Half day diet plan Review – Does Nate Miyaki’s System Work?

If you are looking for a fully detailed review of the half day diet plan by Nate Miyaki, that will help you figure out the whole truth about it and the catch in it, if any, then this is the review for you.

Well, I didn’t think that loosing weight was as simple as Miyaki makes it appear. And just by the mere mention of it by a friend who I trusted a lot, and who claimed the strategic approach of this program worked, I couldn’t agree till I had put a stamp of approval on it myself.

So I went behind the wheels of the program, looked into its systems and techniques to see if there was any true and paying science in it. And what I came to learn of it was simply amazing, and you’ll see that too, as you get into it. So please be sure to read my half day diet plan review to the end to know entirely what the program is about.

And the final verdict on it I’ve given below, based on my experience with other fitness programs in the past, I believe, is going to help you know whether this is the system for you or it’s just another rehashed program that wants you to keep your pocket open for easy access by the scam.

And without any more talk, let’s give it a go…

Product Name: Half Day Diet PlanHalf day diet plan Review
Website Address: halfdaydietplan.com/system/
Owner: Nate Miyaki
Price: initially $70 but buy today at a special discounted price of $19
Rankings: 95 out of 100

Half Day Diet Plan Review – Introduction:

If you have been following the fitness industry for a good while now then you must have observed that huge evolution there has been in the last few years. There is a lot of misinformation coming up every other month about how the body works and how your hormones are set to help you burn stubborn body fat.

You will agree with me that there are a lot of self-claimed fitness experts are coming up with these crazy ideas that they crown as “new science discoveries” that they use to give your perspective a whole new spin and try to get into buying their programs.

You will find many of them using this phrase quite often,” What other fitness trainers haven’t been telling you” or “have been hiding or have been ignorant of all this time”, and then they will go on to argue with a real scientific fact and try to replace it with their own fake philosophies. And they will explain them well enough to have you doubting all the knowledge you have about the body.

And this is what they want to happen…

So that you give them the chance to explain themselves a little more to have you fully convinced that you need to use their approach to getting to burn more fat than you ever have with the other programs or what you may probably desire to.

And once you have trusted them to take you through the whole fat burning process and to help you get into enviable shape, you are going to get a huge list of things you have to do,m foods you have to drop, workouts you have to get into for almost 2 hours (which are extremely demanding), starving every so often and sometimes meditation. All these strategies are given you without any specific procedure that will help you make the most of each and get the rewarding results you are looking forward to.

They will just leave them to you to figure everything out for yourself. And after a month or two, you come to realize that nothing you have used in the program has worked. You have not lost an ounce of fat, neither have you gain a single muscle.

That’s when you know you were scammed.

And is it that you are going to have the same experience with this program? Is it aiming to rip you off? Or is it an honest program that uses a reasonable strategy which you can also see working for you? Only one way to find that out, see what is boiling inside the pot of this program.

So let’s get to do just that!

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What is the Half Day Diet Plan?

This is a program that helps you loose a substantial amount of body weight by helping you balance the low carb diet with the favorite high-calorie diets that you are fond of. With this 204 pages long eBook, you are going to learn how to get your body thinking you are on a diet the whole day while you get to enjoy a few pieces of pizza, and other favorite foods without having to worry about gaining the fat you are trying to lose.

The whole idea here is to get your body losing weight without having to put too much sacrifice into it that always keeps you in the verge of giving up the system because of huge cravings for the tasty foods that you are often told to let go to get into good shape. This program basically understands that we are human beings with weaknesses, and we can’t just drop all the delicious foods we love in an instant. So it works to help you find a suitable solution to getting what you want all the while eating what you love, from time to time.

The creator of the program is Nate Miyaki. He is a professional nutrition coach. And he has gathered an experience of a little over 13 years now, which he seeks to pour out on you through this diet plan. He has been helping people, of all ages and all careers, loose weight and has had a fair amount of success with it. And how did he do it? How did he come up with the program?

Well, he says that the systems he had been using on people were the regular, low carb diets and a few weeks of workouts. But a few years into this job, he started noticing that there were people who were getting very good results while others got more and more frustrated with inbound weight gain after taking on his recommendation for and about three weeks.

So he had to find another solution for these people who didn’t get the results they wanted, or just quit this job and find himself something else better to do. And it was in his deep research for this solution that he came across the “balancing diets and cheating your mind into thinking it’s on a diet the whole day” information, which he has been using ever since, and has really gotten him successful.

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How Does it Work?

The idea here is to help you understand how you are going to eat your favorite foods at the right time and in the right amount while still getting into the low carb diet, in a way that the body is getting double the benefits. And doing this, as Nate says, will cheat your mind into thinking you are taking on the low carbs throughout the day. This then eliminates the possibility of you hiking your cravings, or starving and working out that may lead you to throw in the towel or get into binge eating quickly.

Nate introduces a part of the brain that regulates the cravings you are faced with as you get into any fitness product. The part is called the LH – VTA loop. But the creator likes to simply call it the “Carb loop.” And when you want to get out of this dreaded loop that makes a slave of cravings and binges out of you, you will have to know when it’s right to eat, and what is right to eat and how much of what is right, is right to eat.

So the method of operation you will be working within the half day diet plan is going to reduce the chances of you cheating the program and give you more control over what you eat and end up giving you the physique you desire to have.

And to put this into action, you are going to work using three main pillars of this product. And these are:

1. Macro Optimization

This is where you get to look into the macronutrients you will be using in the program and seeing how you are going to have the right ones on your menu, at the right time and in the right quantities. And this involves three macronutrients, carbs, proteins, and carbs. But you need not worry because you won’t be needing great nutritional skills to help you do that.

Inside the program, you will be getting a few templates that you can choose from to help you through this. You just have to identify the template that best fits your type and amount of cravings, and you will be good. If you follow this, you are going to be amazed at how quick you can fight off the cravings and binges you are frightened of when using fitness programs.

2. Customization

The program really discourages the “one cloth fits all” kind of techniques. They believe that everyone is unique in their own special way. So knowing and appreciating that they seek to get you your best fit of diet plans that will help you achieve your specific goals. This helps you get your body adapt faster and have more energy to get the diet to become a lifestyle as it is very easy to take up and getting to work with.

Depending on your career and what you interact with on a daily basis, your perspective on a lean body may differ from someone else’s; this then means you two may need two completely different methods of getting what you are looking for. And when you get the custom made plan to help, it feels like you have a personal trainer there with you who truly understands everything you want.

3. Evolution

As you start seeing some wonderful results coming along, with your body, you will want to build them all the more. And the template you will be using at the time is not going to help you achieve that if you keep at it despite the fact that it is doing well. You may want to get another more efficient one that is going to amp things up for you. And this, as Nate sees, is where most of the conventional methods you get in regular training programs go wrong.

They want you doing the same thing throughout and expect to keep improving. Basically, your diet plan must evolve as you evolve yourself.

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Who is it For?

Want to get that unwanted fat that makes you a bit ashamed to take off your shirt on the beach? Or makes you want to avoid pool parties or a swim with friends? Then I think you are one of the best people to get into this. You will get to learn how you can go through the fast fat burning phase that will allow you to eat the fat-filled foods that you are so much into and still get to loose weight.

You are going to get new perspectives on how important it is to have these foods in your diet almost every day, and how to use them to get your body slimming.

But as most programs clearly say it, this one is not for everyone. There are those who won’t be seeing any praiseworthy results. And these are those who:

• Will get around it – If you are one of those who quit even before trying, then this one is not for you. If you are always afraid of the workload that comes with every program you make a purchase of, you are just not going love this. This one’s going to helps you work out a plan that will favor you to do what you love or sometimes have to, and still get time to implement what you learn for great results. So you don’t have to worry again. Take away the ‘I am going to get around it” mentality and focus more on the ” I will work my way through it to the end” one.

• Want to keep the current eating habits – This program does allow you to eat virtually anything you want to. But to see a difference, you will have to go an extra mile and make some few changes to it, add you will be taught. But if you don’t change them to make this thing work by doing your best to make a few sacrifices, then you won’t get any benefits from this program.

• Are always buying and just keeping fitness programs – If you are always buying fitness programs and have them lying on the shelf without ever touching anything of them, and you hope to do the same with this, you are also not going to find any rewards. You have to be ready and willing to commit the few minutes demanded by the program to live a healthy lifestyle to make this truly work for you.

• Think they are too overweight to lose weight – Loosing weight is possible for everyone, and you are no different. The program has helped people lose huge amounts of weight as well little, depending on their goals and objectives. And you too can achieve this. It only takes a leap of faith to stop whining and start grinding.

What is included in the Program?

You also get a few things to make this program even more interesting. These are things that will go along way to helping you get the enthusiastic fitness mentality that will help you boost your determination to have a body that will get appreciated by looks and stares everywhere you go. They will also contribute to add to the knowledge you already have about your body and fitness as a whole system.

And if you make the most of these resources you get absolutely free, you are really going to have a good time putting into practice and gaining more health benefits from them.

And to give you a good idea of what you will be receiving, here is what is added to the package once you order your package:

1. Restaurant and Fast Food Survival Guide

When you are on a diet and have your fitness ambitions well drawn out in your mind, the last thing you want to do is to cheat. When you go to a restaurant with a few of your friends who want eat what they would love, it kinda gets hard to be the odd one out. Worse still, if you see that no one in the room is taking less than sweet, delicious meals.

But the handbook you get here gives you a list of recommendations that will help calm down the anxiety to want to please your friends as well as your body and keep strong on the plan.

2. The Happy Hour Handbook

This one is going to come in handy when you have an upcoming party or when it’s close to weekends, and you have a habit of going out drinking with your friends. If you have an issue with keeping your feet on the ground when it comes to comes to social activities, you need not worry.

This book will give you practical solutions you can use at the exact moment when your strength is fading away. And the solutions you get here include a list of things you should eat before you go partying, the best time to get into “the drinks” and a lot more that helps you strengthen up when it’s time to.

3. Vegetarian Diet Book

This bonus tops up the knowledge you get in the program about foods you need to consider and those that you need to do away with. Whether you are a vegan or a vegetarian, you get to have some more insight into the foods you should be having more of when wanting to train for a sexy beach body. Almost everything you want to know about the best meal plans for various objectives will be found here.

4. The Holiday Fat Loss Manual

Looking forward to a holiday? Or perhaps some huge celebration with your family and friends? This is your deal to help keep you on track. It feels guilty to have to avoid celebrations to grab hold of your body, yet it is more displeasing to have to go and not taste any of the food for the sake of being faithful to the program you are on. Well, you don’t have to make all these sacrifices. This book teaches you how to set up a plan that is going to allow you to accommodate a few high carbs without feeling guilty you got around it that day.

5. The Belly Flat Platinum Club

This is the exclusive club that you are given free 30 days access to, to help you meet and talk with people on the same foot as yourself. Here, you are going to get videos, articles, new weight loss hacks, more workout tips and so much more that will only gear you more to your goals. And to the best thing about all this is that this is where you get to have more time with Nate.

He spends time communicating with folks, giving them new perspectives as to how to approach their plans and much more. This is highly valuable!

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Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• This is a program that gives you perhaps the best approach to low and high carbs that will help you balance and give you the benefit of not having to drop the carb foods that you love as well as not forgetting the nutritious foods that will help build your physique.

• This program helps you know how to tackle tricky situations when you are trying to loose weight. You know how to handle the situation very maturely that you are going to love yourself after you put the tips into practice.

• You get to up your meal plan as you start seeing results to help get even more better results that will speed you up to your goals.

• The expectations you get in the program are reasonable and easy to achieve. You don’t have to starve for days as other plans recommend.

• It is great for you and your spouse. And this means that you can both use it and not have to spend more buying another program that fits the both of you. Although you will have to get different templates.

• The Platinum Club is a great resource to get motivation, more insight into very specific things and how to deal with some tricky issues on your way to getting lean.

• There is no limit to what amount of fat you can burn by the time you are done. You can get more than 200lbs burnt or as little as you would want, it depends on what the occasion is.

The Cons

• The program can only be accessed online. And this will want you to a have a very good internet connection that will help you go through the training without any technological issues.

• Nate seems to more focus on the diet rather than the diet and workouts. So if you are more determined to get good training for a lean body, you are not going to get a comprehensive guide here.

• You will have to change your eating habits, which is not a very easy thing to do, but you can manage. But you will want to exercise some patience with it.

Final Verdict:

I’m sure you have loved this system. To be honest with you, you don’t get to meet such flexible programs much often. Firstly, you don’t have drop all the foods that thrill you. You only need to shift them a bit to have them give you some benefits at the right time. You also don’t have neglect the nutritious meals, as they are important in giving you energy and substance of the good body you will be building herein.

Ideally, it’s a win-win situation! The tips about handling the most difficult challenges got me excited there for a moment. The club, oh what can I say! It sweetens the pot for you all the more.

And keep in mind that you are getting a 60 days money back guarantee. This is one of Clickbank’s products that come with this special tag on it. So this allows you to test the effectiveness of the program for a whole 60 days where if you happen to find it not worthy of your money or something else, you are free to send an email and claim a full refund.

This gives you the confidence of knowing that you are working with good stuff here as Nate wouldn’t have accepted to give the guarantee if he wasn’t so sure that his program would work for you. And it would typically take less than two months to discover that his program is a sham. But he believes it will work as it has for the many clients he has had over the years.

To me, this program gives you the pure awesomeness that you will definitely love to use for your body. And I believe you have seen that there is nothing scammy about it, have you? I know I haven’t.

Final Verdict – LEGIT!
Name: Half Day Diet Plan
Website: http://halfdaydietplan.com/system/?hop=0
Owner: Nate Miyaki
Price: initially $70 but buy today at a special discounted price of $19
Rankings: 95 out of 100

Have you heard of this program before? What kind of information did you hear about it? Does it match the knowledge you have gotten off it here? Are you going to use it to achieve the perfect body you are looking for? All of us would really love to hear what you have to say about it.

Want a program that will give you a comprehensive look at all aspects of bodybuilding? Want a program that best handles the issue of workouts? Want a program that gives you 20 times the value you are going to get on the half day diet plan system? Then you need to check out my #1 recommendation.

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