Master Personal Trainer Program Review – Does It Worth Joining?

Find a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) or find a Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT) that can really help you take charge of your life. We as a human being always wanted to get that healthy lifestyle.

We are searching for trainers with the training specialties like: weight loss, toning, rehabilitation, nutrition, strength training, improvements in flexibility, reduce back pain, reduce belly fat, weight gain, sports fitness, prenatal fitness training, postnatal fitness training, teen fitness, fitness for children, Pilates, and Yoga.

Not all these things can be delivered to you from just one platform. But recently I noticed a platform with the name of Nesta where you will get most of these things under one roof. The program they have introduced is with the name of NESTA Master Personal Trainer Certification Bundle.


What is Included in This Certification?

Once you join this program there you will be eligible for 5 certifications plus the Master Personal Trainer (MPT) designation which covers the following areas of specialties:

  • Personal Fitness Trainer (PFT) Certification
  • Functional Training Specialist (FTS)
  • Core Conditioning Specialist (CCS)
  • Biomechanics Specialist (BMS) and Speed
  • Agility & Quickness (SAQ) Specialist.

i. Total Continuing Education Units (CEUs): *8.5 NESTA CEUs, 4.5 ISSA CEUs, 2.0 24 Hour Fitness CEU’s

* Up to 13 Continuing Education Units may be applied but it all depends on exam version of each program component.

ii. Recertification Requirements: Personal Fitness Trainer Certification (PFT) will get expired after 4 years and you need to renewal thereafter. Rest of all other certifications do not expire.

iii. Prerequisites: There is no prerequisites for joining this program.

iv. Exam Requirement: The Personal Fitness Trainer (PFT) exam is a proctored exam and is taken at the PSI testing center in your area. While all others are non-proctored online exams.

v. Completion Period: The Personal Fitness Trainer (PFT) segment must be completed within ninety (90) days of buying.  All other certifications be completed within one full year upon successfully completing the PFT exam.

Why Choose Nesta?

Choosing the right personal trainer for you is crucial for you to get the best results.  Choosing poorly can deliver disappointing or no results for your hard work, disinterest, injury and missed work, and simply be a waste of good money! 

Take your time and research your options as you would a doctor or're going to place your health and well-being in the trainer's hands. 

Although there are several factors involved in your decision, we have rated the following criteria based upon importance: personality, credentials, insurance, experience, convenience, and cost.

The most important criteria are credentials. Of course, you want someone that is certified, who has the knowledge to ensure your safe and effective workouts.  But not all certifications are created equal.  Even before the Internet, scam artists were selling fake diplomas via classified ads. 

It is possible to find many personal training certifications for $50 or less including "study materials".  Would you go to your dentist if you knew he got his certification after studying a 140-page handbook and taking his final exam on the Internet?  Many trainers have a four-year degree in a fitness-related field like kinesiology.

Master Personal Trainer is a certified program that is very popular online and people are actually trusting it.

And now to cost.  Why is cost on the bottom of the list?  As with most things in life, you establish your criteria then consider the most cost-effective solutions. 

You should know that most personal trainers’ sessions range between $40-$80 per hour and that your location is one of the primary rate drivers.  Simply, if you live in a more expensive area, the trainers generally charge more there due to the higher cost of living.  

Don't shop for the least expensive trainer just as you wouldn't shop for the cheapest dentist.  You may end up with a painful reminder of sub-standard treatment.  Find the best trainer within your budget that meets all your criteria.

Nest offers these certifications at the cost of single payment of $997 and you will become an elite level fitness professional.

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