What is the Proper Diet for Fitness?

People today are more conscious about their diet and fitness than they were in the past. Many are wanting to sculpt their bodies to get that magazine-cover look. 

That is why so many gyms and fitness centers have shown up to fill the need of these people.  

You can find exercise machines, and weight loss products and they are making their way to people’s houses.

I was listening online to one of the fitness and nutrition expert. He said; “if you want abs, it all starts in the kitchen.” 

It is so true because you need more than just exercise to get the body you want. You also need to eat a balanced diet so that you get the right amount of proteins, carbs, and fats from your nutrition.

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High Carb or High Fat Diet?

You should get the essential nutrition to restore muscles from your fitness diet. The fitness craze has many experts weighing in with different dieting strategies.  

The two most popular are the high carbs or high-fat diets.  

How do you know which one works the best? Which one should you choose to follow? 

Looking at the differences between these two diets is a good place to start, and both are just as the name implies.

Your high carb diets focus on eating foods that are carbohydrate-rich while high-fat diets support eating fat-rich foods.

High carb diets use glycogen stored in the muscles and liver. It is a glucose complex that gives you lots of energy which is great for doing anaerobic exercises. 

Fats are well known for being one of the richest sources of calories. 

They actually contain two and a half times more calories than carbohydrates and proteins. Studies show that it takes the body twenty-four calories to metabolize carbohydrates and only it takes three to burn down fat.

So which one should you follow? 

You can either follow a high carb and low fat, or a high fat and low carb diet. We do not recommend for you to follow both at the same time because doing will make you gain body fat.

If you are a sport guy or an athlete, it is better to go for a lower fat diet so you can get more carbs for fueling and protein for muscle growth and repair. If you have a plan to become a sport nutritionist and build career in this field then you should join Nesta Certification program.  

Lifestyle Choice

A fitness diet is not just about losing fat since you must think about your diet to keep fat off. Consistent weight loss is only achievable with a diet based on your food preferences, lifestyle, medical history, and safety factors.

There are many programs that can help you drop excess pounds, but only the one that suits you is the one that can help you stay sexy. 

Some other things for you to consider when planning your fitness diet are balance, variation, and moderation.  

You have to make sure you are careful so you don’t leave out vital vitamins and nutrients needed for a healthy body. Health and medical organizations give you clear guidelines showing the amounts of vitamins and nutrients you should have in the body.

High carbs low fats, or high fats low carbs? Everyone wants to know which one works best.  

You are asking the wrong question instead, you should ask which one will work best for you. Getting that healthy, sexy body does not have to be a chore. 

It doesn’t mean you have to eat the same foods the rest of your life. With such a wide variety of foods out there it is okay for you to be daring and see which one best works for you. 

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