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Want to see how good the hello fresh delivery company is, to make up your mind on whether to join it or not? You will know about it here.

Hello Fresh has become quite popular in the meal kit delivery industry. The marketers of the program really did put in a lot of effort to get this auto delivery program known. Although it is well known and has really grown over the years, do you think this company does a good job enough to deserve your orders?

Do you think they will be able to supply the kind of quality products you want in the state you would love them to be in? I had some time in forums like Yelp and others to see what people are saying about it and I was quite surprised. And I promise you, it’s not what you are thinking.

Let my hello fresh review give you the perfect idea of what you will be receiving when you make your subscription.

Let’s take a straight dive into it.

Name: Hello Fresh
Website: https://www.hellofresh.com/tasty/
Owner: Hello Fresh Company
Price: depends on the order
Rankings: 89 out of 100

Hello Fresh Review – Introduction:

When you step foot in the online world, you are going to find many websites asking to help you in many different ways with various kinds of products and services. At first, you may think that these people have been sent from heaven to help solve your problems.

Based on the solutions they will offer you, you’ll get lots of ways to solve the particular problem you wanted to be fixed presented to you. All of them appear good to work with and very cost saving from the get go. You will only be needed to commit just a few dollars per month and your problem is solved for life.

This is what it usually appears to be. But in reality, things are quite different. There are very few programs pushed on you that work well and deliver things of quality as advertised. Over 90% of them are just there to get you excited but won’t deliver anything at the end of the day. Also, a good portion of the people making them is often scams. They know what you want to hear and they are very prepared to tell it to you in the best way possible.

They will sugar coat almost everything to make you think they are the company you need. They will make your subscription seamless and your first order smooth. But when you have started ordering on a regular basis, they will start their revealing their scammy schemes. The will have your credit card charged for things that don’t even make sense, put more upsells and even bill the card without your consent.

These, I should openly tell you, are not what you want to wake up and find happening. And to help you avoid them, I have written this short review to help you see what you’re going to get yourself into before you join.

What is Hello Fresh?

This is a company that asks to help you manage your grocery shopping by having you send them your meal plan and they will be sending over the ingredients you will be needing for that meal on that particular day. They will do all the hefty work for you and bring you all the fresh foods you will require along with a recipe to prepare the best meal. This means that you can cook your meals like the ones well-experienced chefs do.

In fact, the system believes there is surely a chef in you if you only you used him. And having the hassles of too much planning and shopping among others taken off your shoulder, you will have plenty of time to make great food. This system was made to take away the alternative most of us have of buying packed foods which come with a lot of chemicals and may prove to be very harmful to your health with time.

According to the company, getting late at home should no longer stop from enjoying the best natural fresh meals with lots of body building and nourishing nutrients.

The people working their heads off behind this company are Dominik Richter, Thomas Griesel and Jessica Nilsson. They founded the system back in December 2011 with Dominik as the CEO and Thomas as the COO. They have their offices located in Berlin, Germany. They serve 8 countries in North America and Western Europe including Australia.

The countries that enjoy their services are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States. The company has made two partnerships with two major brands. One of them is Vorwek, which has managed to get Hello Fresh using their Thermo mix to prepare Hello fresh foods. The other one is an individual, James Olivier, a rather famous chef who volunteered to make recipes for the foods delivered by Hello Fresh on the condition that they would donate to his foundation, the James Olivier Food Foundation.

How Does it Work?

Well, it is very simple to make it work for you. In fact, it only takes 3 steps to get your first order done with and delivered. Here is what you have to do.

• Choose your weekly menu
After you have created an account in the system and you are done with the registration and verification part, you will now go to the meal section. You are going to find huge amounts of meals that have been made by experienced chefs. (I’m thinking James Olivier and a few of his workers). So you will pick the ones you will want to be delivered for a whole week. This will help you save time and effort of having to go decide what you will be eatingevery dayy.

• Schedule Your Delivery
You should then choose the best times for you to have all the foods delivered through the week. Ideally, the times range from 8am to 8pm. As you choose, you have to make sure you are at home within the timeframe. Also, you are assured that it will take them just a single hour to have the foods delivered. And based on other people who have and are probably getting deliveries up until now, the deliveries have never taken beyond an hour.

• Cook Your Food!
Now that you have received the delivery, you’ll just have to open the box, take all the ingredients that have been packed and the recipe, wear your cooking apron and get the food made! The good thing is, you don’t have to figure out the way to prepare the food. You just have to follow the recipe and before you know it, you are serving the dish hot and tasty.

There are three options you are getting for your orders:

• Omnivore option (also called classic box)
• Vegetarian option (also called veggie box)
• Fruit Box option (for fresh fruits only)
• Family Box option (for two old people and 2 children)

Things you should note about Hello Fresh meal kit delivery service is that it will take you around $9 per head to get orders for vegetables and around $10 for one person to get the omnivore options. Other than that, there are no other costs since the delivery itself is free.

You also get a variety of portions within each option. And they include 5×2 (This means 5 whole meals for only 2 people), 3×4 (this means 3 whole meals for only 4 people) and 3×2 (this means 3 whole meals for only 2 people)

Complaints about the Company:

I’ve seen a number of complaints about Hello Fresh from the users. So I thought I should include them for you to know where to expect bumps. Here they are:

• Not Sending Deliveries – There are people who say they did not receive their orders even after having followed all the steps needed to get the order set and ready for delivery. They say they contacted the company and were told they would get a refund. So it means that the company was not even ready to deliver, so to speak.

• Rude customer service staff – I saw this in almost every review I read. When you contact the company to make enquiries or get a problem solved, you get on the phone with people who are quick to reply but not ready to help you. You are always told you are the one at fault, that is why you are facing the problem you want help with.

• Not really ready to lose customers – If you cancel the subscription, you will keep receiving emails telling you to come back. If you join again and get the same old issues and leave, they will still keep sending emails to get you to come back.

• Tricky Subscription – Many people have complained that they have tried cancelling the subscription and it went through quite fine. But they were later charged the monthly payment for a registered person. When they asked, they were told that the account was paused, it was not fully canceled. So they won’t get the money back and can go ahead to completely shut down their accounts.

Who is it For?

This program is made for people who want to have a seriously dedicated program that will handle everything about their meals from planning all the way to shopping. If you also love getting fresh fruits, this is for you. If you have a busy schedule that can’t let you handle all the work involved in preparing for your meals and you want a convenient system that will help you with that, this is simply what you want to use.

Pro’s and Con’s:

The Pro’s
• The delivery is just as fast as promised. You have been told that it will only take an hour to get the ingredients on you doorstep. And they have kept this promise all this long.

• You get fresh ingredients. You don’t have to worry about using things you are sure whethet they have expired. Hello Fresh’s products are as fresh as they can get.

• You get recipes that have been custom made by chefs who have been cooking for decades. This means that you are literally eating chef made food, if you are sure to follow the exact instructions on the recipes.

• The prices have been fairly charged. They don’t ask for anything that is not worthy of what they sell. The prices for the foods are very much convenient for everyone.

• You get a wide variety of foods you can choose from. Whether your are a vegan or a vegetarian, or even love lots of fruits, there is something for you.

• You get a reasonable amount of portions. I think they did a research and found that most families within the countries they serve are of the given portions.

The Con’s
• Many people have complained about the customer service of the program. They’ve said that they weren’t given an opportunity to explain themselves to the end. And the staff was quite judgmental.

• When you cancel your account, it is not completely closed, it is paused and you will get charged for the premium service.

Final Verdict:

The program is good, well beyond average. The service is great. The list of foods you are picking your weekly delivery from is nothing short of great. With a veteran chef behind the meals, there is nothing that could possibly go wrong. All of them come creatively made and so easy to follow.

You only have to put into action the directions given there since you already got the ingredients for you, and you are just a few minutes away from enjoying one of Hello Fresh’s special treats. What made me love the system is that you get the delivery on your doorstep in an hour’s time, and they have never gotten late. So you can include them in your daily schedule and use it smoothly without them delaying you.

Final Verdict – Legit!

Name: Hello Fresh
Website: https://www.hellofresh.com/tasty/
Owner: Hello Fresh Company
Price : depends on the order
Rankings: 89 out of 100

Have you been using Hello Fresh? For now long now? What good can you say about them? Have there been any issues with your deliveries and credit card since you started getting their service? Help others who want to join the system know what they settling for by dropping a line below.

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