Ideal Shape Shake Meal Replacement Review 2021!

Want to find out if the ideal shape products are the ideal fitness products you should be using to keep your body in check? Let me help you confirm that.

David Meine has created quite some products. With ideal shakes and supplements to mention but a few of the products promoted, you may think that these are what you need to see your body burning calories all day round. But if you take time and look into these actual products, you will note that there is actually a lot that goes into using them than you would think.

First, do you think they are quality enough to deserve the price tag set on them? Do you think they will be able to help you take off the stubborn fat in the difficult areas? Are they any help in general? Are those who have been using them seeing any rewarding results thus far?

My ideal shape review will help you think through these factors and come up with the best way to go about your body.

Let’s know more of the ideal shape program.

Name: Ideal Shape
Owner: David Meine and Carol Meine
Price: depends on the order
Rankings: 88 out of 100


There are so many solutions coming up for people who want to manage their bodies. You will get so many programs out there giving quite exciting options that seem so effective and cost saving. The will show you the many benefits of using them and how you will be winning on both ends, the cost and effort side as well as the wonderful results you will be getting. Bonuses and persuading offers will be given you to really tempt you to join them.

And after you have been fully convinced that a program will work for you, going by the convenience and affordability not to mention the easy working techniques that favor you in every way, you pull out your credit card and buy into it. Shortly after this, is when you come to see the real colors of that system.

Weeks into it, you start getting upsells that go over $100 and you even get to realize that a promotion you saw on it was twisted in a way that made you see how good it is when there was a hidden catch. By the time you are a month into it, you have gone through hell. You have had issues with your account and the services you signed up for that you just want to quit and get your money back. This is what people have experienced with most systems out there.

And I’m sure it is not what you would also love to go through, is it? It is this reason that inspired me to want to write this review to help you know everything you will be getting once you jump inside.

So string along with me.

What is Ideal Shape?

This is a fitness company that produces weight loss products that will help you find it easy to work with, even as full meals, as you burn calories towards the best desirable body. They produce meal replacement shakes, snack bars, weight loss drinks and supplements that will help you cut down on the calories but still get to be full after having them. The shakes you get here have low calories, are sweet and have been designed to keep you full for hours without getting you to have the urge to snack frequently as you have probably been doing.

Some of the products will have you eating only twice per day and don’t get you any hungry. If you use these products and get into serious workouts, you should be losing weight within a very short while. All you will have to do is follow the instructions given and you will be good to go. Basically, the whole idea behind ideal shape is to help you control what you eat to ensure your weight loss journey is a smooth consistent one that won’t get you starved or binging.

David Meine and his business partner Carla Meine are the heads of the company. Ideal Shape was founded in 2003 in American Fork, Utah. Nothing much has been said about the company and its evolution to what it is now, but I can surely tell you this is one company that will amaze you.

The slendesta potato extract they have used in almost all of their products is what seems to keep you full for hours and make your shy away from doing snacks. I also looked into their trustworthiness and they scored a B. They have a quick friendly service that will help you pick up your ideal products in the best way possible and get started with your chase for the perfect body right away.

How Does it Work?

Here, you are getting the chance to use the IdealPlan which is a simply a guide to weight loss with a fitness model called Lindsey Mathews who says she has a good body she’s always wanted but didn’t have it quite that way throughout her life.

During the period she was nursing 3 babies who were all below the age of 6, she was so tied up with stuff in her home that she wasn’t able to reduce her baby weight. But after working things out, she was able to take on her body seriously and make things work for her. This is what she has outlined in the ideal plan.

To make it simple, IdealPlan has been categorized into 4 parts, which I’d want us to look at. These are:

• Ideal Nutrition Guide
This is a digital book that handles all your meal plan. It has everything planned according to your gender and weight. If you are a bit overweight, you will get a plan that fits the kind of body that you have. If you are obese, they have the perfect solution that will get you out of it. In this guide, you will also get the lists of foods you will be eating and the recipes to prepare them.

So you don’t have to worry about preparing foods you don’t know anything about. IdealShakes have been included in the plan so that you keep to the low-calorie foods plan to help you lose weight. It also comes with 10 things that will supercharge your weight loss revealed by Lindsey.

• IdealShake Meal Replacement
This is where you get to enjoy the shakes. They say that you have to change the way you eat if you want to lose weight. You have to check the calories you are taking in. That is why you will get a shake with 100 calories being a good thing for you to replace with foods worth 600 calories.

You will also get many smoothies including the peanut butter cup that has around 300 calories which are still low compared to the 600 calories meals. These shakes have the earlier mentioned slendesta which will help you keep your appetite down.

• IdealBar Snack Bar
If you want a healthy snack to keep in your hands without worrying about packing up more calories, the IdealBar has been made for you. You will be getting a good balance of carbs and proteins in the bars, that will keep you energized through the day and also have you full due to the slendesta ingredient in them. These bars have 140 calories and more than 20 vitamins and minerals.

• You also get the ideal weight loss drinks that have got low calories too and will help you control your appetites for maximum benefits.

What is Included in the Product
This section we will take a look at the ingredients and flavors along with calories in some of the products. And to start with, here is what you get in some of the IdealShake flavors:

• Chocolate cream pie shake has 100 calories
• Strawberry shake has 100 calories
• Chocolate peanut butter shake has 110 calories
• Mocha shake has 100 calories
• Vanilla shake has 100 calories
• Orange cream shake has 100 calories
• Salted Caramel has 100 calories
• Cookies ‘n’ Cream shake has 110 calories
• Chocolate shake has 100 calories

Now to the ingredients. Here are some of the vitamins and minerals in the products together with their uses.

• Vitamin A, which helps boost the quality of your vision, immune system and improve your skin.
• Vitamin B, which controls the functions of your muscles and your nerve cells.
• Vitamin B6, which helps with breaking down the proteins you take in every day.
• Vitamin B12, which makes it possible for more red blood cells to be produced.
• Vitamin C, which helps keep your immune system even stronger.
• Vitamin D, which ensures you have strong bones, teeth, and better heart health.
• Vitamin E, which handles neuroprotection and liver safety.
• Magnesium ensures you have a perfectly working heart and kidney.
• Niacin controls the levels of cholesterol in your body.
• Iron makes your blood work in its optimal performance and gets you more energy.
• Iodide works in the thyroid gland.
• Folate keeps your cognitive performance working best and keep you cheerful.
• Phosphorus helps your muscles and bones be and remain healthy.
• Riboflavin boosts your energy and its main aim is working on body fat.

Who is it For?
This program is best for people who have been trying to loose weight but having issues with their eating habits. If you have been a huge fan of binging and can’t seem to manage it in order to loose weight, this one will help you. If you fear starving or staying hungry the shakes and bars you get here with the help of slendesta will make you feel like you have just had a full meal with lots of calories when you just had a drink with only a hundred calories.

Pro’s and Con’s

The Pro’s
• The products will give anyone who is serious about weight loss a chance not to have food get in their way.

• The taste and the flavors are good. You don’t have to drink while closing your eyes due to bitterness, like other products out there.

• You get a list of foods that will help you prepare the food as you should and keep all the nutrients intended to build your body. You also don’t have to make any guesses, you only apply what is in there.

• The products are all healthy and low in calories. This means you won’t be packing in the more weight while you try to lose the one already on you.

• There are so many minerals and vitamins in the products that will make up for a healthy body. They address different aspects in your body, which will add to your current health.

• The ingredient, slendesta, that has been added to almost products makes it possible for you not to feel hungry for hours. Thus it helps you control your appetite.

• You get 22g of protein per day if you are to take the products two times each day. This is a good amount protein for someone who wants a lean body.

The Con’s
• Many people have complained that the thickness of the shakes is not really as good as it should be. You will want to add flax seeds to make it just right.

Final Verdict:

This diet plan is a great one. If you look at all the products you are getting, the quality, the taste and the benefits that each comes with, you will surely see that nothing short of great is what you are getting here. What I love about these products is adding Slendesta to all their products. If you have been trying to lose weight and have been eating “wildly” you must have seen that it can be hard to keep up with the small meals.

And you find yourself bringing more than you thought. Now, with this ingredient, you will be able to keep the binging off by 98%. Also, you will get a 30 days money back guarantee on all the products. If you are not pleased with any of their products, you can have all of them returned and see your money back in your account.
Final Verdict – Legit!
Name: Ideal Shape
Owner: David Meine and Carol Meine
Price: depends on the order
Rankings: 88 out of 100

Have you had a try on any of the products of Ideal Shape? Have you gotten your ideal shape? Which was your favorite shake? Which one did you hate? What aspect of the products made you happy? Let us know your feelings and thoughts towards the products in the comments.

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