Shaun T Hip Hop Abs Workout Review – Beachbody Fitness Guide!

If you are looking for some detailed hip hop abs workout review that will help you know whether the program is really worth your effort and money, then you just got to the perfect place to get that.

Shaun T is a well-known fitness trainer who has got quite some creativity. And although he has had his programs sell best over the past few years, you shouldn’t take it like this one too is a perfect weight loss program that will sell best in a short time to come.

After having blended hip hop moves in with the weight loss exercises that should give you a flat defined midsection, it may be extremely tricky to have the program work. But as I found out, I am going to show you why you need to think twice before making any hasty decisions on it.

Product Name: Hip Hop AbsHip Hop Abs Workout Review
Website Address:
Owner: Shaun Thompson
Price: A discounted price of $19.95 each month + $7.95
Rankings: 93 out of 100

Hip Hop Abs Workout Review – Introduction:

When you think about weight loss, you will see that you can get up to a hundred ways you could do it. And you will find many fitness trainers recommending you certain programs they think they are the best in the market. But if you take time to consider all these options and closely evaluate each, you will get to realize that there is more hype out there than truth.

You will get some telling you that you can shed it off just by only eating the right foods and watching TV. Others will tell you that you only need some herbs that were recently discovered to have a chemical inside of them that melts all the fat away and so much more. And all these are geared towards the same destination, getting you to make purchases of the products pushed on you. Most of the people who create such products only have their minds set on making money, not helping solve people’s problems.

And this is what moved me to want to check out the Hip Hop Abs Workout program to help you realize the kind of quality you are getting, and if it will be if any help you keep reading to know what I learned about it.

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What is Hip Hop Abs?

This is a fitness program that takes about 45 minutes meant to help you torch off the excess weight in your belly and get you leaned out with simple and fun hip hop moves. You get to dance with all your concentration on the moves which make it interesting and easy to learn and go with the flow once you got the moves right.

Basically, it uses the Tilt, Tuck and Tightens tactic which uses workouts that are targeted at your abs and oblique while giving other parts of your body a fat burning effect that runs in turbo even after you are done with the exercise. You don’t use any weights or equipment, no sit-ups and anything else that is boring for you whenever you want to work your body out. And to tell you the truth, this system does work. You only need to dance and leave all the leaning and fat burning to the moves.

Who is the guy with the Hip Hop abs? The envied Shaun T. Why do I say he is envied? (Seriously?) Have you seen his midsection? This is one guy you want to listen just by seeing how ripped he is. More to that has got certifications to confirm his expertise, he got a degree in sports and science from Rowan University and has been in this industry for the past 6 years now.

If you don’t know him that well, he is still the owner of Cize dance workout, Insanity Workout, Focus T25, Insanity Asylum Volume one and two, and a few more. Also, by the kind of dance workout you get here, you can tell very well he is into dancing. And he sure is, he is actually one of the most influential choreographers in the United States. So you can expect some god dancing and great workouts all in the same place which will help you dance your body to complete fitness.

How Does it Work?

You are getting some fairly intense cardio workouts here, taking 20 to 45 minutes, so expect to break and flow sweat all over your body. You will be getting extended isometric crunch that will be impacting your midsection and getting all the fat melted all while doing the cardio.

The good news is, you don’t have to top up the relatively demanding workouts with the boring environment as you get to do all this while dancing to the most popular hip hop songs. But to see good results, you will have to combine the workouts you get here with the meal plan that comes with it. The foods are meant to help replace the fat being lost with pure lean muscles from the low carbs.

To get more into details, let’s see what you get in the workouts:

• Secrets to Flat Abs – Here you get 13 minutes long series of moves that will be targeting your abs, the lower and the upper abs as well as the obliques, that will help you get it flat without having to get a tummy tuck.

• Fat Burning Cardio – This is where things get a bit more intense. You will get 30 minutes to warm up, get to light stretch and then into the main thing; I can assure you that, once you are done, your back and arms will be burning like hell. You will also be getting the hit song, upbeat, to sweeten things and make them easy and fun.

• Ab Sculpt – This is more like the secrets to Falt Abs but a bit longer. You get to have quite some exercises to strengthen your core. And if you are doing them for the first time, you will take some time before you get well into the rhythm. The last 6 minutes, you jump into the conventional exercises on the floor.

• Total Body Burn – This is a 45 minutes full body workout that will be sculpting your whole body while giving more definition to your abs. And you will be doing more knee lifts, and squats than anywhere else in the program.

What is Included in the Program?

And you get some tools and resources to help you through the system. Other than the main program, you will have some extras that will help you stretch the abilities of the Hip Hop abs and make sure you have gotten almost all the benefits off of it. And the resources you get include:

• Step by Step Nutrition Guide – You gets a step by step walkthrough of the whole meal planning thing that will help you know the kind of foods you should be eating, in what amounts and the best time to have them. Ideally, you will be getting all you want to know about nutrition laid out for you here.

• 30 Day Workout Calendar – This gives you a breakdown of the workouts you will need to do, in their exact order. From day 1 to day 30, you have everything you need to take on the system written down for you, so there is no getting stuck or making guesses.

• 24/7 Online Support – You get the opportunity to live chat with Shaun and his support team. And you will also get access to the community of trainees like yourself who will be adding more fun and motivation in the system. This is what I call icing on the cake.

• Measurement Card and Tape Measure – This is something to help you keep good track of your progress. With these two tools, you will be able to see the continuous improvement as it happens.

And Shaun tops it up with four gifts for giving the program a chance. And these are:

• Hips, Buns, and Thighs – These are more workouts that help you work your hips, buns, and thighs out and see them lean out, without doing squats or lunges.

• Results on the Run Diet Guide – This shows you how to eat all the foods you love in the right amounts and time to help your body benefit from them as well.

• 6 Day Slimdown Plan – This is a weight loss plan that will help you loose up to 3 inches in just a week, by simply following what is in the plan.

• Learn to Dance With Shaun T – This will show you how to do the 3 great Hip Hop moves, Take it to the Dance Floor, Hip Hop Groove, and Last Minute Dance. And while you do this, you get to boost the rate of metabolism to new heights.

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Who is it For?

This is meant for anyone who wants to shrink their waistline while dancing. No matter your current age, body type or gender, if you want to have a system you can dance to, to lower all the stubborn belly fat and get your abs slim and toned, along with shedding a few pounds off your body, then this is the program for you.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• The system is great for people in all fitness levels. You don’t need to have done other workouts in the past to see full blast results; you only need to follow along.

• Shaun is a great choreographer who has been doing this for a little over five years and knows how you are doing it on the other end, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with his pace.

• You get quite some resources, including a tape measure together with a measurement card that helps take away the extra costs you would have to incur to buy them.

• You don’t feel like you are really doing any exercises, especially If you love dancing to hip hop songs. It just feels so easy and enjoyable.

• Considering all the gifts and extra resources you are getting, you will come to see that the program is fairly cheap. You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get access to it.

• You are never getting stuck here. The support team is a reliable one with other members there to help you with the advice and motivation you need to do this.

The Cons

• If you hate the hip hop songs and their dance moves, this one won’t help you much, or if you buy it, it won’t be as enjoyable as you would want to have it.

• It is more focused on having women. The moves you get appear more feminine. And they mostly target abs, and the lowers body, thighs, waist and buns.

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Final Verdict:

The program is great! You have a good dancer, choreographer, and fitness trainer to help you lose weight and still learn good moves that you can show your body off with in your next hip hop dance contest. Also, Shaun says you can have the system for free for a whole 30 days and see if it will work for you. If it does, you can pay for it, if it doesn’t, you can keep the gifts but send the other things over without paying for the system. You should note that you will have to follow steps to do this.

You also get a 60 days guarantee which let you have the money back if at all you are not satisfied. You will just need to call the customer service and have them give you a return authorization number that will get you your money back, without any tricks. And this sounds fair, which also means that Shaun is fully confident of this system.

Name: Hip Hop Abs
Website: :
Owner: Shaun Thompson
Price: A discounted price of $19.95 + $7.95
Rankings: 93 out of 100

Have you used the program before? How did you find it? Did it give you the kind of results you were looking for? Has it been a wonderful experience with it? Did you learn any great Hip Hop dance moves? Can you recommend this to a friend you care about? We would love to hear what your say about it.

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