Todd Lamb SpecForce Alpha Kit Review – Does it Worth?

If you have been hearing a lot of rumors about the new spec force alpha fitness program and how it is helping thousands of folks out there gain male dominance to any room they enter and get huge sex appeal, and would want to know if this program really does deliver that, then just know you are in the right place.

The promo video of this product got me so thrilled to want to learn more about how they would get me into the shape I see most SWAT team guys with most of the time. So I went behind the program’s drapes and got to learn a lot about it, which I will be revealing to you in a moment.

But before we get into it, I would like to let you know that everything you want to know about this program is in my spec force alpha fit review. I have tried my best to answer the most commonly asked questions as well as a few personal ones. I’ve also left my final verdict on it to help you come to a well-educated decision on whether to go for it or search for something else.

So be sure to read it in its entirety to get all of that.

And without any further ado, let’s dive into it.

Product Name: SpecForce Alpha SystemSpecForce Alpha Kit Revieww
Website Address:
Owner Name: Todd Lamb
Price: Discounted price of $37
Rankings: 93 out of 100

SpecForce Alpha System Review – Introduction:

If you go to your local gym across the street one day and take time to ask each one of them why they are there, you are going to get many answers, to keep fit, my doctor recommended it due to my current health situation, I’m being bullied by others out there and so much more.

But two answers you are going to find so common across all of them are these, to help them command respect from other guys and to get themselves a natural sex appeal. And this is what a huge percentage of men all over the world are always seeking. They always want to have other men respecting and admiring them all the while drawing the beautiful women without having to look at them.

But is this a wrong goal to strive for? I don’t think so!

No one would ever want to be the weak link among his peers. No one would want to get some women with this buddies and have them all running for the other guys with great physiques leaving them there all alone. Everyone wants to be appreciated, and this is how we, men, get the appreciation, especially on the beach.

While this is the case, you are still going to find many men trying to get these lean bodies with cutting edge six pack abs sweating their heads off and not coming any close to achieving that. You will find them in the gym more than 3 hours a day hitting the weights, treadmills and all equipment they can get their hands on. But after a month of two, you will still see them with the same flabby bellies, probably worse than before.

But if you take time and think through their situation, who is really to blame? Is it them, their genes, personal trainers or fitness programs they buy?

Well, there’s a lot to consider before starting to point fingers at anyone or thing. But one thing is for sure, the fitness programs being sold in these current days we are living in, are not to be trusted 100%. I won’t mention any specific brands for privacy’s sake, but a whole lot of them are getting created to generate money, not to help people.

You are going to find many people who are fortunate enough to have gotten those desirable bodies coming up with many fitness programs claiming that they hold the blueprint for their exact workout system that got them that ripped. And since it is very easy to trust someone who is shredded to give you advice on how to get yourself the same, most of the people will run to do what they were told to do or buy the systems they are told will work, BUT won’t take the time to think and analyze what they have been given, with the real truth about getting lean.

That’s why I would like to ask you to take time to know something very well before you get into it, in the name of an “exact blueprint.” See to it that you get to know a system or a product being pushed on you before you make any commitments. And if you do this you are going to save yourself from a lot of the misguidance that is massively increasing every day from self-claimed ” fitness gurus” who are only after your money, and perhaps some fame.

You will get to know what the real truth about getting your body into perfect shape is all about and how to go about getting it the proper way. When you have achieved this, you will be able to detect the fitness scams right off the bat, when they open their mouths to tell you of the newest fitness discovery that is going to save you tons of efforts and time to build up and can still allow you to eat whatever you want and not even gain an ounce of fat.

They will want to tell you exactly what you want to hear and show you how easy and quick getting ripped actually is. And once you are all excited about it, they introduce to you a new product that will “melt away all the stubborn fat from your body in just minutes and start packing up rock hard muscles in it.” And they take their deception to the next level by guaranteeing results, to get you really convinced. And who wouldn’t want that?

So, you will buy into them really set to make this whole fitness thing works for you. And a few weeks down the road you realize the program you were talked into buying wasn’t a special working program but the mere generic scams that have been there since the online business world came to be.

And could it be that the SpecForce Alpha is set to work just the same, the scammy way? Does it use the same old hype to get you motivated to buy and then disappoint you a month after? There’s only one way to figure that out, look into its systems! So let’s go ahead and do that.

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What is the SpecForce Alpha System?

This is a fitness program that is meant to help fitness enthusiasts out there torch off all the fat in their bodies all the while packing up muscle mass. It is also claimed that the workouts therein will help you boost the growth hormone and levels of testosterone and still help you level down the feminization of the male species that has been so common in this generation going to the foods they are eating and workouts are told to use the average fitness programs that have been there, and those are coming up now and then.

The program highly insists on the benefits of getting male dominance in every place you are at and getting head turns from the ladies everywhere you go.

The working brains of the program are Todd Lamb who from afar is a great fitness expert and is a consultant for tactical fitness. He claims to be a SWAT team leader who is well armed with the training techniques that most people who train within the military use and is ready to share with you, although the program is about to be sold off to one of the most prestigious fitness magazines. And he tells his story.

And I’m sure you really want to hear it. So he says he has always wanted to be an elite operator and actually pursued that dream. But just as he was about to join the best military units in Canada, an issue came up, and the entire unit was disbanded. So he went back home depressed and actually lost shape during his stay there. He then chased the recruitment of the SWAT team where the demands were high.

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He discovered that the training techniques he used were outdated and he had to get a new system that could help him get back up, and he actually did. He discovered a loophole and came up with this system to reveal it all to you. This is how he claims the system came about. But the surprising thing is when you search his name online, you only get him associated with the fitness industry, so you never know what might be happening.

How Does it Work?

Here is something you will love.

Strategic Approach

Todd says this is not a program that is used to help increase the mass of fluids in your muscles cells like the other programs out there do, a condition called sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, that only gets you a puffy looking physique with just little added strength.

It uses a unique approach, the alpha shape effect, which focuses on increasing the size and strength of the muscle fibers which is called myofibrillar hypertrophy. And the good thing about this is that you don’t need to go the gym or use any types of equipment, it only takes advantage of the body weight. And this is the quickest route to getting ripped the best way. So here’s Todd is suggesting a shortcut for you.

Loosing Fat and Gaining Muscle all at the Same Time

He also says that, unlike the programs that tell you that you have to first gain a lot of fat and then loose it, you are going to get to target both loosing weight and still packing muscles all at the same time. He says that in the era we are living in, there are lots of foods and drinks we take in that have the “xenoestrogens” that imitate the female hormone, estrogen, and is set to destroy the testosterone levels in your body.

And when you take in these facts, as you are told to by other trainers, you activate your body to produce estrogens, which now fights you on the other side. And this is what results to man boobs.

But this program is going to help you shoot the estrogen down, make the testosterone levels to hike back up at an amazing speed and get you to have lean muscles packing up and the fat burning off.

Fighting Cortisol and Improving Testosterone

The program will also help you reduce the cortisol hormone that is responsible for stress. This hormone is always at war with testosterone. When the cortisol is high, testosterone hormone is low and the other way around. So this program seeks to make sure that your testosterone levels are always high and the cortisol hormone is at a reasonable level, as the male alphas should be.

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Who is it For?

Well, the program is meant for all people who want to lose weight and also get their bodies completely jacked. If you have been having troubles losing weight, and have constantly been gaining weight no matter what trainings you get into, and want to do away with problem once and for all while you get to see pure muscles building up, then this is for you. You are going to get to learn how the special forces do their thing and have the opportunity to do it yourself and gain that body you see in many military camps.

But, even though, this product is pretty much for anyone who has fat and wants to get ripped, it may not work for everyone. And those people to whom no benefit will be found include those who want:

• A quick fitness fix – If you have been searching for a quick way to getting lean, then you can rest assured that this is as best as it goes. Todd had made thing extremely easy for you. But if you want an even easier way, then you may want to know that you are not going to get that here or anywhere else. You should understand that those programs that truly deliver mind blowing results to people are those that get your body always on constant action, the rest will just give you a temporary fix that will leave you in a worse state than you were in before you actually got into them.

• Want a strategy on steroids – If you want to get a program that will walk you by the hand on how you can use steroids on your body and get the best body without ever having to lift a single weight or have any side effects of using them, then you will be a bit disadvantaged here. You will never find any legit information that will get you that anywhere. And yeah, steroids can get you a huge body that will attract attention but the attention will be shortened to the point of you needing real medical attention after suffering its dangerous effects.

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What is Included in the program?

Todd has also included some great bonuses for those people who will take action on the program very soon, preferably as soon after you’ve watched the video. He claims that the program is about to be taken by a very influential fitness program that is willing to buy it at a good price. And he is sure that once it’s sold, it’s going to cost a fortune. So he wants to have many people get the program before he sells it out. That’s why he has included the bonuses to kind of get you fired up to get it.

And these three bonuses include:

1. The 7 Day Testosterone Solution

This guide gives you a list of foods and drinks that are going to help you boost the levels of testosterone in your body and keep them at an all time high. And these foods include a specific veggie and post workout drink that are going to change your life forever. You are also going to get a supplement that will increase your masculinity wildly and is actually a seafood.

2. Black Ops Macroflex Diet App

This will give you that effect of having a personal nutritionist with you telling you which kinds of foods you should eat and start gaining muscles with the program, as well as the things you should keep off to help you keep burning fat. You also get a log book within it to help you keep track of what you take. And for the record, you shouldn’t worry about restricted foods; you are going to enjoy this as it is very flexible.

3.The Alpha Status Handbook

This handbook here is going to give you some extra clues to complement your body that will only add more honey to your male alpha dominance. To be more specific, you get a mindset shift that will help you draw more attention, a conversational technique that will help build your conversations and a 10 seconds trick that will make you appear more masculine.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• This is a program that tackles the issue of balancing the two hormones that are always at loggerheads, the cortisol, and testosterone. It gives workout that helps balance it off with much ease.

• You also get a few extra tips that are amazing to keep you all the more dominant, help you lengthen your conversation with the ladies and keep them interested throughout.

• Helping you build muscles by aiming for muscle fibers is a great way as it helps you build up slowly and properly in a way that you won’t fall back to the flabby belly anytime soon even if you don’t put much effort into the workouts.

• This program saves you a lot as you won’t be needing any types of equipment or gym memberships to keep you on track, your body weight is what you are working with to the end.

• You get instant access to the program once you complete your payments. So if you want to get into it that very day you pay for it, you definitely can.

• It focuses on helping you gain and maintain authority as a man and over all other men, which gives you power! And this can get you to have all the pretty ladies without anyone saying a word!

• They only take a short time to implement; you don’t have to forego many things on your schedule to have this fitness thing kicking.

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The Cons

• You get it online, and this means that you will need a very strong internet connection to have it run smoothly for you and work out without having to take “technological brakes,” which are really annoying.

• The fact that Todd claims to be a SWAT team leader and when you go online to look him up and don’t get any links to the military except the ones that he has included is kind of suspicious.

Final verdict:

Well, if you take a general look at the program, you can agree with me that there is a lot of insightful techniques you get here. If you have been suffering from being the weak link among your peers and wanted to know how to reclaim your birthright, as Todd says, this will help you for that.

It will help you demand respect and still get a lot of affection from women, who you can get intimate with without having to worry about your performance since your testosterone levels are already taken care of. This is just a portion of the good things you get from this product, but it really counts in a typical man’s life.

And you should also note that you get a 60 days money back guarantee since this is a Clickbank product. And this lets you have that experience which feels like you are trying out the product, and when you feel it’s not delivering, you can always ask for a refund, as far as it’s within the first 60 days of your initial purchase. This shows that Todd has full trust in his program to have it in Clickbank and accept to work with those conditions. He knows that it is surely going to work for you!

If I were to be asked to give a final verdict on this product, I would give a “legit” one since the program doesn’t give crazy promises that are hard to keep and it is definite that Todd is aiming at truly helping men change for good, instead of chasing the money.

Final verdict – LEGIT!

Name: SpecForce Alpha System
Owner: Todd Lamb
Price: Discounted price of $37
Rankings: 93 out of 100

Have you used the program before? Do you know someone who has? What kind of experience can you report for this product? Did the conversational cues work for you? Did you impress? How many did you? How did everything end up? We would really love to hear your experience. Please your feedback down below.

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