Myfitnesspal App Review – Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker!

If you want to know more about My Fitness Pal, the app, the blogs and literally just everything about it, then you just hit the right spot.

You see, I found so many promotions on this program claiming you can shed off massive amounts of fat without having to beat yourself down. The program claims that by just keeping a constant eye on your diets with an “effective system like theirs, it is extremely possible and easy to loose pounds and pounds of weight without the need to do extreme workouts or any other demanding task.

Basically, they claim that fat loss can get that simple with them. And something more amazing, you don’t need to spend a dime towards it. All the work is done for you, free of any charges.

There must be a catch, right? Why all this generosity?

Well, my myfitnesspal review is going to uncover all the secrets behind this system and tell you upfront whether this is something you can trust. Okay?

Great! Let’s get into it.

Product Name: MyFitnessPal
Website Address:
Owner: Two unknown brothers
Price: FREE
Rankings: 87 out of 100

MyFitnessPal Review – Introduction:

When doing anything fitness related online, you need to keep your eyes peeled for fitness products that work and those that really don’t. You are going to find thousands of each of the two kinds being promoted as though they both worked. You will find slick sales agents and online marketers using enticing phrases that will get you thinking the product they are promoting is your real deal breaker.

These people have been trained all their life to do this, and it gets better everyday. So getting you hooked to the programs is a piece of cake. That is why I strongly recommend that you do your due diligence on any product that is mentioned to you by friends, anyone in social or through any other platform on the web. Seek to know the product well by reading product reviews and watching video reviews of them so that you are 100% sure that you are buying the right product.

And to help you figure out if this is one of the good stuff, I did this review to give you an insider’s view of the program.

What is MyFitnessPal?

This is a fitness app that gives you access to a calculator that helps keep track of your calories and help you lose weight. Basically, what you are required to do is to feed in your meals and recipes, create new fitness goals for yourself and even monitor your exercises, if you are into them. You get the options for using the website version or the app that are all free to use.

If you have an Android or iPhone smartphone, or even windows and blackberry phones, you can download it as it is available in all the stores. And this helps you know what you are eating regarding nutritional value and help you get what you truly need to work with to burn some fat off your body.

The website was created by two brothers, whose identity hasn’t yet been established, who made it for themselves initially. And after seeing now great it was working for them, they made the decisions to help other people out there like them, who are struggling with weight loss.

How Does it Work?

Well, the better part of the system is to feed in all the things you are eating. So when you are taking your breakfast, before you’ve had your first bite or sip, you have logged in to the app and feed in the details. At first, this may be quite tiresome for you, especially when you get to the salads, but the good point is that you don’t have to feed everything in. Most of them have already been fed by the members in the forum or the support team of the actual program.

But you need to know that you are going to find many terms representing the same thing and it is sometimes very difficult to tell which one is correct. To be really certain it is the one, you have to packed it in. The other thing is that when you are choosing the foods you want to put into your dairy to know the calories, you will often get the entries made by the other members shown clearly, the name of the member who made the entry, and the number of confirmations for it. And this is another way you can really prove it is the right one.

You should also know that, since most of the people who are using the free program are from different countries, and are using different measurement units like “g per oz” and “tablespoonfuls per cup” to mention a few, sometimes it can be very frustrating to use the advice in the program. But what seems to be happening with the system is that whenever someone feeds anything in, the item is taken directly to the search database to make it possible for everyone in there find it. That is why you will be overwhelmed with many duplicate entries.

Now to the part you have been waiting for…

Why is the program free? And what’s the catch?

Well, My Fitness Pal has a couple of ads on it, and this seems to be their main source of revenue which helps them keep their thing active. So the reason you are getting it for free is to have you use it, and while you are on it and just by chance happen to see an amazing promotion on any of their ads, click on them, follow through and end up making a purchase, they get to earn a commission. And this is how they leverage the value of the system. So rest easy, there is no other catch.

What is Included in the Program?

There quite some material in the site as well as in the app. And all of them are geared towards ensuring you have a wonderful user experience that will get you exactly what you need to know and have, to achieve your weight loss goals. So to give you a clearer idea of these materials and how they are meant to help you, here is a deeper look into each one of them.

Food – This is a section that lets you view the foods that have frequently been mentioned on the site. You will get a list of the newest foods that have been entered just recently and the ones that have been eaten recently as well. The calculator takes count of the foods that people have mentioned a lot, and they are listed here. And you also get the names of people who have eaten them and can personally contact them.

Exercise – This handles the people who want to lose weight using exercises. You get the ability to look up a certain exercise and get some matching exercises you can use along with that to help you keep burning calories. If you don’t have a workout in mind, you can just pick from the variety offered beside the search bar. And if you want to know how many calories you have burned after a given time, you have a provision for that. You will only have to feed in your weight and the length of the workout you were on, and you will get instant results of the calories you just shed.

Apps – Here, you get a variety of apps you can use to keep track of your fitness levels. You will just have to choose the one that makes you happy and get to work with it.

Community (Forum) – This is one great community, and it is categorized by the discussions held. So you only have to look through them and choose which one you want to get into. You will also get groups created for specific pockets of people, and if you are right for any, you can join. Or you can just peep at those you are not right for. There are no rules as to the ones allowed in a particular group.

Blog – This is a place where you will get some posts written addressing certain aspects of fitness which are quite informative. You should read a few once in a while when you are free.

Shop – This page links you to Under Armour website that is more of a store which sells fitness clothing and a few other items of clothing. If you want to buy tank tops, running shoes, boxers, t-shirts and more clothing, you should definitely check it out.

And you have the chance to buy a fitness band that will help track the quality of your workouts, your sleep duration, and a few others. But you will also have to download the UA Record app to sync the band.

Who is it For?

The site and app are pretty much for every fitness enthusiast. If you want to have a whole community of help behind you while you use perhaps the simplest methods to lose weight, checking your calorie intake, then you should jump right in. You get to have a good number of effective resources for tracking essential aspects of your fitness levels which you would otherwise pay for.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• This is a very convenient platform that gives you access to a little over 380,000 foods and even recipes that have been customized to help you try out something new.

• You are getting so many quality resources for free that usually charge above $50 to get access to. And this shows that the company is great to use and you can put your trust into.

• You get a community of like-minded people who are working towards the same goals as yourself and are willing to give you practical advice that will get your results soaring.

• Whether you are on a Windows, Android, iPhone or even BlackBerry devices, you can still access this site and take much benefit off of it on the go.

• You can try it out without having to have signed up beforehand. After you have had a taste of it, from the outside, you can join, but you are not obligated.

• My Fitness Pal is generally good for any user out there. The user experience is wonderful, and most of the features in there are quite intuitive.

• If you are a profoundly visual person, you get more charts and graphs to present more data in a way you will love and easily understand.

The Cons

• The discussions in the forums are not moderated, so you are going to find members getting more personal and discussing very sensitive issues that could ignite arguments and profane language.

• There are no frequent updates on the system, and there is actually information you cannot edit in, to make things more accurate. Say, if you wanted to feed in that you took five glasses of wine, you wouldn’t get the place to make the edit.

• Many people believe, as may have been advised by their trainers and nutritionists, that counting calories are a good way to help you get in shape.

Final Verdict:

The system is fairly good. With the features you are getting that are mostly paid for, you can see that the guys behind this aren’t really after your money. More to that, the forum is one place you are going to take much value off of. Although you don’t get a professional’s advice on different areas of your health and fitness, you are sure to get simple tweaks to your meal plans from the members who could really positively impact your general health and life. Overall, this is a good program you should consider joining.

Final Verdict – LEGIT!

Name: My Fitness Pal
Owner: Two unknown brothers
Price: FREE
Rankings: 87 out of 100

Are you part of My Fitness Pal? Have you downloaded the app? Are you using the web version? How is your general experience there? Are you getting powerful information there? What feature in there are you happy about? We would love to get your answers on these.

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