The Muscle Experiment Review – Does it Really Work?

From all the buzz I’ve seen online, on the web and on social media about this product, I decided to do some research on it and see what the real truth about it. After my in-depth research, there are quite amazing results I got to gather up which I believe will amaze you too. So here is the muscle experiment review to help answer all the questions you’ve been asking yourself.

Be sure to pay close attention to it cause…

There is something unique about it that all other fitness products haven’t dealt with yet. You may also get to know if this is your best fit or something you didn’t know you needed based on what aspect of body building you’ve been all this while. I’m more than sure you will find this review helpful.

So let’s get rolling…

Product Name: Muscle Experiment2016-08-25_22-52-14
Owner: Mike Thigal
Price: $57
Experience level: Beginner and Intermediate
Rankings: 80 out of 100

Verdict: Legit

The Muscle Experiment Review – Introduction:

Over the years, hundreds of thousands of folks all over the world have been gradually getting into fitness programs to help shake off their body fat and get themselves to lean up a bit more. I’ve seen hundreds of people flock gyms and fitness center at the beginning of the year, but as time went by, the number kept on decreasing to almost having no one stopping by. This made me wonder why this occurrence kept repeating itself. And what I came to find out is that most people don’t get what they want out of the workouts they’re directed to by various trainers for various reasons.

If it were you, I bet you wouldn’t spend another single hour in what seems not to work at all. But what could be the problem with these workouts? What is it that people badly want and don’t get, that leads them to abandon gyms? Well, there are many aspects of bodybuilding that most trainers don’t know, that is weight loss, weight training, muscle mass training, intensity cardio and a lot of more other training.

If you have had some workouts before and want to give your body the perfect touch, you would be looking for something entirely different to what someone who wants to lose weight and bulk up would be.

This is what this product by Mike addresses, it give the distinct impression of using body weight exercises to help significantly improve the mass of your muscles. It deals specifically with muscle mass exercises and if you are those people who envy the wrestling guys who’ve hugely built up, this is the product for you. To give a clearer picture of what the product is like, let’s delve into the results of my research.

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What is Muscle Mass Experiment?

This is a body weight training program that is set to help newbie fitness aspirants get into the right physique by using body weight exercises that don’t really require frequent visits to the gym or lifting weights just to pump some more mass into their muscles. This program has been a huge success for lots of people, and an inspiration to many since the owner of the program truly succeeded in it with a weak, disabled arm.

Yes, Mike Thiga, the great mind behind this program was born a skinny, self-conscious boy whose arm was more or less withered, worse still, got it, even more, worse cause he would barely use it to do anything. After spending a good deal time envying the wrestling guys on TV and with the unique kind of training he saw his uncle, who was in the military service, working with, his motivation to gain his body a huge build, got fired up and went for it. Since he had a problem with his hand, he found it hard to get through with his training faster as the other guys did it.

But with time and effort, here he is, built and tuned! So if your thought disability is the inability, you may want to reconsider your verdict. Mike is a living proof of that.

How Does it Work?

This program is meant for workouts that will last a year. It is divided into 2 phases, the Beginner’s preparatory phase, and the advanced phase, each taking at least six months. During the first few days into the program, you are going to be taken through an understanding and clearing up of some bodybuilding myths and misconceptions.

You will get the real gist of mass gain training, some few tricks to help you get accustomed to the exercises that you are going to be working with, for the next six months and the diet as well. After the two weeks of understanding and adapting, you will get to the beginner’s training.

From there, you are going to get into the advanced training where things are going to a bit tougher and intense, so you are going to want to have prepared yourself for this by pushing yourself beyond the limits with the first phase of the program. There are a variety of exercises that you will get to choose amongst but have the same effort needed and relatively the same impact on each part of the body they are aimed at. So, once you choose you desired workout, you’ll be taken through the steps of really hitting the body and gain mass wildly if you keep at it as directed.

Within this, you are also going to get the basic principles of adding more muscles to your body without lifting weights, the seven basic but most profound methods to making the most out of body weight exercises. All these will be explained at length for your best understanding and perfect implementation. This program aims to equip you both mentally and physically with best strategies and knowledge that will help you get more for your body while at home.

The Muscle Experiment Review

Who is it For?

This program is for both the beginners and the people at the intermediate level, although, the slightly advanced bodybuilders could borrow tips from the program on this aspect of training which most probably hadn’t dealt with at such a deep level. This program is different from body beast and insanity workout.

Also, among these three groups of people, it is clear that Mike wants people who:

  • Don’t expect to build 200lbs in a day. He wants people who are patient and consistent with the program. He says rewarding results start showing after 5 to 6 months of persistence.
  • Are really motivated to take their bodies to the next level. If you are lazy and not motivated to do this, it’d be better if you didn’t purchase the product as it will require hard efforts to get a good build for you body.
  • Are not doing steroids. He strongly disagrees with the programs that include chemical injections as part of their training. He says that his program is purely based on body weight training as steroids are just but a way to build your body including huge amounts of negative body effects stacking up against your health.

What is Included in the Product?

This inspiring body building program comes quite in handy. There are loads of extras to help you through it and see that your desire to build has been well achieved. And so to get a little more specific about it, here is what comes with the package:

Jump Start Guide – This is more like the program’s map to help you get your way through the program without 2016-08-25_22-49-29getting puffed up with more information and also without knowing where to start. There are wonderful PDFs that will help you understand it better.

8-Pack Manual – This includes a set of abdominal muscle training that you will be working at quite often after you are done with the beginner’s phase. All the cardio workout and strength training sets are well outlined here for your easiest comprehension.

Body weight Exercise Database – The general information on the body workouts you’ll be at for the whole of the program to make the general mass gain for your body possible. If you want to know if a certain workout you think might be here, really is there, you just have to look it up here.

Muscle Building Meal Plans – Here you find a set of favorite recipes that will help with the muscles. A list of ingredients is prepared for you to know what you’ll be needing and why you will be. They are all set to help you heat up 3000 to 5000 calories easily.

The A-2 Factor – A detailed book delving into Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) and their great importance. If you’ve never heard of this before, they deal with the Amino Acids that make mass gain possible by making full use of the proteins you’ll be taking as major blocks for body building.

Workout Logs (Printable) – These are cheat sheets that will be helping you track your progress through the months of workouts and dieting.

Anabolic Calorie Calculator – This calculator is meant to help you know the exact amount of calories you are getting into your body based on your age, gender, height, and weight.

Pro’s and Con’s:

The Pro’s

  • It covers everything about body weight training. So if anyone wants to get a clear understanding of how the whole body weight training works, he can get it all under this program. Nothing of it has been left out.
  • The program is made by Mike, who has had issues with his hand, so he knows what it’s like to workout with a ‘withered’ hand, as he calls it. He, therefore, has made the program easy to work with such that other people who are disabled as well, but are willing to bulk up can use.
  • Mike strongly fights against using steroids. He campaigns for using the naturals which ideally is the best way to build muscles. And if he against, his program, then, is set to use the naturals without any possible chemical intake.
  • He stresses that gaining mass needs a lot of hard work, patience, and persistence. So if you thought he would show you how you can easily get leaner within one day of working out, you’d be greatly disappointed. His strategy is reasonable as with the other legit ones out there.
  • You can get access to the program soon after you’ve made your purchase of it. It is online meaning you don’t have to wait for it to be delivered so that you start your mass gaining journey.

The Con’s

  • If you are struggling with obesity, you are going to find it hard to work with the program as body weight training will put much effort to your feet and might bring you injuries and other body complications. So you will need to be extra careful if you are excessively overweight.
  • There are no wide variety of alternatives for the ingredients that you are needed to work with to get the expected results. Some people may not get all of them for various reasons like financial disability or lack of them in their locality. And this will be a challenge for them while on the course of the program.

Final Verdict:

With all the information you’ve gotten on this review, what would you say about the muscle experiment program? Is it really worth your time, effort and money? Will you be thrilled to work with it? Well for me, I’d say it is fairly good to use based on the fact that it covers much of body weight training which is important for people who want a cut edged up the body. Also, it is inspiring to see a person with disabilities not letting himself be depressed but work toward his dream. But still, you should note that this program is only limited to this aspect only.

There are lots of other major aspects of building your body that is left!

So, I can call it legit but limited as you will have to buy another product to help you with those other ones. Either way, it is a top notch product for people who want to learn more and put to practice this aspect with their bodies.

Final verdict – Legit!

Name: Muscle Experiment
Owner: Mike Thigal
Price: $67
Rankings: 80 out of 100

Have you used this product? Let us know what it was like and what you personally say that interested you about it. Do you have issues with it? Share with the world about them. Leave all of them down here.

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