Brian Flatt’s 2 Week Diet Review – Does This Program Work?

If you want to know the real truth about the 2 (two) weeks diet by Brian Flatt, then rest easy because this is the review where you find the whole truth about it.

The owner of this system makes really big claims of how effective the program really is. He claims the system to be the only system to have you loose more fat than you have ever lost before. So basically he is saying that his product is the most effective on the market right now.

He also says that you are going to lose cellulite without having to go for surgery, boost your metabolism like crazy, see your energy levels soaring and have your skin and hair look youthful again. So, do you think Brain will be able to fulfill all these promises with this dietary system?

Well, my 2-week diet Brian flatt review will be giving you the gist of the program and show you clearly what you are up for.
So, let’s hasten into it.

Product Name: 2 Week DietBrian Flatt’s 2 Week Diet Review
Website Address:
Owner: Brian Flatt
Price: initially at $97, then discounted to $37. (If you try to leave you to get it at $27, and if you try to leave again, you get to pay $7 for instant access and then pay $20 after 7 days)
Rankings: 57 out of 100

2 Week Diet Review – Introduction:

If you have been on the “weight loss search” for some time now, you must have stumbled upon so many fitness programs that seemingly appear to the best ones in the industry. You will look at every factor you are using to take off the scams off your path and find them well beyond that.

You will also look at the other “extras” to look at to get the ultimate best, and you will find it ranking at the top with those features. You know what I mean. Things like a shredded author, thousands of testimonials, an affordable price, added benefits of the program other than what it’s meant for and a few resources added into the package, is what we tend to use to spot the best product out there. And having seen this, its very easy to get convinced that it’s the right one.

That is why you need to be aware of what you choose to settle for, because most scammers know our consideration list, as I have mentioned above, and they are using it to market their products to win more trust and get more sales. I decided to create this review to help you know the kind of product you are buying into; please listen closely.

What is 2 Week Diet?

This is a dietary system that promises anyone who tries it to lose about 8 to 16lbs in just 2 weeks. You will be getting a step by step guide to the diets you be using, the workouts that will be shedding pounds of weight, and inspiration to keep at it for as long as it is needed.

So basically what you are receiving here is a walkthrough of the best workouts, diets and some extra motivation to get you achieving your weight loss goals faster. To tell you the truth, the program appeared pretty helpful and meant to work, but there are a few something I have against this system, trust. There is another system that was created by the same owner called the 3 weeks diet review and was ended up being very messy.

The owner, Brain Flatt, claims to be the best-selling author, a great reviewer of a little over 500 fitness medical books Brian Flattand studies and is a highly sought-after nutritionist who actually charges $100 an hour to all his clients. So this portrays him as a pretty popular and experienced trainer and nutritionist.

But if you take time and consider things, you will see there is more to the product than what is seen. To start with, the photo of Brian. It happens that you can buy the same photo in Shutterstock and have full right to it. So this means the photo of the seemingly ripped Brian isn’t legit. He is not the one in it.

He has used it on the 3 weeks diet too and is the same on his official website for this diet. Secondly, he created a social profile for himself just recently after he had rubbed shoulders with another reviewer online. After he was told that he has no social profile of any platform that is almost a necessity in this current age, and the only ones that are there were for the products he was selling alone, he went ahead and addressed the ‘loophole.’

Well, there’s more of this, but I will save you the hassle of reading all that. What I’m driving at here is the kind of trust the owner has. If he is surely this crafty with his clients, is he to be trusted? I don’t know about you, but I would think twice before buying it.

How Does it Work?

Well, you will be having the system address two aspects of fitness throughout the program, that is diets and workouts. If you are not eating the right foods as Brian recommends, you are loosing out on many key benefits of having your weight go down and get more leaned out.

Also, the kind of workouts you are doing may not be giving you the full effects you need to get into the right shape. So you will be taken by the hand through the various eating habits you should adopt as well as workouts you should regularly get into to burn more fat and have it kept off. And to be more specific, here is what you will be getting into:

• The Diets

The system doesn’t advocate for same foods for everyone who is looking to lose weight. Instead, they design workouts to target your own type of body specifically. You will be given a list of foods you will need to eat. And you will also be told when to eat them and how much of them you need per meal.

And the good thing is, you will be buying ingredients of this food from the grocery store across the street, no need to stress over that, they are all available. You are also going to know some of the foods that you need to avoid at all costs if you want to lose fat the easy and proper way.

And Brian says that everyone is eating at least one of them. So you can see that the foods are pretty much covered for you. If what I’ve seen is anything to go by, this is among the systems which believe that “the key to weight loss is in the diet” so prepare to work hard on your eating habits.

The Workouts

This is quite a flexible workout plan. You are getting the option for working out at the gym if you love it, and at home, if you have a very busy schedule. So you don’t have to worry about being stuck in one place you are not comfortable with just to keep with the program.

And you will only need just 20 minutes to do the workouts, doing it 3 to 4 days per week depending on how busy or free you are. What is great about it is that you get all the flexibility you would ever want in a program, and that’s really creative.

What is Included in the Program?

You all be getting the system in 4 different books. Let’s look at them:

• Launch Handbook

This is more of the guidebook of the program. You will be taken through the whole system, and you will also be educated in other important things you need to know about health and fitness. The myths and facts will be shown here, and you will be told what you should use and what not to. And on page 10 you will understand the benefits of taking breakfast everyday.

• Diet Handbook

Here is where you get everything about dieting. You will be given a list of foods you will need to go through the program and most likely what you will be using throughout your life to stay fit. You will also get a meal plan that will take out all the guesswork and help get the nutritional value the foods you will be eating come with. And the foods, as well as access to them, is easy and flexible.

• Activity Handbook

This is where you see the workouts and all the other stuff you will be doing. You are told that these activities are what will double the results you all be seeing after two weeks. And you will get a list of workouts with a workout plan to help you just follow through and put in the effort required on each to see your body slowly lose the fat and start slimming down into your desired shape.

• Motivation Handbook

This one handles the motivation part of things. This was, in fact, a smart move. It is really difficult to keep up with a program if you have no motivation, something that keeps you going. And you will also find yourself lazy no matter the inspiring goal you have. Well, this book will help you know how to master your mind, always remain motivated and give you the energy to be consistent enough to achieve your goals.

Who is it For?

This program is great for everyone. With flexible options you have here, you are going to find it perfect, whether you are a stay at home mom or are busy with stuff at the office during your weekdays. Also, no matter your age, you can still benefit from it if you are strong and healthy enough to follow the training word for word. Ideally, if you got what it takes to take on the training to the end, you can use it, and you will see good results sneaking in.

Pros and Cons:

2 Week Diet Review Pros and Cons

The Pros

• The system does work. If you are willing to invest the time and energy into the training and follow everything you are told, you will see visible results.

• It’s super flexible. You don’t have to be free at home to have it work for you. You only need to have the desire to loose weight; the rest is handled.

• Everyone can use it no matter their level of fitness. You don’t have to be a powerlifter to see changes with it. Even a newbie who is doing it for the first time can work on it without problems.

• You only need 20 minutes per day and a maximum of 4 days per week to see it work. So you don’t have to spend hours in the gym or generally working out. And this gives you time for other important things.

• You get to lose much weight in such a short period. You won’t need even a month’s calendar to see you melt the fat off your body. 2 weeks is all it takes.

• You get access to it instantly. You don’t have to wait for days for it to be delivered to your home address. And this is great for those who like taking action immediately.

The Cons

• The reputation of Brian is kind of an issue for me. I often don’t buy from people who have been involved in scandals. You never know what may be up for you too.

• You will require a strong and stable internet access to have this program run smooth for you.

Final Verdict:

Well, the program is relatively good. The fact that it works for people who go through it with determination shows that there is some truth in it. But what makes not want to believe in it fully is the reputation of the owner. First, he bought a Shutterstock photo to deceive you it was him, which means there is something he is not coming clean about the system. And this makes me question his name too.

Do you know he is known to have gotten fake approvals from a doctor by the name, Suneil Kumar? (And I doubt the legitimacy of suneil Kumar being a doctor too). Anyways you are the judge. And you also get a 60 days money back guarantee which typically covers you beyond the period you will be on it.

Final Verdict of 2 WEEK DIET REVIEW – LEGIT but not recommended.

Name: 2 Week Diet
Owner: Brian Flatt
Price: initially at $97, then discounted to $37. (If you try to leave you to get it at $27, and if you try to leave again, you get to pay $7 for instant access and then pay $20 after 7 days)
Rankings: 57 out of 100

Have you used any of Brian Flatt’s fitness programs? Which system were you on? How did it turn out for you? Have you purchased the 2 week diet? Will you buy it? What can you say about it? What’s your thought on my 2 week diet review? We would all love to hear your say in this. Leave them in the comments.

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