

The fact that the extreme fat loss diet is set to get you seeing your waistline shrink in less than a month, it means that you are going to need resources to keep at it and make every second of your training count. Shaun along with his mates have dragged this program along with some other great resources to keep you moving, always motivated and working hard. They have also included some few amazing bonuses that are going to help you keep burning even after you’re done with the program and get you lean in a matter of months, fewer than most fitness programs out there promise.

And the “goodies” that come with the package include:

1. The Diet Manual (Valued at $197)

This is a manual that is going to walk you by the hand on the types of foods you should be on when working the training. You are given a list of foods that you should eat, those that you shouldn’t eat, when to take what you are allowed to, FAQs, tables that are going to give you an idea of how to go about everything moderately and so much more. And rest assured that the plans are so flexible that you are going to love them completely.

2. Training Manual (Valued at $197)

This is the manual that gives you all the training you will be getting into. You get the best routine from Dan Long, who is a great trainer and helps you blend in the training with the diet you eat each typical day and make the most out of it when the conditions are best. With the five days a week timeframe, and the few minutes you give each day, you are going to make every ounce of fat shake when you are done.

3. Workout Log Sheets (Valued at $47)

These come in handy for a traveler or anyone else who is always on the move. They are printable sheets that are going to help you keep the program even while you are away, get you to track your progress to see whether you are heading in the right direction. With these, you are good from wherever you may be, away from home.

4. The Success Journal (Valued at $27)

This helps you keep record of your experiences with anything within the program. You are going to get to write your own journal that has been found to increase the chances of going through any program successfully. With this, you are going to get daily and weekly log sheets as well as questionnaires that are going to hammer the improvement you are getting from this system.

5. The Supplementation Guide ( Valued at $27)

To start with, you don’t need any form of supplements to make this system work for you. But you can use them to hasten the results. So here you are going to get good guidance on how to choose the best supplements and how to incorporate them into the training to have everything go well for you and get a much better experience of the training.

6. The XFLD Cliffs Notes (Valued at $47)

This is like getting the whole gist of the program in this book. You are going to get the main and most important bits of the training and dieting as well as tips to carry with you, summarized for you. This is going to help you not to have to go through the whole manuals from the beginning to the end to rinse and repeat the steps. With this, you just grab the essentials and get to work with them.

7. Pre-Program XLFD Quick Start Checklist

There are those few requirements you are going to need before you jump into the program. If you have troubles remembering what they all were, this checklist is going to help you see that everything is fine.

8. Extreme Fat Loss Diet Wall Calendar

When you see a calendar that reminds you of how you should be spending your days, the chances are that you are going to feel the sense of responsibility to keep the program’s “etiquette” and this will help you achieve. So you get a printable wall calendar you can always track your progress with.

And you get Bonuses!

As the new release of the Extreme, Fat Loss Diet comes in 2017; you get three more bonuses which consist of:

• The Fastest Fat Loss Week Ever

This is going to push your body to the limits. You are going to get a sequence that will get your body to lose up to 8 pounds of stubborn fat a week. You are going to have to be very careful with your diet, though so that you don’t work out hard and then put the fat back in the body.

• The 7 Day Spot Reduction Solution

This is going to help you torch off the stubborn fat in the areas you have the greatest difficulty in. With more than seven successful studies on this, the proven series of workouts you are going to get are most certainly going to rid the fat within seven days of short but highly effective methods.

• The 7 Day Extreme Fat Flush

These people are really determined to rid the fat off your body. This is yet another resource to reduce fat. Inside of this, you are going to get a list of natural foods you will be using to help you clean your body of chemicals, clean your liver which greatly aids the whole fat loss thing, and reduces the amount of inflammation you often get. And this is going to ensure that no single trapped fat cell is going to support more weight gain.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• This program covers the whole aspect of loosing weight the best. You get all the resources you are going to need to do this successfully, the bonuses and the strategies to mention but a few.

• This is the program that helps you lose fat fast enough to fit in into anything you bought for a special event that’s coming soon. With the deep training that you will be getting into, you are definitely going to feel lighter in a week’s time and get the perfect body.

• You get perhaps the best diet program on the web. The owners have thought out the whole process and have come up with something that will favor you and your body throughout the training.

• The product has not been overpriced. In fact, with the all the things you get from it, you are going to see that Shaun and his friends are really determined to help people not to make money from them.

• The program is very deep and has tackled almost everything you need to know and do about weight loss. You don’t have to get any more information after going through this one, for more rewarding results.

• There are a lot of things that have been included in the program to help you with all the things you deserve to get the most from the program.

The Cons

• The fact that you get the program owned by Shaun and Dan on the sales page and then get to find the name of Joel at the bottom of every page of the actual program you buy is kind of suspicious.

• You only get the program online. This means you will want to prepare yourself with a good and fast internet connection to go through the system with much ease.

Final Verdict:

Taking a good look at the program overview, you are going to see that these three people have really done something worth praising. You get tons of information and deep perspectives on how your body works, how you can get it to work at optimal levels and also, how you can get every minute of your training to make a great impact on your body. The convenience of the program is just astounding given that you only workout for just 25 minutes a day for five days a week and get to burn pounds of pure fat every time.

The fact that you get to work with proven to work strategies that have been proven by more than seven doctors shows that you are working with the good stuff here.

And as always, you get a 60 days money back guarantee for all Clickbank products, and this happens to be one of them. This means that you have the freedom to feel like you are having a free trial of the program. And in any case, you don’t find it useful for you within a timeframe of 60 days immediately after you have purchased it, you can return it and ask for a refund. You can be sure to get it without having to brutal on anyone.

All the money, down to the last cent will be credited to your account immediately. To me, this is pure awesomeness. And if I were to give my conclusion on this program, based on the many such programs I’ve interacted with, I can say with all the confidence that this one is, by all means, legit!

All the help you get here for the price they ask is just ridiculously low. I even doubt whether they are going to make any profits from this system.

Final verdict – Legit! (By all means)

Name: Extreme Fat Loss Diet
Website: http://xtremefatlossdiet.com/special/xtreme2017.php
Owner: Shaun Hadsall and Dan Long
Price: Discounted price of $15
Rankings: 90 out of 100

Have you had the chance to test out the program on your body? How did you find it? Did it help you lose weight? How many pounds did you loose? Would you recommend this program to your friends or family? We would be glad to have you leave your feedback on it down below.

Want a program that gives a complete blueprint for loosing weight and gaining muscles all at the same time? Want a program that handles the weight loss issue a bit deeper than the Extreme Fat Loss system? Then come and see what most fitness trainers are recommending.

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