Dr. William Vitale Medifast Reviews – Does it Produces Good Results?

If you want an insider's look into the Medifast program to know whether you are going to get the solution you need for your body weight issues, I'm here to take you through it.

Medifast poses as a good company that works with ethics and integrity, with the main mission bring to genuinely help people. You are given a lot of options and provisions to use to achieve your weight loss goals to the point you want to get to, and sometimes beyond.

The also say they are truly passionate about helping people and that's what has kept them in business for a little over 30 years now.

The strategy they offer has been so good and healthy that even people who are suffering from diabetes type 2 can easily see results with it.

Well, I'm sure you have heard these claims in the past wanting you to believe in them enough to pull out your credit card and buy into their system. But, to be honest, do you think Medifast is really that genuine and dedicated to helping you with your body?

This review is among the few Medifast reviews out there that will tell you they plain naked truth about this company.

Let's get into it right away.

Name: Medifast
Website: www.medifast1.com
Owner: Dr. William Vitale
Price: depends on the order
Rankings: 93 out of 100


Integrity and passion win respect and trust very easily and quickly. And these two seem to be the most commonly used words within the online business sector to help make more sales.

I have seen a lot of companies using these words to try to show their target audience how genuine they are and how people should place their trust in them. I don't mean to say that there are no companies that work with ethics, but many of them are those that pretend to be doing that than the ones actually doing it.

I know of many programs that do work towards helping people more than they are interested in making money. And when you look at their bank records, they are making more revenue than you would think. But the surprising thing is, they don't even tell people that they are legit and working to help, I guess they want to show that with actions.

But if you look at many of those companies that declare openly they are honest, they are usually hiding something. Now, please don't get me wrong, medifast is not a scam, nor do I want to say is legit too, I want to give you the facts about it and you will clearly see which category it lies.

Just wanted you to be alert on the new programs that rise with many claims that may hide their real nature and get your scammed before you actually know what heartless scammers they are. So, be wary.

Let's now get to know medifast better.

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What is Medifast?

This is a meal replacement producing and delivering the company that will help you get in shape and loose pounds and pounds of weight by eating up to 6 meals per day (yes, 6 meals), both meal replacement shakes and solid food that is healthy and with very few calories.

It is medically tested and has been confirmed safe for people with obese if they work through it under the constant check up by a doctor.

This program promises you an assured weight loss of 2 to 5 pounds of pure fat per week, for the first two weeks, if you are ready to take 5 medifast shakes each day and 1 whole and healthy meal.

From there, you will be losing about 2 pounds every week. This means you have to give up you favorite high carb diets and adapt to this if you want to see results that fast. You also get other products sold by this company like pancakes, drinks, soups, bars, and the chef made meals that you can still use on your weight loss journey.

The company sprang into action back in 1980, with the effort of William Vitale. It has been creating meal plans that sound's crazy yet proven to be very effective. Three of their meal plans have caught my attention and got me and many people wondering. The 4,2,1 plan, the 5&1 plan, and the 3&3 plan.

Basically, the 4,2,1 plan works like this. You get to have 4 meals prepared by medifast which are high in protein and very low in carbs, and then 2 meals with more greens and meat, and then you allowed one snack that comes with the healthy ingredients.

The 5&1 meal plan, on the other hand, will have you replacing most of your meals with 5 shakes and then get to eat one meal. And finally, the 3&3 meal. This is a meal plan that works with 3 meals everyday together with 3 shakes.

Although they may sound rather strange, they have had good success, but with some failures too. They will have you losing up to 20 pounds within a time frame of 6 weeks but you better get prepared to handle the bitter taste some of them have.

How Does it Work?

This is where I go deep into the meal plans. In the system, there are many meal plans, about 70 of them, that you can choose from and start working on your choice right away. The meal plans have been created by weight loss specialists who have been helping people loose weight for years.

There are about 20,000 doctors in the program looking into the plans and helping you use them according to the strategy that perfectly fits your situation to see quicker and much more tangible results.

The meal plans that have become popular over the years are the 3 mentioned ones, the 3&3 meal plan, the 5&1 meal plan, the 4,2,1 meal plan and another one, 5,2&2 meal plan that will get you using 5 meal replacement shakes, 2 snacks and 2 "lean and green" diets.

Now a bit into the meals, shakes, and snacks.

Medifast Meals

The meals you get here have been made with more of healthy lifestyle mindset. You won't be getting the carbs you like most, no high carb pizzas. The meals you will be eating are mainly made from the most common healthy ingredients, including minerals and vitamins like iron, magnesium, niacin, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, B, B6, B12, C, D and E, among many others.

All of them have been made with designs almost similar to each other, so you will be having some surprises along the lines of meals you will be receiving. You are also allowed to switch meals as you wish as far as you are working with the medifast meals. This means that you don't have eaten the same things everyday.

The Healthy Snacks

You will be getting a number of healthy snacks to keep you full through the day and have you not binge on anything due to hunger. You will get the list of snacks in the program from 2 sites of medifast. These are medifast Go™ and Medifast Flex™.

But to give you an idea of what to expect, you will be seeing a lot of yogurt, apple cinnamon crisps, baked potato, Rosemary sea salt crackers, sea salt popcorn, cheddar and sour cream popcorn, multigrain crackers, parmesan and olive oil crisps and much more.

The "Lean and Green" Meals

A good blend of protein, vegetables, and healthy fats is what you are getting here. As the name itself hints you, you will be eating many lean meals.

And the good thing is, you have the option to cook your meals through the cookbook and recipes you get on their websites or have the meals prepared and delivered right to your doorstep. It's entirely up to you and your ultimate convenience!

What is Included in the Program?

There is so much included in the program than can be listed in this review. So I will just highlight the few major ones and explain a bit of them.

To start with, you will get access to more resources for this program other than the snacks, meals, and shakes. There are more fitness resources that you can buy which will help you have a better training experience and get an even better body.

The things am taking about are:

• Supplements - Medifast offers a number of supplements you can use to boost your health and body performance. I found 3 supplements with great prices, the "Essential1: 30-Day Supplement Bundle" with a total of 30 servings, the "Essential1: Heart Health: Super Omega-3 Daily Supplement" and the "Essential1: Digestive Health: Probiotic & Natural Digestive Enzyme Daily Supplement Pack".

• Fitbit Activity Trackers - Talk about taking your training to the next level! These trackers come in different prices that are all easily affordable with slightly different designs. The one I liked was Zip™ Wireless Activity Tracker (Black), it looked cute.

• Books and Guides - This is where you will be seeing the many recipes the system owns and other guides for diabetes, seniors, dining out, maintenance and exercises. You will also get cookbooks and recipe cards.

• Accessories - You also have the opportunity to use some of their accessories like blenders, coffee mugs, blender bottles and even shake jars.

Who is it for?

As with all other programs that come with fitness related stuff, this one is meant for people who want to lose weight pack up some lean muscles and even those who want to address other aspects of their health.

If you want to buy gym equipment, guides, supplements or anything you think you will be needed, this is the place you should go to.

Pros and Cons:

The Pro's

• You get great meal plans that have changed many people's lives. This means you are only using them to get real results not to try and see if they will deliver.

• You are getting many things under roof, supplements, trackers, accessories, guides, books and other things that save you time and money.

• The meal plans have been tested and found healthy for people with weight loss issues, including the diabetic, and obese patients.

• This is the only program I have seen promising you to lose up to 5 pounds within the first week of your using it and have actually lived up to the promise.

• You have 20,000 doctors working behind you and making sure you are using the right things, and even regulate the meals and supplements so that you get quality results that will satisfy you.

• This company started out in 1980 and they are still in business. This should ring a bell of honesty and integrity. It seems like these are people who keep their word.

• There are so many people who are happy with this program. I had a chance to visit some of the popular fitness forums and the feedback was a positive one on all of them.

The Con's

• Some of the meals taste bitter. This is what you should expect with healthy stuff. A good number of people had an issue with this.

• There are so many websites of this company that you may get overwhelmed while using it to lose weight. You get the resources in different places.

Final Verdict:

Well, the company is really great as far as quality and commitment go. They have made claims and they have lived up to everyone one of them. You know hard it is to find programs that do the same?

My favorite part of this program is the meals, you get 70 of them. Meaning, if you ate one meal per day, you won't have the same meal twice for more than two months. And this, my friend, is a great effort on the side of the company.

This is where I say, "Hats off Mr. William for creating such a good program!"

Final Verdict - Legit!

Name: Medifast
Website: www.medifast1.com
Owner: Dr. William Vitale
Price: depends on the order
Rankings: 93 out of 100

Have you had any of the 70 meals? Which one did you find sweet? Which one did you find bitter? Which plan did you use through the program?

How were the results? If you are not done yet, how is the system coming along for you? Let us know what you think about medifast.

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