Red Smoothie Detox Factor Review – A Worthy Program?

If you are looking for a red smoothie detox factor review that will give you the whole truth about this program, then rest assured that you have gotten to the best place to receive that.

I have seen so many negative reviews about this program saying that it’s nothing but a complete scam. I’ve also had others who support the program say that these people who call it a scam are just bad-mouthing it to have their own fitness products sell.

But who should you believe?

I must admit that it is very hard to come to any truthful conclusion if you are to work with these arguments. So I’ll be giving you a really honest review backed with proof of what I say to shed light on this. So I’d ask you to please give this review only a few minutes of your time and get to know the program completely before you make up your mind on whether to use it to chase your fitness goals or not.

And after careful consideration, I’ve left my final verdict on it to help you make up a well backed up decision on whether to get your copy of this program or just keep searching. I want nothing but the best fit for you, and I will do my best to try and get you just that. Okay?

Great! Let’s get rolling.

Product Name: Red Smoothie Detox FactorRed Smoothie Detox Factor Review
Website Address:
Owner: Lizz Swann Miller
Price: initially $37 but try to leave that page and get it at $19
Rankings: 50 out of 100

Red Smoothie Detox Factor Review – Introduction:

Don’t trust all the information you get online that is my advice to you. You see, many folks have cultivated this habit of looking everything up online to know the real truth. And this is very good since most of the quality information you find online cannot be compared to anything else out there. But you need to understand that the internet has been infected with a deadly plague of scams.

There are countless evil people behind the very beautiful voices you hear in video presentations and sales pages that will get you fired up and interested in their hype for ill motives. They will often start you off by mentioning something you have been really struggling with, something very personal. They will start by asking you questions that really connect with your whole being, as they know you have been looking everywhere for those answers.

After they’ve gained your full attention and have gotten you to see them as people who truly understand your situation, that will start giving you facts and figures for the many people who have gone through the same problem and have never gotten it solved. You will then be taken to the cause of the problem showing off great skill and expertise in this field to have you completely trust them.

And once you have, there will then introduce you to some recommendation which they will claim to have helped solve that issue once and for all. And since you have already given them you trust on a silver platter, you can’t help but use their recommendation without a second thought. And that is pretty much how you get scammed online. Do you see the series of steps you have been taken through to have you give out your money freely?

And now do you see why I now tell you not to believe everything you get online? Especially something that really inspires you into action with facts and figures? I am sure you have. Now I would like to walk you through the red smoothie detox factor program to help show you if it’s a program your can really trust or whether it’s one of those schemes used to rip your off!

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What is the Red Smoothie Detox Factor program?

This is a fitness program that claims to help shed off any fat in your body without having to put much effort into it. You are going to get 4 ways you can get the body in a fat torching mode as you carry out other activities, and in good time you will start noticing a huge amount of energy, smooth skin, and an extremely peaceful rest coming your way.

The owner claims that you can lose up to 20 pounds of fat in just 3 weeks. And I don’t know about you, but I have already started smelling something fishy. And it doesn’t stop there. You are not supposed to do much to get this other than drink some smoothies made of cocoa, red fruits for example raspberries, Incan foods like Maca, vanilla, and greens.

You are told that these will help you flush the chemicals and harmful toxins in your body down the toilet and keep off if you keep at it. Funny how they make a weight loss journey sound so simple, huh?

Asking yourself who the creator of this program? Elizabeth Swann Miller, or Lisa Swann, Elizabeth Miller, whichever you prefer. This is a fairly known Amazon writer who specializes in smoothies and juices that help cleanse your body. She came from Alabama and got some recognition for a few of her few publications that include Juicy Recipe, Juice Fast, The New Green Smoother Fat Solution and a few more.

All these books, you should note, have been given ratings above a 4 star by the readers. Although, some readers still insist that the books seem to lack some crucial information that would perfect them. She also holds a degree in Naturopathy and another in Psychology and is set to use all these knowledge and skills to help you burn stubborn fat in the easiest way possible without having to break a sweat.

But there is something that will shock you about her. You set the image she’s put up claiming is hers after the diets worked for her? It is all a sham! The pictures you get there aren’t really hers. She bought them from Shutterstock photos. If you don’t believe, you can go ahead and look for photos of women on Shutterstock. You will get the full album of photos that she has been using within site. And by the way, you can also buy them.

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How Does it Work?

Liz tries to “trace” the origin of the program from Peru where she says that the Incan people used to drink this to keep their bodies away from illness and any problems that would bring trouble. Well, this is a good start, but these people didn’t really drink red smoothies as she claims, they may have had some free ingredients for these, but not the actual drink as it is.

But the main idea of the program is to have you clean your body completely and help stabilize your hormones to help you live a better and more health conscious life. And in this program you get to drink the red smoothies for 14 days, this will get you body unlock the energy to start burning fat.

And then after you are done with that, you will get a diet plan that goes for three weeks which will help your body start the detox process and have you losing weight continuously. With these two steps, you get to activate the fat burning hormones and ensure that detoxification is happening and is at its best.

But you need to remember that, in the meal plan you get to make use of 4 detox ingredients that help accelerate the process. And these are:

• Maca

This is found in the Andes Mountains of Bolivia in Peru. And it helps to fight off cancer, stress, and anxiety, and also helps to bring to a favorable balance the endocrine system. It also makes a good alternative to coffee and tea as the caffeine in it is not as wild as it is in the other beverages.

• Chia

Chia seeds come well packed with proteins, omega 3, fatty acids, in different concentrations, along with a little bit is calcium. These add to the creamy texture of smoothies. If you get blue or red fruits and add them to this mixture, you get the rich red smoothie that people like.

• Vanilla

This helps add flavor without increasing the chances of hiking insulin levels. Liz also claims that they add some alertness in your mind.

• Cocoa

Polyphenol is what made it really loved. It also adds to the phytonutrient which is almost similar in levels with the detox substance you find in red wine.

Raspberry seems to be the most preferred for in they contain anthocyanins and antioxidants. Miller also provides you with an eBook that is going to help you learn how you can also use green smoothies to lose weight.

Who is it For?

This program is great for all people looking for diets to shake off inches off their waists and get to detoxify their bodies as well. If you have been thinking of losing weight and don’t want to sweat your head off on any workouts, then this is the best fit for you. You don’t get to do any exercises, add it only focuses on smoothies and dieting.

If you have a busy schedule that cannot show you to take an hour a day to focus on your fitness, then this will help you stay healthy without having to hit the gym every day. If you hate lifting weights or getting into any cardio sessions, then you should get this since you get to target the foods that will help you loosen up only.
Whether you are a vegan or a vegetarian, this program has been well designed to fit you in well. But there is always something I like adding emphasis on, and that is the list of people who take on these fitness programs and at the end, see no significant results. If you want to know whether you are going to see good results from this system, then you should not be among those who:

• Are looking for a weight loss pill – This program doesn’t give you any pill that you can swallow and start setting your body to get rid of fat automatically as you lay down on the couch. There is no portion you can apply and get the same results. And even though you don’t have to do much with this program, to attain good results, you still have to put in a bit of effort to follow what you are told to work with. You have to take part in your weight loss journey.

• Want to know how to use steroids – As I’ve always said, steroids sound good to use before you have had them. And you will find people who are on them extremely masculine and a bit more shredded than the other trainers, which is something you desire to have. But you need to note something very crucial. If you observe these guys who use steroids in there training for a whole year, you will be very shocked.

In less than 10 months, you will start seeing the huge mass of muscles start going down, and before you know it they are worse than they actually were before they got into steroids, which is something you don’t want to experience.

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What is Included in the Program?

You are going to get this program in three good parts. And these includes: Before, During and After, the detox. In the first part, Before, you are going to learn what you should be eating, what kinds of foods you need to get off your table, where to find the good foods recommended in this program and what to have as your expectations as you go through it.

The second part, During, gives you the best list of recipes for smoothies, snacks your should eat to supplement your diet and ways you can go about reducing hunger.

For the last part, After, your will get a “21 days clean eating plan” that comes with a motivational guide to keep you inspired throughout their program. You also get 3 bonuses added to the package. And their bonuses include:

• Healthy Body Whole Shopping Guide – This is a book that walks you through the things that should be on your consideration list as you go shopping for clothes and accessories. You will learn more about getting the right things in the cart, without going for the junk foods that will get you back into the weight loss tension, and so much more insight.

• Ultimate Super Foods For Super Health – With these, you get even more wonderful recipes that should get you going for your new healthy lifestyle. You are going to learn how you can manipulate your brain into thinking you are actually consuming more seen in fact you are taking much less than you used to. You will get the list of the super fruits that you should always seek to have in all your meals to help keep your body clean and clear of toxins and other harmful chemicals.

• 100 Great Tasting Green Smoothie Fat Loss Recipes – Here you get a list of 100 great green smoothie recipes that are well illustrated with pictures to help you through the preparation with much ease. You don’t have to figure out what the result should add up to as it is all explained in there, the recipe, why you are using the ingredients and why you should follow the exact procedure outlined in the book. The recipes are so delicious and still get to keep you all the more healthy.

Pros and Cons:

The Pro’s

• Your get through the weight loss program by a well-respected fitness author who has been crowned the sixth best seller. And she wouldn’t have been given the title if she didn’t know what she was talking about, so you work with the same good things here.

• The program helps you get rid of the bad eating habits slowly by slowly and take on much better foods that help make the transition swiftly without having the cravings to go back to the old habits.

• Everything you will be told to eat in the program is natural, the fruits and the sugars. You don’t have to worry about taking in more chemicals that may further destroy your body.

• The system you get here surely works. You shouldn’t get afraid of using a program that doesn’t work which will give you the wrong stuff and get you deeply stuck inside the problems you are trying to solve.

• Most of the strategies you use in this program are backed up by scientific proof that will give you the confidence of working with what the real fitness masters are recommending.

• You are given a new approach to losing weight. Most people have believed that getting more physical with your buddy regarding weights and cardio is the only way out, but things are completely the opposite.

The Con’s

• Using a fake photo on her profile was not really a smart move, which takes much trust off what she tells people. If she isn’t truthful about her identity, how can we trust her to be truthful about anything she says.

• She uses a fake doctor certification from Dr. Suneil Kumar who claims to be a doctor from Boston, who has been found to endorse many scam fitness products.

• The thing about the Incan ancestry is a total lie. They didn’t even know what smoothies were, at the time.

• You only get program online, and do you know what that means? You are going to need a very strong internet connection to have you get the program smoothly and without any technological breakdowns.

• There are bits of information that Lizz gives which are not true and can’t be confirmed by any science out there. She sometimes makes up her own stuff.

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Final Verdict:

There is pretty much a lot to be said concerning the program. Firstly, we have to appreciate the fact that Liz Miller is an authority in the fitness authorship industry. She has had more than 6 of her books get well rated by most of the readers. The new angle she gives in you weight loss is also something that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

This will save many people the trouble of training in the gym every day or have to purchase since equipment to have them do this. You have to follow the smoothie strategy, and you will find yourself burning more than you can ever think of. You also get over 100 recipes you can use to make smoothies, which shows that you are well catered for, and you don’t have to go out and search for recipes, you may think will work. You get something that already works here.

You are also going to have a 60 days money back guarantee that will give you the complete freedom to take on the program and monitor the results you get when on it. And if you don’t find them adding any tangible benefits to your body and overall health, you get the ability to have it taken back by the owner and get a full refund for it without having any complicated processes or sensitive or annoying questions asked.

And you can rest easy knowing that you will get everything you committed to it down to the very last penny, provided you ask for the refund within the first 60 days after you have made your purchase of the program. So you are not risking your money at all.

After evaluating the merits and demerits of the program, and after putting aside some of the best fitness products I know you there, I can confidently say that this program does work but has got major issues with ethics.

Final verdict – LEGIT but moderate scammy activities.
Name: Red Smoothie Detox Factor
Owner: Lizz Swann Miller
Price: initially $37 but try to leave that page and get it at $19
Rankings: 50 out of 100

Have you had the opportunity to set the program in action? Have you had any good results with it? Would you rather take on the hard, intensive training to work your body out to weight loss or this rather stick to the smoothie recipes you get here? What can you generally say about the product? Please leave your thoughts on it below.

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