My Unique MI40X Review – Does it Work?

If you are looking to know whether this program is going to help you with your fitness goals, then I believe I can help with that. I’ve seen quite a number of people talk about this product and its amazing effectiveness but like you, am never satisfied with anything until I truly know the product myself. So I went deep into my usual routine, getting an in-depth view of this product. And after a fair amount of research, I did get the truth of it as it really is.

And I suppose that is what you are looking for too…

So, I’d ask you to please keep your ears open and have a thorough read of my unique MI40X review to know whether whether it’s going to get you to where you really want to be. Along with the review, I have given my final verdict on it which I firmly believe that is going to help you come to a good final decision of whether to go for it or just seek something else of more value, what you find best for your body!

So without any more delays, let’s dive in…

Product Name: MI40X
Owner: Ben Pakulski
Price: $97
Ratings: 65 out of 100
Verdict: Legit!

MI40X Review – Introduction:

Many folks out there, even though having almost similar fitness goals, their exact match of expectations may greatly differ. Some people will to simply lean up and get a favorably good physique, there are others who want to go slightly beyond the average body and kind of build up a bit more, and then there are those who want to really hit it! The last pocket of people are those who are really into bulking up. And these people will get into countless threads of fitness programs to help them add up to the general huge build.

And while this is the case, there are times when most of such guys get into the wrong programs thinking that they are going to help them improve to a certain extent. I’ve seen thousands of people who’ve had years of workouts loose fat and pure muscle as well due to the programs they went for.

To get this more clearly, if you’ve been around a person who wants it all, the muscles, you’ll note that they will easily reel into any valuable information, so to speak, they can get their hands on.

They’ll go for this program and work with it for like a year, and then when they get used to it, they go for something else. And the cycle continues until they’ve seen the results they are looking for.

It is in this endless search for better programs that will keep them going, and have them stumble upon poor fitness products that have been created by heartless people whose main aim is to make more money by leading people astray. These products are usually made to appear as though they were the best and most demanded in the market such that everyone wants to put their money up for them. Needless to say, what happens in the end is very depressing, as most of them just make all the hard work you had put in run down the drain, and the money as well.

So having known this, you are going to want to be extra careful with what you call your ‘best pick’ because it may end up being your best ‘prick’. And speaking of pricks, could MI40X possibly be one of them? Is it really a worth working with program or just another sham that is more interested in the returns of the creation investment? The only way to find out is to keep reading.

Let’s get deep into this program now and see what it’s like…

What is MI40X?

This is a fitness program that is set to help people bulk up with the main emphasis being on weight training, recovery and diet, and the main aim being on building up more muscle mass and shaking off more inches off your waist.

The name of the program is sort of hard coded. What it means is, MI means Mass Intelligence, 40 means the duration of time you are going to take to complete the program’s first cycle and going by the intensity of the workouts, the length, the impact they have in you and the periods of rest, the x automatically means “Extreme”. So you can guess what is in store for you if you choose to get it.

The engineer behind the program is Ben Pakulski, the massively ripped guy. This guy sure is ripped and just looking at his physique, you would without a shadow of doubt, know that he’s ideas work. He has been in the industry for more than 10 years now with loads of research and experiments to know what and what doesn’t work. He is a professional body builder from IFBB and was crowned the title, Mr Canada in 2008.

He has gotten a degree in University of Ontario and is well known among his peers for helping people with their bodies. He has been featured in a number of magazines including Flex Magazine where he talks more about his secret fitness ingredient, C.E.P. which means Cell Expansion Protocol that has paid over the years.

How Does it Work?

Well, as noted in the name, it is a high intensity interval training. More to that, we have to get into the secret ingredient which Ben has found to work all the time for literally anyone, the C.E.P. As I earlier said, it means Cell Expansion Protocol, this means is all about expanding the muscle cells. In his research, Ben came to realize that the cells can be compared to balloons or anything you can blow air into and get it to expand. This same principles seem to be working in the cells that convert the diets and workouts we give our bodies to give us back the good body we are after.

By default, most of our bodies are not set to have the expansion that will get us the build fast, so what happens is, when you or anyone aspiring to build up works with the regular workouts, there is only a little stimulation brought out, which doesn’t really seem to bring any significant increase. But with highly impacted force, the cells are able to increase the size of nuclei and in turn get the body to gain mass. When you are working out and even after you’re done, the body produces myo-satelite cells that are responsible for making repairs to the injured muscles and help them heal with even more muscles.

But satellite cells are the ones that help the building process process when you take your training to the next level, far beyond the regular trainings. This hard pumping with a short time frame is what helps the body to really improve, and this is the secret which Ben puts into practice with his strategies to get the best results always.

Who is if For?

This program, just by having a mere glance at the workouts and the strategy, you’ll see it openly that it will be best for people who want to have their bodies go beyond the average body builders and really have then pack as much muscles as they’d want to. Basically, it is good for advanced trainers and still for people who want elevated weight training that will really pay! On the same breath, it going to be a good fit for those who want to try out a fitness program that will get them on the run every time. It is really intense and demanding, so anyone who needs such hardcore stuff should go for it.

But, as I always say, this program along with all others like Insanity Workout, Body Transformation Blueprint, Body Beast Workout among others, is not for people who want:

• To Sleep through a Ripped body – If you are lazy and not the slightest bit motivated, you should not work with this program. You have to have the right zealous mindset that wants to get their desire. If you think this will make a quick fix for you, you are mistaken. You may want to adjust your perspective on this, if you really want to change your situation.

• Chemical Boosters – In other words steroids, this will never be a good way to improve your body. Many people who have been on them have had a short-lived success and later gone to a worse state than they were initially in before they used them. Steroids are most destructive by nature, in all sense of the term.

What is Included in the Program?

Ben wants to help get the right build the right way, so he’s included quite a number of handy resources to get your through this phase succefully and also get the right results, just as you would expect. And to get a clearer view of this, here is what comes with the package:

• CEP Practical Application Guide – This is a 12 pages eBook that is meant, with a simple understandable language, to help you get your way through the program. All the basics are explained here.

• Exercise Execution Guide – This is another guide, 118 pages worth of value, explaining deeply about the workouts, the principles, the sets and reps and how will be going about them.

• CEP Rapid Start Action Plan – This is a quick video to help get started with your first fitness day, typically, how to go about your first action day. Along with that, there are other string of videos getting things into perspective.

• CEP Training Blueprint – Another 24 paged eBook of pure awesomeness. Here, you are given the pracatical walkthrough of how to go about each and everything in the program and help you make the most of what you work on and avoid injuries.

• 7 Day Primer and Detox – This is to help you get up and running for what is ahead of you. You are going to be shown how to rid your body of toxins first before you start the program and this could take up to 3 whole weeks. But to be more productive, you could do it for just one week.

• The Nutrition Guide – This is, with 12 pages of pure explanation on eating habits and best recipes, going to help you know what diets add up to the workouts you will be taking on and how to make the most of each diet.

• The Supplement Guide – With 22 pages dedicated to approaching supplements, you get the exact view of Ben’s on supplements, picking the right one, working within your budget, and leveraging what you settle for.

• Workout Sheets – Based on what level of training you are at, either the newbie, intermediate or the advanced, you get a work plan that will keep you in check and help you steer along the right path, and they are also printable.

• CEP Scientific Explanation – All the methods and the scientific importance of Cell Expansion Protocol are discussed to help really get the notion well and how best they will be seeing you through to your success.

• Calorie Intake Calculators – If you want to know how much exactly the diet you are to consume or have already consumed is worth in terms of calories, this calculator will help you do that.

There are lots of other things included in the package like the exercise database, FAQs Guide, video library and other wonderful bonuses that will keep you going, you should check them out.

Pro’s and Con’s:

The Pro’s

• The workouts are well shortened to make the program part of your day’s schedule rather than occupy the whole day. If you are busy person, this quick but intense program should help you greatly.

• The system is well explained with lots of resources to help you get the whole thing right without any mistakes. So you are not going to work with presumptions but precision with scientific proof.

• Once you pay, you get all these resources almost instantly since you just have to download them online. You don’t have to wait for days to have them shipped and delivered to you. With a click of button, you get everything in the comfort of your home.

• A unique and well paying approach, CEP, which has already worked for Ben, so you already know that it is valuable and going to get you the same measure of success.

• Those program is best for both men and women meaning you don’t have to go and purchase another program if you want to work out with your partner. You just have to wear your workout pants and shoes and get going!

The Con’s

• It is pretty intense and may get people so worked up in the morning. And you don’t want getting tired as you prepare to leave for work. It may short but every minute of it counts.

• There are so many things to read. It is particularly boring to people who aren’t really into reading stuff. You can take literally 3 days reading just one book. If you keep reading all this, when will you ever work out? If most of the things were in the form of a video, it’d have been great.

• People who are looking to lose weight are not really going to get something of value from this program. It works to improve the body in terms of muscles. And although it delves a bit into losing weight, the better part is massing.

• With loads of images and graphics, people who use a slower internet connection are going to find it hard to go smoothly through it. It requires high quality connection to find it useful and interesting.

Final Verdict:

The program is well packed with lots of quality and quantity resources that will help you achieve the best big build you want. Also with the 60 days money back guarantee given to it, if you find it hard to work with it or probably not delivering what you thought it would, you can just get it back to Ben and get our money back to your account without having to explain anything to anyone. You have all the flexibility you need in this program to help know if you should and need to be working with it or not.

Personally, I’d say this program will perfectly fit the experienced heavy lifters and those who love huge bodies. If you have this from the start, you can be able to get much from it. People who are looking for other things like LIIT, weight loss and anything other than the mentioned, you may want to look elsewhere (peep at my recommendation below). The program is safe to use and is going to help people achieve their fitness goals for a long time to come.

Final verdict – Legit!

Name: MI40X
Owner: Ben Pakulski
Price: $97
Ratings: 56 out of 100

What are your thoughts on this program? Have you have the chance to use the product before? How did you find it? Share with us your ideas, experience and suggestions on below and help enlighten the world.

Want a program that has got more on weight loss and other crucial aspects of training? Want more value than what this program gives? Then be sure to check my #1 recommendation here.

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