Interesting Aspects about Stress and Mental Health!

Believe it or not, the stress of everyday life affects each individual on this world and so to his/her mental health.

People are living life in a fast and devastating mode. They are always too busy, so tired, preoccupied with the kids, worried about their relationships and stressed out because of work deadlines to even think about their mental health, being constantly exposed to stress!

It triggers disorders that can seriously impact the mental state of anyone.

So take the time to assess if you are going through some of these situations:

  • Struggling with elevated anxiety levels
  • Just feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything
  • Creating unhealthy mechanisms to deal with stress

As soon as you notice you have stress problems, you can ask for psychological help. In the next paragraphs I will cover some of the stress that you may encounter in your life:

1. Situational Stress

Several life events can impact your mental health and someone’s ability to deal with other aspects of their life:

  • Losing a job
  • Losing a loved one
  • Getting injured
  • Moving from the house
  • Financial strains

When not dealing correctly with it, you tend to loose control of yourself emotionally and mentally, creating an unbalance in a person’s life.

Some people attempt to overcompensate to gain back control in their routine but then they begin developing obsessive patterns with eating, cleaning or organization.

Some others deny the problem affecting them and use unhealthy mechanisms to rectify the unbalance by using alcohol or drugs, emotional estrangement from loved ones, becoming more introverted or in the worst cases feeling depressed.

Both reactions are equally detrimental to the affected person.

So if you have experienced one or more of these anxiety levels and stress problems, the most important thing to do first is identifying your ability to deal with each aspect of your life and see how those circumstances affect you.

2. Emotional Stress

Have you ever felt that you’ve been so stressed and upset, and you have reacted badly to something and then you have thought ‘why am I getting so upset about this?’ or ‘this usually wouldn’t bother me’ . This can be due to lots of different factors.

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Lack of sleep
  • Reaction to many situational emotional stress triggers
  • Chemical imbalance

All of these can leave a person vulnerable to deal with someone or something that doesn’t usually bother him/her.

Now let's look at few aspects that can help you to manage stress and improve mental health. Mental health is what that can improve your overall physical health so it's necessary you should pay focus to.

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a). Support

When you have identified how stress impacts  your life, don’t you think you won’t be able to handle it. Firstly, you are not alone. Everyone feels anxious or stressed out, but the key is finding a healthy and suitable way to face it.

b). Identify

  1. 1
    Think about what’s affecting your life
  2. 2
    Write it down on a list
  3. 3
    Write down how it makes you feel, and how much control you have over each item on the list
  4. 4
    Then think of what you can do to prevent it from happening again
  5. 5
    Find a solution of what you can change about how you react to it next time

​c). Understand Your Vulnerabilities

When having a rough night sleep, drinking too much coffee or even being hungover, all of it affects how you handle with situations and problems.

Start by implementing different and healthy habits to change the way you manage your life.

d). Vocalize

Talk about what it’s bothering you to your family, friends or even a counselor. There are lots of counselling services available (like Spencer Institute) via phone, or even through texting.

An impartial person can help you work through your worries and manage life situations in an appropriate way to not succumb under stressful situations.

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