TurboFire Review – Results, Workouts, Nutrition Guide and Schedule!

I love Chalene Johnson’s fitness programs. The few I have been on turned out to be really great and much more effective than I actually thought. But is TurboFire going to add to Chalene’s reputation or will it take that away? My TurboFire review is going to reveal that in a short while.

Chalene claims that this program is the best Cardio conditioning out there and you get low impact workouts with high intensity that will see your metabolism run on Turbo and see your body burning pounds of fat like never before. And you know how the infomercials make a program appear a real masterpiece when it’s far from it.

Anyways, I took the plunge myself and decided to see how beneficial it actually is. And I got to gather quite some information on it. Read on to see my findings.

Product Name: TurboFireTurboFire Workout Review
Website Address: beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/best_sellers/turbofire.do
Owner: Chalene Johnson
Price: A discounted price of $39.95 each month, for 2 months + $14.95 or a one-time, monthly payment of $79.90
Rankings: 92 out of 100

TurboFire Workout Review – Introduction:

There are so many concepts out there on losing weight and working your body to the desirable lean shape you have always wanted. Thousands of fitness trainers launch fitness programs every so often trying to give different perspectives on how your body works, and looking for new reasons why you are not able to lean out.

You will find many people saying it’s your hormones; others will say that it’s your metabolism, or digestive tract or even the inability of your body to digest all the foods you take in and use the nutrients to build out your body. These are just a few; they can go up to hundreds of them.

From there, you will be told that all you need to get the body you want finally is to simply buy into the system that revealed the actual cause of your body failure and follow the simple strategies, the workouts, and recipes are given there. But the problem is, most of them just don’t work. Worse still, you can’t tell they won’t work just at a mere glance.

You have to get into them to get that truth. That is why I decided to get into it myself to give you an insider’s perspective of the TurboFire program. So let’s see exactly how it’s set to work.

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What is the TurboFire Program?

This is a 90 days fitness program that is meant to get you lean by spending just 10 to 55 minutes a day to do the cardio conditioning workouts incorporated into it. But you should note that the training you get here is not the regular cardio workout that sometimes fails to give you the exact results you want. This is specially designed to help you lose up to 9 times the fat you have lost with the other training programs.

You will get most of the High-Intensity Interval Training Fire Drills that will get you doing as much training as possible within a minute’s interval and then give you time to recover. And you also get some martial arts moves as well as a bit of dancing that will keep you hooked to the system for the entire period you will be in it.

This will help you kickstart your metabolism and get you burning more fat even after you are long done with the workouts. And as you can see, based on the strategy you are getting here, the workouts are surely going to help you burn more fat than you have been in the past few months.

The mind behind the creation of this system is Chalene Johnson. This is a woman who has got quite an influence in the industry. First, she has won the title of New York’s Best-selling Fitness Author and has had her book, “Push” sell wildly. She has had some other fitness programs like PIYO, ChaLEAN Extreme, and Turbo Extreme which have been used extensively on the most reputable fitness clubs like the Gold’s Gym, YMCA and 24 Hour Fitness.

Other fitness products she has created include fitness classes like the hip hop hustle and Turbo Kick. Away from the fitness sector, she is a parent of two beautiful kids and motivational speaker who is always sought out to give lectures on good time management and at times starting a new business. In general, you are getting taught by someone who has got hands on experience with what she is training you and is what has made her the great fitness figure she is.

How Does it Work?

As mentioned earlier, you are going to get a unique cardio conditioning system that will be getting your metabolism to Turbo and have you lose 9 times as much fat as you have been losing in the past, and get you to pick up more rock hard muscle that will help give your body a good shape and definition.

You will get total of 12 workouts coming in 5 DVDs that will help you see how the martial arts training moves and dancing moves are done in the system and have you do them in the exact form to see the rewarding results you are looking forward to. And to get an even better understanding, let’s take a sneak peek at the workouts you get once you delve into it.

• First Starter Class – This is where you get all the workouts illustrated in the exact form you should do them. Chalene makes the performance of each move very simple but with high intensity to make sure you don’t stretch the abilities of your body too much.

• Low HiiTs: Low HiiT 20, Low HiiT 25 Classes – This is a series of training where you get to work out your body fast and hard in the shortest time possible ranging from 1 minute to 25 minutes that will get you all sweaty and worn out. The exercise will help you make every second ticking away to count, and greatly so.

• Fire HiiTs: Fire 30, Fire 40, Fire 45, Fire 55 Classes – This will get you even more worn out, but all for a good cause. You will be getting cardio that is longer than the low Hiit’s that will help you boost your endurance even more and have you loose more weight. They last as long as 30 to 55 minutes.

• Extreme HiiTs: HiiT 15, HiiT 20, HiiT 25 Classes – The workouts you take on here last for just a minute, but you can be sure that they will be extremely intense and have you burn more calories, and even flip the fat burning switch to 24-hour fat burning mode.

• Stretch 10 Class – This will help you cool down after every session. And this involves some stretches that will increase the length of your muscles, flexibility and the chances of you getting all sour after you are through with the day’s workout.

What is Included in the Program?

Here you will be getting a few extra tools to make sure that you get the ultimate rewards of this program. Let’s peep at that too. Here is what you get:

• Quick Start Guide – This is a guide to help you get right into the deep stuff without having to flip through tens of pages. You get all the things summarized for you, and all you need to do is know what aspect of the system you want to learn more about, check it in the content and get the exact page where it is located and then head there!

• TurboFire Class Schedule – This gives you a complete breakdown of the things you should be doing through the weeks and months to have you see great results. You will be getting good information here, and if you follow it to the letter, you are going to see amazing results.

And Chalene throws in some four more free gifts to help keep at this with the right energy and see you succeed. Here they are:

1. Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide – This gives you a list of fat torching recipes and detailed shopping lists that you will only need to pay for and get all the things you will need. You don’t have to spend time thinking what you will need for your meals anymore; they are all outlined here.

2. Ab 10 Class – This gift comes with a pretty intense workout for your core that will be chiseling your midsection to get you the ripped abs you find sexy to stare at.

3. 24/7 Online Support – This gives you an assured help any time of the day, and night, basically all round the clock. Whether you do your workouts in the middle of the night, if you ever get stuck, you have a whole support team behind you ready to help you through the brick wall you hit.

4. Fire Starter Class Instant Streaming – This takes away the long delays with delivering the package to your residence. Now, you only have to log on and get rolling without any hassles.

Who is it For?

This program is pretty much for everyone who wants to lean fast and loose fat, no matter the gender, age or fitness level. If you simply want to see your waistline shrink as your belly flattens without having to struggle so much with workouts and low carbs, strictly, then this is what you will want to go for.

Here, you get to have the effective workouts that won’t take up much of your time and will definitely help you see tangible results that will get you appreciated by lots of folks, most of which you don’t even know, I’ve seen that happen myself.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• As with all other programs, this one is indeed legit and does live up to its claims. So you can buy it with all the confidence that you will see the transformation you have seen on others.

• You will get a modifier to help you know how best you can do the workouts without having to spend more energy and stretch your body beyond what you can handle, and get soar and perhaps sustain injuries.

• There is no need for any types of equipment, you will only require your body when doing the exercises, and this means that you don’t have to do any more spending towards the system.

• Well, I said Chalene was a motivational speaker who is highly sought after, and I hope you can imagine the kind of motivation you will be getting here.

• You get some cool pop music from back in the 80’s as well as the recent ones that are popular, and they play through the entire system. This will surely keep you interested.

• The meal plan with the recipes and the shopping lists have been detailed out very well that you won’t need to add a thing. They come ready to use.

The Cons

• If you are not a huge fan of pop music, then you are going to find this one a bit uncomfortable, but you never know, you may find yourself loving a few tunes.

• Although most of the workouts are low impact, there are others that are really intense which may have you put a lot of energy into them than you would want to.

Final Verdict:

At a general glance, the program is good and will help you achieve your fitness goals. The martial arts moves are what got me interested throughout; she teaches quite some moves I’m sure you are going to find helpful and effective if you are seriously into martial arts. And you receive a 90 days money back guarantee with a full refund policy that lets you feel safe throughout.

You have nothing to lose if you don’t see the results you wanted from it. You will have your money back if you ask for it anytime within the 90 days of your initial purchase. So you can have that feeling of testing it out, and if it works, you can let Chalene keep the money, but if it doesn’t, you can send an email and after it gets there, the money will be funded in your account.

You also stand a chance to get a free TurboFire branded top tank if you will buy into the system, work your body through it and after you see your results, send them to Chalene. That’s really it!

Final Verdict – LEGIT!

Name: TurboFire
Website: https://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/best_sellers/turbofire.do
Owner: Chalene Johnson
Price: A discounted price of $39.95 each month, for 2 months + $14.95 or a one-time, monthly payment of $79.90
Rankings: 92 out of 100

Have you by any chance used the cardio conditioning here? How effective was it for you? Have you used the other programs by Chalene? Which one do you find better? We would love to hear what you have to say on these questions.

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