Venus Factor Xtreme Review 2021 – Does It Work?

I've seen too much talk and share about Venus Factor on the web and on social media, so I decided to write my honest review on it.

My Venus Factor Xtreme review will explain everything to you. Whether it's going to take your fat loss to the next level, if it has really worked for others as you are made to believe, and everything else on your mind, all will be brought to rest right here!

So be sure to be extremely keen on it. And without any more delays, let's give it a go...

Product Name: Venus Factor Xtreme (VFX)
Website Address:
Owner: John Barban
Price: $37 (limited offer) marked price -$97
Rankings: 85 out of 100

 What is Venus Factor Xtreme?

This is a 12 weeks nutrition plan that is meant to help, through a step by step set of instructions, women shake off unwanted inches off their waist by taking advantage of the rate of metabolism in their bodies. 

Based on new research, as the author claims, it takes more than just regular exercises and diets to loose weight.

It is more of understanding how your body works than anything else, that matters.

The program will give you a deep understanding of your body, regarding the crucial key players of fat loss, and help you know how to tip the weight loss scales to your advantage.

 Who Is Behind Venus Factor Xtreme?

John Barban! Yes, you heard it right. It's the famous nutritionist and fitness researcher and trainer. He has helped thousands of people struggling with loosing weight, do it in an amazingly simplified way. 

He has gathered a vast amount of experience within the fitness industry with a bachelor's and master's degree in Human Biology and Nutrition.

John Barban

He went into search mode for this program with the aim of helping his sister, Lisa, lose her stubborn fat and help her gain back her confidence and motivation in life after she had "tried everything and failed to work."

And having it work for her, he also thought of the many women like Lisa, going through the same problem.

That's basically how the program took its shape!

 How Does Venus Factor Xtreme Work?

This program works towards burning fat by understanding the fat burning hormone that has full control over how fast and easy or hard and slows your body can burn fat.

And that hormone is, Leptin.

Basically, leptin controls the rate of metabolism in your body, which is what makes the body able to burn fat fast or slowly. (1)

Let me melt this down even more for you. When the rate of metabolism in your body is high, your body can burn fatter in your body, and make it easier for your to lose weight.

But when the rate of metabolism is low, it makes your body store up fat in your body and make your efforts to lose weight a loosing battle.

So you understand, up to that point how the rate of metabolism and loosing weight are connected, right? Now let's get to leptin and the rate of metabolism.

When leptin levels in your body are high, the rate of metabolism in your body is equally high, which then, as discussed, makes loosing weight a less daunting task.

But when it's low, the rate of metabolism extremely low which makes the weight loss process, slow and even much more harder for you.

Leptin Resistance

It has been found out that women have got more leptin levels than men.

And even though this is the case, women are usually three times less receptive to leptin signals to lose weight than men, which explains why it is sometimes very difficult for women to burn fat.

It is almost justified to say that women aren't using their ability to their fullest potential.

And this condition is what is called Leptin Resistance.

Also, the other problem that comes with leptin is that, when women are dieting, the levels of leptin go down much faster than men, which reduces the rate of metabolism and bring about the fat loss plateaus that most women face.

And this is why you'll find women still gaining weight even when they are not eating much and are training harder. (2)

Now to the Venus Factor.

This program is set to help you know how to gain full control of the leptin hormone and keep it an all time high. It gives you the exact strategies, training, and great diets to see that through.

John gives the best training there is to help put a stop to all the "I've tried everything to lose weight!" claims by giving insight into how to tackle the problem from the inside.

He has made hundreds of videos and ebooks to help people access it from just about anywhere and get to rid off the unwanted kind of body and get more of a super model body.

 Who Is It For?

The program has been specifically designed for women, for women who think they've tried anything, who think it's practically impossible to get into their desired shape, to do anything beautiful with their body.

So, men, you are "strictly prohibited" from using this. You are going to want to look up other of John Barban's products, he's made one for men, that he used himself to get into the shape he's got now.

So women, no more excuses. You've gotten your right fit.

While this case, I'm inclined to point out that it may not be beneficial to some women. It may not bring desired results to many ladies, based on their expectations of it.

And those that are going to find it hard to benefit from VFX are:

• Those who want to hear what they like - Am sorry I had to put it this way, but, if you are among the people who want to hear that the calories you take in, the food choices you make have got nothing to do with the weight you have, then you are not going to get that here.

And it may be very hard to find it anywhere. No matter how hard, you have to accept the painful reality.

• Those who are looking for gimmicky fad diets - If you want a quick result that many celebs are claiming to have worked with and achieved their desired bodies, which you think could be helpful to you too, then this is all not for you.

The true way to losing fat is a long term thing, and those that promise you overnight success with the easiest strategy will just want you to dish out your money, in exchange for useless information that won't amount to anything.

• Those who want a "miracle" fat burner in a bottle - If you want a magical pill that will get you eating anything you want and still seeing pretty wonderful results with your body, then this won't be of any help.

And I highly doubt anything else you there will be any pill for that coming in the next few centuries. It all comes down to how much effort you are willing to put into your body for it to slim into shape, and there are no cutting corners to this.

 What Is Included in The Product?

Based on his intensive research, John has dragged along his VFX fitness product with quite some amazing goodies.

He is truly set on helping people get over and done with this weight loss frustration once and for all.

So, let's take a quick peek at what's in store for you when you purchase this product:

• Virtual Nutritionist - This is sort of a calculator that gives the meal plans that should take you through the weight loss phase smoothly. It gives you the best meals to leverage for the next 12 weeks and how to spread them throughout the day.

You only have to feed in your age, and other body details including your waist and the system will give you a perfect fit for a strategy to help you loosen up and lean up all the more.

• Immersion - It is an extremely active community that helps women feel accompanied as they walk through this hectic journey towards their dreams.

You find other like minded women who have the same problem as you and have already or are well on their way to really shape up their bodies. You get live help from the support team and John himself and even get to plan exciting stuff together, as women.

• Over 100 Video Walkthroughs - Without the need to commute, these lessons give you the atmosphere of a gym and help you, with the help of the fitness great, John Barban, get to work out and target the essential parts of your body that are holding the greatest amount of fat.

You learn how to get things right in your typical workout day, and how to go about everything.

• Nutritional Manual - This is a cheat sheet for various recipes that are all of the great significance. And it helps you, based on your preferences, work with quality nutritional foods that will help with the toning, and are backed up with scientific explanation and evidence.

So with this, you know what you are doing, what you are eating, why you are eating it and what you are going to get off of it.

  Pros & Cons:

The Pros

• It has only focused on women. This means, instead of the general fluff you get from other programs, you get to use a program that really understands your situation and has got practical solutions to each and everyone of them.

• A product from a respected nutritionist and lecturer at the University of Florida, John Barban. This means nothing can go wrong if you are sure to put into practice whatever is taught you and is the same manner shown.

• Fairly cheap, considering the amount of research that has been put into it to bring the program into existence. Also, based on the influence the author, John Barban, has gotten over the years.

• The program shows you how to improve your body in a way that you will able to eat still the foods that you love and don't gain more weight, as you continue with the program, which is really good as it helps take away the cravings that can really hurt your progress.

• The product has been undervalued, according to me. All the great insight into the most essential hormone, leptin, has never been discussed that in-depth anywhere else, is something that shouldn't pass unrecognized.

• Immersion, a free program that helps you connect with other people from different parts of the world who share the same problems with you, and whom you can discuss openly really personal things you'd feel uncomfortable discussing with others, even your family members.

• Very easy and simple to work with. The program had been prepared with the greatest simplicity and the other systems within it are so intuitive that you can't get stuck on anything.

• There's a 60 days money-back guarantee that lets you feel like you are testing out the program. If you feel it doesn't help you achieve anything, like it's another overpriced hype, you can return it and ask for refund without any questions asked.

• You can also use technology to use this program. It has downloadable ebooks that can be accessed almost immediately after you make a purchase of them.

The Cons

• You will need high-speed internet if you want to use the program in technological form. Slow speed internet is really going to make your actual workout experience a poor one and give you even poorer results.

• Men can't benefit from this program. All the research, strategies, and tactics to burn up have designed for the feminine body and mind, so that more women can understand their hormones and make the most of them.

 Final Verdict:

Well, by just by giving the program a quick glance, it is almost evident to any woman out there, that it is pure awesomeness you are getting here. John has really invested a lot of energy into helping women who are dead set on making their bodies work for them.

The unique approach, the ridiculously low price, and the workout presentations are really above the regular information you get out there.

The money back guarantee is something else to give you confidence in this program, he wouldn't sell this program the cheap and with a 60 days guarantee if he didn't care for you.

So is Venus Factor Extreme a scam? I'm sure you too can agree it's not, and is not close to being one.

Final verdict - Legit!

Name: Venus Factor Extreme (VFX)
Owner: John Barban
Price: $37 (limited offer) marked price -$97
Rankings: 85 out of 100

Have you had the chance to try out this program? How did it make you feel? What can you tell those who want to get into it? Your thoughts and suggestions will be highly appreciated. Leave them below and enlighten everyone.

Want up to three times more value than Venus Factor Extreme? Want a fully detailed program that will help you get to the loose weight and still lean up? Then check out my #1 recommendation.

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I seen your program and wanted to buy and did not have the funds to do so now I am looking for it. It was $37. I think is it still available???????

    Khan - April 17, 2017

    Thanks Janet for your comment. The $37 was available for limited time but now again its price has increased. Wait for few more time, it might come again to the same low price.


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