Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review – Is it Really Working?

If you are looking for more information about the shoulder flexibility Solution fitness program by Eric Wong, then you are sure to find it here.

This is a program that has brought so much fuss within many fitness forums and communities, and it is exactly what motivated me to want to check it out and see what all the fuss was about. And I did get to gather quite some powerful info about it, which I’m sure is going to help bring all your fitness anxiety to rest.

I’ve delved into the most important things that people are asking about it and have gotten you the real gist of it to help you understand it before you go to making your purchase of it.

So please be sure to read it and understand how it works first before you use it so that you don’t end up regretting having bought something that may not be any useful to you.

So let’s see what it’s like…

Product Name: Shoulder Flexibility SolutionShoulder Flexibility Solution Review
Website Address:
Owner: Eric Wong
Price: $67
Rankings: 91 out of 100

Shoulder Flexibility Solution Review – Introduction:

Do you trust most of the information you find online? Do you trust online fitness programs you find being pushed on you? You know, it is surprisingly difficult to find accurate information online that will help you achieve what you want to, in its entirety.

When it comes to the fitness industry, you are going to find many people coming up with so many ways you can get to melt fat and pack up some muscles in your body or achieve anything else with your body. Almost anyone who has gained for themselves lean bodies that are desirable wants to create programs, with contrasting approaches, to help others get such great bodies as well. And you may find two people with almost similar physiques telling you two completely different things.

And it gets very confusing for you to know which works and which one doesn’t. You will get one telling you that you have to increase your rate of the metabolic process to hasten your ability to burn stubborn fat as your priority. And this seems quite reasonable.

You are then going to get the other one telling you that the secret to getting a huge enviable body lies in the amount and effort you put into your training in your local gym, so what you should focus on, is lifting weights for long hours only.

Now if you were to weigh the two recommendations, to a certain extent, you might get all mixed up in which to give more time on since you need to do them both but don’t know which to give more time to. And these kinds of programs you get online where one is often bad-mouthing other programs can really hurt you as you may choose a method that may not really get you want you to want and get you very distressed or even overwork you and bring injuries and strains.

So you are going to want to be extra careful when it comes to getting the right fit for your body. You will want to take time to look into these programs, know how they are operating and then check with the real experts to know which one to go with.

And how do you get to know a program well enough to know if it will give you what you are looking for? There are many ways you can do that. Firstly, you can go online and check out product reviews from bloggers who have had the chance to interact with the product.

The people who do these reviews are great fitness enthusiasts who are always keeping watch on the new programs being launched and getting to know them better so that they can get to educate other people getting into them well enough before buying them. And the amazing thing about it is that you will get at least twenty blog reviews of each product each giving you a unique perspective.

Now if you are wise, you will go through at least 3 to 4 of them and see which one gives you a deep look into it that has some truth in it. To know which one is honest, you can just compare what the sales page of the program tells you with what the actual bloggers are telling you.

If they are the same, then you should use that review to know more about the product. In this way, you are going to be able to know, from the outside, whether the program is teaching the kind of workouts you want to know more about, whether the length of the training are going to fit into your normal schedule and have you to workout without having to forego some of the activities of your typical day.

If the prices are comfortably affordable. If the price of the program best matches the kind of services, you are going to get from the program.

With all these factors to be considered being at your disposal, you are going to find it very easy to make a decision that you won’t regret at all. And this is what you should target every time you go online to buy something. And to give you the factors you need to make your own verdict on the Shoulder Flexibility Solution, let’s get to the program to get the real truth about it…

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What is the Shoulder Flexibility Solution program?

This is a fitness program that is meant to help the shoulders become more flexible to tackle your weight loss and kick-start your body building workouts very effectively and with fewer injuries and muscle strains. Well, most people who are always looking to loosen up their shoulders are used to the regular static stretching which can be quite dangerous to their body in the long run.

What static stretching does is to offer you just a temporary fix but can potentially damage your connective tissue and cannot help hike your range of motion. So this program gives you the real permanent fix you are looking for above the static stretching. You get six steps that will help completely loosen up the “screws” in your shoulder and have your movements and flexibility doubled regarding ability.

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The author of this program is none other than Eric Wong. This is not a new face in the online fitness industry. He has been around since 2008 and has had his specialty in helping people get through various training plateaus and take their workouts to the next level.

To be more specific, he has been dealing with improving upon body speed, doubling body strength and power, and getting trainers to be all the more flexible and prepared for difficult workouts that need smooth movements and great flexibility. This is the only expert who perhaps handles those areas the best.

He has helped out thousands of folks who previously reported of very tight muscles that brought muscle pains and discomfort when training. But after having a session with them, almost everyone reported life changing results. He uses his martial arts skills to see you through a painless transition.

How Does it Work?

Eric Wong has quite a name for his strategic approach to this shoulder issue. He calls it the 3D Flexibility System. In this system, you are going to learn the main causes of shoulder stiffness and how best to go about them. But the two main issues that have been seen to bring about this tightness in shoulders of most people is poor joint stability, which when fixed, is going to help bring complete relaxation in your muscles, and poor ability to control muscles which when fixed is going to help your body strength and body strength.

Let’s take a deep look at the 3D Flexibility System.

This system promises perhaps the best and most convenient solution. It says that you only 15 minutes a day for just six days a week to make it work. And in a week or so you will start feeling lighter and more flexible. Within a year, you will be flexible enough to do gymnastics without a slight pinch of pain. Here you are going to get six steps that will take you through the healing process without any pain. And these steps are:

1. Mobilizing the Joint

Here you get into exercises that help in making improvements in your range of motion. And to do this, the workouts will be well able to fix the joint capsule, which is the major cause of muscle stiffness in the shoulder and is often a huge source of shoulder flexibility for many people which has never been leveraged and continues to remain hidden.

2. Addressing the Quality of the Tissue

You will learn how important it is to always keep your tissue in their best state. And the exercises you will be doing here will help fix adhesions, scar tissue and any other disorders that keep blood from flowing to the tissues. And once this is solved, your body will have a good flow of blood to the tissues that will bring in oxygen, and nutrients that will help in healing processes and boost the rate of muscle growth which will only aid the flexibility on your shoulder to grow.

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3. Deactivating Over Active Muscles

Something that also brings huge muscle stiffness, having a group of muscles overworked than others. Technological advancement has brought many people to have fixed positions when working, which only needs a certain group of muscles to take you through the day. And when this is happening, there are muscles which are activated but basically shouldn’t, and there are those that aren’t put into full use. With this set of exercises, you will release the stiffness in the muscles that are overworked and get the others up and running as they should.

4. Create New Cross Bridges

As you stretch and move, you are going to experience new lengths, which need to be strengthened to keep the flexibility growing. The exercises here are going to help increase strength to have the neuromuscular system to see it a length that is strong and stable and allow more flexibility.

5. Stabilizing the new Range of Motion (ROM)

As you continue to build out your new range of motion, you are going to need strength in the muscles that get you into the motion and those that take you out of it. The exercises you get here are set to help build that strength, in massive amounts.

6. Functional Integration

Now you’ve had some length added to you, you have gained some strength, all within the new range of motion. From here, you will want to have it completely accepted and fitted in within the neuromuscular system, and you will do this by sliding it into the regular patterns of your functional movement to have it put into constant action which make your new abilities and flexibility a permanent thing for you.

And the exercise routines you will be using to help you get all the strength, length and flexibility discussed above include:

  • Wind Scapula Routine
  • Overhead routine
  • The rounded shoulders routine
  • Pre workout shoulder prep
  • Behind the back routine
  • The forward head posture

Who Is it For?

Well, the target audience for this program is pretty clear. Those have been feeling too stiff and can hardly do any smooth training without having strains; this one is going to make the ideal fit for you. If you are having troubles with getting the new fitness program to help you workout and get ripped six pack abs or even melt away all the stubborn fat in your body to work, this will ease some tension in you and help you get loose enough to have it working perfectly.

If you also want to get a bit more flexible to handle the gymnastics class or the ballet dancing thing ahead of you, this will help you do that. Basically, if you are getting into anything that needs flexibility and you feel like you don’t have the required flexibility to carry it out, then you got to get this program to give you that, and perhaps more.

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But you should note that not all people who want to get this program to work for them will give them the right results they are looking for. And these people include those who:

• Want a magic flexibility pill – If you are looking for a magic pill or portion that you can swallow and get you all flexible overnight, then this one is not for you. You are going to want to change your mind about this because there is nothing out there that offers such and those that probably will just be trying to rip you off.

So you should start getting into this right mindset of “those that achieve it work hard for it, ” and you will see the light and the path that you have been given with this system to really make you loose.

• Want to sleep through the process – The system is going to have you break a sweat, and have it drip down your face. So you need to know upfront that this product is not for those who are not “feeling it” (the enthusiasm and energy to get what they want). You can’t sleep through this and see the results you are looking for. You can’t wait for them to come, you will have to get out there and take it! This program will only favor these people, who aren’t waiting for the ship to come but are willing to swim out there and pull it in.

What is Included In the Program?

And to sweeten the pot all the more, Eric has gathered up some great resources for you to add to the 6 steps to give you a better healing period and to give more information, effectiveness and put more resources at your disposal so that you can hit any possible milestone that you have with you levels of flexibility and body “freeness”. So to get to learn what all these resources you are going to get are, when you make your purchase of the program, here is what comes with the package:

• Posture Routines

These are the routines mentioned above that you will be getting into to help relax all the muscles around your shoulder that are stiff and hard not to mention painful to move. You will get them in PDF format which allows you to read them from just about anywhere, in your car, during lunch break in the office or on your way back home.

• Master Manual

This is the manual which makes this a program easy to work with. You are walked through some knowledge and expertise in taking the program. It gives you the practical approach to take on the six steps in the simplest and most effective way possible.

• Implementation Guide

This is the guide that helps you assess yourself. It will give you deep insight into the things that you can use to determine how much you are getting off the program, what specific issue with the flexibility you are encountering and how best to go about it. From there you are also going to learn how you should take on what is working best for you the proper way.

• Program Cheat Sheets

These come in handy for you when you barely have time to spare to go through the whole training due to a commitment you have a certain day. They will give you an easy time to take on the gist of the program and help you use it to keep your fitness going. But you need to note that you shouldn’t use these much often, for they will cripple your progress.

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• Bonus Programs

You get two extra bonus workouts that are going to help you rock the shoulders hard with all flexibility and pack them up with tons of muscles. This is a bonus I’m sure you are going to love.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• The workouts in the program are very easy to get to work with. You are not going to have to overwork your body to get great results. Eric walks you through everything slowly and helps you workout at your own pace and still get to improve.

• The workouts are short, so you won’t have to take anything off your busy schedule to fit it in. You just have to cut 15 minutes of your morning from your breakfast time and use it to do this.

• There are many other shoulder pain reliever programs out there, but this one is perhaps the best one that tackles this problem with the best care and attention.

• Eric has really put in great effort towards this program. The quality of information and insight into how your body works is amazing. The videos that help you understand how to put the training into implementation are of quality and well detailed.

• This program gives you the flexibility you need to keep learning. You get to have the training in PDF format to help you access them throughout the day without having to carry more things with you, but only have to keep your smartphone with you.

• With this program, you are going to start seeing great results within a few weeks or so. You don’t have to exercise much patience to have it work for you, only a little bit of it.

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• You get instant access to the program immediately after you complete your purchase. This means that if you are the people who are instant action takers, this will make your experience a great one.

• The price of the shoulder flexibility program is justifiable. The quality of education and training you get greatly counts. Every penny you send towards it goes somewhere as far as all you get is concerned.

The Cons

• You get all the resources of the program online. So you don’t get to have a hard copy with you. You will also need a good internet connection to make this training period a smooth one.

• You will need some training equipment to go through the training well enough to get as much flexible as possible. And the equipment you will be needing includes a foam roller, a stability ball, resistance band (rubber) and a small ball.

Final Verdict:

Well, there is so much to say about the shoulder flexibility program. To start with, this is a program that gives the best shoulder training online. You get a deep understanding of how your entire body works, especially the shoulder region and it helps you know what things you should always look out for as you do any form of workout so as to keep away from shoulder injuries or get you muscles to stiffen up and take you back to the same muscles soreness you were in.

So generally, it teaches how to leave a tension free life, which is amazing as it helps you get into virtually any sport you want no matter the level of fitness it requires, as you can tap into that whenever you like.

And you also get a 60 days guarantee, as with all other Clickbank products. This takes the worry off you by knowing that it’s like you test driving the product for a whole two months. If you don’t see the results as Eric promises, you just have to send an email asking your refund, and you will have it in your account within hours, without any sensitive questions asked or having to use brutal action to have it.

And the fact that the owner is willing to give this up for that Clickbank condition shows that he has full trust in his program and knows that is sure will work for you.

Personally, I would say that this program is going to be of great help. And it is totally legit so that you can get it right now.

Final verdict – Legit!

Name: Shoulder Flexibility Solution
Owner: Eric Wong
Price: $67
Rankings: 91 out of 100

Have you interacted with the shoulder flexibility fitness solution program? How far are you into it? Have you started seeing some good results coming your way? Would you recommend this product to anyone having shoulder pains? We would love to hear you say about it. Please be sure to drop them below and try to be as detailed as possible.

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