Maxi Climber Vertical Climber Workout Reviews – Does it Work?

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Today everyone wants to keep himself physically fit. For everybody, it is not possible to go to the gym for daily work out. There should be some machine that can be placed at home for daily exercise.

There is a competition for such equipment in the market. To choose the best equipment is a difficult decision especially when you are looking for a tightly packed machine that can be easily set in your home. To solve this problem, we will discuss popular workout equipment that is the maxi climber.

We will see what its features are, how it is useful and why people like it.

Maxi Climber Vertical Climber Workout Reviews

What is the Maxi Climber?

Maxi climber is a machine for daily work out at home. It involves the whole body in exercise. It was first time designed by the Innoventions International (LLC), and it copies the same workout as when you climb up the mountain.

It burns fats from your whole body and thus helps in weight-loss. It is basically a vertical climber that occupies less space so best design for keeping in homes. While using it, you will feel like you are climbing the actual stairs.

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How Does it Work?

The maxi climber is the best- considered workout machine. It is useful to burn your body fats. It helps to keep your heart physically fit. It strengthens the muscles of your body like flexors and extensors. It provides you the whole body exercise without lifting extra weight. By using maxi climber you will work on your thigh muscles, biceps, triceps, core and more.

As a result of this hard exercise, you will quickly burn your calories. You can burn your twenty calories within a minute depending on your how intense your workout is.  Most of its users also reviewed that it increases aerobic capacity.

People like it.

People like it because it gives you the opportunity to maximize workout which is rare. Its design and shape are also suitable for the people living in apartments.


  1. Adjustable height

People like it because it can be used for people of all heights. Because its height can be easily adjusted, so an individual sets it according to him. If the height is not according to an individual obviously, it will be difficult for him to use it.

  1. Isometric non-stick grips

It has very comfortable handles that neither sticks nor slips your hands.

  1. Foot pedals

Its pedal foot is designed to keep your foot fit into it for an easy and comfortable workout by tightly holding your foot.

  1. Easy to fold

When you are not using it, you can fold it and packed it tightly in its packing material or place it under your bed.

  1. Self-judging workout timer

You can set time for your workout if you want to keep a check on your routine workout. You can maintain the record that how much you have claimed daily. It also has a counter that counts how many calories have been burnt, and it turns on automatically when you start your workout and turns off when you stop.

  1. Made of durable material

Maxi climber is made of cold rolled steel which is long lasting material and can bear weight up to 240ibs.

  1. Ergonomic design

It has an ergonomic design that offers very relaxing, comfortable and easy workout.

  1. Has cardio facility

Apart from burning fats it also has a cardiovascular system that helps to keep your heart fit and healthy.

Weight limit:

While using it keep in mind that it has a weight limit so don’t ever try to put weight more than its limit otherwise it will get out of order. Most of the modern maxi climber has the weight limit up to 240 pounds, so if you are tipping the scale more than that you should decide to drop some weight before using it.

Is this workout is tough?

When you use maxi climber your body weight causes resistance. The more exercise you will do the more calories you will burn and thus will lose weight and remain physically fit.

It’s a fact that if you move slowly, you have an easy workout and it will take more time to burn your calories than at faster speed. Slow speed workout will help you to shape your muscles but will be less effective to lose your weight.

How to use it?

Keep your back straight with the upper body still and hips squared. Hold the handles and push down the left foot as you push up the left handle. Repeat this step several times.

Pros vs. Cons:


  1. Fast and easy exercise that helps to lose your weight and tunes the muscles of the entire body.
  2. It makes your muscles strong and improves heart fitness by cardiovascular treatment.
  3. Its height can be adjusted to five different levels depending on the height of the individual.
  4. It occupies little space so can be easily adjusted at home.
  5. It does not produce any noise so works silently.
  6. Easy to handle.
  7. Can be easily assembled.
  8. Available at an affordable price as compared to other fitness machines available in gyms.
  9. It has isometric grips that make it comfortable to use.


  1. It has specific weight limit up to 240 pounds.
  2. The whole workout depends on your body weight. For more hard and difficult workout you have to lengthen your steps.

My Final Verdict:

Maxi climber is the easy way to improve the quality of life within affordable range. If you spend more time in the tough workout, you will get more fast and good results than that you will get from the gym after spending a lot of money.

You are sculpting lean muscles in almost every muscle group by using a single machine piece. It has more advantages than its negative aspects. So apparently there is no reason to reject it. Try it once hopefully you will like it and really enjoy the workout. It will bring positive outcomes for you.

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