Country Heat Dance Review – New Workout from BeachBody!

If you want to know how hot and fit the country heat dance workout program by Autumn Calabrese gets you, then you just step foot in the right place.

You see, when I heard that people were getting into shape just by dancing along with this program, without weights or equipment, I was a bit skeptical at first. And when Autumn claimed that is was great for everyone no matter their ages, I couldn’t hold it any longer.

I just had to get to the bottom of it. I have seen many folks, especially those in their 40’s and above try to slave for months and don’t get to lose even an ounce of fat. But this claims to dance off the excess weight in weeks? Does it really add up?

Keep reading my country heat dance workout review to see what I got about it.

Product Name: Country Heat Dance WorkoutCountry Heat Dance Review
Website Address:
Owner: Autumn Calabrese
Price: A discounted price of $19.95 each month, for two months + $9.95 or a one-time monthly payment of $59.85
Rankings: 92 out of 100

Country Heat Dance Workout Review – Introduction:

When it comes to weight loss and fitness programs, you are going to find many techniques thrown your way, trying to show you how easy and effective they are with helping you get the head turning body you have been craving for, for years. You will get people telling you can drink your way to it, or only use bars, dance, or even walk to get ripped.

And they will show you some testimonials of people who have allegedly used the program and gotten to see results. And this will get you moved to want to join it. But before you even start evaluating your options, you get the deal breaker. You are shown a testimonial of a person with the exact shape you want to get into and told that they used the system.

Having seen this, you don’t think twice about it. You get in and start working on it immediately. But later down the road, after you have spent countless hours on it and have seen no results that far, you come to learn that all the promotional promises you got before buying into it were all hype.

And this can get you really depressed. That is why I did this review, to help save you the pain of buying into a scam. So let’s get some honest truth about it.

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What is the Country Heat Dance Workout program?

This is a fitness program that promises to give you the best belly fat burn solutions that allow dancing your way to fitness. Here, you will get a system that takes just 30 days to start seeing results, that involves workouts which give your body a low impact but more energy, coupled with the best country music songs like “Young and Crazy” and “Fake ID” and other amazing ones that help you take away the feeling of working out and get you to enjoy the whole training experience all the more.

The exercises are going to help you target the most stubborn areas to shed weight off. You get 6 moves to take you through the process, where each workout is broken down into a series of moves that will give you the ability to torch fat off your body and get you leaned up without having to put too much effort into it.

The owner of the fun filled training experience is the renown, Autumn Calabrese. This is not a new face in the industry. If you have looked for programs that will get you quick results in as little as 30 days or less, then you must have bumped into her. She is the author of the 21 days fix program and the 21 Day Fix Extreme which went viral soon after they got launched, and have been among the top selling fitness programs over the last 2 years.

Her cookbook, FIXATE, which she sold separately got over 350,000 sales, and the figure keeps increasing. More to that, she has worked with the famous Sagi Kalev, to make the Master’s Hammer and Chisel. She has also known for best portion control with the color coded plastic containers. Moreover, apart from having 2 of her books become the best seller, she also trains celebrities before doing movies.

And she has gotten quite some certifications for this including NASM and AFPA. This means that you are working with a trainer who is well trained and experienced in this field and has actually gotten loved by most fitness enthusiasts out there.

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How Does it Work?

This is where you get wild while you dance off the fat that has been having you depressed for years. You are going to have workouts mixed with latest hit songs you love, if you are into country music, that won’t get you all sweaty, but all thrilled as you will be getting that feeling of practicing dance moves for an upcoming competition or event. And if you don’t like dancing you need to worry as Autumn says that, if you can walk you can burn fat with the program too.

Let’s delve into the specifics of the program.

Here, you will be getting a system that gives you a total of 6 workouts and an interesting nutrition plan that lets you keep your foods you eat moderate and eat things that pack up value and help you avoid binging on your favorite carbs. Starting with the workouts, you get exercises that gets you all energized and won’t put too much pressure on you.

They are well executed that you will love every minute of it. You won’t need any types of equipment or weights to make it work. And you also get a modifier to help make things even simpler for you. To be more specific, here are the 6 workouts you will be getting into:

• Country Swing – This helps you hike the rate at which you burn the calories. Songs you get here include “Young and Crazy” with moves like the 2 timing hop and Grease step.

• Giddy Up – The moves you get here include Saddle Jumps and Scuff Squats target the legs and glutes. You also get cool songs like “Fake ID.”

• Down and Dirty – Here you will be focusing on your rate of metabolism. And the workouts you get into include Mule Kicks and Rocking Horse. The songs are ” Footloose,” “Sideways” and a few more.

• Bring the Heat – This is set to get your heart pounding with high energy workouts coupled with songs like “I Like it, I Love it.” And you will surely love it.

• Trail Ride – This is set to keep you up and running with the Summertime Stomp moves and with songs like “Be my baby tonight” and “Bar Hoppin.”

• Dance Conditioning – This section is all about toning and conditioning that will help you curve out the sexy body in you and help get the chiseled abs.

Now comes the nutrition plan.

You are going to get a meal plan that lets you get the energy you will be needing for the workouts and more to help build the body towards the lean body you are looking forward to. And you get to eat foods you love as well as the healthy ones to help you get lean all the while enjoying the high carbs you love and eliminate the possibilities of getting wild cravings. And here, things are bit interesting, as I said.

You get 6 containers with different colors that help you identify which foods you should be eating and exactly what amounts. So you have zero guesswork here. And here is how you get the containers and the color that represent their use:

  • Yellow for carbs
  • Purple for fruits
  • Blue for healthy fats
  • Red for proteins
  • Green for veggies
  • Orange for seeds and dressings
  • Shakeology cups for beverages

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What is Included in the Program?

This program comes with 3 DVDs that take 30 minutes for each workout. More to that, you also get few other resources to help you get even more value from this program. And to give you an idea of what you should expect when you order your package, here is what you get:

• Eating Plan – This one gives the exact blueprint that Autumn uses for her body. You get the recipes that have your favorite foods as well as the low carbs to help balance everything off and give you the nutritional benefits you need.

• Quickstart Guide – This is the book that takes you around the program. You are going to know where to make your initial start and how to keep working at it.

• 30 Day Calendar – This gives you a layout of how you will be doing the exercises right from day 1 to the end. You also get a variety of workouts that keep you pumping it up without getting any bored.

And if you get the program this very day, you get 2 bonuses!

1. Night Crawl Line Dance Workout – This is an extra workout that is going to target your belly and waistline and other areas the need to be shaped out. And you get a song created only for this specific workout by a great famous singer.

2. Free 24/7 Online Support – You will get access to support with the program and customized solutions that will solve your specific fitness issues all round the clock. This includes fitness coaches, nutritionists and much more.

Who is it For?

This program has been made for pretty much anyone who wants to get a working weight loss system that takes them through the fat loss period in the easiest and most efficient way possible. If you are new to working out or have not been to it for a good while, this is what you need to get up and running with. If you are also looking for a program that won’t ask much from your body, then this is it!

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• The program uses perhaps the easiest and the most exciting way to get in shape. You no longer have to cringe at the thought of working out when you buy this.

• You need any types of equipment. This means you don’t get to spend a dime on anything else other than what you put towards the main program, which saves the cost.

• You work out as you listen to music and kind of dancing to the tune. This makes the whole experience a thrilling one, and you will never get bored while at it.

• You still get to eat the foods you have never wanted to let go even while looking to lose weight. If it is cookies, pizza, anything, you get to have it all, in the proper way.

• If you are too overweight, you don’t have to worry about exercises that will get you training and develop more problems. These are low impact, so you don’t struggle to do them.

• You get a variety of exercises, so you won’t get bored doing the same thing over and over again which loses the thrilling sense and fun part of it.

• You have everything laid out for you. The 30 days calendar and meal plans have covered the important bits of the program.

The Cons

• If you are not a huge fan of country music, then this one is going to make you a little uneasy. You will be having the songs run for 30 minutes everyday for the next 30 days.

• It will take time before you get the rhythm of the workouts. If you have not been to any of such programs, then you will struggle for the first few days before you can do it comfortably.

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Final Verdict:

The program is great! You are getting to loose weight and get in good shape without having to struggle with weights or get too serious about it. You enjoy yourself, eat what you like and see results! And you get a 30 days money back guarantee too, that gives you the freedom of working through the program, the whole of it, and see if you are seeing any results that are making you happy.

If you do, you can let Autumn keep the money, but if it doesn’t work for you, you should let her have even a penny of it. You will only need to send her an email asking for a refund and get it as soon as she gets your email.

There is also another bonus. You will get a Country Heat Dance T-shirt if you go through the system and lose weight and go ahead and post your before and after photos. So be sure to, if you want it.

Final verdict – Legit!

Name: Country Heat Dance Workout
Owner: Autumn Calabrese
Price: A discounted price of $19.95 each month, for 2 months + $9.95 or a one-time monthly payment of $59.85
Rankings: 92 out of 100

Have you used any of Autumn’s fitness programs? Have you gotten any worthwhile results with them? Have you used the Country Heat Dance program? How has it worked for you thus far? Have you gotten the T-shirt? What can you say about it? Leave your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback on it below.

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