How Does a Beef Jerky Dehydrator Work?

Drying meats has been done since the time when a man laid a piece of meat in the sun.

This was apparently just an accident, but when the hunter came back to get the piece of meat that he had put there, he noticed that the sun heat had made the meat hard, as some of the moisture had gone out of it.

Later on, apparently by trying this method repeatedly, man discovered that unlike fresh meat that would decompose over time, the longer the meat had exposed in the sun and the dryer it became, the meat lasted longer.

This is how man realized that he could dry out the meat during the hot days and store it for use in the winter months.

Over the past 120 years or so, people have experimented with food drying, always searching for a simpler way to do things, and in just the last 60 years, food dehydrators were invented.

Now in modern days, you can dry out your own food to store for the hard winter months or when money is hard to come by.

What Is Beef Jerky?

Beef Jerky maker is a home appliance that uses hot air to dry out the juices of the beef and convert it into beef jerky. A beef jerky maker is a great thing to have; you can dry all your meats out for jerky.

There are many flavours you can make, such as "bar-be-cue", hickory-smoked, "hot and spicy, "teriyaki", and many other flavours to make. You can make jerky out of any meat that you aspire to; however, the most common meat used is beef.

Is Beef Jerky Keto friendly?

Is Beef Jerky Keto friendly or not? Most of the people are also concerned about beef jerky and its usage during Keto diet.

No doubt, beef jerky is a great source of lean protein and if you are taking keto diet then it could meet your daily protein requirement pretty easily.

But there are different brands who are loaded with sugar and other carb stuff so please take a close look at nutrition labels and snacks for its percentage. 

What is Beef Jerky Dehydrator?

A beef jerky dehydrator is a kitchen appliance that is used for drying meats and other foods. It uses hot air to evaporate the water content that is stored inside of the meat.

The logic behind this dehydration process is that it is one of the ways to preserve foods for long periods of storage.

The air outside of the appliance is sucked into the dehydrator's bottom place, and a small electric motor blows hot air from a heating coil across the meat.

As soon as the air flows over the beef strips, the water stored inside the meat begins to slowly pull the water from the inside of the meat outwards, and the meat will start to fade up as it dries out.

These dehydrators have a quick, even drying period, and you will not have to rotate the trays unless you desire to do so.

That is left up to each individual; some like the idea of rotating the trays for certain periods, and others like the fact that you do not have to rotate the trays at all.

Using the beef jerky dehydrator allows you to make nutritious protein snacks.

You can also learn to use other types of meats, such as chicken, turkey, and venison. You will enjoy learning to prepare your snacks. Then enjoy them fresh while you watch TV at night.

What to Look For in a Beef Jerky Maker?

There are many beef jerky makers in the market available that comes in many shapes, size, and forms, depending on what you are looking for. When you are looking to purchase a beef jerky maker, you should always look at its size to make sure it has plenty of room for the air to flow through.

Another thing you should look at when you want to purchase one is the fan's size that is circulating the air through the tunnels inside the maker; the fan is what helps dry out the desired meat.

A beef jerky maker is very affordable and an excellent appliance to have as well. What a beef jerky maker does is that it dehydrates the beef into a delicious household snack for the whole family.

When you use a beef jerky maker, drying out all the blood and juices from the meat allows it to be a dried out tender piece of meat.

There are many beef jerky makers offer, such as nine trays, five trays, four trays, depending on what sizes you would prefer.

The nine trays offer a 7" fan at 600 watts, nine trays with 15 square feet of drying area, nine poly screen tray liners, and it has an adjustable temp. From 85f - 145f, this item is called the Excalibur series.

The five tray Excalibur is an excellent choice for a medium-sized kitchen. It offers a 5"/400watts, five trays with 8 square feet of drying area, five poly screen tray liners, and it has an adjustable temp from 85f-145f. It is a great appliance to have in your home; if you like beef jerky, you will need to purchase this beef jerky maker.

The four tray Excalibur is a great little appliance to have in your kitchen. It offers a 4" fan/220 watts, four trays with 4 square feet of drying area, four poly screen tray liners, and adjustable temp from 85f-145f.

It's small, but it works just as well as the bigger models; you will be happy with any of these beef jerky makers. When you purchase one of these models, you and your family will enjoy making your own beef jerky.

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