Mike Chang Six Pack Shortcuts Review – Is it Really a Shortcut?

If you have been seriously looking to get ripped sick pack abs, you most certainly have come across this product. And the chances are that, you are not sure whether it’s the best bet for you as you have probably used other such programs that didn’t quite deliver as they promised and you don’t want to get the same measure of a disappointment this time as you did on the others.

Well, if this is the case, I think I can help you with that.

My Mike Chang Six Pack Shortcuts Review will give a good idea of what the program is like, take you through its contents and get you to perceive it as it really is and finally help you come to a conclusion that will help you achieve what you so much desire to have. Be sure to read this unique review and get the ideal gist of it.

And without any more delays, let’s dive into it…

Product Name: Six Pack ShortcutsMike Chang Six Pack Shortcuts Review
Owner: Mike Chang
Price: $97
Rankings: 75 out of 100
Verdict: Legit

Mike Chang Six Pack Shortcuts Review – Introduction:

Many folks out there have constantly been looking for all possible ways to get their bellies flat and jacked. Almost every man is thrilled by the idea of getting themselves six pack abs, as rumors have it that they boost the chances of landing a pretty hot date. Well, many programs allegedly set to get there have been and still are being created but very few of them, if any, actually work. Come to think of it, there are countless ways you can get your body to gain the right edged up the body, and it all comes down to how willing you are to do it.

Most fitness programs like the body beast and Insanity Workout among others have been created or endorsed by guys who’ve greatly built up with the notion of having people buy the program as it shows that the person who’s campaigning for it, is a good living proof that it does work.

But you may want to be extra careful these days as many people are looking to make money by selling out low-quality stuff to people with the desperate need to get wonderful bodies. You’re going to get programs that will sell you scam products at high costs and give you the information you already know about and probably have been working with them for ages.

And to get back to this program with Mike Chan, is Six Pack Shortcuts worth the money? Is Mike Chan using his body to manipulate or inspire people with his program? There’s only one to know that and much more, and that is getting into it and seeing it ourselves. So let’s do just that and determine the program’s real worth.

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What is Six Pack Shortcuts?

This is a fitness program with video series and a downloadable eBook, which is meant to help people shake off the inches off their waste and bulk up fast, especially dealing with helping your belly getting ripped with massively protruding six pack abs. The program highlights and give deep information on how to get your body, no matter what state it may currently be in, to shape up and have those abs hidden under that thick layer of fat come out strong.

It also gives the best eating lifestyle that people should get accustomed to so that they not only build but maintain the right physique for many years to come.

The YouTube famous Mike Chan is the brainchild of this program. He has been seen in quite some video promotions on YouTube and still runs his very own fitness channel that has gathered a good deal of subscribers of almost up to 4 million. And this has attracted much fame and online fortune for him. With his ripped body, which I guess almost all the subscribers would want to own, if not envy, he has been well able to convince through his relatively insightful techniques that getting six pack abs is more than possible.

How Does it Work?

Well, the program is presented in a way that Mike is sort of training a student to help the people who will be using it have a more relaxed and deep experience with it. It has got four modules of training, each delving into different aspects of body building like Upper body, Cardio, Abs and Lower body with some warm up and cool down before after the workout.

There are basically seven workouts which demand a whole 73 minutes of complete dedication. There are six to seven sets which will take around 15 minutes to get done with each. All these, rest assured, are deep and will make you sore on the first day if you are a newbie or at an intermediate level.

It also tries to explain in more depth why it’s beneficial and why other exercises that other programs have been recommending all along are wrong and outdated. What interested me the most is Mike’s “Afterburn Effect”. This is typically the branding name he’s given the usual natural body response to excessively high-intensity interval training that brings oxygen consumption up a bit and would also explain the scores on the first and second day of training.

This effect would portray the program as highly effective than others but in the real sense, and their effect is the same as the low-intensity programs only that it pushes the training a bit further than what would be expected.

Who is it For?

Based on the level of training and the workouts that Mike gives to his student, this program would be the best fit for a complete newbie who’s just starting to get the basics and getting his body ready for the real thing! Also, it would be greatly helpful to intermediate trainers who have gotten some idea but want to edge things up a bit. So if you are in any of these levels, you can be sure to benefit greatly from it. Although you may want to know that, as with all other fitness programs, Six Pack Shortcuts is definitely not for people who:

• Think it’s a ” Get Ripped Fast” program – You are never going to find a program that will give you a way to get lean in a day, or a week or even a month. Going from fat to fit isn’t a one-time thing, it’s more of a lifestyle than anything else, so you are going to want to get that right mindset as early as now so that you get the best match of results as your desires.

• Think Steroids are the “way” – based on what you define as fit, steroids are far from helping anyone ton up their bodies as they are unfit themselves for human health. So working with them will only ruin your chances of getting your body to get lean along the best terms that will help keep it lean for a good deal of time.

What is Included in the Product?

Getting lean isn’t all about workouts, more has to do with the diet you are using through the program and the tracking of your development every other time. And Six Pack Shortcuts comes well packed to take you through the entire process with program enhancers. And to be a little more specific on that here is what you get on the product:

• Abs Training Program (4 phases) – This is the program that will give the precise work plan that will help you shed off the layer of fat covering your abs in your belly within no time. It will give you the exact details to get from fat to jack!

• The Cooking Module – This is sort of a recipe book explaining the foods that are helpful through a weight training program and which aren’t and why. It also gives you a list of recipes and a few substitute ingredients you can work with to enhance your exercises.

• Introduction video – This is a video where Mike welcomes you and gives you an overview of what you will be getting in the program. As I see it, it helps to prepare yourself psychologically for what you are about to get into.

• The Exercise Vault – This is training that gives more in-depth explanation of effective abs training. It goes deep to explain which workouts give more effect and help bring out your the abs much quicker and how best to work with them.

• Zero Will Power Eating System – This part deals with the eating habits that most programs have been recommending, some of which are wrong with good proof. From there, you are given some tips you need to keep in mind to ensure your eating habits are directing you to the right shape of your desired body.

• The six pack shortcuts ebook – If you are the kind of people who like their stuff digitalized, then is the perfect take for you. Once you buy the program, you are given an eBook which has the same value as the DVD series so that you can work with them on your phone or any other mobile device.

Pro’s and Con’s:

The Pro’s

• This is an excellent program for a newbie or intermediate trainer who is looking to get abs the proper way. Having its specialty in this area, it has brought together all the information you need to have on abs training which could take you literally months to gather up.

• Having Mike Chan as a trainer is fascinating. In each of his series he thrills and makes the workout more entertaining.

• The free trial given for 2 weeks shows that Mike has faith in his program, and people should test it out to know all of its enduring capabilities. Also, the 60 days money-back guarantee is another indicator of such.

• There is a good deal of truth in his personal view of supplements and training. He explains the whole idea of why supplements are not really taken seriously in body building but still advises people to go for them wisely as many people have made up their own half-baked or contaminated supplements that could pose a threat to your health.

The Con’s

• The cooking module is very limited. While there are a few alternative ingredients you can work with, there isn’t much of them to cater for most people especially those in the remote areas.

• An advanced trainer who has been on weights for a while now can’t get much out of the program as it will sound so basic to him. Most of the workouts being used here are what thousands of people are using on a daily basis.

• Some workouts have been presented the wrong way. Some moves like Olympic weightlifting and deadlifts have been wrongly performed and a newbie to who hasn’t gotten much experience with them could suffer a huge problem.

• Mike uses a lot of marketing techniques to market his product and can be easily detected by even anyone who just gives the program five minutes worth of view. This shows there is more talk of it than delivered.

• Even though he has a package on eating habits and recipe books, there is still more about dieting that Mike Chan hasn’t covered yet. He has left a big deal of crucial information which a fitness starter needs to know when he is on a diet.

• There are places in the program where Chan says that people should do squats and deadlifts as the last few exercises in a day’s routine workout. This can be very dangerous. Also, the exercises were given really aren’t meant to help build strength and muscles all the while loosing weight but only to build muscle.

• After the 14 days trial of the program, your credit card is charged more than $50 a month afterward for at least 5 months to come. So if you don’t check with your bank much often, you may be met by a huge surprise of more than $200 less in less than 4 months in your bank account.

Final Verdict:

Looking generally at this program, there is so much to help us come to a definitive conclusion. To start with, the program should be appreciated for a good deal of accumulated value on the science behind getting ripping six pack abs it gives. Many such programs deal inclusively with general fitness and but don’t get quite to answer many people’s questions as this one does.

But if you look at the program’s value and compare it to its price, you’ll come to note that it is a bit overpriced. There are a lot of things left out in the program while some are misguiding, to make really it suit its cost.

So the program is legit alright but limited to fitness rookies and the few working progress. So if you are a well-advanced trainee and would want to get yourself something that will increase you in knowledge and body, you may want look elsewhere.

Final Verdict – Legit

Name: Six Pack Shortcuts
Owner: Mike Chang
Price: $97
Rankings: 75 out of 100

Have you used Six Pack Shortcuts? What results did you get? Share with us what it’s like to use the program and empower the rest.

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