Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 Review – Are There Really Any Secrets?

If you are looking for truth about this program, then you can be sure you’ve just hit the right place. Just a while back, I too was moved by this name, especially the “secrets” part and decided to have a closer look at it. And you can’t imagine what I found out!

Well, I’ll pretty much spit out everything I got in this review so that you too can get at least a fair amount of information before you decide to reel yourself into it to get the special secret.

So do pay close attention to this review to get what more than you’d actually imagine as…

I also asked myself the questions you probably are asking yourself now. My Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 Review will reveal to you just how worth it this program is, by proofs and facts, and I am sure that you are going to achieve your purpose of reading it. I also believe that through this personal review, you’ll get to have a good direction towards making your final decision on whether or not to work with it.

And without any further ado, let’s get straight into things.

Product Name: Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0
Website Address:
Owner: Jason Ferruggia
Price: $67
Rankings: 85 out of 100

Verdict: Legit

Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 Review – Introduction:

When it comes to marketing fitness programs, you can bet that you are going to find countless enticing names. Well, it’s good to appreciate that the owner wants to get the product sold. But in the same spirit, you are still going to want to be extremely sensitive as you approach such programs because there are those that are legit like Insanity Workout or Body Transformation Blueprint, Body Beast and such, but still there are those which are just but blatant scams that are after getting people really enticed and have them buy into their hype.

If you are dealing with buying stuff online especially fitness programs, you will want to be extra cautious about the programs that you choose to work with. Always see that you do a good amount of research first and get to know the program pretty well prior to joining it.

It saves a great deal to go online and look for reviews of the program from people who’ve had the chance to taste it firsthand and seen what’s really like. And once you hear from them, and get many positive reviews than the negative ones, know that it has been deemed safe and reliable to use it.

But also know that certain programs may hire affiliates to spread false fame of the program with the motive of getting people convinced that it is really working and lots people are talking about its efficiency. So to evade such traps from these scammers, you may want to find yourself a good site that is critical in its review and detailed in its claims, backing them up with reasonable proof.

And finding such a site that reviews a program as it really is will ask for your close evaluation and consideration of it. And once you get it, be sure to know the person or people who are reviewing it and learn about their intentions as well so that they are not trying to review negatively to get you to buy what they want you to.

Basically, the online world is full of both well intention folks and ill willed scammers. So keep your eyes peeled for any slight deception and take necessary precautions. And with that said, let’s start taking precautions by first getting to know more about this program and see if it’s really worth spending.

What is Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0 Review?

This is a 90 days fitness program that is set to help people with three aspects, weight training, recovery and nutrition. With a reliable access to dumbbells and a barbell, you well off with this program. Actually, it has been in the market for quite a while now and people seem to be loving it. It had got more than 140 pages and at least 19 chapters of in-depth explanation of how to go through your weight training in the best way possible.

Jason Ferruggia is the engineer behind this program. This is a well respected personal trainer who has been featured a number of times in most popular fitness websites like Men’s Health, Maximum Fitness, Muscle and Fitness, CBS Sports, Men’s Fitness, ESPN, MMA Sports and many more.

He has trained popular guys as well and they’ve also credited his approach. His no nonsense attitude is what thrills people the most along with telling people upfront that building a great physique is all about hard work, which is the legit path to muscle gaining.

How Does it Work?

Jason’s strategy is quite wonderful and easy to work with. First off, you are going to start with a few simple exercises to get your muscles stimulated and get prepared for the hard stuff that is about to come. And as you progress through the training, your body is going to build up muscles little by little as the workouts become more and more difficult. The idea here is to get your body in the right path and work with a favorable pace that will make the most of all what you’ll be doing.

There are 3 things that this program puts more emphasis on, workout repetitions, recovery and intensity. To start with reps, Jason advises that people should people should not work out with specific long exercises and then burden themselves with lots of repetitions in each set.

Doing short but high intensity ones within a short time gives much value in terms of building muscles than the former would. In recovery, he stresses that it is important to have plenty of time to recover from workouts before you move on to the next level of training. Recovery helps the body to get time to build the tissues damaged by the exercises and will give you enough power to get on with the training.

This program addresses the aspect of weight training that you are going to be using and goes deep into it, explaining why you are working with certain recommended exercises and not what the trainer from your local gym advocates for. Also, if you’ve noticed, the workouts and the whole system appears very lenient with the trainee.

The truth is, it is not as easy as it sounds. What happens is that it works with short but highly intensive exercises that will get you worn out in just about 45 minutes.

Who is it For?

This program is all about intensive training to build strength and lose a couple of inches off your waist, so if you are looking for something that is short but effective and will help you power up, then this is the best fit for you. And since you only need to have a few equipment that are not all intense machines, this shows that it is also for people who would want to do weight training without extreme weights and at home.

One thing you should note though, this program may not work well for people who:

• Have got serious body complications – If you’ve got serious injuries on your back or have any heart related problems, then you going to want to skip this one. The program as I’ve said is pretty intense, and even though it only takes just a short time, it will get your heart wildly pumping in just a few minutes, which is not really something you’d want happening in such a case.

If you know you’re having health issues, you may want to consult with your doctor first before purchasing it.

• Are looking for quick fixes – By the look of things; the 90 days to complete it, about 45 minutes a day and practicing 3 days a week, it may sort of appear to be a quick fix. But the truth is it’s most certainly not! It will take much of your energy and will want perseverance to start and get to complete without suspending workouts. Most of it requires a huge sacrifice.

What is Included in the Product?

Muscle Gaining Secrets comes well packed with valuable supplements to help with your favorable overall training experience. And to get more details on it, let’s see what exactly is dragged along with it:

• The Trainer’s Manual – This manual gets deep into the best training of each and every part of the body you’d want to have lean up. It gives simple but more profound concepts that harden but shorten the whole training and give even more better results than others do.

• Workout Logs – These are progress trackers. They will help keep you in check and ensure you are getting closer and closer to your desires.

• Recipe book – This contains a few recipes that would greatly help your body while on the training and still save time as they are pretty easy and fast to get them ready.

• Nutrition Plan – This module will give you deep insights into calories, how they load up, how fast they can burn with various exercises and everything else you’d want to know about them.

Now from the program’s eBook, here are some other things you get on top:

• Muscle building exercises database
• Manual for quick meals
• Maximum mass in shortest time
• Q and A access for private members only
• Audio files to walk you through

Pro’s and Con’s:

The Pro’s

• The program has got well illustrated training with pictures and videos for every exercise. If you have trouble getting to know how exactly Jason wants you to perform a certain workout, all you need to do is to click on the photos or videos and learn visually.

• The program is set to have people work out and still get to do most of their demanding home duties or responsibilities without having to take much of their time on the training.

• You get access to the program almost immediately you are done with the purchase. The PDF gets to you in a matter of seconds.

• The whole program is simple to use and uses average language that anyone from any country can find understandable.

• You are given a 60 days money-back guarantee where you can get to look through the program yourself and see if it will help you with your fitness. And if any case it doesn’t, you can return it and get your money back without any questions asked.

• The meal plans and recipes are amazing. You can have a meal up and ready within ten minutes, packed with high nutritional value.

• Jason gives himself fully to the trainees to help with any questions or concerns about their bodies. You can contact him any time no matter where you are residing or the time and get a quick response.

• Jason, as with all other health minded trainers, strongly disagrees with using pills, potions, steroids to build up. He says the best results come from the most sacrifice.

The Con’s

• The meal plans are not deep enough for a trainee to use throughout the program. They just give an idea of how you should eat and then you are, to a certain extent, left to improvise your own plans.

• The meal frequency advised us somehow outdated. There are some strategies that he advises which have been overtaken by time and technology.

• People with obesity are going to find it difficult to work with the program since much effort is needed and the heart will always be on the edge. Its level of intensity is not something people who are obese or have got health issues would endure.

• There are other aspects of body building that haven’t been delved into. To gain the right physique you have to work with all aspects to get a good averagely built body, and this program just handles one of them.

• The list of ingredients and the few substitutes given there are good but limited. Not all people can find them in their locality. And this may be pose a huge challenge to the trainee to use the program without the ingredients as it feels like you are making exceptions that can possibly hurt your results

Final Verdict:

Looking at the program from a general point of view, this is one fitness program that goes above the average level. The value and insight offered here is unmatchable. But looking at it from various points like the other aspects of training along with the meal plans and list of alternative ingredients, you are going to see that it can prove to be a challenge to work with it.

Anyways, no program is perfect. And as far as weight training is concerned, this program is a good fit. So personally, I’d say it is well worth the money and time. You are going to get changed by it and note a visible difference once you’re done.

Final verdict – Legit

Name: Muscle Gaining Secrets 2.0
Owner: Jason Ferruggia
Price: $67
Rankings: 85 out of 100

Have you used this program? What are thoughts about it? Was it helpful? What was the whole experience with it like? Share your thoughts and experiences with everyone in the world. Leave them below.

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