Masszymes Bioptimizers Review 2021 – Does This Formula Work?

If you want an honest look at the Masszymes Bioptimizers enzyme formula, then you are in the right place.

Masszymes has brought up a few interesting concepts of bodybuilding and has delved deep into the diet plan of bodybuilders that contrasts the common fitness rules out there. You are going to get new approaches in the system and a few tweaks to what you are already using, as a muscle mass builder. Keep reading my masszymes Bioptimizers Advanced Enzyme Formula review to know more.

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Product Name: Masszymes Bioptimizers Advanced Enzyme FormulaMasszymes Bioptimizers Advanced Enzyme Formula Review
Website Address:
Owner: Wade T Lightheart
Price: Depends on the package
Rankings: 92 out of 100

Masszymes Bioptimizers Advanced Enzyme Formula Review – Introduction:

The fitness industry keeps evolving, and new discoveries are made almost everyday, but you need to be aware of the fact that many discoveries that get published are not really legit and are usually made up by people who want power and prestige within the industry, and more profits for their products.

You are going to find many products with the hype that they have been approved and even rewarded for being the most effective fitness programs. And you will think the claims are actually real, just to get more information about the program and realize that the owner of it was a self-crowned “fitness guru” who doesn’t have the slightest bit of clue of how things actually work.

So please beware of such people as they are going to take you down the wrong lane and make your already worse situation, even more problematic!

But don’t worry I will help you uncover these scammers. In fact, let’s see if this is one of them.

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What is the Masszymes Bioptimizers Advanced Enzyme Formula?

This is a program that brings up the need for taking the “right” supplements to help see that your body uses up all the protein you take in, and that is achieved by helping activate the enzymes in your body, especially the enzyme protease.You are told that your body doesn’t get to fully digest all the proteins you take in.

If you happen to eat chicken breast with 40g worth of proteins, it doesn’t mean that your body actually gets the 40g of protein, in their entirety. If you don’t have the enzymes fully activated to digest the food and convert the proteins into amino acids which are body building blocks, you will most likely flush the most of the proteins down the toilet.

Basically, you will want to make sure that your enzyme protease is fully activated, or if you have less of it in your body, you will want to stuff it in there, if at all you want to get out of the bodybuilding plateaus you have been on for the last few months or years.

The creator of the system is none other than Wade T. Lightheart. There is no information about him apart from the fact that he is an athlete, a nutritionist and an author. No information on how he has been doing this through the years and such, but one thing is for sure; this guy knows a bunch about fitness and how the body works.

It is true that the body takes in more proteins than it digests, simply because the proteins don’t get to be digested fully, making them go out of the body unused. I also love the fact that he is aware of scams online who overestimate a product and often give it a false value just to have it sell.

One more thing that was true about him, the fact about the amount of protease in the most commonly used supplements out there, it just isn’t enough to help take the digestion to new levels and have it fully digested to have all the protein you take in get converted to muscle. So, up to that point, he is worth listening to since he is working with legit information.

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How Does it Work?

To start with, the more you overcook your food, the less nutritional value you are going to get off of it. So you need to make sure you give the food time to cook until it is ready, but not too much of it so that you don’t leave the good stuff on the sides of the pan or have it evaporated.

This system is downright simple.

You are dealing with your diet, and getting you to make every ounce count in your body. And as I said, you may be eating much protein but seeing less than expected results in your body. And all this can be attributed to a broken down digestive enzyme, protease, that means a lot to your digestive tract.

If you have less of this enzyme, then chances are that you are not really making the most of your foods and your body. And if you have been struggling with bodybuilding plateaus, that may be one of the reasons.

Now, Wade wants to address this issue once and for all.

That’s why he has come up with the supplement that helps you pick up more of the enzyme, protease, in your body to have your digestion go to completion the proper way. You get the supplement that has got perhaps the greatest amount of protease concentration on the market.

And what this protease is going to do is to make sure that, first, you are getting to benefit from all what you eat, and you also get to eat little but still see more muscle growth. Let’s take a deeper look into that. When you take in the supplement, you are going to increase the quantity of protease in your tract.

And this means that you are going to make the digestive tract to work at its best, that is, digest all the food that passes through it, and see that the proteins are converted into amino acids and transported to the body tissues that need them for muscle growth.

You are going to get a supplement that gives you more protease than you have been getting all this while. To be precise, you get 84,000 huts of protease in the Masszymes supplement. And since you may be wondering what this means, if you look at what the other supplements have been giving you, you will see that the other supplements have been giving you almost a quarter of that, if any.

And then they have been adding some other cheap enzymes you already have like lipase, which digests fats and amylase, which digests carbohydrates. Also, the way an enzyme works at different pH levels matters a lot.

And these other supplements have been getting your enzymes to work the poorest at given PH values. But you get this solved with the Masszymes supplement. You will have it working the best. With the protease you get here, which is 3 phased, you get the enzyme working from the pH value of 2 all the way to 12 making sure that all the food is well digested and all the nutrients well absorbed. By doing this, you will see many benefits getting in. Some of which are:

• Faster Muscle Growth – You are going to see your muscle growth soar to new heights as you will have a complete and effective protein breakdown which will give you enough nutrients that are important for myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.

• Faster Recovery – Since you will be having plenty of amino acids, whenever you get muscle strains or issues week your fibers, amino acids are there to help with cellular repairs.

• Improved Gastrointestinal Wellness – When you don’t have enough protein intake, you will often find yourself having constipation and bloating. And this new ability to go to help bring that to an end and help you have an overall improved gastrointestinal wellness.

And you also get other benefits like:

• Boosts your workout energy
• Decreases the need for more time to sleep and recovery
• Enhances your immune system
• Increases your mental focus

Who is it For?

This supplementation program is pretty much for everyone. I say this because odds are almost everyone who has been on any fitness programs or is a fitness enthusiast, and has been having difficulties with improving their bodies and seeing a noticeable difference, are probably having troubles with this.

And by getting to improve your digestive system, you will be able to make more progress more than you have been doing. I believe that everyone can make their bodies grow more in size and mass if they use this supplementation wisely. If you make sure, you are eating a good portion of proteins, and then, by using Masszymes, you know you have a smooth digestion, your muscle growth, as well as your overall growth, will be a daily thing.

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What is Included in the Program?

The supplementation comes in 3 packages. Like most programs, you get to have the packages in groups of 1, 3 and 6.

When you choose to buy just one bottle, the first package, you will be paying $69, and you will also have to subscribe to the monthly delivery of one bottle a month. And this will have your account charged the same $69 every month until you say it is enough. And you should also note that this cost includes shipping if you are within the US, so your are not paying more for that. The package usually goes for $89.95, and if am not wrong, they are telling you that you are getting a 23% discount.

The second package comes with three bottles and is highly recommended for people who have got digestive issues like bowel, gas, acid reflux, bloating and constipation. You are paying $177 for this, not inclusive of shipping outside the United States. You will also be charged the same amount every month as you will be sent the same package every month.

The third package is the heaviest. It drags along six bottles a, and you will have to pay $297 for it, and then the same principles as the other packages apply, you will keep receiving the package every month and have the same amount deducted. But you can always stop it at any time.

For shipping outside the United States, you will pay from $7 to almost $40, for any package in any part of the world.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• You will be getting a formula that helps you unblock the digestive tract that is going to help you start getting more nutritional benefits than you have been getting, with the same quantity of food you have been eating.

• The price you pay for this program is reasonable. Based on the value you are getting, and the huge discounts, you will see that the price is well worth the value.

• This stuff works, even Mike Westerdal, the author of the muscle mass program called Critical Bench, endorses it! And since it works well with his program which focuses on building muscle mass, it means that it really is effective.

• You get to learn a lot about how your digestive system works and how foods are converted to muscle, which will help you open your eyes to a whole lot of insight that will help you down the road.

• You get a lot of amazing benefits all at once like energy boost, mental focus, boosting your immunity, faster recovery and muscle growth, which will bring noticeable changes in your body.

The Cons

• You are going to find this online, which means that, if you are outside the USA, you will have to wait for days before you get your hands on it.

• You will want to practice some patience before you get to see massive results. You will have to go through a period of taking the supplements for weeks to start seeing good results.

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Final Verdict:

This program is generally good. You are going get more protease in your body that will help you start noticing some progress after every workout and dieting, and this basically means more muscle mass for you. You are also getting a 60 days money back guarantee that lets you put the system to the test, without running the risk of losing your money in case you don’t see results that please you. If you are not happy with just about anything in the program, within the 60 days that follow your purchase, you can ask for a 100% refund and get it without any gimmicks or hassles.

Final Verdict – LEGIT!

Name: Masszymes Bioptimizers Advanced Enzyme Formula
Owner: Wade T Lightheart
Price: Depends on the package
Rankings: 92 out of 100

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Used the Masszymes? Did you feel the energy boost that was promised? Anything interesting about the program? Anything suspicious? Are you on a monthly subscription? How are you getting along? Please leave your feedback.

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