How Kickboxing Can Help You Achieving Fitness Goals?

As a student in college I was always in great shape. But after graduation, my job as an accountant just seemed to take up all my time and as a result – I put on some pounds.

I tried many things for weeks to find a way to get back into shape in the form of yoga and the gym but it wasn’t getting it done for me. After tried so many diets, exercises, meditations, and a hundred other things nothing had worked for me.

I started kickboxing classes and was amazed at how fast the weight came off…I lost 22lbs in just a few months!

It’s the funniest way to lose weight and get back into shape that I’ve ever seen!”

It’s so simple. You don’t have to do a lot of thinking. Just show up, do the workout and go home. After every few days look at the scale and you see the number going down and down. This is it.

There is no rocket science. Not reading any books and counting calories or anything complicated like that.

You must do yourself a favor and stop attempting all these crazy diets and things. Just choose any best training (that I will show you in the next few paragraphs) provide and let the professionals take care of the rest.


Benefit of Kickboxing:

Kickboxing offers you numerous benefits in the form of:

  • Fat Loss – It will become a fat burning machine by increasing your metabolism!
  • Increased Endurance and Stamina – This will keep you up with your hectic schedule.
  • Better Flexibility and Coordination - It helps your body to operate with efficiency and prevent injury from you.
  • Muscle Toning for leaner, longer and sexier muscles.
  • Rebuild Confidence – Above all those things will make you start looking better, so others will notice the changes immediately.
  • Fun – If you like Kickboxing, it is a fun to do!

Boxing and Kickboxing Formula:

These 4 different techniques when blend together will give you far better results:

  • Boxing

This is often stated as the “Sweet Science” and it is one of America’s oldest hobbies. Boxing is one of the best ways to stay lean and fit.

Its techniques are mainly the Jab, Hook, Cross, and the Uppercut. The Boxing exploits all these punches along with conditioning techniques used by actual fighters. Your arms will get lean and toned quick!

  • Kickboxing

Kickboxing began as a combination of Kicking moves and Boxing techniques that are used in numerous martial arts, like Kung-Fu, Karate and Tae Kwon Do.

Kickboxing methods need timing and help build your balance and coordination, as all four limbs are being used. These moves develop a student’s ‘core’ conditioning and give a real ‘full body’ workout.

  • Muay Thai Kickboxing

Muay Thai is a national sport of Thailand. It is as exciting to practice as it is to watch.

Muay Thai fighters don’t just use Kicks and punches, but also elbows and knees to strike against pads and heavy bags. Muay Thai training will transform your current level of fitness to an entirely new level.

Thai Boxers are amongst the most ‘shredded’ of all sport athletes. Don’t forget these tricks are also effective for street- self-defense as well!

This is my personal favorite and if you also interested in this method, go ahead and be part of Muay Thai Fitness Certification. This program is from Nesta which is NCCA accredited organization.

Course creator and your instructor, Bryce Krause has trained some of the best martial artists in the world including: Rafael Dos Anjos UFC Champion, Michael Bisping UFC Champion, BJ Penn, 2 weight class UFC Champion, Cris Cyborg UFC/Bellator/Invicta Champion.

  • San Da / San Shou Kickboxing

This method of Kickboxing, Boxing, Judo and Wrestling was earlier adopted by the Chinese Military near 75 years ago.

They predicted that it was one of the best ways to learn to defend yourself and to get their soldiers in the best shape possible as quickly as possible.

San Da training will tone and strengthen your back, legs, and abs more than almost any other form of exercise.

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