John Rowley E-Factor Diet Review – A Great Insight Here!

If you want to know about the new program that has brought so much activity on social and most fitness forums, the e-factor diet by John Rowley, then this is your best bet to get all you want.

I’ve been on this program for a while now, digging deep into systems to see whether it delivers what it promises or whether it’s just another over hyped product that just wants to have the sales counting when nothing on the other side is exciting.

And I must tell you; I have managed to gather quite some information on it, which I would like share with you today. So I would l like to ask you to give me the next 3 minutes of your precious time to get to know this program in its entirety.

I can assure you that all you want to know about this program is in this e-factor diet review, and things get exciting at the end of the post where I’ve left you my final thoughts on it to help you know if this is going to help you seal the deal or not.

But I can assure that you are going to love what I’ve included for you at the very end.

So without too much talk, let’s get right into it.

Product Name: E-Factor DietE-Factor Diet Review
Website Address:
Owner: John Rowley
Price: Discounted price of $29
Rankings: 93 out of 100

E-Factor Diet Review – Introduction:

Healthy diets have now become a thing of the past if the newly launched fitness programs are anything to go by. You are going to find many programs that are coming up claiming that the dieting plans that people have been recommended to use by fitness trainers in the past have been misleading them and their bodies, contributing to more fat gain through the years.

And more research is being carried out to see if this is the exact reason why most people, especially over the age of 40 have been having such a difficult time trying to lose weight. Well, I have to admit that they are the reason why most people who have got huge cravings often gain more weight than they initially had, as the restraint of the high carb favorite foods leads them to binges that bring all the lost fast back, in even higher quantities.

While this is the case, you are still going to find people coming up with some fancy programs, claiming they support the idea of working with all types of foods, mostly the high carb ones, to help folks torch off the stubborn fat without having to give up their favorite meals and snacks, or having to carry the guilt of cheating the strict dieting plans due to strong cravings. But helping people is not their actual intentions.

What they are overly concerned with are the few bucks people will be dishing out for the so-called “considerate fitness programs.” They will do their best to have you completely believe in them. They are going to get photos of people who have been on various programs and have gotten pretty good results and add them on their sales page. They will also buy permission to have the program associated with an influential doctor in the country who has been featured in health magazines and television to have you completely trust the worth and credibility of the program.

And would it be a wonder if e factor diet system worked like that? Does it pay people to have it sell? Is it more focused on the money than helping people get lean and fit? There’s only one way to figure that out, and that is by delving into and seeing how it actually works, to see if things in there make sense or not.

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So let’s do that right away…

What is the E-Factor Diet?

This is a fitness program that claims to have a great technique for helping you lose weight without ever having to give up any of your favorite foods, but only shift them to time they give you the most benefits. The system claims that all the foods you have had to this point are extremely beneficial, even the last piece of pizza you had this morning.

It all comes down to when you are eating rather than what you are eating. According to the owner whatever you take in your body, can be of great use, if you had it at exactly the time your body needed it the most. And this program is set to show you when your body is in need of which foods, what types of them exactly it is craving for and how to give it the optimum nutrition from whatever you will be eating. So with this, you can rest easy knowing that all your favorite cakes and cookies are on the menu.

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The working mind behind the rolling wheels of the program is John Rowley. This is a respected figure within the fitness industry. He is a fitness expert who’s often referred to as “America’s Lifestyle Strategist” and has been featured in Fox News, Martha Stewart Show, PBS, US News and NBC. This is also a guy who has gone through the weight loss plateaus, and known what it is really like to be stuck with massive weight without seeing any changes in his body no matter how much effort he put into the conventional systems created by the so-called “fitness gurus.”

He has been quite successful with some programs and books he has published in the past including the Power of Positive Fitness, Old School New Body and Climbing the Ladder of Success Without Running out of Gas. This is one expert who knows what he is teaching, and all the techniques you learn here are the same thing he has been using to keep his body that jacked all this long, by the way, have you seen it?

How Does it Work?

As mentioned earlier, this program is more focused on when you are eating the food you usually eat. So to start with, you are allowed to eat all the foods you are currently on. But you now need to know when to eat them. This is what Jared, the voice behind the video presentation of the program says was the key to unlocking the” weight loss treasure chest.” Now for this to work well for you, you need to understand the concept of eating specific foods at specific times.

And these foods are called the “E Factor Foods.”

These foods come in categories as well as with different features. So I suggest we look into them all.

1. Energetic Foods

Here, you are taught the three energy foods you are taking for breakfast that you think are healthy, which are actually big time killers. People have them thinking they are supposed to give them energy when all they do is to have you completely dependent on sugar foods.

They make you crave more sugar to have you sustain the high energy of sugar the foods have made your body get used to. And this crashes your metabolism. But if you eat these same foods during the day, you are not going to experience the cravings at all.

2. Endothermic Foods

These are the foods which you should be taking for breakfast. Here, you get a list of foods that activate your fat burning hormones that only work when you take the right foods at the right time. They will trigger your fat burning hormones and release your fat cells and deplete all your stored fat. This happens best when you are dead asleep which will require less of your efforts getting into workouts or even have to starve yourself to achieve this.

3. Enzymatic Foods

These are the foods that you take to help get your digestive system on track. As stated in the promo video, your are not what you eat; you are what you digest. And if your digesting is all wrong, infected with the “gut Fungus” or the “gut bug” which literally eats up all the sugar in your buddy and give you more cravings for it to help keep it alive.

And when all this is happening, your digestion goes in chaos making all the water you drink make your body swell up making you look like you have been stung by a bee. The list of foods you get here is set to help kill the gut fungus and help release the water that keeps you puffed up.

4. Enjoy Your Foods (Enjoyment Factor)

This is the most important factor of all the four. You have to enjoy the meals you are having. The reason for this is, no matter how great and effective the meal plan is, if you are not enjoying it, it is going to be very hard to keep at it and see the results you want to see.

But if you get a program that is full of meals you actually love, it is going to be very easy to follow it as you are in your comfort zone, and you are “naturally” loving the program, which is the whole essence of it, and what makes you get the kind of body you want.

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Who is it For?

This program is great for pretty much anyone who wants to lose weight and lean up to the exciting way. If you want to get into the best shape ever without having to struggle with healthy foods that are the least bit interesting and tasty, and want the program that will help you use what you love and what you have to get into the shape that you want, then this should be the ideal fit for you.

You are going to learn how to tweak the current meal plan you are using to gain maximum benefits out of it. And this will help you see that losing weight is, in fact, a reality. So, you don’t have to keep on eating food that you don’t love just for the sake of shedding extra pounds when you have a much better, more accommodating solution for you.

But you need to be mentally prepared that, although this program seems like the real deal for you, it may not really be it, if what you are looking for is:

• Sleep Through Weight Loss program – If all you want is a program that will help you get what you want and sleep all you want without having to do anything else, then this one will not get to help you with that. With this, you have to put the required effort into it to make the necessary tweaks to your diet to start seeing improvements in a sheet while.

You will want to follow through the program, as most of the hard stuff has been handled for you, and get to implement exactly as you are taught so that you get to work properly towards the right direction and notice a great body building up through the days after you start using it.

• A Magic Weight Loss Pill – If you still hold on to the idea that there is a magic pill out there in a program that will help you lean up and naturally burn fat without having to move a single muscle or change what you are currently eating, then you should be prepared to wait for a long, long time for that. And odds are it won’t come.

So I highly suggest that you think this over and see the opportunity you are getting in this program to build your body and stop waiting for this pill, which was a marketing hype that was used by scams a few years ago and starts working with the real thing.

What is included in the program?

The program has come with many resources to pick up the right information in you to help you get only the best results. You also get a few other bonuses to help you perfect your body, and help keep it that way for many years to come.

So you will want to make the most of these resources if you want to get to know how your body works, what has been stopping you from achieving the kind of lean physique you have always wanted, and what you can do, in your case, to see that you have gotten the exact measure of leanness you have always held in your imaginations.

And the resources you get here include:

  • E-Factor weight loss handbook – The main guide
  • Meal Planning Blueprint – This shows you how to plan your meals and have them at exactly the right time they count in your body.
  • Grocery Guide – This gives you all the foods you are going to need in the program which are easily accessible and which will quicken your lane to weight loss.
  • Cheat Your Way Trim – This gives you the list of foods you love rich in carbs, which are compulsory for your journey to yield good results.

And now comes the Bonuses!

1. Fast Food Guide – With this, you get to learn the best fast foods you can have, which are going to contribute to your ability to lose more weight in a short time. And the good thing about it is that you get 9 pages packed with great value that includes the things you should have in your mind when you drive to McDonald’s or Starbucks.

2. Smoothie Shop – Are you are a fan of smoothies? This will get you going. As you may have heard, smoothies have been found to add more value towards shaking off some few inches off your belly. So John has gone into research and gotten for you the best smoothie recipes that are going to work great for you and blend in well with the other resources you get here.

3. All Day Energy Secrets – Hitting slightly past the age of 40, you will agree with me that your energy literally runs away from you. And since you are going to need tons of it, you will get the best possible ways to regain energy that you have lost in various activities. And you are going to get a few hacks including the best exercises to get into to get maximum energy in the shortest time possible without too much straining.

4 . Joint Recovery Workshop – Joint pains are another common occurrence of people in the “old age, ” and you are going to want to have control over this if you are to make good use of the program. So John got a joint expert and interviewed him on the best ways to go about various joint issues. And you get that interview in the form of audio, which is going to give you a huge deal of insight.

5. Elite Support Community – Well, you will want some advice, motivation, and support. And this is what you get here. You get access to a Facebook group for the program, where you get to communicate with John himself as well as some few other experts, who are part of the crew. You also have other members like you who are pushing through the program who can help you when you hit huge bumps in the program, and help you get back up and running.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• You are getting so much value in here. You get introduced to various concepts of fitness that are going to shape you up and show you how you go about it all.

• You are getting a diet plan that is going to fit you best. You no longer have to work with diets that are general and act as the same coat size for all.

• You get a unique perspective on the kind of things you should be thinking about, like the time you have to be eating what you actually should be, as opposed to what other regular programs tell you to look at, like calories and grams you eat.

• You get this program in digital forms, and that means that if you are really looking forward to starting on it, you can get into it in the next five minutes after you have completed your purchase.

• The price you get for this whole program is ridiculously low. Imagine all the resources you are getting, not including the bonuses. You will see that they are quite a handful, right?

• The program is easy to follow. You don’t have to be well versed with scientific terms to get value from this program. Things are well explained in layman’s terms.

• You get taken through the system by John, who is a great fitness trainer who has helped many celebrities and super athletes get in a desirable shape in a matter of weeks. So you are working with the right guy here!

The Cons

• You will require a stable internet connection if you want to get the most from their program and understand every word that comes out of John’s mouth very well to really hit it.

• You have to be prepared to give up some of your eating habits to fit into the system well enough to see good progress and ultimately amazing results that will drop your friends’ jaws.

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Final Verdict:

That is so much to cover in the program. But it only shows how John is really dedicated to helping you put a stop to your training plateaus and start seeing more encouraging results that will motivate you to keep going and hit the milestone you have set for yourself. Something that made happy about it is the fact that you don’t have to give up any of the foods you love. You are only going to push them to the next meal or the other way around.

But both ways, you are still going to eat them. And you never know, they might still turn out to be all the sweeter compared to the time you had them. And don’t forget, every time you eat as instructed, there is much more value added than hire you were previously doing it. And this makes your progress wheel keep rolling until you get there, and if you fail, you have a whole community of experts and like-minded people to help you get up, dust yourself off and get back in the saddle, with the right motivation.

And you get access to a 60 days money back guarantee with this product since it is Clickbank’s, where every product you buy comes with a reasonable guarantee. And this basically gives you the opportunity to see what the program is like, how helpful it is.

You can use the tips and techniques given in this program for two months and see if they are going to amount to anything worthwhile. If it does, you should keep working at it, but if you don’t see anything that pleases you, you are allowed to ask for a refund immediately. If you are within the sixty days of your initial purchase, you are going to get it all back to you account, every penny of it.

What you will have to do is send an email to John asking for the refund, and you will get it without having to feel awkward answering sensitive questions.

This is pure brilliance in my mind. First, you get a well-known expert to help you; you also get countless valuable resources to give you more knowledge and skills and finally, you get a full money back guarantee. It can’t get any better than this.

Final verdict – LEGIT!

Name: E Factor Diet
Owner: John Rowley
Price: Discounted price of $29
Rankings: 93 out of 100

Have you used the E Factor before? Have you ever had a private talk with John? What was it like? Did you get more insight into stuff you didn’t know? Did he and his program add any value to your life? Please leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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