Pure Natural Healing Review – Legit or Scam?

Want to see if the pure natural healing program will help you get rid of meridians in your body? Allow me to shed some light on that for you.

Master Lim and Kevin Richardson make some pretty bold claims with this healing program. They say that they will help you unlock the natural healing power of your body with just a few simple steps.

They also say that they will be walking yours through the exact ways you identify an illness in your body and a good way to naturally heal almost all of them without the need to visit a doctor or purchase very expensive medications.

Meridians seem to be the main area of focus for them. And they use the same strategies to show you how to chase away the illnesses in your body. Does all this seem possible without a doctor or at least some pills? Do you think Kevin and Master Lim can make all this happen in your life?

My pure natural healing review will be showing you exactly what to expect from this program.

In fact, let’s take a deep look at it now.

Product Name: Pure Natural Healing
Website Address: purenaturalhealing.com/go/
Owner: Master Lim and Kevin Richardson
Price: $39.95
Rankings: 85 out of 100

Pure Natural Healing Review – Introduction:

Natural seems to be the new norm for most health enthusiasts. Every health and fitness program that is now getting launched seems to be working more with natural solutions to help you overcome the actual health issue it is addressing.

Over the past few months, I have seen many health programs using this strategy sell more than most of the other systems that use other chemical based solutions.

I had time to think about it and came to note that, not all the “natural healing” programs getting into the market every other month are actually legit.

Yes, that’s right.

Not all of them are genuine. You are going to get many programs telling you that the owner has been struggling with health issues, especially the one he is allegedly helping you heal as well. And they will give you a really touching story to get you hooked.

From there, they will try to show you using some vague scientific facts how well acquainted with the problem they are. If they have researched enough, they may be able to convince you and get you to buy into their system. But the truth us, the solution they are offering you is not meant to work.

See, when it comes to the online business world, you are free to share your opinions, including those on healing topics. And this gives the scams the opportunity to bake their own programs and sell them online, without anyone on their neck. So you will want to be careful with what you settle for.

Speaking of scams, there are some features I saw with this program that appears shady, leading me to think it is a scam. But before I go all bias on it, let me show the facts and determine if it is really legit or is just a mere scam.

What is the Pure Natural Healing Program?

This is a program that promises to help you regain your health back by getting your body to use the natural healing powers it possesses. This is mainly done through acupuncture treatment and the meridian system. Here, you will be taught to detect the illness in your body.

You will use some ancient healing techniques to spot the parts of your body have been affected. Afterward, you will be shown the specific points of meridians to put most of your attention to.

Through this, you will be able to understand your whole body and where things are going wrong. You will then get to the remedy part. And here you will look at the schedule you will slowly be using to bring your body back to its natural state.

You will also get taught about the natural foods you should keep close to you and should develop a habit of sneaking in your meals to boost your health as well as prevent other diseases from getting to you.

This is where it gets interesting.

The man in charge of this program is none other than Master Lim and his so-called author Kelvin Richardson. You are told that Master Lim is a great master who has mastered the ancient Chinese healing with acupressure, which is a slightly advanced strategy of acupuncture.

You are also told that he has bested in aromatherapy, food therapy, essential oils therapy, massage, herbology and other healing abilities that will help you get rid of diseases like arthritis, heart attack, depression, infertility and cancer (all types).

But before we go any further, are these folks real? My answer? A big NO! To start with, the photo you see of Kevin is not legit. He bought the photo from Shutterstock.

This is where most scammers run off to, to buy photos to use on their scam websites. You can look for it there. And there is more to that. Wait, what about Master Lim? This is another case.

No one can verify the existence of this guy. After looking him up on various social platforms, none has identified him. If he is this great of a master as he claims, he must surely be well known. But it turns out he is nowhere to be located, neither is he recognized.

The only Master Lim you will find is a Tae Kwon Do trainer who has lots of certifications on martial arts. And he is not the one on the photo you see on the official website. I think Kevin took a screenshot of one of those Chinese martial arts movies and used it here. Just guessing.

How Does it Work?

I told you it would be interesting. You are told that prior to creating this program, Master Lim used to carry out his acupressure services at his clinic. And you had to visit him there to get his services.

Now, having created his program, he can help thousands of people by giving them the exact walkthrough of how he does it.

But thinking of this deeply, how can a man who has barely any recognition in this field have this clinic? If he was giving great services to folks and were happy as you are made to believe, they must have surely mentioned him on social, at least somewhere. They would have recommended him to their buddies. But none of them has done that.

Also, you have seen many testimonials on the sales video of people claiming to have used the strategies in the book and have gotten amazing results.

There are quite some people there, smiling, posing as though they wrote the testimonials right after they had used the program and succeeded. Guess what?

None of those testimonials are real! As always, this is another huge purchase the scammer behind this program had to make to have this program appear as it is. To give you more specific details, the photos were bought from fotosearch.com, Shutter Stock, Dreams Times and 123rf.com. You can go ahead and look them up.

So far, you can see how much of a serious scammer this guy really is. Instead of spending his time doing genuine research and buying resources that could help him crack the code of natural healing, here he is on stock photo websites looking for the best photos that could make for his testimonials, and buy them.

What is Included in the Program?

The fun is not yet over. You have been told that you will get a free eBook on naturally getting rid of back pains and headache by “Kevin and Lim.” And you have to give up your email so that you can be allowed to download. But the truth of the matter is, you won’t get that book.

You will be bombarded with other promotions from the same people and others. Books like JumpStart Your Wealth Gene is what will promote among other promotions.

If you try to leave any of their pages having not taken the kind of action they want you to, they will keep you there with baseless negotiations.

For example, if you attempt to leave the page where you get to purchase the pure natural healing system, you will get the negotiations started. Firstly, they will reduce the price to a certain cost and tell you it’s their best price, and they totally understand you may be on a budget.

If you try to leave after that, they will still get you to the same page with yet another offer, lower than the previous one. Ideally, their plan is to stress you till you buy. I would close the whole tab down if I were you.

Who is it For?

You are told that this product is good for people who have been suffering from almost all diseases. You are going to get the solution to all your problems with the super simple strategy you can do from home. But seriously? Does it come close to delivering such?

With all these scammy features? Based on how deep I went into it and what I learned from it as I have shown you, I wouldn’t recommend you use such a product.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• If only all the claims were real! It would have been a good program to use at home.

The Cons

• Nothing about the alleged owners is genuine. First, the image of the character Kevin Richardson is from shutter stock. Master Lim, the acupuncturist, on the other hand, is not known anywhere on the web, and most likely offline.

• The testimonials are all fake. The images have been bought from various websites that sell photos. The texts, I think, were written by the scammer behind it.

• When you want to leave the sales page, you are taken back a number of times to get you to buy at different lower prices. If you try to insist on leaving, you can buy it even for a price below $10. (If you want to)

Final Verdict:

This is the worst type of scam I have placed my eyes on. If you want a good description of a scam at its best, there you have one! Right from the owners to the promotions to the testimonials, literally everything. And you are told you get a 60 days guarantee. Would you even want to try it out? Like for real?

This is where I advise people to turn the other way and run as fastest as they possibly can. Testing waters with this product are merely giving your money up in exchange for a scam product, with full knowledge. Although you will find other people promoting it, know this. These people praising this product are either their affiliates or people who didn’t do their homework well.
Final Verdict – Borderline Scam!
Name: Pure Natural Healing
Website: purenaturalhealing.com/go/
Owner: Master Lim
Price: $39.95
Rankings: 85 out of 100

Have you by any chance tried this product? Can you also confirm it’s a scam? Did you see any results? Were they long lasting? Something you can warn other people who wish to test it out? Please leave your experience with this product below to enlighten the others and make them know what they are truly getting.

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