Chalean Extreme Workout Review – Does it Work?

Chalean Extreme seems to be a pretty effective fitness program that can give you the kind of slim, lean body you want, right? And you are here because you want to put a stamp of approval on it before you take the plunge? Well, keep reading.

The chalean program has got quite a powerful workout strategy that got me on the hook for a while. The money back guarantees as well was something that made want to find out more about it. You get to have a full 90 money back guarantee which basically covers you for the whole period you will be in the actual training. Not all programs do this you know. So I decided to look into it to see how worthwhile it actually is as opposed to how it posed to be.

Read on my Chalean Extreme review to see what my findings on it were.

Product Name: Chalean ExtremeChalean Extreme Review
Website Address:
Owner: Chalene Johnson
Price: A discounted price of $29.95 each month, for 3 months + $19.95 or a one-time, monthly payment of $59.85
Rankings: 92 out of 100

Chalean Extreme Workout Review – Introduction:

If you are a serious fitness fanatic, you must have noted the high sales pitch that comes with the fitness programs that get launched nowadays. You will get an over hyped promo videos that will only be showing the strong points of the actual program and often, exaggerating the effectiveness of the workouts and the meal plans.

You will mostly get the voice behind the video claiming that the workouts you will be doing on the program have been tested and found to be extremely effective, more than any other fitness product that has ever been launched.

You will also get others telling you that the meal plan will be feeding you pounds of pure protein that will be used to build lean muscles in your body all the while burning up to 4 pounds of pure fat, for a single meal (which is virtually impossible). And they will even say that they have seen this happen over and over again. So you will want to be very careful with what you choose to work with.

And my main reason for writing this review is to help you cut through the hype and know whether this is legit or just a blatant cheat. So here we go.

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What is ChaLEAN Extreme?

This is a 90 days program that helps you get lean by giving you a series of resistance training that has been made suitably different from other regular ones, to give you quality results. The workouts have been clinically tested and proven to get you notable body changes within the first 30 days, and after every 30 days, you work through it.

You can be sure that you will be getting a bit hard on exercises here as having you see changes that can be seen from afar is not a joke. Basically, you will be getting workouts and meal plans that are designed to help you boost your rate of metabolism and have you shed pounds and pounds of fat while you pack up slabs of pure muscle. And this program does deliver what it promises.

If you look at the workouts, where you get to have a “fat burning shifting focus from the regular cardio workouts to resistance training exercises, you will see that this is a creative tactic you are getting involved in.

And the creator of the system has got the same name as the program itself, Chalene Johnson. Clearly, this is not a new name in the industry; she has been mentioned in a few other successful fitness programs in the past like Piyo, Turbo Extreme, and TurboFire. She is also well known for the award she got to like the best selling fitness author in New York. Moreover, she has been training celebrities for years now not to mention the other fitness classes she has had live like Turbo kick and hip hop Hustle.

Actually, all the classes were bought by popular brands in the United States including 24 Hour Fitness, YMCA and Gold’s Gym. She is a mother of two and also happens to be a motivational speaker who has been found to have a good grasp of perfect time management and to take on a new business venture. So at a glance, you have a pretty knowledgeable and experienced trainer at your disposal.

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How Does it Work?

You will be getting a technique called lean phasing, which, as mentioned earlier, takes on resistance training to help you supercharge your rate of metabolism and get you burning more fat every time even while you are dead asleep. And in this strategy, you get to have 3 phases which go for a month each and will be taking at least 30 to 50 minutes everyday.

In the 3 phases, you get a total of 15 workouts on 6 DVDs with all of them starting out with an ab workout that lasts for 15 minutes as well as a cardio workout, altogether. And to get more into it, here are the phases you get:

• Burn Phase

This is the first phase of the system where you will be doing exercises that are moderate and whose main aim is to get your rate of metabolism boosted and have your body release the fat it had been holding on to over the past few years or months. These workouts will be hitting your upper body first and then the lower body to have an even system that brings quality fat burning effect to both the areas.

• Push Phase

This is meant to “push” your fitness abilities to the extreme. Unlike the burn phase where you do many reps, here you get to tackle some weights which will take you around 30 minutes to get done with. You start by having a warm up and then get to lifting weights. Since the workouts are a bit demanding, you get a modifier to help you know how low you can do this without having to put too much stress on your body.

Free weights are the surest equipment for effective results. But if you just step foot into the training, and have never done them before, you could use resistance bands which are easier and as efficient.

• Lean Phase

Things here get tougher, you drop the weights and focus more on your core and body balance. Most of the exercises take 45 minutes and will have you standing on one foot for the better part of this phase. You will have more resistance training exercises and a few for strength building, but it may appear like you only get cardiovascular workouts.

Here, you have to get your body ready to handle the toughest of workouts as you will be getting sore almost all the time. But the effort you put into it is all well worth what you will be getting later.

You get an extra routine to get you more defined and carved out.

Extreme Cardio – This is extreme, as its name hints you. You have more cardio workouts here to have your body shaped and bring more definition to it which help you feel the balanced and tight effect people get when they truly lean up. But you should be prepared to handle the huge effort that comes with it. It’s the last and the hardest, but the most rewarding.

What is Included in the Package?

Other than the main program, that gives you the workouts and the meal plan, you get to have a few extra tools and resources that will help you get more from this truly extreme workout strategy and have you add to the benefits, to see your body transform into the kind of body you have always been craving for.

And a few gifts have been dragged along to help you take action on your body as fast as possible. And to show you how Chalene is dedicated to seeing you lose the stubborn fat and get you ripped, here are the things that are included in the system:

• Muscle Burns Fat Guidebook – This basically breaks down for you everything you need to know and use through the program. It’s more of a workout calendar to follow along. You get all the workouts laid out, showing you which ones to do everyday, how to do them, and how much of them to lift to get you optimal results without having you strain your muscles or underwork them.

• Body Fat Tester – This will help you know how much fat you are burning anytime you want. You can do it every week or every month where you test how much you have lost after each phase. But the idea with this tester is to have you track your progress and see if you are moving on the right track.

Here are the five gifts you get when you decide to give the strategy a try:

• Ab Burner – This comes with a set of workouts and tricks to help you lose more fat in your midsection and get you all toned and tight. With this, you don’t have to go for a tummy tuck.

• Extreme Abs – This gives twice or thrice as much intensive workouts as you get in the first gift. The Guide is more targeted towards getting you hard Abs that are well defined, so you are going above and beyond the regular toning, thus more hard work.

• Fat Burning Food Guide – The guide gives you a list of foods you should consider eating while at this system. They are foods which will add to the exercises you will doing to give you perfect results. They include low carbs and a few high carbs, preferably you favorite ones.

• Pro-Grade Resistance Band – You get a high-quality resistance band to help you take on the workouts efficiently without having to spend extra costs, as you will need it.

• Thigh Toner Band – This helps you get into more resistance training that works your lower body well enough to get it slimmer and more toned.

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Who is it for?

This is great for people who desire to burn more fat from the comfort of their home using workouts that are moderately high and get you the best results starting in as little as two weeks and from a respected fitness trainer. If you are a man or woman who wishes to get into resistance training that will help you get more balance for your body as you work out your upper and lower body, all at the same time, then this is what you need.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• You get a flexible nutrition plan that helps you get delicious recipes and snacks that you are going to use through the three phases, and even allow you to customize it depending on your nutrition level and other factors.

• The workouts are easy to follow, and you don’t have to strain too much to do it as Chalene does it. You will have a moderator right there with you to help you do it in the most comfortable way and still get the effects you are supposed to.

• You get some music to keep you working through it without getting all alone. Chalene has got quite a playlist here.

• You are getting help with your body from Chalene who is an influential figure in the fitness industry with awards and get success with her previous programs, so you are sure to get something of good value off this system.

• The quality of the videos is high, and you will see all the workouts done there well illustrated that you take out the chances of doing them wrong or making guesses, and end up seeing wrong results.

The Cons

• People have complained of getting incomplete packages of the system, like not getting the guidebook, after they ordered from Amazon.

• The price is relatively high. The quality you are getting dorm is indeed good but is not worth the high costs. If it were lowered by $20, it would have been great.

• The workouts and the music are somewhat boring. Although they are good at a glance, they may have you lose the inspiration if you are in them for more than 3 weeks.

Final Verdict:

The system is great, compared to the conventional fitness products you get out there. The workouts are effective, and the meal plans help you get the most benefits without having to run yourself down to get the exact ingredients listed there. What made me love it is a fact you get resistance and thigh toner bands without having to pay extra.

Although it hit me, after saying this, that they may have included it in the total cost of it. But it’s great all together. Finally, you receive a whole 90 days money back guarantee that basically gives you an assurance of a refund anytime within the 90 days period of the program, without any hassles, gimmicks or tricks. You only have to send an email notification expressing your intention to want to return it, and they will gladly take it back and send you the money, the whole of it.

Final Verdict – LEGIT!

Name: ChaLEAN Extreme
Owner: Chalene Johnson
Price: A discounted price of $29.95 each month, for 3 months + $19.95 or a one-time, monthly payment of $59.85
Rankings: 92 out of 100

Have you tried out this “Extreme” fitness product? Have you tried out any other of Chalene’s fitness classes or products? How were they? Did they give you what you were looking for? Were they as amazing as they sounded on commercials? Would you recommend any of them to your buddies? We love feedback, and we will appreciate if we get yours.

Want a program that is tougher and twice as effective as this? Want a program that will guarantee you real head turning results? Want a program that most ripped actors and actresses are using before shooting a film? Want a system that has been selling best for years? Then be sure to check out my #1 recommendation.

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