Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review – Do Mike and Rick System Work?

If you just heard of this program and would like to know if unlocking your hip flexors is what you need, and if this program will provide you with that, then you just got to the right place.

My unlock your hip flexors review will help you discover what strategic approach the creators of this program are using if it is worth the shot and what benefits it is going to be off to you if there’s any.

All you want to know about this product is here.

All I ask is for you to pay close attention and get to know it better before you commit anything to it. Okay?

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Product Name: Unlock Your Hip FlexorsUnlock Your Hip Flexors review
Website Address: unlockyourhipflexors.com
Owner: Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj
Price: $10 (discount, if you buy now), $50 (normal price)
Rankings: 90 out of 100
Verdict: Legit

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review – Introduction:

Through the years, if you have been following up on the fitness industry, you should have seen a huge revolution in the approach of various fitness experts. In the first few years when health and fitness became a great deal to many folks out there, many trainers came out to show people how to become lean and stay fit for years. At first, almost all coaches seemed to work using the same strategy, eating right and tons of workouts.

But as the world evolves, many more trainers have risen with different methods of loosing weight and bulking up, some of which have never been heard, and also which real expert trainers would call trash products and solutions. For this reason, I’ve been moved to ask this question, ” Do all fitness programs made by the so-called influential fitness trainer really legit?”

Some of you will also agree with me that there is a point in your life, when you tried to work with all the fitness programs possible to get you your desirable body, when you were told about a program that worked with a certain strategy because “new science findings” have proved it to work, you asked, “Is that even real?”

Haven’t you? I’m totally sure you have.

And this is going to continue for many more decades to come. The reason behind it is that most people who have been fortunate enough to get enviable bodies and have gotten themselves much respect and admiration within the industry, want to come up with a unique approach to getting ripped so that they leave a legacy behind that people will live to remember.

But the problem comes in when making up the actual program. First, the person didn’t use the same approach he now wants you to work with; he’s just using you as his guinea pig when he followed the right path. He wants you to trust him and his research, and kind of make you inclined to believe based on the results he has gotten.

Where am I going with this? The concept is simple. Don’t trust any program until you have really gotten enough proof to show it’s legit and really working. And you get to know this by reading online reviews about the actual program, enquiring from trainers in your local gym across the street, and more importantly, seek to get honest personal reviews from people who have actually used the product. They are going to give you a great deal of insight into the program. And to help you get started with this, let me show what Unlock Your Hips Flexors review is really about and whether it will take you the new fitness levels you want.

What is Unlock Your Hip Flexors?

This is a fitness program that is meant to help you regain your overall health by making the most of the hip flexors. According to this program, our hips are what initiate every movement within our body. And while it is easy to dismiss that fact, if you come to think of it deeply, you will find out how true that actually is. All your movements, sitting walking, standing, playing any kind of sport, all these are linked in some way to the hip. This is where you get the energy to go through these activities swiftly.

Before going further, some of you may not be familiar with hip flexors. So, first understand it. The hip flexors are a group of muscles that bring the limbs and trunk together in a flexion movement. They enable you to move your leg or knee up towards your torso. It also allows you to bend your torso forward at the hip. Hip flexors muscles include the psoas major, iliacus, rectus femoris, pectineus, and the sartorius muscles.

The main issue occurs when you have a tight hip flexors. Now, by unlocking the hip flexors, you get more ability to workout and see the results that you have wished to get all your life.

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The creators of this fitness program are Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal. These guys have got a pretty good reputation for helping people bulk up and do away with the body pains they often experience due to various reasons like giving birth, the daily activities one does and such. Rick, in particular, is well equipped to help people reduce body pains and injuries. He’s more of a physiotherapist than anything else.

And he got all the expertise, not by getting some degree on it in a university or college, but by what he went through. It came about this way. He was working out one day when he got a really serious injury. And after days, the pain became so much that he risked loosing his career. But after careful approach and testing all the ways he could to reduce it, he came to discover some great techniques that helped him recover. And these are what he has been using for thousands of his patients to this day, and has been working out pretty well.

Mike, on the other hand, happens to be the best-selling fitness author, the owner of the fitness authority blog, criticalbench.com, that gets over 500,000 visitors every month looking for help with their bodies. He is also a kettle ball instructor and a great contributor to Iron man magazine not to mention a personal trainer. With these two, getting lean and rid of body pains doesn’t get well addressed any better than this.

How Does it Work?

Well, the program promoted the idea of unlocking the hip flexors that add more swift functionality to your body. And unlocking the hips flexors means dealing with one category of muscles that is seated on the hip joint, and that is psoas muscle. This muscle, according to Rick, is a muscle that is very hard to reach, hard to train and is the cause of most pains in your body.

With the right set of techniques, performed in the right sequence, mark the words “Right Sequence” with the “Sequential Flow technique,” will get the hip to loosen up and add a whole new power and energy to your body and bring it past the regular health you had before.

Firstly, before you do this, you will want to understand that hip flexors become tightened up for various reasons. The major cause of this is sitting for long hours. If you spend more than 3 hours in your chair every day, the chances are that your hip flexors, the psoas muscle to be precise, are tightened.

This is something that brings a lot more other problems in your body. Having a tight hip flexor mainly contributes to problems like:

• Walking with discomfort
• Hips locking up
• Bad posture
• High levels of anxiety
• Sluggishness
• Digestive complications
• Lack of Explosiveness in sports
• Compromised Immune System
• Nagging joint pains in your legs, lower back or hips
• Trouble sleeping
• Circulatory issues
• Loss of sexual performance

This is something you don’t want to cripple your life and limit your abilities. So, to give complete freedom to the muscle, there are workout techniques that you have to use, in a specific sequence that brings the right results in good time.

But doing them with this sequence called the “Sequential Flow” sequence, you hit the hip flexor from different angles and make it released completely.

Here are the workouts you need to work with:

• Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) Stretching – This is a specific stretching that helps to let loose the muscles that are around a joint by simply getting to activate one muscle which then helps to generally decrease the feeling of the stiffness of a muscle around that particular joint.

• Dynamic Stretching – This is the kind of stretching that allows you to move a joint to its fullest extent to activate the muscle around it, warming it up and thus allowing proper blood circulation around it and ultimately getting it to loosen up.

• 3- Dimensional Core Stability Exercises – With this, you are aiming to activate the abdominal muscles as well as the core muscles which is going to help a long way in reducing the painful stress on your joints. These exercises are done aiming for all movement planes so as to make the most off them.

• Mobility Exercises – These exercises help make the mobility of the joint perfect. And the movements within these exercises are aiming for the joint.

• Fascia Stretching – This stretching helps the fascia to become loose and increase in length, and it mainly has its focus on the tissue where muscles are clumped together.

• Muscle Activation Movements – This is set to help activate all the muscles in your body that may have been deactivated by the things you do in your typical day, sitting, using machines instead of getting your body working it off and such.

The good thing about all of these is that you won’t be needing any types of equipment, only a smooth floor and wall will do.

Who is it For?

This is something very easy to do but goes deep into making your muscles work the proper way and to their fullest potential. So this means that, if you are a person having problems with your muscles, of any type, maybe having pains or feeling a certain stiffness in a specific area of your body, then this is the product for you.

Along with that, this would work well for you if you are having problems like:

  • Locked up hips
  • Low immune system
  • Pain in your joints
  • Sleeping issues
  • Digestive issues
  • High levels of anxiety
  • Imperfect posture
  • Circulatory restraints
  • Poor performance in athletics

This is definitely not for people who are looking to build muscles and rip it off; Mike had some other weight training programs you should use to get that. This one also doesn’t use weights so no weight training as well. If you love to do hard work then try insanity workout or if you want to make adjustment in your eating habits then eat stop eat may be a best choice for you.

Also, like all other workout programs, this is not for people who want:

• Quick Fixes – If you are looking for a quick way to help solve all your problems, preferably overnight, then this won’t give you that. There is no perfect remedy that works great as a gradual improvement. It helps strengthen you little by little and will last for a long period. A quick fix, however, will just temporarily cover the problem and then bring it back with even more painful effects than before.

• To Sleep Through it – If you are not fully determined to make this work for you, you are going to have difficulties with this program. There is a lot of stretching and strengthening which means you have to get your body up and running to see the right results.

What is Included in the Program?

Well, the program comes quite packed with goodies to help your healing, loosening up and activating process an easy and interesting one. Let’s a catch a quick glimpse of what is included in the product to make this happen:

1. Unlock Your Hip Flexors Videos

You are going to get a video series that explains how to go about the mentioned exercises to activate the psoas muscle, the right sequential flow of it and how to make the most off each exercise.

The content in the videos is divided into two:

• Coaching Instructional Videos

This section Rick walks you through the workouts, explaining why you need to do the exercises, what benefit, in detail, they are going to bring you and the best form of taking on each and every one of them. He also gives a good description of how you should feel after each workout so that you know if you have gotten the right results.

• Follow Along Videos

This is where there is less of talking and more of action. You don’t get explanations; you only have to follow along what the trainer is doing, and you’ll be well off.

2. Unlock Your Hip Flexors Manual

This a manual that goes deep into details about the psoas muscle giving you everything you need to know about it and showing you how it contributes to making your health deteriorate and how it can be solved. You also get the exercises in each video, explained at length, with pictures.


You also get quite some insightful bonuses here, if you make your purchases today. And these bonuses include:

• Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings – This bonus helps you take just a few minutes before you start out your day, to help release the muscles of the hamstrings that may be tight, caused about by sitting for long hours, that make your lower back to ache and even bring you poor posture. With this, you learn how to keep all these problems at bay, even if you don’t have the time to take on a sport much often.

• The 7 Day Anti-inflammatory Diet – Valued at $17, this is a bonus that helps you get rid of the inflammation in your body that comes from the toxins in the food that you eat, or from the environment.

And by getting a whole meal service from this book, you will be able to know what meal plans, shopping lists, best recommendations for your diet, and supplement tips you should work with. And the healing process of the inflammation starts as soon as 24 hours after putting into practice the advice you’ve been given.

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Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• Their price is easily affordable and greatly underpriced. If you consider all the things, general information and practical advice along with the bonuses you get, you can see that these guys are really set to help you.

• Reading the program’s manual makes you feel like you have a one on one talk with one of the most experienced doctors.

• You get video illustrations and pictures, along with detailed writings of how to do your exercises. So getting them wrong is out of the question.

• Loosening your hip flexor can solve many threatening body issues, especially muscle pains in your body. It’s not just about getting the product help you get what it is promoting but also other personal problems you may have are going to be solved.

• You get a 60 days money back guarantee, which lets you have the freedom to return the product to its owners if in any case, you don’t find it helpful. And you get to have your money back in your account with no delays whatsoever.

• This is one of the few books that tackles the issue on hips and muscles the best. There are many other books out there but not as deep and practical as this one.

• You can use this program in the comfort of your home without the need to have any types of equipment. So you are going to cut down the costs of going to the local gym and purchasing gym equipment.

• Rick is a respected figure in the fitness industry. Almost all the famous fitness trainers who have had issues with their bodies have gone to him and gotten everything fixed. They also greatly recommend him to people having the same issues.

The Cons

• It is only available online. This means you’ve got to have a good internet connection to have a great learning and working experience with the program.

• The program says that the exercises will help reduce the pain in your hip and make it easier to handle more tedious tasks without problems. But it doesn’t guarantee the full riddance of the actual pain or discomfort.

• There is a very short discount period. You only have 15 minutes to buy the product with the discount ($10 only), but after that, you are going to have to pay the full price ($50).

Final Verdict:

At a general glance, it is clearly evident how the owners of this program are actually committed to helping you get the most benefit out of the program with the lowest price possible. They also go ahead and add some great bonuses to help solve very critical aspects of your life, free of any charges. You also get a 60 days money back guarantee which gives you the freedom and confidence to try out the program for two months and if you don’t feel like anything has changed, you return the product and get your money back in your account.

Personally, I feel this program has done its ultimate best to help anyone wanting to use it, access it. It now depends on you, how much do you want your normal, happy and healthy life back? How willing and committed are you to get the right results? If it’s extremely, then you need to get this program now.

Join Unlock Your Hip Flexors Here!


Is this program a scam? Am sure after all the info you’ve gotten about it, you can also confirm it’s not.

Final verdict – Legit!

Name: Unlock Your Hip Flexors
Website: http://unlockyourhipflexors.com/
Owner: Mike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj
Price: $10 (discount, if you buy now), $50 (normal price)
Rankings: 90 out of 100

Have you gotten the chance to try out this hip flexors product? How did it feel like? Was it as valuable as it sounds? Would you recommend it to a friend? If a new version of it came out, would you still purchase it? We would love to have your opinions on this. Please drop them below.

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