Jordan White 60 Day Fix System Review – The Truth Revealed!

If you have heard of this program through a friend, social media or an email, or perhaps some other way, and would like to know if it really delivers what it’s praised for, then you are going to want to read this to the end.

I got to hear of this product myself a while ago, and as sinking my teeth into any fitness program that is mentioned to me is my second nature, I had some quiet time to dive deep into it and see if it was really the effective product that some of my most influential friends in the fitness industry were claiming to be.

My 60 day fix review has all that you want to know about it, so be sure to read it through to the end to get to know it in its entirety and also use my final verdict on it, to make up your mind on whether to go for it or just look for something else that suits you best.

So here we go…

Product Name: 60 Day Fix60 Day Fix review
Website Address:
Owner: Jordan White
Price: $10 (discount, if you buy now), $50 (normal price)
Rankings: 86 out of 100

60 Day Fix Review – Introduction:

Have you noticed how much the fitness industry has been infiltrated by many individuals coming up with these “unique” approaches to loosing weight and getting lean bodies? Have you seen how a lot of conflicting information is being published on the web and through fitness programs? Have you seen how one fitness expert tries to badmouth other fitness products? Just to make more sales than it?

Well, if you take a good look at all these products and recommendations, you are going to find that they can easily confuse and greatly mislead you into using strategies and equipment that will only make your condition worse. But one thing you are going to want to do if you are dead set on loosing weight or getting your body jacked is always to keep your eyes peeled for the programs that are really legit and those that actually work.

Yes, a huge percentage of the programs you find being created every day are just scams products trying to convince you how their unique approach, based on the new scientific findings, is going to help you achieve your fitness goals. And they go ahead to support it with some new foods that are filled with even more toxins than you may probably be having and put in you in a more serious state than you were in before using them. And this needs a careful approach to get this whole fitness thing to work right for you.

But you may ask, “How am I going to know the legit ones? ”

Well, the answer to that is quite simple! You don’t have to bang your head against the wall trying to go through and examine every product that has been launched; that’s why things like web product reviews, video reviews, and personal reviews, to mention a few are all over the internet.

All these give you a handful of information that is going to be crucial in making your decision on whether to take on the program or not. Reading product reviews on the web from fitness bloggers like myself gives you an insight into how to detect a scam right off the bat. You get to spot the red flags through the video presentations that come with the actual fitness product and see how they plan to rip you off. Video reviews from YouTube are yet another great way to know more about the product.

Here, you are going to find “YouTubers” telling their personal experience with the product, showing you their results after they’ve gone through the program’s workout strategies.

Personal reviews are also key things that you should take into consideration whenever you are about to make a purchase of any product online. The reviews are from real people who have used the product and have gotten to experience the true value of it.

And with the overall star ratings they give the product, you can assess the product’s true value and see if it really is going to help you achieve the specific needs you had in mind, initially. Nowadays, you don’t have to buy any product blindly since people have taken it upon themselves to share with others what using a product felt like and make them aware of the essential things they need to know, which the merchants and creators of the product often don’t tell you upfront, before buying it.

And to get even more illustrative with this, let me show you the essential things you need to know about the 60-day fix fitness program before you go about getting it.

What is 60-day fix?

This is a fitness program that is set to help you lose weight significantly, not with endless workouts and weight lifting, but with easy to use and follow strategies, which trace their origin from the Bible. According to the creator of the program, you get to tap into the Bible’s revelation of the new foods that have the healing power to help melt fat off your body, with low calories and high rejuvenating power.

It is said that this is a strategy that would pull the whole fitness industry off the market as it is easy to use, gives more benefit than what other average fitness solutions give, and brings out the weak points of these regular programs quite clearly.

The mastermind creation of this product is from Jordan White, formerly known as Father Jordan. He was once a military chaplain who escaped the nozzle of the famous deadly gun, Jericho 941, and miraculously managed to cheat death by climbing the rooftop using the rope that was meant to end his life.

And, as he puts it, he feels that he thinks the reason he didn’t die was to fulfill the purpose of bringing this new biblical revelation about fitness into the awareness of everyone in the world. Well, the idea didn’t exactly come from him but from his family. His wife, to be more precise, brought this about as she was suffering from obesity and had survived a stroke, but was on the verge of death.

So, Michael, a student who had been dismissed from a reputable university after discovering this revelation about fitness in the Bible, and who like a good friend of his from among his congregation, came to him after he saw how he was struggling to help his wife reduce her weight.

And it was after having his wife use the step by step instructions written on a 150 pages notebook by the student, and have it actually work for her, that Jordan was pushed to help other people, especially Christians who are struggling with her wife thing this problem to a permanent rest.

How Does it Work?

Well, Jordan says that you are going to get 12 highly nutritional foods that the Bible recommends you use to keep healthy and fit. He also adds in a few workouts on top to get your body up and running to hasten the metabolic process that helps increase the fat loss process. And with close cooperation with the program’s strategies, you can lose pounds of stubborn fat in weeks, as the people, he’s shown in his video presentation.

But then you would ask, “What is the gist of this program?”

And to answer you on that, I would say that all the foods and exercises target two main key players of quick weight loss. And these are:

• Sugar Levels in Your Body

As Michael found out, the pancreas makes more insulin than the body needs. And this poses a great problem to the sugar levels in your body. Ideally, the sugar level should be kept moderate, but since insulin is always in high quantities, the sugar levels drop drastically which makes the normal body functioning go wrong.

And for this to be made perfect, the body responds to this trigger by creating a strong craving for sugary foods so that, when you take in more foods of this kind, the levels come up and balance off.

Now, for this state to work right, as it normally should, you need to eat the right foods including natural herbs, minerals and antioxidants, and this program gives the right recipe for you to have this whole thing working right. And when the sugar levels are stable, your efforts to loose weight will start to pay off.

• Toxins

For the past decade, your body has gathered up a lot of toxins which are very harmful to your overall health. And through the secret foods that will help wipe off the toxins that you will be shown, you are going to have an easier time working out and getting to see rewarding results that will help you feel way lighter than before, energetic and ten years younger.

With these happening, you will be well able to keep the fat loss clock ticking throughout the day and even help you lose more and more inches while you are resting and even sleeping. And the good thing about this is that you don’t have to tire your body down by spending 5 to 8 hours in the gym trying to burn fat the hard way. What you are taught here literally takes just a few minutes of your every morning, and give you ample time to prepare for work.

You can also look at other programs that may also suits you: body beast, adonis golden ratio, aesthetic muscle plan.

Who is it For?

This program is not restricted to anyone out there. Anyone can safely use this program and get the right results if they are willing to put in the effort required to make it work. It is great for both men and women, regardless of their age, weight and even current medical conditions. It doesn’t require much effort, and it’s definitely not straining for a person with poor health or extremely overweight, so no one is going to be disadvantaged here.

But there is actually a pocket of folks that may not see results or rather get to have what they are looking for in this program. And this includes this person who is looking for:

• Shortcuts to Weight Loss – Although there is a convenient strategy, easy to implement by anyone who wants to see good results in a relatively short time, this is by no means a shortcut. There is still effort to put into it. And in actual sense, there is no real shortcut to achieving a good physique anywhere else. There is a process, a path, that everyone must for through to get there.

• Recommended Steroids – If you want a good fit of steroids that will melt all that fat in an instant and build up a huge pack of muscles with steroids, then, here, you have the wrong product. Using steroids sure seems great and amazing at first, since you get to see how your body is growing fast, but rest assured that you won’t go for long with that desirable body. When the side effects start setting in, and take full control over you, your body will be in a worse state that it initially was, before you started using them.

What is Included In the Program?

60-day fix program is quite a program. And there are a few things it drags along to ensure that you get your best match of resources to gear you straight towards your goals, and then some. And to see how well these resources are, let’s catch a quick glimpse of what the program includes for its users:

• The 60 Day Fix Diet System 21 Day Jump Start Guide – This is basically the quick guide that takes you through the strategies that will be helping you lower your blood sugar levels, insulin and help boost the rate of metabolism in your body which will only hasten the speed at which you burn fat.

• The 60 Day Fix Diet System 3 – Minute Body Fat Buster Video – This is the part where you are taught to spare just 3 minutes of your morning to get into some exercises that will be melting and boiling up the Fat from the most difficult parts of your body to shed weight off of. Here you are going to learn how, with the shortest time possible, you can manage to get the most done with your body.

• The 60 Day Fix Diet System Secrets to Losing Unwanted Weight Fast and Keeping it Off – Here is where you are taught to combine the natural herbs, minerals, and nutrients in your diets from the 12 foods revealed in the Bible with your 3 minutes workouts every day, along with some other exciting secrets, that I won’t mention here, but am sure you are going to love, to completely shed off what you don’t want to have and gain more of what you desire. You should check this out.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• This is a program for everyone, and this means that you can work out with your partner from the comfort of your home without having to purchase two different fitness products. And this will save you money and get you to enjoy your 3 minutes workout together.

• This handles the main critical aspects of fitness that almost all other fitness products out there seem to ignore. It works with natural foods, most of which, other programs don’t use or even know about, but really go a long way in helping your body, in many ways.

• It is very easy to use and doesn’t necessarily need a person who’s been in the industry for a long time to work perfectly with and understand major terminologies and concepts.

• The product, as with all other Clickbank products, gives a 60 days money back guarantee where you get to use the product and if you don’t feel any different in 60 days. You can ask for a refund and still get your money without any questions asked or the process getting complicated.

• You only get to work out 3 minutes every day, which is very convenient especially for someone who has got a very busy schedule to meet. You can incorporate this easily without having major delays for the tasks in your typical day.

• No equipment, so you won’t be spending more bucks on buying the equipment needed to go through the program successfully and see it working for you.

The Cons

• The program can only be accessed online. And this definitely means that you got to have a strong internet connection to take on this smoothly.

• The strategy to loose weight is good and easy to perform, but it sounds somewhat scammy at first. You may tempt to skip it as it sounds so easy throughout.

Final Verdict:

Well, looking at the way the program operates generally, Jordan has really put up a wonderful program. His strategies don’t really get along with the other fitness trainers’ opinions and suggestions, which may be a good thing for someone who’s been on one product after the other and has never gotten to shed even an ounce of fat. This strategic approach may work for you (you who may have gone through this discouraging experience) if you just believe and work through it with all your heart.

The fact that you also get the 60-day money back guarantee the kind of gives someone the confidence of, “If he’s giving this long time of a guarantee, then this must be working.” But you need to understand that Clickbank, where this product will be purchased from, gives all of its products this long guarantee, so it’s not much about the trust but the terms and conditions. But both ways, the 60-day fix is a wonderful fitness training that you are going to love.

Is this program a scam? Am sure you’ve seen with your own two eyes that it’s not. And it sure isn’t one.

Final verdict – Legit!
Name: 60 Day Fix
Owner: Jordan White
Price: $10 (discount, if you buy now), $50 (normal price)
Rankings: 86 out of 100

Have you used the 60-day fix program before? What did it feel like? Did you get to see the results you hoped for? In their entirety? Is this something you could work with if you happened, just by chance, to regain weight? We would all love to hear what you have to say about it. Please leave your feedback below, and we will be grateful. Thanks in advance.

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