Ripped Muscle X Review, Legit or Scam?

If you have been wondering how legit and efficient the ripped muscle x supplement really is, then you have me here to give you all the details.

The company that made this supplement makes this supplement appear to be the real deal that only works best when it comes to weight loss and muscle building. It claims that the product will improve your levels of energy, boost your rate of metabolism and get you burning fat like crazy.

You have also been told that it makes sure the fat in your body won’t stick out anymore not to mention that you will feel supercharged throughout your typical workout day.

With this, as the producers claim, gaining muscle and loosing weight is as simple as a quick and simple walk in the park. But do you think these guys are telling the truth? Is this supplement this powerful?

Let my ripped muscle x review show you how true their claims are.

Product Name: Ripped Muscle X
Website Address:
Owner: Tarr. Inc
Price: $87.63 + many more hidden catches
Rankings: 67 out of 100

Ripped Muscle X Review – Introduction:

If you are a supplement enthusiast, chances are you have seen many supplements come in the market and go within in a short span of time.

Most often, they hit the market making pretty interesting claims of being the best supplement filling the gap which other supplements have created over the years of the need for a quality product.

They will tell you that they make the best quality of supplements which have shown their amazing results over and over again. Sometimes, they will even show you photos of people who have used it and have gotten what they wanted. This usually happens in the fitness industry.

They will take a few photos of extremely ripped guys and put them on their sales videos or pages to show how effective what they sell is.

But in the real sense, if you take your time to look into those programs, you will note that they have bought photos of ripped actors and edited them, only showing the abs and chest or one specific area they want you to focus on.

They know you will see that and think that the product is actually that great when it’s not.

That is why I have done a quick review of this product to help you know if this particular supplement is using those schemes to get you to buy or they are actually people you can trust.

Let’s get rolling with this.

What is Ripped Muscle X?

This is a muscle building supplement that has been titled as the most suitable supplement to take when you are doing your workouts to give you more energy and power to lift more and get your body chiseled out as you would want.

Other are going to tell you that if you use it with another supplement of its own mind, you are going to get amazing results faster and better than you thought achievable.

But I spared a few minutes to look at what the customers who had given it ago were saying about it, and the response is quite the contrary to what it is brought out as.

Many folks in some fitness social forums as well as in Amazon are giving nothing but complaints about the product itself, getting billed without their notice and a few others. Something else that is rather striking, until recently, the ingredients of the product were not openly given.

The people behind the hype are Del Mar, under Tarr Inc. This brand sure is popular in Canada, but people were not so pleased with this product. I have seen the most complaints being about the free trial.

They will give you a free sample to test it out. And then a little over a month, if you check your mail, you will find yet another bottle sent to you.

But don’t get excited thinking you just have received more free samples, check your credit card first before getting all joyous. You will find that you have been charged a whopping $83 or more.

And thinking you got a “free sample” on your first trial, you will realize that you were also charged for it. So the total price comes to around $166. See? These are things that make people lose trust in a brand.

How Does it Work?

Well, the directions of use are pretty clear. You are to take one tablet early in the morning and then take the other one during the day, preferably in the afternoon.

After taking this, you are probably expecting to see your body filling up with a surge of energy that will get you lifting twice as much as you regularly do.

And going by the claims made the company, if you follow the instructions in a week, you should start seeing your abs getting more visible and well cut. Your thighs and chest should also have started gaining some distinct definition. Right?

Guess what?

After taking it for three to four days you won’t feel anything, talk less of seeing any results. The first feeling you may get is in a week’s time. And this effect is a fair increase in your libido.

Well, this won’t make you go wild on women, but you will surely feel it in there. If you keep at it, nothing much will happen. After a month, maybe you will have lost a couple of pounds, but not more than 5. Other than that, nothing special about it.

So does it really live up to all the promises it makes? Surely it doesn’t. This is what I was telling you in the introduction. See the many photos you see on the website of many shredded guys?

They are just photos of actors that have been edited and used on the site to show that people are happy with the quality results of the product when in reality, they are nothing close to that.

What is Included in the Product?

We are going to look at the ingredients here. I have to accept that the blend of ingredients you are getting here are some of the best ones known to enhance proper blood oxygen flow to different parts of the body where slabs if muscles have been packed.

But the certainty of them being in tRipped Muscle X in the required quantities cannot be established. The ingredients you get include:

• L-Carnitine – This is an ingredient that signals the onset of Nitric oxide which has a reputation in boosting the flow of blood to muscles.

This smooth flow of blood has many health benefits including boosting libido. That is why you feel your libido going up when you use this product for a week.

• Beta Alanine – This one amino acid that any body builder loves as far taking their fitness level to the next level goes. It helps with fighting off muscle fatigue, boosting more energy and giving more ability to take on more difficult weights than usual.

• L-Citrulline – This ingredient has no enough evidence that it does help with muscle building, but some sources claim its effects hit directly on the muscles.

• Creatinine Citrate – Creatinine is an ingredient well known for helping bring much better results after each exercise and growth of muscles.

• Acai Berry – It has been used so often to strengthen the immunity of people, keeping them from getting cancer and heart disease. Although it drags allergies along with it when you take much of it, it is a good ingredient with benefits of improved muscles and strength.

• Green Tea – Known for its antioxidant capabilities and for helping with avoiding damage of free radicals.

• Zinc – It has the benefits of boosting the growth and making repairs of muscles in the body.

Who is it For?

This product is meant for people who are into getting their bodies well shaped and those who want to maintain a high fitness level. But as you have seen, there is more to it than just a product.

The hidden catches are something I know I wouldn’t want to encounter. So, my suggestion is this, if you have another product you are comparing this with, and wondering what to go with, then just go for the other one. This one should be your last resort.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• Sounds good when you hear of it through media and when you read the ingredients before buying it.

The Cons

• There is no free sample. When you receive the fee trial for 14 days, you are charged more than $80 without your knowledge. So you better watch out for this.

• The ingredients were at first hidden. Now they are somewhat revealed, you can’t tell how true it is when they say they have added a certain ingredient.

• Many people have used it that are giving many negative experiences with the Ripped Muscle X. This means that the chances of you getting a wonderful experience are so slim if any.

• The product barely gives you any good results. You are going to use it for more than one month without seeing any increase in energy, muscle growth or any of what the ingredients should bring.

• The product cannot be shipped to Australia, Canada, and the UK. So if you are in any of these areas, you can’t have any access to it.

Final Verdict:

This product can be great for some although, for the majority of its users, there haven’t been any substantial amount of results that have been seen. What I don’t love about the company is the false advertising which is very misleading.

They have exaggerated the whole product that you may think it is more than other supplements known to bring efficient results when it is far less than that.

I don’t mean to criticize it but based on what I have seen for myself and the reviews I have also seen from other people who have had a taste of it for a good while, hoping to get good workout sessions that yield more than they normally get, is rather disappointing.

Final Verdict – A More Likely Scam!
Name: Ripped Muscle X
Website: (But says it has been hacked)
Owner: Tarr. Inc
Price: $87.63 + many more hidden catches
Rankings: 67 out of 100

Have you had this product hoping to build your workout routine? Did you find any good results? What can you tell those who want to put it to the test? Do you have a better alternative you can offer that you know works? Please leave all your opinions and comments below.

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