The Achievable Body Review – Should You Buy It?

If you want some honest truth about the achievable body by Mike, and know how the program is going to help you get to achieve your weight loss goals, then you are going to want to read this.

Once I heard that you get three good days to “cheat” the program, and you can do that from the start of the weekend, on Friday, all the way to Sunday, I just had to know this product a little more. (I mean, this is the product anyone with huge high carbs cravings would want)

And when I got into it, what I came to find out was nothing short of surprising, and I know for sure, you are going to find it the same. So all I would have you do is just spend the next few minutes reading the achievable body review I have compiled here, to know the true gist of it.

And please remember to use my final verdict on it to help you come to a more conscious decision that is going to help you get only what fits you best.

So, let’s give it a go…

Product Name: The Achievable BodyThe Achievable Body Review
Website Address:
Owner: Mike Whitefield
Price: Discounted price of $37
Rankings: 93 out of 100

The Achievable Body Review – Introduction:

There has been a huge number of people claiming to have discovered many techniques that can help folks out there make a substantial amount of weight loss in the next few weeks or months. And many of those who make the claims happen to be among the people who have had to struggle with overweight issues for years.

You will find them saying that they went from one program after the other, and couldn’t seem to find any solutions that helped them see a noticeable difference in their bodies. And they came to that point when they were about to quit and just wait for the effects to take the pitch and see what would happen afterward. They thought they had tried it all. But then, as always, in some research or over a drink with a friend, they came to know of a program which was their total life changer.

I don’t say that all these stories or paths to finding “secret fitness treasure chests” are all hype, but most of them actually are. Some people just want to make money off these programs, and since they know how great they sell, they will make up a phony program with all the good things in it, that is, you get to eat what you want, you don’t have to lift a single a weight, you don’t have to check your calories, and you will be loosing pounds of pure fat every day without even breaking a sweat.

And since this is what many of us want to hear, especially me, we will blindly buy into the program and get to immediate work with it waiting to see the great results promised in the promo video. And after you have been to it for more than a month or so, and still haven’t seen any exciting results, in your body, the mirror or even the progress track sheets, you start questioning yourself whether you are doing the right thing.

And after you have gone online to get some personal reviews from people who have used it before, you get to realize that you have been using a sham product all along. That is when you really believe there are real scams online, specifically in this industry.

And would you be, by any chance, getting yourself into that here? Is it possible that the Achievable Body program could be using a sleek marketing strategy to make the product known and have it sell greatly when it’s got nothing good to offer? Are they trying to lure you in and then have you regret the day you bumped into the site that made mention of it? The best way to get to know that is that running behind its wheels and seeing what it does as opposed to the claims it makes.

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So let’s get started with that!

What is the Achievable Body?

This is a fitness program that is meant to help you lose pounds of weight every week, increase the levels of energy and boost your rate of metabolism to help you live a more improved life with a body everyone will desire to have. Here, you will be walked through a scientific study that was recently discovered by the owner in ways that you can burn more fat while you are in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond!

The strategy you will be taught here is going to help you get to eat what you love the most, the high carbs, without having actually to cheat your way into them and feel guilty later. You are going to learn how you can combine the study with your favorite meals and get to come up with a program that is perfectly suited for you to help you relive your youthful days.

You will be getting into a series of techniques that are going to help you target essential parts of your body that have been stopping you from loosing weight all this time, and get them to release the stubborn fat once and for all and have you lean up.

The creator of the program is Mike Whitfield. This is a highly respected figure in the industry. Having been titled the Best Fitness Entrepreneur of the year in 2003, getting featured on PBS when getting interviewed on fitness issues and getting the opportunity to work with the Men’s Health magazine, this is clear proof that he knows what he is doing. More to that, he has already walked his talk.

You see, before getting into this good shape you see him with, he was a fat guy who had issues with almost everyone. He believed he had the “bad genes” as most people who find it hard to lose weight tend to believe. He worked on a few programs that the fitness industry recommended where he was on “healthy diets” all day, all week and all month, but got nothing rewarding to show.

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But after getting the things that work, he eased into the great physique you now see him with. He makes it clear that the techniques he uses are from a recent study he found from the prestigious Cornell University. So you are working with good reliable stuff here.

How Does it Work?

To start with, Mike hates the idea of eating vegetables on Friday, and through the weekends. He wants to see more of pizza, pastries, and cookies on his table during the 3 days. So this gives you an idea of what to expect once you get in the program. You will not be focusing on the healthy foods that the industry has led the world to believe are the best meal plans when trying to get in shape.

In fact, he says that the industry has some deep secrets it doesn’t want you to know that helps it make more than $20 billion every year. So, back to the program, you get to have more of carbs in your meals, and you get to choose 3 consecutive days where you can eat all the carbs you love as part of the meal plan.

From there, you need to note that there are no exercises in the program, so that saves you the slaving in the gym hitting the treadmill for days. Mike claims that you don’t have to get hard on exercises to get lean and lose a good amount of fat.

You just have to know how your body operates, and out of that, come up with a plan that will help you gear the whole system towards torching off fat from your body. And this is going to save you the pains you usually get when you overwork your knees, ankles, and thighs when lifting weights and taking jogs and runs during the day.

All that is important is the rate of metabolism. Mike says that most people suffer from “Metabolic Damage” where your rate of metabolism drags itself and doesn’t give your body enough room to burn fat. And what usually makes this happen is the list of the so-called healthy foods recommended by many fitness trainers and coaches out there.

By learning how it all works, you will get to free your body off this damage and get it to work perfectly which will encourage more fat burning in your body. You are also going to get taught how to get rid of the visceral fat that is stuck in the most difficult parts of your body, called the “hot zones” in this program. Going by the strategies you will learn here, you will be able to skyrocket your metabolism, increase your libido, and burn more fat than you ever have in your life.

There are 4 things that Mike calls the 4 main pillars of the program. And these are basically what the system you get here is going to help you through to. And to get more specific, here are things you get to do:

1. Massive Fat Burning – You will learn how to get your body burning more stubborn fat all round the clock. You will be shown the perfect combination that helps trigger the whole process and even help you do it while you sleep.

2. Hormonal Manipulation – You are also going to learn just how to manipulate the hormones that actively participate in shedding fat off your body like leptin, cortisol and so many others and have them working at full strength.

3.Boosting Your Metabolism – The foods and other great tricks you will find in the system will help you get to boost your rate of metabolism by a whole 450%, all naturally. You don’t need the detox fluids or any other enhancements.

4. Activating your “Hot Zones” – This will help you know the hot zones in your body that deserve more attention than others and show you exactly how you can add to the speed at which fat is lost. And as said, you won’t need any workouts.

Who is it For?

The system is pretty much for everyone, but Mike finds even more helpful to those people over the age of 35, and are struggling with weight problems. If you have been looking at yourself in the mirror and hating the guy on the other side, and if you have been trying to avoid any social gatherings or really felt bad when people tagged you on Facebook because of your weight, then this is for you.

If you have used almost all fitness programs, visited all the great fitness trainers who have got a good reputation and none of them has been able to solve your specific problems, then know that it all ends here. Also, if you have had a few times where you have had a heart attack, or are currently suffering from diabetes and would want to reduce the huge weight you have as you have been cautioned by your doctor, then you will be well able to do that.

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But as you go about making your decision on whether to take the plunge, you should know that not all the people who feel like they will get something amazing from this, are actually going to. There are those who, depending on their expectations and the much they are willing to put into the program, won’t be seeing any worthwhile results. And these people are those that want a:

• High-intensity interval training – If you have heard that the high-intensity training does help people loose weight fast without having to go to the gym, then know that you won’t get any pieces of training here. You are only going to get the best ways that won’t demand so much effort as in the exercises you get with the conventional programs.

You can rest assured that all the tasks you have to undertake in here are well within your abilities. If you want a program that helps you know how to get into weights and cardio workouts and get to loose a fair amount of fat, then you will want to check out my recommendation below.

• Quick Weight Loss Fix – Probably, may have heard that you will be taught how to get your body burning unwanted fat throughout the night, and have thought that this is the product to give you the quick fix you have been looking for all this while, then you are totally wrong.

This program is only helping you get the whole weight loss thing going even while you are sleeping but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have to invest any effort during the day. You will be, a good deal of it. So, the earlier you change this expectation and work more with the reality at hand than other ideas which may lead you to scams, the better and quicker you will see the results you have always been on the hunt for.

What is Included in the Program?

This program comes quite packed with some good information and other great resources to help you go through it well enough to get the kind of results you have been promised and also achieve the goals you have wanted to achieve with your body.

You also get a few more resources to help you get more information on the program that is going to be of great help with other areas of your health and body, which aren’t related to the information you get here, but somehow affects them. If you take these bonuses you get here and fully make the most of them; I can almost guarantee that you will be able to see the right physique coming along nicely.

And to give you a good perspective on what you will be getting once you purchase the product, here are the things that come tied freely to the package:

• The Achievable Body Blueprint

This is where you get the main eBook for the program. This is what you will be using to implement the strategies that Mike came to discover and help you shed weight and get into shape just as it helped Lora, a woman who Mike has mentioned quite a lot in his promo video. You will get the deep understanding of hormonal manipulation, and how to boost your rate of metabolism almost five times the way it’s working now, and a lot more inside.

• The Hot Zone Formula

This is meant to give you the idea of how the four hot zones in your body you never knew existed can actually help you activate and boost the rate of burning fat by your fat burning hormones. You also get to know how to get the four hot zones that are the most difficult to torch off stored fat from, like thighs, and how to handle each. You will be getting great insight here, one which I know you are going to love.

• Motivation and Rapid Success Formula

This will teach you how to amp things up in the program for faster and more effective results. You will get taught some brilliant “hacks” which you easily slide in your normal routine and make the most of any activity you get into towards the achievement of your weight loss targets.

You also get a part where you can get motivation when you are down and depressed. Loosing weight is one hectic journey that wears someone out very fast and can easily make you toss in the towel days after you have gotten started with it. This part helps you stay motivated throughout.

• The 4 Day Detox

This is a book that shows you how you can flush the toxins in your body in just four days. You don’t get detox drinks and supplements that only get your digestive system worse. Instead, you get a handful of great foods and recipes that you will be using to help clear the track in the safest way possible.

And the value you get here supersedes most of the information you get out there which is mostly overpriced. The foods you also get here are delicious, and you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to take some tasteless meals for the sake of “washing clean” your body.

• 21 Unusual Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Here, you will have 21 ways you can use to increase the rate of your metabolism that is super easy and simple to put into practice. One of them is related to the thermostat in your home, and this has a huge effect than you would think. You should try them out and see what the experience with them is really like.

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Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• This program deals with more than just loosing weight. You get insight into other various things like boosting your energy levels, improving your lifestyle, boosting your testosterone levels and so much more.

• Based on the value you are getting here, I’m inclined to say that the program has been underpriced. The knowledge and insight you are receiving from this program are worth more than $500.

• You don’t get to count calories. Counting calories can sometimes be discouraging especially when you have worked out hard and “fasted with healthy diets, ” and then you step on the scales and see the same figure.

• The program is easy to follow. You don’t have to be a well-informed person in the fitness industry to go through this program. As far as you want to loose weight, this is suitable for you and the English it is so simple.

• You don’t have to use any types of equipment to see results with this system. This means that if you are obese and know you would most probably put more stress on your joints and knees which can bring issues, in the long run, then known that you are saved all the trouble.

• You won’t have to live off strict diets that keep you away from your favorite carbs. Here, the carbs are a part of the program, and this will help you avoid the strong cravings that often lead to binges.

• You are going to see results in the next few days if you work seriously on the program and give all the effort and discipline required in the product. So you won’t have to wait long to see yourself changing your trousers to a smaller size.

The Cons

• You only get to access the program online. This means that you can’t order a hard copy and you will most certainly need a strong internet connection to have you go through it well and easy.

• This will need you to change some of the things you have been doing all your life, which may be a very difficult transition and would have you take days, weeks or even months to adapt to your new lifestyle.

Final Verdict:

Phew! That is quite a program, and those are great strategies you are getting there. What I love about the program is the way they tell you how the fitness industry has been misleading you and keeping yours in the same weight gain dungeon wanting you not to get out so that you can have them see more bucks adding up in their accounts.

And this is not what really interests me, what follows is. They show you how the huge producers have been lying to you and then give you great alternatives that you will find more reasonable to work with and have more success rates than what people have been pushed to use the past few decades.

The price is something that made realize that Mike is not one of the guys who is looking to see their accounts being credited. He is more into helping folks than making money, which means you are only getting quality tips inside.

Something else more exciting, you get to have a whole 60 days money back guarantee that helps use the program for those long days and see if what Mike claims on his video presentation is really what you are getting, or if it’s just an over hyped product. If you find it paying and really delivering good results, you can keep at it to see even better results.

But if you don’t see any results with it in days as promised, or if you find something that really turned you off, you can always have it returned and ask for your money back without having to go through a tedious process or having to respond to annoying questions. You will only get appreciated for having tried out the program.

To me, this is the kind of fitness programs I would highly recommend to people who are over the age of 35 and are having a hard time getting a program that will help them reduce weight to avoid the risks of getting heart attacks, diabetes or other chronic diseases.

Final Verdict – Legit!

Name: The Achievable Body
Owner: Mike Whitefield
Price: Discounted price of $37
Rankings: 93 out of 100

Have you had this program work for you before? How did you find the experience? Did you love the instructional videos made by Mike? What can you say about the support system of the program? Are you still working on it? What can you say about the general experience with it? Please leave your comments below.

Want a program that will train your body to lose weight and get shredded using weights? Want a fitness program that has got the best approach to lifting weights and using the healthy diets most trainers don’t know about? Want a program that will give you up to 6 times more insight into losing weight than what you get with the Achievable Body? Then see my #1 recommendation.

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