The BeachBody 3 Day Refresh Review – Legit or Scam?

Want to get some deep truth about the new BeachBody supplement, the 3 Days Refresh? Well, that is exactly what I’m giving out here.

I got intrigued to want to have a deeper look at this product once I heard that the testimonials on it claimed to have lost 2 to 6 pounds of pure fat while increasing the muscle mass in their bodies in just three days. Did you hear that? 3 SHORT DAYS! I couldn’t believe it! I thought that it had to be one of those of hypes you get on commercials to get you hooked and talk you into buying it. But once I delved into it, well, I got a huge twist. A good one or a bad one?

Keep on reading my 3 Day Refresh review to get to know what I found out about it.

Product Name: 3 Days Refresh3 Days Refresh review
Website Address:
Owner: BeachBody LLC
Price: A one-time, monthly payment of $69.95
Rankings: 92 out of 100

3 Days Refresh Review – Introduction:

Supplements seem to be the new norm for most of the fitness enthusiasts. If you scour the web, you will only get more reviews and recommendations for supplements that promise you to give you a complete meal replacement that won’t starve you or tempt you to binge, and are packed with a huge amount of nutrients that will solve many body problems you may be having with your body and you may have been struggling with for the last few decades.

You will get the owners of the shakes saying that you are getting the whole of nature’s splendor in that simple bag you get the shakes and it has no slightest bit of chemical interference. And they will go on giving you thousands of scientific facts and benefits of the ingredients that made the supplement.

And since they know you don’t care about all those because like me you barely understand what they mean, they will basically tell you that you are having all the nutrients you will need to keep you healthy for years in their program.

And if you have traveled this road before, of weight loss products, you already know how deceiving these products can be. So I decided to test this system out myself and see fit it would bring the kind of results that were promised. And here is what is what I got.

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What are 3 Days Refresh?

This is a legit and truly working three days program that promises you real weight loss results, pounds of them, a huge boost in your rate of metabolism and more energy throughout the day. And for that to happen, you are going to get a list of goods packed with the nutrients from ingredients that are well known to help you lose weight raise your energy levels.

And what you will be doing is simply to follow the meal plans made for you and start seeing results. And what do the meal plans contain? (I can hear you asking) Well, you get to drink lots of filtered water, a total of 3 protein shakes every day, three meals, a few vegetables and fruits, and a fiber drink.

This will get you powered through your typical day and get you to be more productive than you have ever been for the last few months or even years. And with drinks like Shakeology, which is part of the meal plan in the program, you can be sure to lose a ton of weight.

The creators of the 3 Days program are the BeachBody fitness company. If you don’t know much about this company, let me fill you in. This is biggest fitness center in America that holds perhaps the highest number of well-known fitness experts like Shaun T who created the Cize Dance and Focus T25, Insanity Workout and the rest, Chalene Johnson who made the Country Heat Dance, Hip Hop Abs, Tony Horton who made the P90X, and so many others.

I believe you are now getting the hang of it; all these trainers are working for the company. BeachBody started out in 1998 with the founders of it being Carl Daikeler and John Congdon. 19 years down the line and the company has made sales worth $1 billion, has paid more than $10 million for the contestants who took on the BeachBody Challenge, has sold to over 23 million clients in various parts of the world and has also managed to get a little over 450,000 BeachBody distributors, also known as the “BeachBody coaches” to help them keep helping folks with their health.

How Does it Work?

Before we get into how the program works, you may want to know that the strategies you are getting here are meant to help you bring all the cravings and bad eating habits to a sudden stop and get you more control over what you eat and how you do it. It will also help you get back the energy you lost the moment you took up the eating habits you are currently on as well as have your rate of metabolism skyrocket.

Now how does this happen?

You will be dealing with the eating habits you have taken up and the actual foods you have been eating. And then you get a complete shift in your dieting and get a whole new system that works towards giving you more foods that are high in protein and low in sugars. And the foods are broken down so well that you will be taking them in the morning, afternoon and night which will keep you satisfied without needing a second helping.

And hey, its just three days, so you don’t have to change your daily thing. Now let’s get to what you will be doing. And here is how you get to do this:

• In the Morning – Here you get to take Shakeology. A glass of it is all you need for the morning all the way to lunch. Basically, Shakeology is made of a ton of highly nutritious ingredients like isolated whey protein, Phytonutrients, prebiotics, amaranth, Maca root, goji berry, Sacha Inchi and schisandra to name a few.

And it comes with seven different flavors that you can choose from including vanilla, vegan and chocolate. And it will keep you full through the morning hours and deliver more protein to your body.

• The Afternoons – Here you are getting some fresh vanilla shake that comes packed with20g of protein from wholesome plants, potato protein that is patented, probiotics to help you with the digestion and a total of 22 vitamins and minerals. This is an overall delicious shake that has been clinically tested and confirmed to be healthy and safe and will help you have control of your cravings and keep you from eating anything else.

• The Nights (Dinner) – This is quite something. You get to drink Fiber Sweep Drink that helps you take away the waste off your digestive tract and lower the high cholesterol in your body, and keep your body under controllable levels of blood sugar. It also helps you reduce the chances of having coronary heart disease.

And this drink is the perfect blend of chia seeds, seed husks, Psyllium, and flax. What was gross about was the taste, if you keep it longer in your mouth. But as with everything that has got fiber in it, it is set to get sticky when it is soaked for long.

What is Included in the Program?

When you buy into the program, you only have most of what has been discussed. There’s nothing much outside of what has been mentioned. And to give you a clearer picture of what you will get once you make up your mind take the plunge, here is what is included in the full package:

• Shakeology
• Vanilla Fresh Shake
• Fiber Sweep Drink
• The Program Guide – This will give you the exact plan you should work with throughout the system. You will get a deep explanation of how you should prepare the meals, all the ingredients you will need, how to write your shopping list for buying these things so that you don’t get all mixed up and how to know you have made the meal the way it should be. Also, you get some flavorings that are totally safe to use, a lot of alternatives for the veggies and fruits that have been listed in the guide, recipes for various fresh juices that have been pressed, and generally, how the program should work.

Who is it For?

This is pretty much for all people who want to improve their general health and those who want to lose weight. If you feel you have been having troubles with your energy levels, or have been binging on high carb foods and you feel guilty about it, you should try out this system.

If you have also been feeling generally weak and feel like you are loosing more muscles which you had worked hard for through other fake programs, the good proportions of protein you get in the meal plan here will get you that again and a whole lot more.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• You don’t have to starve yourself off to make this program work for you. In fact, what you are given is the remedy for both starvation and binging, worse eating extremes. And you are taught how to keep everything under control.

• You get to lose pounds of weight in just three days. If you are honest and keep working on this system without cheating, you will loose 2 to 6 pounds in days. (But this varies with your effort and other factors)

• You don’t need to lift any weights or subscribe or any gym memberships. Here, you get to work your body out with any types of equipment and without breaking a drop of sweat.

• Everything you are getting, the shakes, meals veggies and fruits and the substitutes are all chemical free. So you don’t have to worry about solving one problem by getting into another (there is no “out of the pan to the fire”) formula.

• Anything you need to know about the system is well explained and illustrated in the guide. You don’t get any possibilities of getting stuck, wondering what to do.

The Cons

• The fiber drink was very sticky and gross, if you have never had it or known it was such, you will feel very bad. You are left with a lemon taste on your tongue after you have struggled to finish it. (Tip to avoid this: chug the drink, and you won’t feel the distaste)

• Things are quite hard to do on the first day. You will get headaches and sluggishness. You don’t want to wake up and feeling really wasted.

• The chances are that you will get tempted to binge on the first day, and if you don’t stand your ground and say no, you surely will get into it and then start feeling guilty after.

Final Verdict:

The program you are getting here is great. You are simply getting a good way to keep the hunger off by having drinks that keep you full for hours while you strive towards your fitness goals. So you don’t have to beat yourself down to see results. You also get a nice way to loose weight without lifting a single weight or having to do strenuous exercises that will get you soar for days.

And you also get 30 days guarantee with the assurance of your money back, all of it. If you take on the system for a month and still don’t see notable ant changes in your body, and you have even emptied all the bags, you can still ask for a refund, by contacting the support staff of the system, and soon after they have gotten your request, you will see the money deposited in your account minutes after. And this should give you confidence in it.

Final Verdict – LEGIT!

Name: 3 Days Refresh
Owner: BeachBody LLC
Price: A one-time, monthly payment of $69.95
Rankings: 92 out of 100

By any chance have you tried out the system? Have you had the shakes and meal plans? Did you see any changes in your body? Did you feel the refreshing change in your moods and attitude? Did you feel a hike in your energy levels? Would you strongly recommend this product to any of your friends who want to lose a few pounds? Leave your thoughts on the 3 Days Refresh system below.

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