Core de Force MMA Review – Another Beachbody Great Workout?

If you are looking for a Core de force MMA workout review that will give you the real gist of the program and show you how credible it really is, then you are looking at it right here.

Joel and Jericho claim that their fitness program which mixes three different forms of martial arts with weight loss workouts is the best way you can lose weight without having to get into heavy and demanding equipment and long hours of workouts.

They also say that with only 3 minutes rounds of workouts just like a typical match lasts, you will be able to burn fat real quick and get the best body you have never imagined, let’s see just how legit those claims are.

Product Name: Core de Force MMA WorkoutCore de Force MMA Review
Website Address:
Owner: Joel Freeman and Jericho McMathews
Price: A discounted price of $19.95 each month, for 3 months + $12.95 or a one-time, monthly payment of $59.85
Rankings: 86 out of 100

Core de Force MMA Workout Review – Introduction:

Lately, most fitness trainers who are launching fitness programs, are now mixing the workouts with some “entertainment” to make the whole working out experience an enjoyable one. And this helps make people want to get into the exercises and do it for hours as they don’t get the “working out” feeling. It makes them feel as though they were into some fun filled sport or event.

But you should note that this gets even more exciting when you are having fun with your weight loss efforts, that is by going through the fitness program, and actually seeing results. You don’t just want to have fun for 30 minutes or an hour, for 3 months and not lose any weight. This will be deceiving and discouraging. You simply want to get a program that, above all the techniques they use to carry out the exercises in it, it gets to pay at the end.

And that is what is why I decided to review this program, after spending a fair amount of time knowing it, to see if it works. So read on to see what I came to know of it.

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What is Core de Force MMA Workout Program?

This is a fitness program that is created with a mixture of various forms of martial arts like Muay Thai, kickboxing and plain boxing with cardio workouts to help you torch the stubborn weight off your body and get a strong and powerful physique. You get to do it for 30 short minutes everyday for the next 3 months if you want to see notable changes in your body.

You are going to start with 6 rounds per workout with each round lasting for 3 minutes, just like a typical match where you get to get your whole body active, have your heart pounding and get your body to melt the fat from your body and get it to lean up and stay like that for years. The program offers 8 different workouts that will keep you interested throughout the whole 3 months without getting bored by having the same workouts on your training plan everyday.

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The creators of the Core de Force workout program are the jacked Joel Freeman and Jericho McMathews. These are familiar faces in the fitness industry. It happens that before the two fitness enthusiasts came to bring this program into existence, they worked at Les Mills Pump, which no longer exists but has gotten the same positive response from lots of folks out there.

Talk about Joel, before being considered a trainer at BeachBody, he was working at Reebok as an athlete and at Gold’s Gym Social Group as the director, and is still working as a business consultant in the fitness department. Jericho Duffie (now married and called McMathews) worked at Les Mills Pump as a club coach and in 24 Hour Fitness as the instructor for Group X. Currently, she is wildly popular on Twitter and Instagram and is working as a trainer at Beachbody, as a presenter and an international trainer at Les Mills.

How Does it Work?

As mentioned earlier, you are going to be on the program for 90 days to see tangible results, although there are those who have seen incredible changes in a span of 30 days, it all depends on your level of fitness and the effort you put into it. You will also get 8 workouts through the months that you will be taking on for the 3 minutes round for each workout. And to learn more about the workouts, let’s see what you will be getting once you get inside:

• MMA Speed – Here you get a total of 6 rounds of workouts that are based on kickboxing and will help build your chest, shoulders, and arms.

• MMA Power – This gives you 47 minutes long workouts with 12 rounds based on basic but effective movements for self-defense which are meant for cardio conditioning.

• Power Sculpt – This gives you 9 rounds taking you 37 minutes which takes you through workouts that target the whole body and help improve endurance and strength, as well as getting lean muscles.

• Active Recovery – This one takes 21 minutes where you get to have the rest day workouts that will help you avoid the muscle soreness and stiffness you get with other training programs.

• MMA Shred – This brings more leaning. You spend the next 37 minutes on 7 rounds of workouts blended with Muay Thai kicks and elbows to help you build more lean muscles.

• MMA Plyo – This gives you 12 rounds of workouts that combine plyometrics, Boxing and Muay Thai based workouts that involve a 47 minutes session of burning pure fat.

• Dynamic Strength – The 12 rounds you get here will help you get more body definition with workouts that have got high intensity with low impact. And this takes 47 minutes.

• Core De Force Relief – This is the shortest. It takes only 5 minutes and gives you perhaps the best stretching that will help you relax all the groups of muscles that are tired, and all tightened up.

And you get a meal plan that will give you a list of foods, the high and the low carbs that will help you build muscle without having to give up any of your favorite foods like pizza. You also get a moderator to help you know how low you can go with the workouts.

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What is Included in the Program?

Well, apart from the workouts you get in the program, you will also be getting a few more resources to help you through it and make sure you get even better results. We are talking about:

• Quick Start Guide – This helps you cut to the chase, get right into the program and get started with the workouts. It will also show you how to get along with it as you are expected.

• 30 Day Calendar – You get a 30 days instructional calendar that helps you know what workouts exactly to do and meals to take for the next 30 days, and take out all the guesswork off your mind.

• Eating Plan – This gives you the opportunity to see how the two trainers, Joel and Jericho schedule their meal plans, what they take and how they take it to make sure their rate of metabolism is always soaring.

And if you take the plunge this very day, you get an extra 3 gifts to carry home with you. These include:

1. Core Kinetics

You get MMA based moves that are unique that will help you chisel out your abs and tighten your obliques. You are getting 16 minutes of pure freaking power!

2. The 5 Minutes Core on the Floor

This involves 5 moves on the floor that will help you shrinking the bulging belly, define and tone it up.

3. A 24/7 Online Support

And you get a full support system that runs round the clock and gives you full access to nutritionists and trainers even at 1 a.m.

The Deluxe Package

As you checkout, you are going to get an option to go with the deluxe package that gives you 3 more resources that are going to make the journey with this system even easier and enjoyable. And the resources you get include:

• Agility Strength – You get footwork soccer moves to better your body coordination and touch off more fat.

• Agility Power – Training that is multifunctional which will help you give your muscle some powerful definition.

• MMA Kick Butt – This will help with conditioning your legs and glutes using some kicking moves.

You will also get an agility ladder to develop coordination and speed.

And as with most Beachbody programs, you will get 7 color coded plastic containers which you will be using with the meal plan to help you check on your portions and ensure you eat the right amounts of essential nutrients.

Who is it For?

This program is best for those who want to lose weight without equipment and heavy weights. If you are also among the people who like to work out in the morning but don’t have hours to spend on that, you can use this to help you do it quickly, in minutes.

If you are into martial arts and would want to learn a few basic moves while shed off stubborn fat from your body, this will help you get there. You get basic boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai skills which are going to take you a long way.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• You get a program that gives you an interesting approach to lose weight and gain muscles. You don’t have to get bored again at the thought of working out ever again.

• You are taken through the system by Joel and Jericho who is somewhat influential in the fitness industry and have had quite a good measure of success with their previous programs.

• You are getting a moderator to help you perform the exercises at your lowest. So you don’t have to struggle to keep up with the accuracy you see with the trainers, and this allows you to move at your own pace.

• The quality of the videos you get is high. You get HD videos that make sure you have seen all the moves clearly so that you do them right as well.

• You get a few other amazing resources along with the program to see that you make the most off the program and are happy with the results you see in the end.

• The workouts are easy to follow, and the meal plans easy to implement. And this helps you take on the system smoothly and see results without any hassles.

• You don’t need any types of equipment. You are only going to use your own body weight to see results. And this will help you save up on the total costs.

The Cons

• The pricing plan is kind of tricky. You get to pay 3 installments of $32.90 each or $58.95 once and for all. To me, this is a bit overpriced.

• If you don’t love martial arts or a specific form of it that has been included in the system, you are going to get a little disadvantaged as this is the only technique used throughout.

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Final Verdict:

The program is fairly good. You don’t get another training that gives you double like this (the weight loss workouts and the martial arts). You are also getting some of the best trainers in the United States. They have gotten a good reputation for themselves helping countless people to get in shape with all the programs and fitness centers they have previously worked.

You also get a full 30 days money back guarantee that gives you the ability to buy the program with complete confidence and try it out for the next 30 days. If you don’t get any satisfaction in it, you can have your money back, down to the last penny, without complicated procedures or stinging questions asked.

And you get a free Core de Force T-shirt if you will get done with the program, get in good shape and post photos of your body before and after you took on the program.

Final Verdict – Legit!

Name: Core de Force MMA Workout
Owner: Joel Freeman and Jericho McMathews
Price: A discounted price of $19.95 each month, for 3 months + $12.95 or a one-time monthly payment of $59.85
Rankings: 86 out of 100

Have you worked with any of the two trainers’ programs in the past? Have you been successful with any of them? Have you used the Core de Force before? What was your experience with it like? Did you enjoy it? Would you recommend it to a close friend? We would love to get your thoughts on it.

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