Burn The Fat Body Transformation System Review – Does it Truly Transform?

If you happened to stumble upon this program on social media or probably heard of it through a friend, and you want to know the real truth about it, then I believe I can help with that! This program, going by its previous version, has been the major talk for quite awhile now, to those who’ve had the opportunity to see or experience its effect firsthand. Well, I dug deep into its roots and came to gather up quite some information which I believe is going to help open your eyes towards it.

All you need to know, if not more, about this course is here!

And I’d ask you to please take time and read my Burn The Fat Body Transformation System review and get to understand how it is going to help you getting into shape as you would want to and also if the price of it is worth the value offered. More to that, with my final verdict, I am sure you are going to find your decision making phase much easier and help you land the program that you are looking for to give the best body results that you’ve been craving for all this while.

So here we go…

Product Name: Burn The Fat Body Transformation System
Website Address: burnthefat.com
Owner: Tom Venuto
Price: $57
Rankings: 75 out of 100
Verdict: Legit

Burn The Fat Body Transformation System Review – Introduction:

In this generation where almost everyone want to show off their curves, abs and chest, it has become increasingly common to find most local gyms flocked by thousands of fit craving bodies who want to loosen up and build more. And as a result of that, best trainers who have had a good measure of success in the fitness industry and that have gotten a pretty good reputation in it have gone a step ahead.

I’d say due to public demand or something, and created fitness programs in form of ebooks and DVDs to help people get the same match of results at home. And this to, a certain extent, has helped literary thousands of people improve.

But it also good to notice those programs that have been ruining the good reputation for such legit programs like Body Transformation Blueprint and Insanity Workout whose creators have spent thousands of dollars on baking the program. For over a decade now, statistics show that there are over a thousand scam online fitness programs that have been created and have sold wildly.

Why is this?

These people are after your money and they’ll go to any level to make sure they get you to pull out your credit card from your purse or wallet and key in the credit card details in order for you to make the big purchase they are always waiting for. For instance they might approach well known famous fitness experts who are as corrupt as they are and have them advertise the product.

This, they know, is going to help boost the sales since the person selling it is a great built up guy and probably he knows that people will take it as though the value inside the program might have the same secret that he used to get his body where it is at that particular moment.

Most people have this notion that if a person selling a program is ripped, that the specific product is going to get them ripped as well. Well, woe unto you! The moment you are going to spend your money and energy into a scam program being promoted by a jacked guy, for the sake of it, and then after a whole 6 months of putting it into practice you come worn out and much slimmer with no slightest notable change in your body, that’s when you are going to really believe that scams actually exist. (Seen this happen myself)

So you will want to be wide awake as you look for your right pick and make sure you’ve seen it work purely on someone else and brought out the same results that you are after. After that, you can go ahead and try it out. and this is how you should be able to avoid the many cheats out there. And having made mention of online cheats, could Burn The Fat Body Transformation System be another probable cheat? Is it really working with the right systems?

Well, let’s find that out below…

What is Burn The Fat Body Transformation System?This is a fitness program that is meant to help people acquire the bodies of their dreams by helping them loose weight sustainably, not the extreme kind of weight loss, and also help them build up successfully without getting any extra enhancements.

This program is a heightened version of the “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” that was launched a few years back but is no longer online. This program, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, as well as the current one works under the same principles, developing and getting fully accustomed little by little to the best eating habits and living a healthy lifestyle.

The main brain working throughout the program is Tom Venutos, who is really something in the fitness and wellness industry. Firstly, he is wildly ripped! Secondly, he has had major events of success like being the best seller through the previous eBook and winning the very first championship in bodybuilding when he was 21 years of age.

He has been a bodybuilding trainer for almost 30 years now. He has trained many famous people and has also been featured in many big magazines like The New York Times, Men’s Fitness, The Huffing Post, The Wall Street Journal, ESPN, Oprah Magazine and Muscle Fitness among others. So this is one credible person you’d want to work with.

How Does it Work?

Although made to appear like a seven days gig, this is something that you will want to work on for a long period of time to come. The 7 days label is basically either a marketing strategy to get people to buy or Tom referred to the strategy he’d use to approach it in the book as we are going to see.

Ideally, the program delves deep into various aspects of the training, which apart from just getting jacked, you’ll get into the right attitude and find yourself making amazing decisions a lot more often.

So here is what the course of the book is all about:

• Chapter 1 (Mind Training) – This chapter has been dedicated to help you understand where you are and the disadvantages of keeping the same habits on. From there, your mind will be prepared for what you are about to get into and help you face it with the right mindset and attitude.

• Chapter 2 (Calories) – Here, you are going to be taught how to keep a good eye on the calories you take into your body, how you have been doing it and how best you need to do it. Also practical steps are shown on how to do it easily.

• Chapter 3 (Foods and Metabolism) – Here, you should be able to learn more about the foods that have been lagging your weight loss success behind. More to that, you will be shown the best mixture of diets that should see you through a weight loss period with much of building up.

• Chapter 4 (Best Food Combination) – Tom gives the top 3 combination of foods that are going to help you loose pure fat fast and improve the quality and quantity of muscles in your body. The calorie of these foods are also revealed.

• Chapter 5 (Meal Plan) – All what you be needing to go through a successful bulking phase, in terms of meals, is described at length and you’ll be taken through the process of creating your own customized meal plan from what you’ve learnt in the previous 3 chapters.

• Chapter 6 ( Cardio and Weight Training) – This is where things get a bit more technical. With a list of workouts given for beginners to the highly advanced trainers, this is going to help you get the huge build. A way on how to structure your workouts is also given to help you with creating your workout schedule.

• Chapter 7 (Tracking Progress) – You will also learn how to track your progress and see if you are making improvements or you are continuing to go down. Tracking the development you make is essential in encouraging you and helping you know how long it will be to achieving your goals.

Who is it For?

If you look at the value of the program so far, you will see that it gives insight to many aspects that a beginning trainer needs to have and also deep facts on certain aspects of weight training which anyone out there who want to understand the science of building up should have. So the program is good for the beginner to the advanced trainers.

But notice, this program, like all other legit programs, doesn’t favor people who:

• Want a quick ‘build up’ fix – As I always say, there has never been a quick fix in fitness. You have to work your fat out and eat your muscles in, so to speak. You have to put in the effort to get the kind of physique you badly want. So if you were looking for this fix, it is the highest time you changed your mindset.

• Want strategies for steroids – Taking steroids to boost your overall size and shape is not a good and reliable way to work on your body. Some steroids may boost your body but rest assured that the good appealing bulk won’t last for long. Steroids have this destructive effects on your body, especially if you were into them for a long time and then stopped at once.

What is Included In the Product?

The Burn The Fat Body Transformation System does drag quite a handy pack of extras with it to help you with the while body transformation thing. And to get even more specific with that, here is what is included in the Product:

• Burn the Fat Recipes – This helps to make you aware of the foods that you might be eating thinking you are in the right leaning path when it’s not. You will also get the best foods to help you enjoy your delicacies and still lean up.

• Burn the Fat Meal Planning Software – This software helps you save the flexibility you’ve been given by Tom to make your own meal plans. Here, you’ll be well able to save your recipes and custom made meal plans in the favorites and keep them safe for easy reference.

• Burn the Fat Essentials – This is where the most value is hidden. You are going to get calorie calculators, meal planner sheets, shopping list, fat/protein/carb calculators, goal planners, database for you foods, progress charts and lots of other success supplements

• Burn the Fat Fat Testing System – This is a stratagem to help you keep count of the Fat in your body in the comfort of your home. It is alleged that there are programs that make people loose their muscles instead of fat. So just to be safe, this will help you confirm that you are still on the best path.

• Exclusive Members Section (The inner circle) – You are also going to have easy and fast access to Tom’s contact where you can ask any fitness related questions that have been bothering you. You can also get help with putting the information you get into practice.

Pro’s and Con’s:

The Pro’s

• Tom emphasizes weight training with compound exercises which are the best way to approach the big without loosing extreme weight and still getting to pack your body with thick muscles.

• There is a lot of flexibility in planning your own meals and your frequency of diets. This will help people to easily work with what they’ve got within their reach without worrying about some of the foods that the product may recommend that aren’t in their locality.

• There is a contact provision to help people talk directly to Tom and get professional help. It shows that he is always there to help and not just a program to sell and make money without worrying about the clients.

• He gives a deep perspective on the whole aspect of foods and eating, that it is going to be easy for one to understand the gist of it and know how best to get what one has to work through the whole program.

• There is a 60 days money-back guarantee where if you are not satisfied with the program before 6 months, you can return the program and get back your money without any delays and questions.

• The fact that it is best for both men and women, it will help young couples work out together with the same exercises comfortably and eliminate the need to purchase any other programs to help them get their bodies fit.

• The program is easy to understand and the videos along with all other resources, are simple and effective. You don’t need to have a background in any scientific course to understand what is taught.

• This program has been tested and confirmed to be effectively working by thousands of people out there. So you don’t have to worry about the chances of you getting any improvements.

The Con’s

• The whole program seems to be inclined to the foods and diets. If you look at the whole book, you will see at least three chapters have addressed the issues on foods and have left a huge chunk of information on other things that are of much importance.

• The “7 days” marketing strategy may have misled many folks thinking that it would help them get lean in just 7 days, when it is the outline of how their 7 days of every week should include to get substantial results.

• The marketing pitch went a little more overboard with them saying that combining micro-nutrients will bring a “magical” effect that will contribute to transforming the body. This, we obviously know, doesn’t work that way.

Final Verdict:

This program is a good program that sheds real truth about what fitness is really all about. It also gives the best guide for anyone who wants to build up their bodies, flexibility to work with whatever resources they have got and help them save the expenses which they would otherwise have to incur.

The insight into this program is amazing. But still, Tom needs to cool down his sales pitch so that it may not seemingly appear to be a scam. It is good to promote a product to make more sales but too much of it is potentially dangerous.

So, I’d recommend that people who want to understand the science of eating and loosing calories to buy this program and work through it. But for people who want more info and practical help with exercises, cardio and weight training should search elsewhere since this product’s idea and perspective is very limited.

Final Verdict – LEGIT!

Product Name: Burn The Fat Body Transformation System
Owner: Tom Venuto
Price: $57
Rankings: 75 out of 100

Have you gotten the chance to use this program or the previous one, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle? How did you find the experience like? Can you recommend it to other people for them to use it as well? Share your thoughts and experiences with it down here and enlighten all of us!

Want a program that has balanced information and practical approach to all aspects of training. Want more insight than there is in the program? Then come and see my #1 recommendation.

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