P90X Review – Does Beachbody Product Worth it?

If you’ve spent a good deal of time in the health fitness, you must have heard of P90X among other fitness programs like Body Beast and Insanity Workout. And the chances are that you have had the opportunity to work with some of them. But come to think of it, among all these programs being ranked every day, is P90X the most effective?

I’ll be revealing that to you in just a few.

I’ve had the chance to dig deep into this program and understand what it’s really like and what value it will be off to you. So you may want to pay close attention to my unique P90X Workout review to get the real truth, as brutal or gentle as it may be. I firmly believe that this review will serve you with the right information to help you make up your mind on either going for it or getting yourself another product. I will also be giving my final verdict too on it so look out for it.

And without further ado, let’s delve into it…

Product Name: P90X WorkoutP90X Workout Review
Owner: Tony Horton
Price: $ 120 (for basic package), $240 (for advanced package) and $330 (for ultimate package)
Rankings: 75 out of 100
Verdict: Legit

P90X Workout Review – Introduction:

There are literally millions of fitness programs out there up until now, right? I think so too. And it has now become such a difficult task to determine what really works and what doesn’t. With the programs featuring well bulked up guys to walk you through, you’d think that after you are done with, you’ll be as much ripped as they are. But truth be told, hardly anyone gets close to that huge milestone.

What happens is that most producers of these so called fitness programs have realized one gemstone that has been paying all this while, and that is, most people who want to get lean and build muscle want to be taken through the process by someone who’s been there, done that!

And finding famously jacked models and trainers has worked, almost every other producer has been leveraging this. So you are going to want to be aware of this fact: not all fitness programs you get being run by hugely built trainers will work for you and give you the same match of results. So don’t run for a program just because it’s having Tony Horton or Mike Chang or any other such greats! You should have your eyes out for the content of the program as it will be what will determine your measure of success.

Most of these people, not all, who keep promoting products or running the programs didn’t quite use the exact training that they sell. Some used supplements, others used high-intensity interval training while others went for the low-intensity interval training but then you find them promoting training that is a complete contrast to what each of them used.

So, I believe you see my point when I say, work with the contents of the program, not the trainer or the owner of it. Don’t buy into their hype. Keep your eyes peeled for any program and used your gut instincts and your expectations as the main lead to spotting yourself a worthwhile program that is worth your time and effort.

And speaking of hype, is P90X another overpriced product that is meant to sell but not delivers? Is it centered around providing quality and sufficient help to help fitness aspirants and newbies get into the right shape? The only way to know this is to get a closer look at it and see its ways and means that are claimed to be more than enough to do it. And so let’s jump into the review and see the real gist of it.

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What is P90X?

This is a 90 days program that is set to help anyone out there shake off pure fat, build thick muscles and get them jacked in a few. It works with a 30 minutes frame time each day and involves a lot of strength training, cardiovascular workouts, core work, plyometrics, abs exercises, yoga and martial arts training. So from the look of it, pretty much everything about leaning up is in there. What is does, is to have different sets of exercises not having a specific flow every day but instead mix things up a bit to ensure that muscles keep building, and muscle confusion is far from the table.

The main man behind it is Tony Horton, who has been seen in quite some fitness DVDs and videos. He is a popular fitness guru who has had lots of famous people run to him for help with the bodies. Tony, before becoming a health and fitness major, had his eyes on an acting career but when he landed in California to chase it, things changed for the better, and he ended up in Venice, World Gym. There he got to work with Mark Sisson who was well fit and a triathlete who had long retired.

He secured an accreditation for personal training and went for it. After a huge amount of success, Beach body guys went to him and had a collaboration with him to create this program, P90X, meaning Power 90 Extreme.

How Does it Work?

As this is a program that works with high-intensity interval training that should get the body and heart pounding hard so as to strengthen them, you have to be prepared to work hardcore six (6) to seven (7) times a week, where the 7th day could be a day of rest or an “X” stretch.

This is typically how your week is to be:

• 1st day, you focus on the chest and back and an ab ripper X
• 2nd day, you are on plyometrics
• 3rd day, you focus on shoulders, arms and an ab ripper X
• 4th day, you do some yoga
• 5th day, you focus on arms, legs, and another ab ripper X
• 6th day, you get to kenpoX
• 7th day, you can either take a rest or do some “X” stretch

There are more exercises that you will be doing in this hard training than what is listed above. You will also find things like fittest and fitness guide among many others. And to help you understand more about how p90X works, let’s talk more about the exercises and the video training there:

• Cardio – This is a DVD that has got the shortest frame of time and the simplest moves as well. It specializes in moves that will be making your heart pump hard and give a workout that has got low impact where you’ll get very little to almost no resting periods at all.

• Plyometrics – This DVD is perhaps the hardest one in the whole series. It demands a lot of jumping along with other strenuous exercises. It works on improving agility, lower body strength, speed and acceleration not to mention giving you the best athletic performance. You’ll be having to use workouts like Rock heroes, Airborne Heisman and Mary Katherine jump lunges among others for a whopping 58 minutes.

• Yoga – If you have been thinking all along that yoga is the simplest way to calm your mind and exercise then you’ll want to think again. Although it has that aspect, much of it is somewhat demanding. With this DVD, Tony will help you gain flexibility, balance and bring this deep peace in your mind. With 92 minutes of this, you would be seeing yourself twisting and bending in various positions you never could before.

• Kenpo X – This DVD helps you improve upon your legs and butt by strengthening them and leaning them up. Ii includes some martial arts moves, favorably for kickboxing, including jabs, punches, strikes, kicks and blocks. If you’ve been looking forward to doing karate or Tae Kwon Do, this should give you a quality intro for it.

• Core Synergetics – Although used thrice throughout the whole program, this is a DVD of 58 minutes of pure awesomeness. With this, you will be edging up your abs, improve your endurance as well as posture and build muscle group that deals with body conditioning. You’ll also be having workouts like towel hoping, squat runs and low lateral skaters. This DVD has been seen to be the most loved part of the program by most of the users.

• Ab Ripper X – As its name suggests, it is a ripping set of workouts for your abs. It takes only 15 minutes but the experience is well worth it. It is rough and tough but greatly boosts the abs, muscles of the core and obliques. Abs Ripper is usually an additional workout which comes thrice a week after a workout.

• X Stretch – This is a DVD that takes you through the workouts that you need to do after you’ve handled the cardio and weight training. Usually, this is to help you keep away from injuries, and make you more limber.

Who is it For?

This program as Tony puts it, is for anyone who wants to loose weight, build muscles or get much more ripped than what they currently are. But as I see it, this program is for intermediate trainers and well-advanced ones. The intensity of the training cause a lot of pressure on the heart, and if you are not used to hard training, it may be very hard for you to keep up with the workouts here and not get yourself injured.

But still, the basic rule of thumb for all programs and which still applies to this one is that the fitness program is not for people who are looking for:

• A Quick Fix – If you think there is a shortcut to getting lean or ripped, here’s the plain truth, there’s none! So you are going to want to get prepared to take each step at a time and work your way through a better and fit body.

• Perfect ways to use steroids – Healthy programs that want to help people build muscles that will endure and last for a long time to have got nothing to do with steroids. Adding chemicals to your body is a quicker way to getting your health deteriorate and have all your training run down the drain.

What is Included in the Product?

Well, I bet you’ve seen how serious and dedicated the program is at helping people build general fitness for their bodies. And more is given to help make the working out experience even more helpful and improving. The package comes in different packages, made according to the depth of your pocket as well as the commitment you have to shape up. And here are the packages at your disposal:

1. Basic Package

Here, you only get 12 DVDs with 12 workouts a meal plan and a calendar to help track your development through the months. The DVDs consist of kenpoX, X stretch, back and biceps, core synergetics, cardio X, Legs and back, plyometrics, shoulders and arms, yoga, chest and back among others.

2. Advanced Package

For this package which goes for a higher price than the basic, you will get everything in the basic package along with resistance bands, 30 days of free drinks for post workouts and chin up bar.

3. Ultimate Package

This is the well-packed package which has all of it, the 12 DVDs, calendar, meal plan, free drinks, resistance bands, chin-up bar and top of it all you are going to get two other types of equipment and five extra value packed workouts to bring the ultimate best in you.

So you can see the higher the price, the more value you are going to get off his program. But it’s up to you. Tony says that all packages will give you amazing results more than what you expected.

Pro’s and Con’s:

The Pro’s

• This program is well packed with a variety of exercises that would help people with different fitness goals. There is a good value on yoga, martial arts, strength training and much more based on one’s specifications.

• The equipment included in the advanced, and ultimate packages will help a long way in getting accurate results as these are the specific ones that Tony has been using for ages and which other successful personal trainers do.

• The exact meal plans are awesome as they give the right direction to giving the sufficient body muscle towards the right physique.

• The combinations of the workouts are legit and give awarding results if followed to the letter. Many other programs are using the same exercises, but P90X broadens each aspect of body building and adds lots of value in each.

The Con’s

• This program may not be good for people who are just starting to build their bodies. As the exercises are intense and demanding, it may hard for a newbie to perform the right way.

• The meal plans don’t use carbohydrates quite often, if any. And this can cause a lot of deficiencies and can also bring the body to complete weakness as no energy is given to it to endure the workouts.

• If you suffer from obesity and intend to use this program through the weight loss phase, you are going to want to think twice about it. With the frequent jumps and strains, it’s going to be very difficult to go through a whole day’s workout thoroughly, and you may also get lots of injuries afterward.

• The meal plans are exact with specific ingredients. There are no substitutes for the ingredients to help people who might get difficulties in getting them as they are. This is going to be problematic for such people to know whether what they will be using as alternatives will be of the same value as what is recommended.

• The workouts are all mixed up. There is no specific order of operations in using them. People who are looking to get lean and those wanting to loose weight use the same thing as their program, so knowing if you are on the right track will be hardly noticeable.

• There is no scientific explanation to show why various workouts are used, and this makes them seem to be just ordinary exercises to people who want to know specifically why they are doing the x stretch and other exercises and what benefits they bring to the body.

Final Verdict:

This program has got a lot to be said about. Looking at the effort that Tony has put into this program to make it a success, the different workouts including yoga and martial arts, and the equipment dragged along with the DVDs, it is clearly evident that value is packed herein. But still looking at how intensive the training is and how demanding it will be for various kinds of people like obese people, newbies, and busy people, you’ll see there is still something that’s lacking.

Personally, I’d say that the program is pretty much legit and has good information and helpful insight into getting the right body and staying fit, but, it has its own weaknesses which to a certain extent overtake the benefits. So you are going to want to think hard about purchasing this product.

Final Verdict – Legit

Name: P90X Workout
Owner: Tony Horton
Price: $ 120 (for basic package), $240 (for advanced package) and $330 (for ultimate package)
Rankings: 75 out of 100

By any chance have you used this program? How was it for you? Did you get good results? Share with us your opinion as well as your experience; we are eager to know.

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