Bodyweight Burn Review – Does it Work?

If you are here to know whether the bodyweight burn program will be of any help to you in burning stubborn body fat or gain more muscle mass, then this is the place you get all that, and then some.

This program has gotten massive popularity, and by getting deep into it, I got to learn how it really operates and got to understand the real gist of it, which I’ll be revealing to you in the next couple of minutes. I tell you all you need to know about it in my bodyweight burn review and even help you determine if it’s worth your effort and money.

Sounds good?

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Product Name: Bodyweight burnbodyweight burn review
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Owner: Adam Steer
Price: $37
Rankings: 80 out of 100

Bodyweight burn – Introduction:

Everyone wants to lose weight in the best way and the shortest time possible. We can all agree that we want a workout program that is interesting and fun to get involved in not to mention one that gives quick results. But the biggest hurdle is getting a program that actually, without any gimmicks, gives that. You are going to find many programs out there that are being promoted and recommended by many fitness enthusiasts out there. And they’ll make the program appear as though it were the program you’ve been looking for all this while.

But once you purchase and get started with it, your biggest nightmare starts. You find yourself having no changes happening after a month or two. You’re still the same, or you are adding more weight. And later is when you realize that the program was, in fact, a scam product.

And that is why I highly recommend that people check out online reviews of the actual products they want to buy before they go on making purchases of them. This way, you are saved the effort and pain of getting to this point of realization and frustration.

To tell you the truth, there are very few, extremely few programs that have created a program with comprehensive knowledge and explanation of how to go about working out for a short time, some minutes, every day and actually get to see the results you were hoping for.

It is very hard to identify a program, just by a mere glance, that will help you achieve your fitness goals while you are on a 9-5 job. You have to be really careful and must examine every product being recommended to you by others, and claim that it has the magical abilities to get you that.

And to get more practical with this, let’s take a look at the bodyweight burn program, as it is one of the many programs promising such, and see if it really delivers what it preaches.

What is Bodyweight Burn?

This is a 12 weeks program with 21 minutes a day that is meant to help all the people who have got barely any time to spare for their bodies. It focuses on just taking only 21 minutes everyday to do some simple workouts and see a significant change in your body, without any weights or need to go the gym.

The main pillar of the program is an aspect referred to as “Synergy”. This aspect takes into account three main workouts, and these workouts include cardio flow movements, metabolic muscle training, and afterburner workouts. These are what are deemed necessary to keep fit for a busy person.

The active mind behind the bodyweight burn program is Adam Steer. This is a well-known fitness trainer with a vast amount of experience on his hands. More to that, he is qualified in NCSA-CPT and NCCP-3, he is also a fitness nutrition writer and a fitness trainer who has specialized in lower body training.

He got his inspiration from the people who do gymnastics. He had spent countless hours most of his mornings trying to keep his body in perfect shape, but after carefully examining the gymnasts, he came to learn that they never lift weights or spent more than hour on the daily training.

He found out that they use their body weight to get their bodies to be always fit. Out of this came a massive research by Adam, which after learning and putting into much practice, came to get a good physique and become confident of himself. He took things to the other level by wanting to teach folks how to do the same, successfully. And this is pretty much how the Bodyweight Burn fitness product came into being.

How Does it work?

Well, before we get into how the whole thing works, I’d like to bring to your attention that the program is also called BW3 Multiburn, meaning the bodyweight burner that works three times faster with only three workouts.

And these three workouts, which are the main pillars of the program are:

• Cardioflow Workouts – This is the beginner’s workout. The main aim of this workout is to help you loosen up and get ready for more intensive training that will be coming later on in the program. The idea here is not to make as many repetitions as possible, but to focus on working with time. This helps you improve the rate of metabolism and also gets you to have some rest in between different sets of workouts.

• Afterburner Workouts – Compared to the cardio flow workouts, these are a bit more challenging to perform and have got higher effects as well. Basically what happens is that with this workout, you get to pump it up really hard to the point of having more of your oxygen levels being used up, and requiring more time to pay up the “oxygen debt” as the body fat is getting burnt within the timeframe.

• Metabolic Muscle Workouts – There are the toughest. Here you get your rate of metabolism, even more, stretched and got more lean muscles packed into your body. Adam came to learn that having lean muscles not only contributes to a stronger body but also helps in burning unwanted fat even while someone is resting or deep asleep. And this helps you shed more fat and bring out your physique even more.

The program’s strategic approach has 2 phases:

1. Metabolic Base Phase

It would be acceptable for me to call this phase, the preparatory phase. This is where you get to prepare your body, “loosen up a few body bolts” and make it ready for the most difficult stuff that is ahead of you. The workouts in this section are the easy ones, and you’ll find them very fun and relaxing. They are also going to improve the rate of your metabolism, increase some stamina and even build up some muscle mass. You are going to find 2 Metabolic muscle workouts, afterburner workouts, and cardio flow workouts.

2. Metabolic Explosion Phase

Here is where you feel the full weight of the program. You do more hardcore workouts and really hit things up. That is why it’s very crucial, to begin with, the first phase and then come to this. Out of the three main workouts, there are only two workouts that you will be handling, but rest assured that you’ll definitely feel the effect of each. In this phase, you don’t get the cardio flow workouts as they are light and meant for the beginning phase. The only workouts are metabolic muscle workout and afterburner workouts.

This phase will give you more ability to keep oxygen consumption levels in your body high and thus allow your body to keep burning fat more than 30 hours after completing your workout.

Who is it For?

The program is not really a tough one and definitely, doesn’t need lifting weights. This means that it’s going to be great for a lot of folks out there. And looking at it, the program is going to be a great fit for any individual who wants to get their bodies into shape, by loosing weight that has been stored up in the bodies for a long while. But you need to note that this program won’t do any good to a person looking to build their muscles.

There are no weights, so there won’t be any muscle building.

Those who have got very busy schedules like businessmen and stay at home moms can work with this very well as it will only take just 21 minutes every day to maintain their fitness levels. So basically it is going to work great for all people except for the ones looking forward to building up their muscles.

Also, there’s another pocket of people who won’t get much from this. And these include:

• Those looking for magical weight loss pills – If you want a miracle pill that will get you burning 50 pounds a night by simply swallowing the pill and sleeping through it, then you won’t get that here, and definitely nowhere else. You’ll want to take up weight loss the proper way to save your money and also to have your body healthy as you do this.

• Those who are undetermined to lose weight – If you are not really determined to do this, loosing weight, then you shouldn’t make a purchase of this program. It’s going to be very hard for you to keep up with the training as they demand motivation and full attention, no matter how short they really are. So you better get prepared to pump hard if you want to see results coming your way.

What’s Included in the program?

The program comes quite packed with loads of extras to help see your weight loss through and help you make a seamless transition from fat to fit. And let’s just peep at what is dragged along with the program, to see how great the program is going to be for you.

• Videos – There are two sets of videos, the instructional video series and the BW3 bodies for the two phases. They are clear and easy to follow helping you feel like you have the coach there with you, as you train.

• Bodyweight Burn Quick Start Guide – This guide helps you find your way into the program. It also gives you some tips to carry with you as you go on with the training to help you avoid getting injured.

• BW3 Exercise Manual – This is more a visual transcript of the videos. You get pictures of virtually every workout in the videos.

• BW3 Workout System – This gives great techniques to help you work out and maintain a strong, well-built body through months and even years of little practice. It’s easy to use as it uses the simplest illustrations possible.

• Hand Wall Charts – These are to help you track your progress. You are going to download and use these to see what milestones you’ve reached after a desired period.

• BW3 Workout System Integration Guide – This guide helps you integrate the other fitness product you might be already on, into the bodyweight burn to help you keep what you already have.

Wait, A Bonus!

For a few chosen people who decide to buy the product, there is an exclusive online platform that you are given access to, for 30 days, to help you get more active and social with people who’ve got the same goals as you. This is the BW3 Platinum Club. And there are no extra charges.

Here you are going to get help and support from people who’ve crossed the same river as you, who will advise you on how best to go about each step and show you how to identify your body type and how to make the most of it.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• It only takes 21 minutes a day. This means that in the morning you can still get to do all the things you usually do without any problems as you only have to squeeze in less than an hour for this workout.

• You get it online. And this makes it accessible to you almost instantly when you have made a purchase of it. You no longer have to wait until the next day for you to get your hands on it.

• It is a great way to lose weight, without having to lift weights and just having to use your own weight against your fat to lose it.

• It’s for everyone. No matter you age, weight and size, you can benefit from this program to a great extent. The training are moderate, and the videos are so clear that even a kid can understand, so don’t worry, no techy terms.

• It is going to save you the effort of going to the local gym or purchase training equipment. You only need to have your body with you as you go through it, lol.

• You get a 60 days money back guarantee, meaning that, if you are not satisfied with what the program sells, you can have it returned and get your money back into your account without any hassles.

• The meal plans are amazing; you get to eat what you like without having to worry much about the calories, as you know, most of it will be melted a few hours to come.

• Results are relatively fast with the program; you don’t have to wait a whole month to stat seeing changes. In fact, you can lose 20 lbs within just 20 to 24 days, depending on how much energy you put into it.

The Cons

• The whole program is online, and it may sometimes pose a great challenge to get the videos to work when you have a weak internet connection.

• Some of the exercises may need more time to get you doing them right. They need much practice to do them easily.

• Although the meal plans are great, you don’t get an accurate plan that you can use through the program. What you get is a bunch of ideas and recipes, which are sometimes great but not always helpful.

• Adam recommends supplements and has actually incorporated them into the program. He says to get the maximum amount of power and benefits; it is good to use them.

• The Bodyweight Burn Platinum Club isn’t accessible by all people who decide to use the program. This means that if you are having a pressing issue with the program and would love instant help, you are not going to get it.

Final verdict:

Basically, the program is great. The fact that you don’t have to use training equipment and also get to spend just 20 minutes doing it is just mind blowing. And if you’re lucky enough, you get to have access to the platinum club that will help you talk with like-minded folks who are doing what you are and are fighting the same problems, you probably are, people who truly get you.

But the fact that this isn’t for all people makes it more limited as there are other programs out there that have given full access to everyone who buys the program. So is bodyweight burn a scam? Definitely not! But is it fully loaded, not really. You are going to want to have a program that an active community to help you out and encourage you.

Final verdict – legit!

Name: Bodyweightburn
Owner: Adam Steer
Price: $37
Rankings: 80 out of 100

Have you been on this program before? Have you known what the platinum club is like? Would you recommend the program to a beloved friend? We’d like to hear your thoughts and comments on this. Leave them below and please try to be as thorough as possible.

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