The Big Diabetes Lie Review – ICTM 7 steps to Health!

Want to know how genuine the big diabetes lie program really is? You are going to get it right here.

I’m sure you have already heard how the owner o this system, Max Sidorov, makes huge claims that the big diabetes lie system will quickly chase down diabetes type 2 symptoms in virtually everyone who wants to get rid of it. Right?

Something I think will also pique your interest is knowing for sure if the ICTM (International Council for Truth in Medicine) which Max (called Dr. max in there) is the leading figure, is legit.

You will also know if it exists and how esteemed it actually is as opposed to the many praises you are getting from its head.

The big diabetes lie review I have here will show you all that you will be getting. So keep reading to find out what it really is.
Product Name: The Big Diabetes LieThe Big Diabetes Lie Review
Website Address:
Owner: Max Sirodov
Price: A one-time payment of $37 (for eBook) and $54.39 (for paperback book)
Rankings: 55 out of 100

The Big Diabetes Lie Review – Introduction:

There have been many programs getting launched in the recent past tackling various aspects of health and giving personalized treatment to folks, and I’m surprised to see how reputable this strategy has become.

People are buying the systems and getting pretty good results compared to the most of the doctor’s prescriptions. And for this reason, you are going to find a huge number of people opting to use these methods at home instead of commuting to see a doctor.

I also think the flexibility they come with has played a major role in making them as desired as they are. But just as these tactics are growing and gaining popularity, many online scams are drawn to them more and more.

They always want to work with the trending techniques to increase the chances of getting a huge catch. So, just as the genuine people do it, they will create programs and pay some bucks for their marketing campaigns which will bring more people on board and get them to take action.

After they have hit their money goals they leave the system and let it go to ruin because they know they’ll get caught if they keep using it.

And going by the features I have seen with most companies who end being downright popular and then exposed as scams have a lot in common with the big diabetes lie, which leads me to think it’s actually a real diabetes lie.

But before I get all bias on it, let’s take a closer look at it and see how it works to be completely sure which side it is on, the good or the bad.

So let’s jump into it.

What is The Big Diabetes Lie?

This is a program that promises you an easy way to treat diabetes type 2 in just 3 weeks and without having to go for an insulin therapy or using other related treatments.

The company says that they have already helped more than 15,000 previously diabetic people in over 40 countries. It is also said that when the current best drug for diabetes type 2 is put beside this program, the program is twice as much efficient as the drug.

They say that it works better, it’s much powerful and faster than all other drugs if you follow what you are told. You get the simple steps in two forms, an eBook and a hard copy, which go for different prices.

This system makes itself appear as the best company out there that you should visit if you are diabetic, but things are more than what they appear. Keep reading to uncover the mysteries. You will be surprised.

The alleged owner of the program is Max Sirodov. Note that I used the word “alleged” on purpose. The thing is, there is no Dr. Max Sirodov on the web. The creator of this system is simply a guy who tried to hide himself and his brand behind the 29-year-old boy from Ukraine who was recognized after he helped a woman who had been bullied by some teenagers raise $700,000.

This boy was on the news, you might have seen him. Now, we are led to believe that he went to school for 3 years, got a medicine degree and even launched his own organization called ICTM.

Is this reasonable? Not at all!

It’s a shame to have the greedy face behind this obvious “big fat diabetes lie” taking all the credit of the humanitarian assistance of the young lad for himself and ruin his reputation.

The picture you see on the company’s brand in the official website is an image that was edited with Photoshop. You can even see how the face of “Max” is differently clear than the others.

How Does it Work?

You are getting more than 500 pages in this book, so you should be prepared to read it for several days all the while bookmarking the pages you feel are important and touch on your actual case.

That is what I found one of their affiliates saying. Ideally, the book goes into a few essential things about diabetes type 2 and how it has affected many people. It talks about the 3 big lies people have believed about diabetes and what the real truth about them is.

You will be taught about the things you are currently doing that have been making your condition worse. You will then get foods that you have been eating, and you are most probably still on them, that affect and make your chances of getting it high.

These foods include white flour, coffee, salt, white sugar, meat, frozen foods and almost all frozen foods. The information here is legit but very limited.

They also rub the surface on the relation between diabetes and blood pressure. From there, you get some meal plans that are meant to help you reverse diabetes.

They will be teaching you how to leave high-calorie foods and take up more of low-fat diet as well as putting a stop to frozen and processed foods. You will also learn more about living a healthy lifestyle and making real food and plenty of water your regular meals.

Other things Max puts much emphasis on were:

• Healthy Fats and Unhealthy fats – Here, you are good to learn more about the advantages of using healthy fats like omega 3 fats that are found in many whole foods and fish as opposed to falling in love with unhealthy ones, you know them.

• Side Effects of Prescription medication – Max delves into the reasons why you shouldn’t completely work with prescriptions, as you are advised by most docs.

He says that there are some medications that have got far worse side effects like death, stroke, and coma, which compared to diabetes effects, it’s better to live with diabetes. The problem with this is that he doesn’t prove his statements.

• Let Food be Your Medicine – Here, you are told that after researching together with his team, Max found out that the best medication is food.

And they have gone deep inside the specific foods that you should consider adding to your plans and ones that you should let go completely. Again, it’s true but limited.

What is Included in the program?

Well, you also get a few bonuses to help with other areas of your heath related to diabetes type 2 and how to go about them, along with a few other things.

But something that surprised me is that if you chose the paperback format, you will be sent the program in about 15 days, and then get the bonuses emailed to you later on.

I’m not sure how trustworthy this technique is, especially after finding out the hidden identity of the mind running this system.

Here are the bonuses you will be getting:

• Miracle of Sleep – This talks about the benefits of sleep and the whole mystery behind it. I know that most of you have lots of questions about sleep, I have some too. Now all those questions are in one way or the other addresses in this book. It’s not long but it touches a few essential things about sleep you will want to know.

• Amazing Health From Water – This book tackles the many uses of water, other than the obvious ones we know of. It has discussed deep things about and the things most people tend to underestimate it on. These things include weird things you would never think of.

• MSG and Your Health – You will learn about the effects MSG (Monosodium glutamate) has on your health. This is an amino acid that naturally occurs in cheese, tomatoes and some other foods you will be learning more about.

• The Secrets of Antioxidants – This is yet another look into antioxidants. You will be getting more information that will help you best understand them and how they work. You will also get taught how to turn things and get them working in your favor. They say this is something very few people know about.

• Dangers of Microwave Radiation in Your Home – Do you know your microwave may be putting you at risk of getting dangerous diseases? Max tells you what the radiation does, the effects it brings and how to best protect yourself if you still plan on using it. The idea here is legit!

Who is it For?

This is program is targeted towards people who are suffering from diabetes. If you have been fighting diabetes for years and want to get over it once and for all, this can be a good resource to use.

Although it is not entirely honest, there are bits of it that will come in handy for you. They will teach you some crucial aspects of your health that will give you a complete twist on how you have been thinking about diabetes and give you a new approach.

But you can also get all that you are taught here for free. If you want to buy, no problem. But I wouldn’t recommend you do it.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• The program does mention a few things about certain aspects of health that are true and reliable. It shows they have some, not much, grasp of them.

• You get bonuses on top of the training to help you learn about other things that will help boost your overall health. Although they don’t touch on deep stuff, they have tried.

The Cons

• The information you are getting here, which I’m against, is not backed up with evidence. Most of what they tell you that the doctors have been having it wrong for years are just mere claims, not facts. The only mention a few things that make sense. Most of the other things are just pure claims mixed with assumptions.

• The bonus strategy where you get to be emailed the bonuses long after you have received the paperback format is delivered sounds suspicious to me. Why don’t they deliver them all in one shipment?

• Max is not the real owner. They have just gotten some name from a young man who became after helping a woman raise up to $700,000. (You can see him on Facebook) They have stolen some of his pictures and photoshopped them to add their brand.

• The ICTM program is a sham. No recognized authority organization like that exists. I guess they must have formed it when they were or after launching the big diabetes lie and assumed it was already an authority.

• They have many affiliates trying to make the system appear genuine and of perfect quality to catch more people and sell to them to make commissions. Be wary of them.

Final Verdict:

After all the facts you have seen about the system, I’m sure you can already tell what my final verdict is, right? You are right, this company is a scam similar to other diabetes systems! Even though you are getting some things that are good to work with, almost all of them can be easily found on the web, for free.

You will be paying for something you can get more in value without spending a dime elsewhere. The bonuses will give you the information you might think is a pure gem but in the real sense, there are many valuable resources you can get out there on the same topics.

What makes me run away at the thought of committing $34 or $54 for a copy is the hidden identity of the one who made it. If he is hiding, it means he knows what he has done in the system is not good and shouldn’t be connected with him. You shouldn’t too.

You are told that you get a 60 days money back guarantee. This is more time than you are taking up when using the system. If I were you, I wouldn’t be too sure they will give the refund, if there is any in the first place.

Final Verdict – Outright Scam!
Name: The Big Diabetes Lie
Owner: Max Sirodov
Price: A one-time payment of $37 (for eBook) and $54.39 (for paperback book)
Rankings: 55 out of 100

Have you used the Big Fat Lie before? Want kind of results did you get with it? Is it something worth saying the program does work? Did you feel like you lost your money buying it?

What can you personally say about the support? We want to hear you speak out your heart on this issue. Please leave your comments below.

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