Joe LoGalbo Anabolic Running Review – Does it Work?

Have you had this product catch your attention, someone mentioned it to you in the gym? Or decide to try it after struggling so much to keep fit and get your “family” together? Well, this is where you get the real truth about it.

I was intrigued to do this anabolic running review when I had a friend of mine praised the program for saving his “marriage” just like I heard it did for its owner. So I thought of running behind the scenes of this program and see if what my buddy was saying was really true.

And my results were quite shocking.

I’ll tell you everything you need to know and answer many of the questions running through your mind right now as you try to figure out if this is the real deal for you if this is the “fitness-bedroom” fix that you have been looking for all this while.

And I’ve included my final verdict on it to help you determine, and come to a more conscious conclusion if this is what you really want to work with to hit your target or just keep on researching for that perfect fit you want.

So let’s jump straight into it…

Product Name: Anabolic Running SystemAnabolic Running Review
Website Address:
Owner: Joe LoGalbo
Price: $19 ($15 discount now)
Rankings: 92 out of 100

Anabolic Running Review – Introduction:

Nowadays, it has become very difficult to know which kind of fitness programs are going to truly work for you. You are going to find many solutions on the shelves trying to show you what kind of problem you probably have with your body, that is keeping you from achieving your fitness goals.

They many creators of these fitness programs you get pushed to you usually begin convincing you this way. They will often start mentioning all the kinds of problems that they know face most fitness enthusiasts, one by one.

And slowly you will start connecting with them, whispering at the back of your mind, “These guys really understand my situation,” They will even mention other things that you had no clue about, and even get you wondering if you may be suffering the same signs without your knowledge.

After they have gotten your complete attention, they will then tell you not to worry because they have the solution to all these issues. And maybe this will get you excited, to know that there is someone out there comprehends what you are going through, and better still, have the best solutions to them.

And you keep reading, now with more attention and excitement. As you read on, you are then hooked to some story that relates to what you are going through. Maybe, have the owner tell you his experience with workouts that never got him the right physique that he badly wanted, got depressed and even stopped working out as instead of getting better, things got much worse for him.

And then one fine morning, something struck him, something eye-opening. He came to discover that all his efforts were not paying because of a hormone he had heard a commercial saying was the most important factor in burning fat and getting all leaned in.

And from there, he started researching, going through every workout resources he could place hands on. And then he came to discover something crucial that was a key player in fitness and that which most fitness trainers are blind to or are ignorant of. And then he’ll explain everything about it, pulling out some scientific facts and terminologies that kind of confuse you but still get you thrilled as they are linked to science.

From there, they are going to show you how wrong your workouts have been and how you need to make a transition very soon, and even some will practically force you on the actual product.

And this is how you end buying into most of the types.

But this doesn’t mean that all that you are told is false, or the stories are cooked up, no! There are those that are real, and you can feel the truth from inside since they are so natural. But you have to be very careful because even scam artists are smart enough to come up with extremely convincing stories that you can easily buy into.

To know the real stories, you just have to follow your gut instinct, and it will make everything plain and simple for you. Have you ever talked to someone who needed help and just when they started taking you could feel the lies building up? That was your gut instinct.

And you only need to follow through the story to tell it’s a big lie. This is the same instinct you need to make the most of when choosing the kind of fitness program you want to use to get in shape.

Another good way of knowing what really works, which may sometimes be better than following your intuition, is getting answers from real people who have actually used the program and seen what it really is like.

These profiles have got the first-hand experience which is going to give you the insider’s view of the product. With this, you will know whether all the things you were told were a hype or were really true. And you get these people who have used the program by reading online reviews of that particular product online. And I can assure you that you are sure to find more than ten online reviews for a single product.

And to show you how effective these personal reviews are, let me walk you through one review of whole Anabolic Running System right now to see what I mean.


What is the Anabolic Running System?

This is a fitness program that helps you as a man to improve the results of your workouts and also help your body your performance in the bedroom.

It is meant to increase the levels of testosterone production in your body, help you shake off some of the stubborn fat and build more muscles all the while improving your sexual performance, which has been noted to be a major problem most men face when working out.

This program only requires taking just 16 minutes of your busy schedule every day to do some sprint interval training. The program claims that you may have been doing exercises that defeminize you and get you softer and softer every day instead of being a strong man you naturally are.

The person who created this program is none other than Joe LoGalbo. This is a fitness enthusiast who was into marathons, which almost ruined his marriage.

What happened is, Joe was practicing for a marathon he was to be part of. And as he went on with his training, he noticed that he wasn’t really sexually active as he used to most of his nights.

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It was in early stages of marriage, where one is usually very active, that he started feeling very tired and uninterested. He could barely enjoy the moment with his wife, and it seemed more of an obligation to do it than a thrilling experience. Days after, things got even worse. He couldn’t get the little man down there to “up” and game on. And this depressed him very much.

In fact, he says that there was a time his wife took it like he has lost interest in her. And this got him all the more depressed.

So he went into research mode and found out that the cardio workouts he had been on were the ones responsible for all this mess, as they were destroying his testosterone levels. And from this research, a few medical consultations and a well-planned workout and diet came up this program.

How Does it Work?

Well, the program is focused on two main things, lactic acid, and nitric oxide. These are the two major players to successful training and ability to maintain the testosterone levels on your body as they were when you were young.

Joe says that most people who are used to taking morning jogs as a way of burning fat, but he strongly affirms that the jogs without this system will only make your body weak and have it make nothing of significance from the exercises.

You are going to learn how lactic acid helps in increasing testosterone levels and growth hormone. But basically, you need to understand that the moment your training has reached its summit, your anabolic juice is then able to get into your bloodstream. And this occurrence is commonly known as the lactic threshold, which plays a very big role in boosting the levels of these two hormones.

If you do your workouts in the lactic threshold for long periods of time, you are going to get a huge amount of increase in growth hormone, usually a 530% increase for just doing the training for about 30 seconds only.

The other thing is nitric oxide. This is a vasodilator which typically helps to make the blood vessels wider and make them capable of allowing in more blood into them which helps to strengthen a man and make him able to do the deed in the bedroom. This is why most erectile dysfunction pills do and are what most people who are aged run for.

Now with the lactic acid to help you make the most of your training, within the shortest time possible and also help you gain muscle mass, get your right match of physique as well as a general increase in body strength, and with the nitric oxide to help with the testosterone levels, I’m sure you can see how Joe has got everything about it handled for you.

You will also get to learn more on:

  • The whole significance of breathing through your nose.
  • The major mistakes you are making with your workouts, especially the high interval training exercises that reduce the production of testosterone to almost nothing.
  • The best natural oils that will help you increase the levels of your hormones by a whopping 22%.
  • A great mental ‘hack’ that will help you get the strength that you need to get into anything, and is only three minutes long.
  • A few creative ways to naturally improve your sex appeal to the fairer sex with your huge build and hormones.
  • How to increase the rate of your metabolism to help you keep burning fat even long after you are done with your workouts.

Who is it For?

This program is for men only. So women here will be just a little bit disadvantaged. Now men, if you are struggling with your exercises because you may not be getting the right you right results you are craving for, then you will want to get this to help show you where the problem is and show you the best way out.

If you are having a hard time performing in the bedroom as you were when you just got married, and you been trying all the E.D. pills which haven’t solved the problem completely but keep adding more complications to your body, then this will be your life changer. If you are also wondering how you are going to increase resistance in your training, this is going to give a good deal of insight into that.

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But, Joe says that this product isn’t for all men. And there’s a good pocket of people who won’t get anything from it. And these are:

• Those who want quick results – If you are the people who think there is a fast lane to getting your body jacked, have curved midsections and get everyone you passes breaking their neck, then you are not going to get that here. He clearly says that all this is achievable but with time. So you will want to exercise some patience here.

• Those who want yoga exercises – If because you’ve heard that you are going to get taught how to improve your body by understanding the great benefit in breathing through the nose and how best to improve this, you think that it is more of a yoga gig which you can use to perfect your Saturday morning yoga, then I can assure you that you won’t find this product any help to you.

• Those who are okay with a poor sex life – If you know you know that you are no longer enjoying it, and most often feels like a quick uninteresting activity, and you are not ready to do anything about it, then buying this product will not benefit you as it teaches you how to get everything in the bedroom back in order and make you feel like the master you always have been.

• Those who are not persevering – If you are kind of guys who give up on anything a few days after you’ve started, either because of the difficulty or not being “in the mood” for it, if you are the people who throw in the towel and forget all their goals after hitting a small bump, then you won’t get any benefits from this.

What Is Included in The Program?

Joe is really determined to help you change your depressing life for good. He has added some few extra bonuses to make the whole working out experience a great one and help you get even more knowledge of how your body works, especially the parts that you are more interesting on building, and help you also make the most of them, without having to buy expensive supplements or have to make regular visits to your doctor.

And these bonuses I’m talking about are:

• Shock and Awe Strength

The real value of the program is $27, but you are getting it free of any charges. This will help you get the strength your see on ripped guys on YouTube videos doing street muscle stunts and getting countless photos with beautiful women.

It is going to help you melt all the unnecessary fat on your body, fill up your frame with pure muscles and increase your body strength with workouts that will only need 6 minutes of your time.

• Testosterone Hacker Handbook

Want to get your male hormone into overdrive? This will get you that. You are going to learn a few shortcuts that will boost the testosterone levels in your body with seconds long workouts.

Don’t be worried about having used illegal drugs or supplements to do it, all these are completely safe to use and won’t get you spending more.They will help add more energy to your body and help you perform more under the sheets.

• Indoor Anabolic Running

This is a system that will take your training well through the cold seasons. You get a manual that lets you keep working out hard towards getting leaner muscles and less fat by taking advantage of the gym equipment in your home for cardio when it’s cold outside.

If you don’t have that equipment, you get tips on how to use your body weight to keep at this. So no stopping during winter.

• 17 Foods to Boost Libido

If you want more foods with tons of energy for your bedroom sport, this is going to give you 17 of them. And these will not only help you boost your energy levels but also help keep you young and active.

You no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars on pills and supplements that claim to quicken it up. There is only one thing that solves problems in the safest way possible, and that is nature.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• Gives you perhaps the deepest insight into two of the most important players to a great physique, and that is, lactic acid and nitric oxide.

• You get instant access to the program soon after you’ve made your purchase. And this means if you are the action-taker kind of people, you are going to be able to get working on it 5 minutes after you’ve ordered it.

• You only have to use the program 16 minutes a day, which is not a long time to get your tired and lazy or even make you late for work.

• I like the way Joe is willing to negotiate with you on the price to help you feel like you are not losing your hard earned money. He offers you the ability to get your hands on the program for $7 for the first seven days, and if you see it works, you will then be billed the rest of the amount.

• This is a great way to improve your testosterone levels without having to use E.D. pills that may not give you satisfaction and definitely bring you other effects that put your life at risk.

• All the exercises you will be doing here are backed up by scientific evidence that will show you exactly what you are doing and why you are doing it.

• You get to learn the best ways to increase the amount of nitric oxide in your body and help improve the rate of blood flow.

• This is the only program that helps you workout all the while improving your sexual performance, which is something most men have been looking for.

• The workouts are easy to do, and the program itself is very easy to follow along. There are no “techy” terms that will make your understanding of it poor and lead you to the wrong stuff.

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The Cons

• You get this program online only; you can’t order a hard copy. So you will want to arm yourself with a strong internet connection if you are to get the best experience from it.

Final Verdict:

The program is quite amazing. And to tell you the truth, I have never seen such a program with such flexible payment terms. Also, you get to learn the connection between your training and your ability to perform on the other side, which is really deep.

I know most people who are fitness enthusiasts have always wondered how these two are related, and there is certainly a good number of them who have had problems with this area, after working out. Well, the good news is that you are going to get expert help with this, and you will end it once and for all.

You are also going to get a 60 days money back guarantee, on top of all the flexible payments. Here, you get to test out the program for a whole 60 days, where if you don’t get any satisfied with it, you can ask for a full refund and get it without any complicated procedures or delays. This is surely one program that people are going to love

Final verdict – Legit!

Name: Anabolic Running System
Owner: Joe LoGalbo
Price: $19 ($15 discount now)
Rankings: 92 out of 100

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Have you used the Anabolic Running System before? How did you find it? Did it improve the two areas it promises? Would you recommend it your brother or best friend? What are the insights you can share to the world about it? We would love to have your say on this. Please leave them in the comments section below.

Want a program that will give more details on all other aspects of training and bodybuilding that the Anabolic Running System has left out? Want a program that is way above this one regarding value? If it is a resounding yes, then click here to see my #1 recommendation.

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