Mike Westerdal Critical Bench Review – Does it Work?

If you want to find out how credible the Critical Bench Program by Mike Westerdal really is and if it is capable enough to get you more muscle mass, then know that I’m here to help with that.

Mike is a hugely ripped guy, I agree, and he makes claims that bench pressing more is the way to gaining more muscle and losing the stubborn fat in your body all the while targeting all muscles in the body. But he says that you need to know how to bench press the proper way to get the lean physique you have always wanted to. And he is set to show you the right way to do it, as opposed to what you have been doing it all along.

My critical bench review reveals to you just how true how and reliable he is. Read on to find out.

Product Name: Critical Bench
Website Address: criticalbench.com/bench-press-anniversarysale.php?Critical Bench Review
Owner: Mike Westerdal
Price: A discounted price of $47
Rankings: 92 out of 100

Critical Bench Review – Introduction:

If you have been around fitness enthusiasts for a good period, or you are an enthusiast yourself or probably live with some of them, then you must have heard this question come up often, “How much do you bench?” The thing is, most people believe that bench pressing is the ultimate workout for people who want to get to pick up slabs of pure lean muscle and get to increase their muscle mass as well.

When you get into college sports or even get to the gym across the street, you will hear whispers of it. And if you have never been on this fitness gig for some time now, and are having issues with gaining body mass and get completely ripped, then you will get people literally singing “You need to try out the bench press!” song every day till you get into it.

And you seriously have to try it out; it’s the best! But you should note that not all people know how to do it, and most who claim to know it best, actually don’t! So you have to be careful with who you choose to have as your instructor for this.

That is why I have reviewed the critical bench program to see if it is working with the good stuff, you can leverage. And here is what I came to know of it.

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What is the Critical Bench Program?

This is a program that claims to help you get into bench pressing the proper way. It claims that knowing how exactly you bench press and how much time you put into it matters and is what makes a great powerlifter. So you are going to get taught how you bench press correctly, and with time start seeing your body gaining pounds of pure muscle without having to spend hours every day in the gym.

In fact, this is highly discouraged. You don’t have to be a regular gym visitor to see your body grow to become what you desire; you only need to understand the concept of mass building to get to see the exact kind of results you have been looking for all your life. And as you will be trained here, you will see how beneficial the bench is as you will be making the most of it, as it should be done.

The man behind the wheels of the program is Mike Westerdal. He resides in Clearwater, in Florida and takes on his training at Tampa Barbell. This is one shredded guy you will want to listen to. First, he’s ripped, and that is enough evidence that he knows what he is speaking of, he knows the full measure of advantages the bench press has. Second, he is extremely influential in the fitness industry.

He has been featured in many fitness magazines like REPS and Monster Muscle and other fitness resources explaining more about the bench press and its benefits, in the programs that recommend them. He has also gotten his training qualifications from the American Council on Exercise. He got his initial beginnings in this niche back when he was in college where he played D-IAA football; this is where you got the real push to want to bulk. He often participates in the APF and APA Federation as a powerlifter too.

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How Does it Work?

Well, the program is brought in 3 ebooks. And these are what we will take a deep look into.

1. The Critical Bench Program 2.0

This is the main program that gives you the training, exercises, form and frequency you need to use with the bench press. You will be getting a list of workouts you will be taking through the program and how to take them on to see that you can increase your body mass at least every week.

You don’t want to do them every day at this will rob your muscles off your body and make all the hard work you put into them go to waste, so knowing how to moderate them is key. You will know how to avoid the #1 mistake most people make when benching, and that is overusing the chest muscles and neglecting the other group of muscles. You will also learn the importance of staging warming up needs benching and how it contributes to even more power benching among others. This is something you are going to love.

2. Customized Training Logs 100-500 LBS

You are getting 80 training logs that are fully customized to your time and goals and will help you through the 10 weeks you will be hitting it with the program, to keep increasing at least 5 pounds of muscle every often. These logs, as Mike says have been selling at $39.99 each for the past decade, but since he doesn’t want to ask more and lose the sense of help he aimed at when he created the program, he is practically giving them away. And if you follow these with the full commitment you are going to see tangible results.

3. Bench Press Fundamentals Online DVD

This is an online DVD that shows you the best way to bench press as Mike and his friends gave been doing it. And you get to be taken through this series of training by a few of them like Clint Smith, AJ Roberts, Jim Smith, and Lee Hayward. These are not just ordinary people; they are people who have broken records, received many awards and are respected in the industry as well.

So you are going to learn how they climbed to the top and using the secret “hacks” you will get here, and you will be able to pack up above and beyond 20 lbs if you work at them with burning passion.

Well, something that Mike stresses, you have to push your body to the next level if you want to gain muscle mass. He says that benching more and increasing the plates, that weigh around 2.5 pounds, you get your body to take on the extra weight and have the body build more muscle to support that new weight, and with good time you see your body mass increase significantly.

But he cautions people from frequently benching as this eats away the muscles and get the fat to occupy the space, which shouldn’t be the case. But you need not worry; you are going to get it all laid out for you inside the product.

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What is Included in the Program?

Like getting other successful powerlifters and bodybuilders to chip in the program isn’t enough, you get more resources to help you get the whole concept of true bench pressing, master the techniques and then take your body to the next level. With these resources, you will get more insight and perspective which will help you know why you haven’t been putting in as many muscles as these guys, and what you need to do.

You will see the loopholes you have had for years in your exercises and how you need to change all that. And to know more about them, let’s take a look at what you get along with the main program:

• The Critical Deload Routine

This tackles the recovery period you need to have after you are done with the main program. You are going to learn, through this deload plan, how you get your muscles, joints and nervous system to calm down and have plenty of rest while getting energy for the next hard on training that follows the max chart.

• Critical Conversations With Elite Iron Warriors

This is where you get to chew the brains of literally all kinds of people who need workouts and are always on diet plans to get their bodies in the best shape ever for what they normally do. And we are talking about the famous athletes, boxy builders, fighters, power lifters, and players. This book is 146 pages long of pure insight from these guys.

• Critical Exercise Guide

This one helps you with the workouts. If you want to know how a certain workout is done the right way, you only need to flip through a few pages, and there you are, with all the info you need about it. If you also want to get alternative workouts for a workout given in the program probably because you have a muscle strain or can’t do it due to other problems with your body, you get a bunch of them here.

• In-Depth Report On Creatine’s Usage In Sports

You get all the information you need to have about creatine, which has been the go-to supplement for almost all athletes and body builders. This means you don’t have to jump on it blindly just because you were told it is the greatest. You get to have the facts first and see how effective it really is by yourself.

Who is it For?

This program is best for power lifters. If you are a powerlifter who has not been seeing good results and can’t figure out what you are doing wrong, or even what you are not doing, you will want to get into this. I can guarantee you that this program will help solve all the things that have been keeping you from accumulating more muscles just a few weeks after you have gotten into it.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• This program is very flexible. Normally, you should put your focus on doing the exercises continuously and then do something else. But when you are tight with stuff you have got to do, this program will help you spread you training throughout the day so that you get to work out and do what you have to.

• You are permitted to work with partners. And this means that you can get your friend who challenges you to work out with, to stay motivated and on track.

• You have quite a powerful support system here. You get a live chat and email support that runs round the clock. So you can get help even at 2 a.m.

• The workouts are specially designed to help target other muscles that support your chest when doing the bench press like your triceps, shoulders, and back that will improve your overall capacity to take on more weights.

• You are given expert nutritional advice that is going to give you the best meal plans as well as an explanation of how each food you take is going to count in your body.

• You don’t have to push your body too hard on exercises you know are too hard for yourself, if you have special body conditions that won’t allow you to do them. You have other countless alternatives you can go with.

The Cons

• You are getting the program online, so no hard copy for you. You will also want to work on your internet connection as you will need a stable one to go smoothly with this product.

• A single mistake can get you badly hurt so may want to be extra careful as you do them so that you save yourself from the permanent body damages that may fall on you.

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Final Verdict:

The program is, by all means, legit, and a highly effective one for that matter. With all what Mike had traveled so far to get you, like the interviews with super athletes, and body builders who have won awards and are recognized globally, which is not easy, you can see that he is not more bothered by how many bucks he is going to pocket after you have bought into the program, but by how much value you will get off this system and see you succeed.

And since this program will be bought from Clickbank, you will be getting a whole 60 days guarantee with a full refund policy. So, if you want to test how great this program really is, you can do it within the first two months after your purchase. And if in any case, you don’t find it good for you, you can have it returned and get your money back, all of it!

Final Verdict – LEGIT!

Name: Critical Bench
Website: http://www.criticalbench.com/bench-press-anniversarysale.php?hop=0
Owner: Mike Westerdal
Price: A discounted price of $47
Rankings: 92 out of 100

Have you used the program? How did it go for you? Would you go for another version of this program if it were to get launched a few days from now? What interested you the most about it? Please leave your thoughts on it below.

Want a program that will give you the deepest perspective on different aspects of fitness? Want a program that will give you 5 times as much value as you are getting in the critical bench program? Then come and see what other fitness enthusiasts and I are calling their #1 recommendation.

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