Insanity Workout Review – Insanely Amazing or Overestimated?

After an enormous amount of tireless research, evaluation and analysis of this product, I bring to you my deep and profound Insanity Workout review, the fitness product that is on almost every fitness minded individuals’ lips and mind. People are wondering if it’s the best fit for them to run them through the weight loss and body building phase and get them to lean up abit more quicker than those other programs.

And the results I found on this products will greatly amaze you, rest assured!

So I believe that you will want to pay very close attention to learn all you can about it so that you see if it’s actually what you were thinking it was. And am going to reveal to you all that you want to know about it and then leave it upon you to take the best course of action. But I’ll be sure to give my final verdict on it which I am hoping will see you through a better final decision.

So without any further delay, let’s dive into it…

Product Name: Insanity Workout2016-08-13_18-41-31
Owner: Shaun T
Price: $120 or more based on where you buy it
Rankings: 70 out of 100
Site Address:

Verdict: Pretty helpful stuff here

Insanity Workout Review – Introduction:

Bulking up and losing weight has become the most common theme everywhere. And with this athletic spirit of almost everyone wanting to get into shape and have a well defined body, people are looking for ways to get their hands on a wonderful technique that will help them achieve just that. Many would go to any extent including using products that look helpful but aren’t really such just to see their body transforming and improving.

And sadly this has been the ruin of many aspirants.

Not all products that have the common fitness description “Shape your body now” or “Shake off the inches and bulk up today!” or any of such promises deliver that. There are literally thousands of people out there who know how some people are obsessed with gaining muscles and curves. And they also know that these fitness aspirants will do anything to see their bodies get the new appearance. So what they’ll do is quickly bake up a product that seems good and easy to work with and then get some few photos of people who have perfect bodies to be their testimonials in order to help them sell.

So you’ll have to keep you eyes peeled for such money oriented guys who will do anything to suck money out of your credit card.

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And having mentioned that, could the Insanity Workout be of the same scam ‘species’? That’s what we need to have a peek at and determine.

So here’s what I came to learn about this product…

What is Insanity Workout?

This is a 63 days workout program in a DVD to help people get their bodies working towards to an accurately cut athletic body from the comfort of their home without many weights or extremely tough exercises that you most likely won’t be able to handle. This program combines the idea of many interval training of high intensities where you get to work with short but fairly tough exercises and get even less rest or recovery periods in order to help your body gain massive amounts strength and power within the 2 months period.

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The trainer for the program? The great Shaun T! This guy has had the best body for decades. Actually, he’s well known for being a choreographer and an amazing personal trainer for general fitness. And after, having achieved a desirable body himself, he lets people in on his little workout strategy secret that paid off for him so that other could use it as well and change their bodies and their lives forever. Looking at the product from an angle of experience and skills, it gets a tick in the plus column for using a well able and an already fit trainer.


How Does it Work?

As there are no weights, you are sure to expect a lot of hard pumping. Basically, you are only going to strengthen up with exercises which most certainly are going to get your heart beating for a while. Shaun uses a rare strategy called the Max interval training which ensures that you get more within a very limited time frame, more limited than the ordinary interval training. This strategy, as Shaun says, can help anyone loose up to a thousand calories in just a single hour.

And to get even more deeper into the program, the “Max interval training” is set to take about 3 minutes of hard training and then some 30 seconds rest and then back to the training. Doing this will help you elevate your level of fitness for aerobics and also get you to lose weight.

The Insanity Workout comes along with ten great workouts, with five coming each month. And you get to train six days through the week putting aside 30 to 60 minutes for the whole thing. Looking into the workouts here is what the fitness trainer, Shaun found fit for people to use:

For the first month you are faced with:

• The Test for Fitness, where you currently stand
• Cardio Power and Resistance
• Plyometric Cardio Circuit
• Pure Cardio
• Cardio recovery

So if you give it just a general glance, you’ll come to note that the first month is all about knowing where you are regarding fitness and then working towards improving upon the cardio.

Now for the second month, you get:

• Max interval Plyo
• Max recovery
• Max cardio conditioning
• Max interval circuit
• Rest and recovery

So this part is where you feel the whole weight of the program’s intensity. You get into the hard, but the final part of it, shaping and cutting the body for best mass gain as the exercises target the glutes, arm, legs, and back.

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Who is it For?

This product appears to be more or less designed for everyone who wants to improve their level of fitness when it is not really the case. Yes, this program will work well for a huge pocket of people but due it’s nature, there are some few exceptions. And these people who will find it hard to use the program and get the exact match of results as promised in the product include the ones who:

• Have got various heart issues. There will be exercises to make your heart pound and if you know that your doctor has instructed you to keep away from engaging in hard work, you may want to let this program slide in the meantime.

• Expect to bulk by only going through this program. Shaun T is all about giving the body a boost for endurance and help people lose weight significantly. If you think there is a way you can pack muscles into your flesh without lifting weights, am afraid you are not going to find one.

• Have problems with their knee joints. The program expects the trainees to jump a lot and do many squats. So this may cause more stress on your knees if you have any problems currently.

• Have got excessive body weight. As said many times in the article, expect countless times of jumping and if you have the weight that could bring complications when you jump, you’ll also want to forego this program.

• And of course, anyone else who is ready to give the program the attention it asks for in terms of time and effort to achieve such results;



What is Included in the Product?

This body training DVD sure comes with quite a handful of other enhancements to help you through the training in light to progress checking, meal plan, all day all night help and physical tangible stuff. And to get the idea across more accurate, here is exactly what the product, if you are going to make a purchase of it, will come with:

• 10 training DVDs
• Fitness guide
• Insanity’s workout calendar
• Nutrition plan, the Elite’s
• All support tools to give online assistance

But if you choose to go for the luxurious package, you are going to get a few extra things:

• Body fat calipers
• 3 more training
• A state of the art jumps mat

Pro’s and Con’s:

The Pro’s

• Highly recommended for people seeking to change their body shapes by loosing weight and giving their body more energy and strength. Shaun reveals perhaps the best workout technique in the market to do that and then some.

The Con’s

• Although it is good for some specific pocket of people, this product leaves out a huge crowd of people who want to bulk up. Most people want to bulk up in addition to losing weight and gaining endurance and this product handles the less significant part of it.

• Based on the quality of training offered there, the price, to a certain extent, can be said to have been a little bit overpriced. If it were at, say $50 or around that, it would have been great. For bulking up, getting weights and using them can take more time and more resources and paying for it at the exact same rates that Insanity asks for, would be considerable.

But they don’t use weights, so they don’t spend much for the training meaning also that much shouldn’t be asked for fairness’ sake.

• More than endurance and losing weight, there is more to getting shaped up than what is trained. There should be scientific understanding of the body, more about the kinds, specific kinds of supplements that work, a recipe book with a good number of alternatives to help all people get the expected nutritional value and much more. And all these this product doesn’t look into.

• Although the time-frame given to achieve the desired results is considerable, it is to a point a bit short. Considering the fact that losing all the unneeded fat in the body will take long and still getting to train your body to gain full endurance, you will see there’s a lot of time that needs to be added to the training.

• The idea of having a deluxe package for the training can be somewhat disadvantageous to the less able people who have the strong will to make this thing work. The better package has three extra workouts which will clearly show a notable difference between the one who took the regular package and the other who went expensive, so to speak.

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Final Verdict:

After closely examining this product, which is a fitness product and which anyone would want to buy to improve their bodies and confidence, there is more to say about it. And going by the fact that many doctors and nutritionists find this product best for people who are already fit and well packed, but still minding the deep intensive training in the program that will greatly change the lives of many, it is right to say that it is completely legit BUT only best for a specific target.

So if you want a fitness program that will work your whole body to a lean one and the best match of it that has been your expectations all this while, you will want to go for another program, specifically which I will be directing you to. So don’t worry if you thought there is no product for all aspects of fitness, there is, and I will be giving you a link to it.

Final verdict – Legit but not good for everyone!

Name: Insanity Workout
Owner: Shaun T
Price: $120 or more based on where you buy it
Rankings: 70 out of 100

Have you had an encounter with Insanity Workout? Share your experience with us, tell everyone whats it’s like to get through it. Leave your stories below in the comments section.

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