Body Beast Review 2021 – Does Beachbody Workout Work?

Welcome to my Body Beast Review.

Almost everyone is asking about Body Beast Workout fitness product, whether it is worth the shot or just another fitness DVD trash that is centered on selling and making money. With this curiosity going all over the web, I decided to have a peek at the product and get to know a little more, and guess what I found out. Well, I will be sharing with you my amazing findings just shortly.

I have seen this product in work with my very own eyes, so I’ll be giving this Body Beast Workout review right from the heart.

You are going to want to be attentive if you have any intentions of buying and getting to shape up and lean your body up with this product. You should take a time to understand it pretty well, the promises, the expectations and the real gist of it. From there, you are free to choose between using it and getting yourself another product, it’s entirely up to you although I’ll be giving my final verdict, which I hope is going to go a long way in helping you make up your mind.

Without any more delay, let’s get into things here…

Business Name: Body Beast WorkoutBody beast Review
Owner Name: Sagi Kalev
Price: $49.99
Rankings: 65 out of 100

Verdict: Good product but not as intense as my recommendation (Relatively good for beginners)

Body Beast Workout Review – Introduction:

For sure, everyone in the world has some body they envy, be it a neighbor’s, a friend’s or the guy across the street. There is always someone amidst our lives that has a good well-packed body that we so much desire to have. But sadly, not all of us have or can manage to hit such a milestone easily. We may have our own body complications, beliefs, and practices that keep us from achieving those goals. More to that, there may be products that we might be currently using in pursuit of muscled bodies that might not be working.

We may have our own body complications, beliefs, and practices that keep us from achieving those goals. More to that, there may be products that we might be currently using in pursuit of muscled bodies that might not be working.

And this specifically is going to be my main discussion.

Most often, people tend to be misled into working with fitness products that steer them far much away from building up or even losing weight. What usually happens is that many folks out there will want to make money with any available means.

So they will do a quick survey of the market and get to learn the niche with the most demanded products whose supply hasn’t been really satisfied. And then they will create sham products, the magazines, DVDs and CDs you see daily. All this is to bring more money to the table rather than give genuine help to the concerned people.

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So you’ll want to be very aware of this in order to have an open mind as you choose your desired fitness package.

And talking more of blatant schemers, could the Body Beast Workout possibly be one of them? Could it be that we are having an outright cheat just a purchase away? Let’s find out and help you determine if this is going to be the next buy you are going to make or the last time you are scammed by fakes using counterfeit products.

And so, this is what I found out…

What is Body Beast Workout?

This is a body building program that is set to help people build mass with very little to no fat gain at all. Its strategies revolve around lifting weights, conditioning the cardio, training for core strength and more sets. It is actually set with the achievement limit at 90 days and can be comfortably taken at a gym or at home, either of these works best. In this system, you will be touching the dumbbells and the barbells for quite some time as they have been used throughout the program.

It works in 3 main stages, namely the Build which will a month, the Bulk, which takes a month as well and finally the Beast, a month too, so you can see how it adds up. If you want to rip those muscles, the third phase will give plenty of help. Most people compare this to weight lifting back in the old days, but a bit edged up.

The person making this whole thing work is Israel’s sexist, Sagi Kalev. This guy has gained quite some influence Sagi Kalevwhen it comes to fitness but not as much as Sean Nalewanyj from the Body Transformation Blueprint (you can read my personal review of this product here)

Sagi was a fitness model for a few magazines, also did some personal training and had even featured in some old movies in the 90’s. He has won two titles for ‘Mr. Israel’ in bodybuilding. He moved from his native country to the USA to elevate his passion and now he has gained plenty of knowledge in Clinical Nutrition and he’s now become a fitness expert at Thrive Institute in Texas.

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How Does it Work?

Being a 12 weeks program, its schedule works with 6 days of the week. And there are 3 levels as mentioned earlier that one goes through in order to get massively ripped as Sagi actually has. So let’s take a deep look into the way the program works:

1. Build

This is the first level where you are to work for about 3 weeks before you get into the next. Here, all sessions start with a pep rally with Sagi boosting up the zeal and still explaining what the exercise for each day will include and how to go about it although, there is a daily warm up. From there, there is the workout and finally a stretch to keep things safe.

The workouts start with the exercise sets for the chest, then the legs, the back, the cardio and abs follow, the shoulders and finally a well-deserved rest, for the first week. The other weeks it’s all about alternating the workouts to get the body to build. You are going to note a slight body difference at the end of this phase.

2. Bulk

In this part, you should expect some intensive training to pump the body up a little bit. The phase lasts for 5 weeks and the workouts go for around 29 to 41 minutes starting with the chest going to the back, shoulders, arms and then legs. So the whole of the first week you will focus on one area like the chest and then the following week you get to the shoulders and the list continues.

3. Beast

Now, this is where the deep dead intense exercises lie. Every part of your body is going to have to shake up every so often. And the main parts of it are the: Beast, Total body, which involves 38 full minutes of doing push ups, weighted squats, pull ups, dumbbell deadlifts, triceps kickbacks, weighted lunges, crunches and bicep curls. So you can imagine what the experience is like.

And then: Beast, Lucky 7 which takes only 22 minutes but pumps your heart like crazy. You begin this with the tricep skull crusher while laying down on the floor. From there, you get to a chest press and then you get to have a weight standing right in front of you as you ‘crunch’.

Who is it For?

This product is basically for anyone who wants to gain a ripped body and increase the mass of the muscles. Many women wonder if this product does well for them, well, a huge yes! Although you will need clear instructions on how to go about it so that you don’t get more mass like the guys. And to go through this program you will have to be one of those people who are really motivated and have the wild drive to do the workouts to get the right body. If you have no zeal, don’t expect much from yourself nor this product.

This is best for people looking for similar results;



What is included in the Product?

The Body Beast Workout comes with 3 things;

  • The workout DVD;
  • A workout magazine giving you an overview of other things you will need to have apart from the weight lifting and stuff. The magazine talks about foods to take you through the program, what to avoid and how to plan your exercises; and
  • The third and the last thing included in the product is a fitness calendar. This calendar is basically to help you know what you need to be doing on a certain day, what you will have to eat and drink and how you have to run through that specific day.

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As the program is 12 weeks long, you will have to limit yourself to the calendar in order to see any notable change in your body.


Body Beast Review – The Pro’s and Con’s:

The Pro’s

• Sagi is a wonderful trainer who has brought up other influential fitness trainers in the United States so you can be sure that the program is going to be amazingly helpful for you and results well broken down.

• The calendar is great as it reduces the chances of you messing your day up. Everything concerning your fitness life is done for you so you only need to follow along without any extra enhancements.

The Con’s

• The program has two people spearheading it, Sagi and Tony Horton. And it can be tricky once you’ve gotten used to Sagi and then you have this new face with a different personality appearing on your screen. It can shift your whole focus, spin your head away.

• The program doesn’t give a creative list of replacements that one can work with when the exact ingredients given in the workbook and the calendar aren’t available. Not all people will be able to work with the program as it is due to financial constraints or even availability. They should have done research on the replacements for the meal plan they use in order to get everybody sorted.

• The program is a bit limited to building mass only that the issue of losing weight and getting lean is not well addressed. Most people who are on this product see an insignificant amount of weight loss after they are done. If Sagi explained how to lose weight extensively and then pump more muscle mass in the body it would have been great.

• Sagi himself couldn’t have built that body on proteins and weights alone, he sure must have supplemented his body down the road, but he doesn’t mention that in the DVD. He is all work, pump it up! But doesn’t help you understand the best supplements in the market that worked for him and which could also work for you.

• The program will best fit a person who has been on some other body building programs before as this one doesn’t explain from scratch how to start from being weak and work your way to getting lean or ripped like the Body Transformation Blueprint by Sean does.

• The main aspect body building the Body Beast Workout specifically targets is weight lifting alone. There is more to it than lifting weights for 12 whole weeks. You need to learn the science of the body and know how it functions best and under what conditions so that you can then work your schedule around it. Weight lifting will play a big role in gaining mass but it’s not everything that is needed to do it effectively.

• Although it’s good for women to use to shape up, it doesn’t give a precise work plan for women to follow as it is for men. This means that if women follow the exact steps, they can end up building up more than they probably should. They’d get extremely ripped with the Beast, Total Body alone.

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Final verdict:

Well, having gone through this body building beast, it is clear that it is a good stratagem that you can use to make things change in your life. But still, you have seen the many limitations it has when it comes to deep mass gaining for the whole body, there are some crucial elements that have been overlooked and which play a significant role to really hitting the exact body shape you desire. So this brings in a little confusion when you think about it.

Should we call it legit and the best way to go with for people of any kind to build muscles, no! Then should we call it a fake? Still no! This product is good but doesn’t give the best results one would desire. It’s legit but very limited.

Final verdict – Legit, but limited!
Name: Body Beast Workout
Owner: Sagi Kalev
Price: $49.99
Rankings: 65 out of 100

Have you had any experience with Body Beast Workout? Let us hear what you have to say about it. Leave your experience and thoughts below and enlighten the others on it.

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