The Beta Switch Review – Stubborn Fat Loss For Women?

If you are looking for more information about The Beta Switch: Stubborn Fat Loss For Women program by Sue Heintze then you have just come to the right place.

This program claims to have the knowledge of the fat loss switch that helps you flip your body over to the fat burning mode and get into shape in a matter of weeks, and you get to keep eating your favorite cake and pizza? After that, this is one program I had to check out.

So I got deep into its system looked into the method of operation I found it working with, and I can tell you will be amazed by the results I got to find out about it in this review. The Beta Switch: Stubborn Fat Loss For Women is a program that will shock you!

Read on to find out what I got to discover it.

Oh, Yeah. And I have included my final verdict on it to help you make a good decision on whether to go ahead and purchase this alleged solution or get back to research and get another one. But I promise you that I will help you get what you are looking for. I promise.

Product Name: The Beta Switch: Stubborn Fat Loss For WomenThe Beta Switch Review
Website Address:
Owner: Sue Heintze
Price: A discounted price of $19
Rankings: 92 out of 100

The Beta Switch: Stubborn Fat Loss For Women Review – Introduction:

Many fat loss programs for women are being launched more often than for men. Many women who are great fitness enthusiasts are coming up with different strategic approaches to helping their fellow women burn stubborn fat and improve their overall health. Women who have hit the age of 40 and beyond are getting different fitness recommendations doing it with as little effort as having nothing change on the daily lifestyle except for a few tweaks to the diets.

They don’t have to work out, eat low carbs or even give up the high carbs cravings they have had all their lives. You are going to get promises that you will be amazed at once you think of how easy it is to use them. And the funny thing about this is that the people who are making up this program are women who are super fit. Women who, at a glance, don’t look they have gone beyond their 30’s.

And this strikes me. Does it mean as a woman you can get such a good body without having to get to put in the huge amount of effort that is required in all other fitness programs? Can such a state exist?

Well, it can. But the thing is, you are hardly going to get the right formula for that everywhere. Most the products being made are just half baked with little to no value to offer you. You are going to get information about hormones, metabolism and other scientific research thrown at you to get you really convinced that the person who created the program really knows what they are they are doing when in fact they barely know a thing.

Since you will get excited hearing all the scientific methods they will be using, and you will be tempted to think that is the product you need to get rid of the fat in your trouble spots once and for all. So you will buy into it. Once you have started working with it and have gone 4 weeks into it, you realize nothing is happening.

And that is when you realize you have been tricked. And this, my friend, is something you simply don’t want to experience, trust me. It is as painful as hell. And you just want to do your research well to be able to avoid such experiences and get only the right fit for you. And to help you figure out if this is THE product, let me give you a good idea of how the Beta Switch System works.

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What is The Beta Switch?

This is a program that is said to help you get lean and burn all the fat in your body in just 12 short weeks by helping you turn on the fat-burning beta receptors that have been off for years. This method has helped many women who were training for the women’s competition win without having to put half as much effort as they have in the past.

The surprising thing about is that you don’t need to make great changes in your lifestyle. In fact, you are asked to keep eating your favorite foods since they are going to play a big role in helping the strategies work. You will also not have to tire yourself out with long hours of weights and cardio in the gym.

Basically, you don’t have to use any of the strategies you are getting from the regular programs that have their main motive as making money from the programs rather than to help you.

The person walking you through the program is Sue Heintze. She has been using the strategies you are getting for years, and she has gotten great results. She doesn’t have any fat around the stubborn areas, and she is as fit as she can get. How did she come up with the program? Well, as she says, it all started when she was 18.

Her mother and sister made fun of her having a big bum, and although she knew there were just kidding. She took it seriously and got stressed about that she sunk into binges. She did this to the point of being diagnosed with bulimia. From there, she started getting serious with checking the calories she is taking. From afar, she says she would count the calories in people’s food in restaurants.

She got more and more self-conscious that she wouldn’t go out with her friends anymore. Then, like many other people who have created such programs, she came up with a discovery of the beta switches, which have been working for her ever since.

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How Does it Work?

Well, Sue came to find out that the ability to lose weight in women is all controlled by the cells deep inside. And what controls them are things called adrenoreceptors. These are the things like switches that get to react with the fight or flight hormone called adrenaline, that chooses to burn fat or pack it up in your body. And these receptors come in two categories:

  1. Beta Adrenoreceptors which are the receptors that support the body when wanting to do away with the stubborn fat.
  2. Alpha Adrenoreceptors which are the receptors that do their best to fight the ability to loose weight and have the fat keep packed in your body, and if tried to be eliminated using strict dieting, the fat will only be shifted to the difficult areas.

It has also been discovered that in the lower body part of women there is one Beta receptor to help you torch off the fat in your body while there are other 9 Alpha receptors that won’t let the beta succeed. They do their best to stop your body fat from releasing the fat.

So this basically explains why you find it hard for women who have gone beyond their youthfulness is having it hard trying to lose weight, especially in their lower body parts like the thighs, bum, and belly.

However hard you try to work on your body, attending all gym sessions and even hiring a personal fitness trainer, you don’t get to have any results that keep your body fit for long. And this may lead to you to think that you are the one with the problem. But you should rest easy because they are things that happen to most women in this age bracket.

And now here comes the best part.

Have you been on strict diets and long sessions in the gym and have not been seeing substantial results? Well, you have them, the workouts and diets given you by your gym trainer, to blame. These two things lower the level of the thyroid hormones that in turn activate the Alpha receptors in your body that make it hard for your body to lose weight.

And no matter how hard you work at them you only make things worse and get the fat trapped in the areas with the greatest difficulty of releasing them out of your body.

So after learning all this, you will ask yourself how do I get to control all these systems and processes? There is a switch! And you have the ability to get hold of the switch throughout your life; this switch is the Beta Switch. And this system shows you exactly how to gain control of the switch and start melting fat from your body without the hard exercises and diets that make you sick.

Who is it For?

As you may have seen, the program is very simple and smooth with the approach; there is no hard training and punishing diets. So the women who are in their 40’s who don’t want to get stuck in gym memberships trying to lose weight or any other punishing form of strategy that will help them achieve their goals will fit perfectly in this system.

You will not have to extend an hour on weights or have to clear your kitchen of your favorite foods that may get you craving for them shortly. You don’t have to make this huge sacrifice. In fact, these high carbs are a necessity in this program. So, in a way, you already have and are using the requirements of the program.

But there are those women who may be looking for ways to shed some few pounds and get back in shape who are not going to get any help from this product as they want to work with the things the system doesn’t recommend. And these women who want:

• Creams and potions that have the magic melt – If you still hold onto the hype about some weight loss creams and potions that have a magical effect on your body that when applied in the trouble spots will melt away all the fat therein in seconds, then you are not right for this.

You will want to change your perspective about losing weight if you want to do it in the best possible way anytime soon. You need to understand that what you are told about the creams was a marketing hype scams used to get you to make the purchase they wanted to get. The creams and potions don’t exist.

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• Cleansing Treatment – If you may have heard that there are cleanses that will flush the binges and strong cravings in a matter of minutes and are looking to get that here, I’m afraid you won’t get that.

These cleanse don’t really have much effect as you may think. The proper way to go about this is to work with the right strategies that help you keep track of all you are doing, without having to be too strict on yourself. In this program, you are going to get taught how to take everything real nice and easy and get a rewarding experience.

What is included in the Program?

You are going to get a few resources to help you go through the system with all the energy needed and get to make the most of every technique you are introduced to, to help you see even more accurate results. You also get to keep track of your progress, as earlier said, to make sure you are taking the right steps from the beginning to the end. These resources will also get you powered up with knowledge and skills to help you handle any cravings and keep them off for a good while.

And to help get you more details on what you will be getting, here is what you are going to get, along with the package:

1. The 5 Day Dummy Tuck

This resource is going to help you get your belly flat in just 5 days. If you have a reunion or a special event you have to attend and don’t want to go with the bulging belly that will make you feel embarrassed, this is going to help you get the stomach real quick. But you should note that it’s going to want your full commitment to get better results.

2. Boost Your Body Image Report

If you are struggling with your body image and often think that people look at you with the eyes you wouldn’t want to see; then this will help you boost it up. Although you compare yourself to many magazine photos that are edited before they are published, you shouldn’t worry as you will have your fears sorted with this.

3. Mind Over Matter: Win the Mental Game of Fat Loss

This is 135 pages long book that is going to deal with the mental part of you weight loss journey. You need to have the right mindset before you get into things here and see them work. Here, you will understand why you don’t need the creams, potions and cleanse liquids to get a good body.

You will get the perspective needed to get successful with this. You also get 4 great tips you will want to keep in mind always when trying to fight with things mentally.

4. 1 Month FREE Access to Tight and Toned Forum

You are also going to have a month’s free access to the member’s area of the program’s forum called the Tight n Toned. This program gives you access to a whole new world filled with like-minded individuals pursuing the same goals as yourself and with energy and enthusiasm to overcome all the hurdles you will meeting on your way there together. This is also where you are going to get personal assistance from Sue with your questions and many more things.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• You are still going to keep eating what you love throughout the program. You don’t have to give up any of your favorite foods. I like the fact they are actually needed to make this whole thing work.

• You get a member’s area to get motivation and even more insight from other women who are chasing the same fitness goals as yourself.

• You get a ton of knowledge of how your body works which will help you connect the dots on the previous knowledge you already had to know why it has not been working for you all those years.

• This program has given perhaps the best explanation of the reason why you find it hard to burn fat in your belly, bum, and thighs. The other people who do it try to get around this.

• You are going to have Sue, who has already gotten the results with this program, take you through it and show you how she made it work for her. So you don’t make any guesses here.

• You don’t have to work out for hours. This program does believe in working out but for shorter periods than what is usually given out there.

• This program is very easy to use. You don’t have to be knowledgeable about any aspect of fitness to benefit from it. You just have to have the willingness to make it work for you, and you are good to go.

The Cons

• You get most of the things online, so you will have to get prepared for a powerful internet connection to get the best experience with it.

• You are going to need a fair amount of exercises, and this means you will need to spend some few bucks on gym equipment and the ingredients of the diets given in the program.

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Final Verdict:

Well, there is so much that has been covered by this program. Am sure just through this review, you have learned so much about your body, and more is yet to come. Something I love about the program is the fact that it recommends working out, in the right proportions suitable for women, and that you get to eat the foods you love.

They will help you avoid the cravings that come with starvation that lead to binges which in turn lead to rebound weight gain that gets you depressed and take you back to the same place you were at before you started the program, or worse. The moderate approach that lets you balance your intake and exhaust is really set to work and is also reasonable just by the mention of it.

And you get a 60 days money back guarantee for this product since it is bought from Clickbank which requires a guarantee to all the products sold there. And this 100% guarantee is going to give you the ability to have an experience with the product for 60 days allowing you to go through the training and diets, and see if you are going to see the kind of results you are promised before you buy it.

If you do get them that make you happy, you can have the product to rinse and repeat, but if you don’t find it any helpful to you and your body, you can always have the product returned and refunded the money you spent on it, the whole amount. What you have to do it is send an email to Erin asking for it. And before you know it you will get it all back in your account.

To me this program is great, it works and is comfortably affordable by anyone from any walk of life who has the strong determination to change their lifestyle forever.

Final Verdict – LEGIT!

Name: The Beta Switch: Stubborn Fat Loss For Women
Owner: Sue Heintze
Price: A discounted price of $19
Rankings: 92 out of 100

Have you been on this program before? Have you used any of the strategies in it? How did they go for you? How can you describe your experience with this program? Can you buy this program for a special woman like your mother? Would you recommend it to others out there? We would love to get responses to these questions, and we will be very glad to have yours.

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