Purathrive Liposomal Organic Turmeric Extract Review

Do you want to know if the new purathrive liposomal turmeric extract is going to get you any substantial amount of health benefits? Why not let me give you a hand on that?

This company has crown their product many names that make it feel like it’s coming with special effects and superpowers to heal your body and boost your mind. They say that the product has been made by the most experienced nutritional researchers in the world and the processes of manufacturing the product have gone through are the most advanced.

I guess that is why they have priced it at almost $40. While all these claims run all over the web, it is very easy to think it’s the best liquid turmeric extract out there but I wouldn’t be too hasty to come to that conclusion. There is usually more than its meets the eye.

That is why my purathrive review is here to clear the mist for you and help you see what you are getting.

Why don’t we dive right into it?

Product Name: Purathrive Liposomal TurmericPurathrive Review
Website Address: purathrive.com/turmeric/
Owner: 3 unknown people (The Purathrive Team)
Price: Depends on the package you choose
Rankings: 95 out of 100

Purathrive Liposomal Turmeric – Introduction:

When to comes to health and beauty, there is need to take a keen look at the products we choose to use for a given kind to help us with a certain problem.

While there are many health organizations on the web to check the safety of the products being sold to the public, there is an urgent need to also take it upon ourselves to check them again before using them.

See, not all products launched and promoted on the web are always screened by the organizations by FDA and the rest. Some manage to escape their notice. You will get many products promoted by many bloggers and website owners claiming it’s their best recommendation when all they are after is the commission they get after you make a purchase.

There are usually affiliates of different products who don’t mind people’s health but just push any items within their reach to make profits. So you will want to keep your eyes peeled for such products and make sure your doctor approves you using it before actually using it. Many people are ready to risk people’s lives to make millions, and you don’t want your life to be part of those at risk.

Based on what I know about scams and people who just want to make sales instead of helping people get better, this company appears to have many indications that it’s not genuine. But before making any harsh judgments, let’s first get to know it.

What is Purathrive Liposomal Turmeric Extract?

Also called Nutrithrive back in 2015, this is a nutritional supplement that comes in liquid form and is meant to help you solve a wide variety of health issues like joint pains and increase your energy levels not to mention boost your cognitive performance.

This supplement, you should note, is not the normal turmeric powder that you often sneak in your meals. According to the company, this extract has been made together with liposomes that make it more potent and easily absorbed into the blood cells.

This is unlike the powder which barely gives your body any benefit as it is ingested by many digestive juices in the mouth and stomach. You are told that you have been misled for years when you were told that aging is what brings along joint pains and exhaustion.

The reality, as the company puts it, is you can always make this symptom go away and not have to struggle with them anymore.

You might already be wondering who is making all these claims, right? Well, they are a few guys, actually 3 in the number who partnered to make this supplement after searching for a potent turmeric supplement they wanted but didn’t find.

In 2015, they decided to create a high effect supplement that would help them with exactly what they wanted as well as share it with people who, like them, knew what they wanted in a nutritional turmeric based supplement.

They are based in Santa Fe, in New Mexico. They don’t give more details about the company, but they do assure you that the company has complied with all the expectations of the Food and Drugs Acts (FDA) and have been certified by GMP. They have also listed the address of the company on the contact us page; you can use it if you have any issues you want to be solved.

How Does it Work?

Almost everyone has turmeric powder in their home. Those who don’t have surely used curry powder which is basically made from it with a substance called curcumin that taints the powder orange.

Basically, turmeric has been used for many years by people who have had issues with the amount of cholesterol in the blood, itchiness, and osteoarthritis, to name a few. WebMD also states that it can cure diseases like diabetes, prostate and colorectal cancer among many others.

But the problem with the regular turmeric powder you find in most stores is that they barely have any health benefits in the body, the reason being it doesn’t even get into the bloodstream.

It is digested in the mouth by digestive juices and turns it into a compound that is not harmful but still not any helpful in the body, and this potential joint pain reliever goes to waste just like that.

But with the liposomal turmeric extract, which is a liquid and has been strengthened by liposomes, turmeric can go beyond the mouth since it is well secured.

It gets the ability to go through the cell membrane to the cell, where it releases all the health benefits you may have taken it for and more.

The good thing with this supplement is not only the ability to get to the cell, but it has also shown the strength to bring pancreatic cancer down. So you are getting double-double benefits on top of the benefits that turmeric naturally comes with.

With this supplement, you get to enjoy the benefits of both the full-spectrum turmeric and isolated curcumin, which are two forms of preparation of turmeric which are all essential in the body.

What is Included in the Program?

Here, we look at the ingredients. And there are only 3 listed ingredients, that is Liposomal Proprietary Blend Organic Turmeric Root Extract (liquid extract) with a 500mg concentration, curcuminoids and fulvic acid complex of 100mg.

There are other ingredients like Xanthan Gum and Potassium Sorbate among others that have been added to make the supplement easily absorbed in the body. The company says that the isolated curcumin is not strong enough to be absorbed.

Thus it needs all these other added ingredients to make it work perfectly. What piques my interest in this supplement is the concentration of the liquid extract used.

I have seen researchers say that 1500mg of the extract works best, but you only get a third of that here. I don’t know how well that adds up, but I would excuse them for the other added ingredients since they have topped up the quality of the supplement.

The dosage? I almost forgot about it. The best dosage of this supplement is 2ml per day. That is about 2 droppers. You can have it like that, without adding anything or you can add to juice or water.

The Cost:

You get two purchase options, a single purchase or a monthly delivery plan.

For the single purchase, this is what you pay for the bottles of this supplement:
• $39.95 each, for the Starter package (there is only 1 bottle)
• $34.95 each, for the smart package (there are 3 bottles)
• $29.95 each, for the optimum package (you get 6 bottles)

For the monthly delivery plan, this is what you will be paying:

• $39.95 each, you get a bottle every month
• $31.95 each, you get 3 bottles every month
• $26.95 each, you get 6 bottles every month

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• The product works very well. Many people have used it and have all given positive feedback.

• The taste is also something that will make you happy. You don’t have to stand bitterness as with other supplements just to get the health benefits.

• There have not been any side effects seen with this product up to this point. So you also don’t stand to suffer any. It is purely beneficial.

• Every aspect of the product has complied with the standards of the Food and Drugs Act (FDA)

• The price you pay is well worth the quality you are getting from it. The effort and the advantages of adding liposomes to the extract are worth every cent.

• They have added other ingredients that come with their own great uses that add to your overall health.

The Cons

• There is no enough information about the company. They leave you in the dark about the names of the people who made the supplement.

• It may take longer to get to your location based on distance. You also get to pay for the shipping.

Final Verdict:

In general, this product is great and will help you solve the issues with joint pains and boosting your energy as well as brain boost. You are pretty much getting what was promised in the beginning, no games, no tricks.

Now that I think about it, the liposomes do come in handy. What I also love about it is that you are getting a lot more other nutrient-packed ingredients that will boost your health in one way or the other.

So you actually get to have more than you are paying for, in a sense. 60 days guaranteed with a full refund policy is something you also get to pocket. If at all you don’t feel satisfied with it within the first 8 weeks of your purchase, you can have it returned and receive all your money.
Final Verdict – Legit!
Name: Purathrive Liposomal Turmeric
Website: http://purathrive.com/turmeric/
Owner: 3 unknown people (The Purathrive Team)
Price: Depends on the package you choose
Rankings: 95 out of 100

Have you tasted this dietary supplement hoping to reduce the pain in your joints? How did work out for you? Did you love the taste? Would you talk someone you know is suffering from lack of energy and joint pain into using it? Let us hear what you have to say about it below.

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