Pelvic Floor Strong Review 2021: Does It Worth It?

There are a number of pelvic floor strong reviews on the market, but is Pelvic Floor Strong by Alex Miller worth your time and money?

Does it have any negative side effects?

In this review we'll also look at Pelvic Floor Strong's pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

 What is the Pelvic Floor Strong?

Pelvic Floor Strong (PFS) is a program with exercise videos to help combat bladder leakage (and other pelvic issues). The creators of Pelvic Floor strong are Alex Miller and Dr. Kathryn Matteson.

It was released on the market in 2016 and still in 2021 it is one of the popular product on Clickbank.

Pelvic Floor Strong Review

PFS is an instructional video series which teaches you how to use your core for pelvic floor strengthening.

The creator, Alex Miller (a former dancer and fitness instructor), provides a total-body program of 16 videos that help combat bladder leakage or incontinence due to "the degrading effects of aging."

The videos are available in English, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese and Portuguese!

It's recommended by doctors as well as physical therapists because Pelvic Floor Strong focuses on improving your pelvic floor muscle health through core exercises that require no equipment other than an exercise mat - which is why PFS has been called "one of the best ways to prevent incontinence."

Your pelvic strength will increase every time you do these workouts: "the exercises are based on the latest pelvic floor physiotherapy research, and they're designed to help you improve control of your bladder."

Pelvic Floor Strong is a program that will teach you how to strengthen not only your pelvic muscles but also every other core muscle in your body.

It is a Clickbank product and I have also written many other below mentioned Clickbank reviews: 

 Who Is Alex Miller?

Alex Miller is a physical therapist and pelvic floor physiotherapist in the UK who, after years of treating patients with incontinence problems, realized that there was no pelvic floor rehabilitation program available to cure these ailments.

Due to this, she realized that there should be some platform where I can assist my students to improve their health standards. Thereafter, she launched PFS system.

Alex Miller

In 2012, she got certification in TRX, mat pilates and treadmill interval running. She has also been engaged in organizing workshops, seminars and conferences which was attended by leading doctors and personalities from all across the world.

She's assisted by her husband, Dr. Kathryn Matteson who is a pelvic floor physiotherapist and certified pelvic floor rehabilitation specialist.

 What Are Pelvic Floor Muscles?

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles located in the pelvis that support your bladder, uterus, and bowel. 

They help to control the flow of urine from the bladder and also support the uterus, bladder, small intestine, rectum as well as pelvic stability and core strength.

But they also play a role in sexual function as well as maintaining good posture and alignment of bones.

The pelvic floor muscles are an often overlooked component of our bodies but can be incredibly important to maintaining health and wellness.

pelvic floor muscles

 What Exactly is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

Many people are not aware of what pelvic floor dysfunction is, but it's something that affects many women (one in every five women). A woman's pelvic floor muscles can be weakened by factors such as pregnancy and aging.

This weakening can lead to:

1. Incontinence (inability to control urine) - It is estimated that 29 million Americans (10% of the population) have some form of incontinence, and one in three adults over age 65 are affected by it.

2. Prolapse (when the uterus or other organs slide out of place) - Prolapse is a medical condition that occurs when pelvic organs descend into or out of the vaginal canal, creating pressure on other pelvic structures. This can cause discomfort and pain in some women.

3. Chronic pain - You may experience pain in the pelvic reason. If it is

The three main contributors for a weak pelvic floor muscle are:

1- Pregnancy & Childbirth - During pregnancy, the weight of the baby puts pressure on your bladder and pelvis which in turn causes these muscles to weaken

2- Aging - The natural process of aging will cause our muscles to become weaker over time leading to a decreased strength in our pelvic floor 

3-  Chronic Illness - If you have a chronic illness or physical disability it can be difficult to keep your pelvic floor in good working order. 

Pelvic floor muscle exercises can strengthen those muscles if they become weakened or overstretched from pregnancy or other conditions.

 What is Included in Pelvic Floor Strong?

There are numerous guides and material that you will get with this product. Let's discuss one by one:

1. Pelvic Floor Strong Informational Manual

The Pelvic Floor Strong Program contains 12 pelvic floor strengthening exercises, with variations for both seated and standing. In each exercise video Alex Miller shows you the correct form, step by step so that it is easy to do these exercises at home or while on a break from work.

These exercises will target all major areas of concern: leaking urine (stress incontinence), constipation/diarrhea (irritable bowel syndrome), prolapse prevention, pain during sex and more.

Pelvic Floor Strong Informational Manual

The manual consists of 7 chapters.

  • Chapter 1 - Here you will get to know about program introduction and basic concepts of Pelvic Floor muscles and its dysfunctions.
  • Chapter 2 - You will learn about kegel and how to properly do it to strengthen your loose pelvic floor muscles.
  • Chapter 3 - You will learn about abdominals engagement and core strength to heal your leaking dysfunction.
  • Chapter 4 - How to use 30% of your muscles utilization which in return boosts up your metabolism? And it will shed weight off of your body.
  • Chapter 5 - How many issues that you may face due to loose pelvic floor and how you may solve these?
  • Chapter 6 - This chapter is about sequence of 3-step movement to stopping vaginal heaviness, healing leaking and strengthen your abdominal canister.
  • Chapter 7 - 3 immediately addons to your routine life that will stop leaking immediately.

2. Flat Belly Fast 10-Minute Quick Start Manual

This manual includes simple but safe exercises that you may do on a daily basis to get rid of belly fat. 

Flat Belly Fast 10-Minute Quick Start Manual

3. Pelvic Floor Strong Informational Video

This Informational Video includes simple concepts and movements to develop a strong foundation in your beautiful body.

You will emerge new understanding of strength, stamina and core and pelvic floor connection.

Pelvic Floor Strong Informational Video

4. Back to Life 3-Stretch Pain-Free program

Emily Lark, a friend of Alex, is known as America’s leading health and fitness expert, will be giving away her back to life 3-Stretch Pain-free video to anyone who chooses to opt in for the Alex’s life-changing program.

Back to Life 3-Stretch Pain-Free program

5. DIASTASIS RECTI Improvement Checklist

There is also a DIASTASIS RECTI IMPROVEMENT CHECKLIST you will get to track your progress with this program.

Last but not the least you will also get top notch bonuses to get more insight on this topic.

  Pros & Cons:

The Pros

1. All Natural Treatment

Rather than using toxic medications that carry harmful side effects, risky surgery that is tremendously expensive and time-consuming and using diapers and pads that only temporarily fix the problem; Alex Miller is going to share with you the real strategies and exercises that will work like a champ.

2. Numerous Positive Reviews

I have searched for different reviews sites and seen that most of the people ar424e praising about this product. It means that the product is actually working for them.

Also, it is one of the hot selling product on Clickbank and people are only buying this just because of the genuineness of training videos that are working for people. 

3. The Program is Created By Expert

There are hundreds of products in the market and we don't know who own this and what is the background of the creator. 

But here we can search a lot more about the Alex Miller. She is fitness specialist and certified specialist from Canada. She has been featured on many different top news sites and helped different brands in reviewing their products.

4. The Program is Simple and Easy to Follow

Since the program teaches you GENTLE stretches and movements, you can do so at the comfort of your home and requires little spare time daily to keep up the schedule. 

You don't need to go to the gym or expend in special equipment to practice. The training is simple, step by step and in actionable language.

5. Money Back Guarantee

The program is tested and proven to give you results but in case you couldn't find any improvement in 60 days then you could ask for refund.

The program is using Clickbank as a marketplace and you can follow their process of refunding this product. 

The Complaints:

1. Some Negative Customer Reviews

I have seen some negative customer reviews. Though they are rare but still they exist. Of course, no product is universal. 

The complaints are usually around on not seeing any improvement after using it for few months, how to claim refund and high pricing. 

2. No Research Data Available

Though Alex Miller has shared some reach links but they are no where related to the product itself. They are simple research studies on Pelvic Floor Muscles and its associated topics.

So, don't be confused with those research studies. I'm mentioning those research here links for your ease:


Q1. What is Diastasis recti?

Diastasis recti, also known as abdominal separation or abdominal wall split is the widening of the space between your right and left rectus abdominis muscles. It can be caused by pregnancy, obesity, and age-related changes to connective tissues.

It's not always easy to know if you have diastasis recti because it often produces no symptoms. 

Symptoms will vary depending on severity but may include: back pain, low back pain with exercise (particularly when performing crunches), a feeling that your "belly" is sticking out even though there isn't excess fat or weight gain in other areas of your body, numbness around the navel area due to pressure from either muscle pulling against each other or internal

How do you know if your pelvic floor is strong?

If you're a woman, If your pelvic floor is strong, it should contract and lift the organs in your pelvis. This can be tested by sitting on a chair and then placing one or two fingers inside the vagina. Push down gently with the fingers to feel how tightly the pelvic floor muscles are contracting.

However, what about men? Well-trained doctors or physical therapists can do pelvic floor muscle tests on male patients in order to determine whether they need treatment for an underlying issue like bladder control problems (incontinence) or erectile dysfunction.

A man may also be able to detect his own pelvic floor strength by trying some simple techniques at home such as stopping urine flow midstream during urination; contracting these muscles should stop this from happening unless you have this problem.

It is created specifically for women?

Yes, this program is specifically created for women above 40, however you can see best results for women above 60. You can also contact support and discuss your personal issues and Alex will provide you certain modifications and variations in the movements to meet your specific needs.


  How to Do Kegel Exercises?

Kegel exercises are a common treatment for pelvic floor issues. When you do them, they strengthen your pelvic muscles and improve bladder control.

A lot of people think that doing kegels means just contracting the muscles in your bottom area, but it’s actually not that simple. You should squeeze these three areas:

1) The muscles around your anus (which is called the anal sphincter). 

2) The muscles around the base of your penis or clitoris (these are called pubococcygeus or PC muscle). 

3) Your vagina contractions and relaxations as they happen during sexual arousal cycle (called ?vaginal tenting?). Strong vaginal contractions create more elasticity and tone for orgasmic sensations.

It's a common misconception that kegel exercises are only for women, but men can also strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. In fact, both men and women should engage in these exercises because they help to improve bladder control as well as prevent prolapse and incontinence.

  My Final Verdict - Pelvic Floor Strong Review

Pelvic floor strong is a safe, natural, and cost-effective remedy for your weak pelvic floor caused by pregnancy, childbirth, or aging.

Pelvic Floor Strong Review Summary - LEGIT

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