Strength and Conditioning for Young Athletes

There is no secret in saying that the level of competition in youth sports has been rising over the past few decades. This has led the recreational teams and city leagues into an entire industry of club sports. They are also demanding hefty participation fees from the young athletes’ parents.

While parents are more conscious on their child health and they keep thinking about how to protect their son and daughter from getting injured with all the extra practices and increased competition and give my child an extra advantage.

To help answer these questions, we need to look at the way we train in the U.S. compared to our European neighbors.

If you look at many European countries, they used general physical preparation training (GPPT) for young athletes for building the foundation of development for their later years of training.

Within this GPPT, trainers utilized movements and exercises that developed many different motor abilities/skills. 

These training sessions were not targeted to any of the sport rather they were specific in providing a general foundation of motor abilities (like speed, quickness, agility, endurance, strength , relative strength, flexibility, etc.).

Thereafter, these young athletes then transformed into more targeted training based on their sport as they get aged. This is a 180 degree to the American model, in which children typically get specialize in their respective sports at a much earlier age.

For this reason it is vitally important for parents to consider having their children train with a Certified Speed Agility and Quickness (SAQ) Specialist, who first assess the sport and athlete's position and then understands the specific requirements of those athletes based on their developmental window of adaptation. 

Nesta is doing great in this area for over few years now and thousands of children are already enrolled in their training structure. 

These SAQ specialists are responsible for building the foundation and the groundwork for later years of development, while doing so in a safe and healthy environment. They have a wealth of knowledge that let them provide proper program design for the young athletes throughout the journey of their development.

The benefits of Nesta training are:

  • %100 online training so you can join at from any part of the world
  • You can move forward at your own pace
  • Immediately access to the course after enrollment
  • You will receive a digital certificate after passing exam
  • You will get access to this course for lifetime
  • This SAQ program will guide you how to use comprehensive training programs with no or little involvement of equipment, as well as using more advanced training tools.
  • The program provides you a digital manual having 280+ pages and dozens of detailed photos, 60+ well comprehensive and step-by-step online training videos, and your online MCQ exam. After successful completion, you will get the professional title of “Speed, Agility and Quickness  (SAQ) Specialist.”


It is important for parents to utilize certified coaches to train their children in order to get the most beneficial training based on each child’s chronological age and developmental age.

This will give a safe and healthy environment in to promote long-term health and athletic development.

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