7 Best Tricep Workouts With Dumbbells To Bulk Out Fast

Most people shy away from triceps workouts with dumbbells and get themselves to believe that they are going to build muscles there through other methods anyway. That sure is true, you can still bulk with other equipment like the preacher curl, a cable machine and such but the best mass is gotten through making the triceps dumbbell workouts a daily thing and doing it the right way. There are actually a lot of exercises out there you could do with the dumbbells but there are those that will get you where you want a bit quicker.

And to catch a glimpse of those, here are the 7 best tricep workouts with dumbbells you’ll want to use in your next workout:

1. Tate Press Dumbbell Workout

Here is how do it:

• Lie down on a bench and make sure you have dumbbells in both of your hands, with the hands being at rest on your thighs. Your palms are supposed to be face to face with one another.

• Then lift the dumbbells up trying to support the weight with your thighs until they are at a good width over the shoulders. See that the space between your two hands is a bit wider than the length from one shoulder to the other. Also ensure that your palms are in an upward position and the elbows are at their full stretch.

• Make semicircular movements with the dumbbells going close to the chest as you deeply inhale. Then, as you breathe out, do the same movements the other way round.(Take the dumbbells back to the initial position)

• Be sure to keep the dumbbells very much close to each other as you make the movements and have the upper part of your arms in a still position. Also, try as much not to get the dumbbells rest on your chest or even touch them. Keep them in a position for them to contract always.

• Do 10 repetitions, relax and then repeat.

2. Standing Dumbbell Workout

Follow this to do it:

• Do this while you are standing. Give your two feet a distance the same as the shoulder distance. Keep them that apart throughout the workout.

• Take the dumbbells with your two hands and then raise them above your head with the arms having a full stretch. Let your arms be in an upward direction and the thumb curve around the dumbbells.

• Keep the upper part of your arms slightly above your head and then, make semi circular movements at the back of your head and let the forearms come into regular contact with your biceps so that it is effective.

• Only the forearms should be moving while the upper part of your arms should be still. Breathe in as you make this semicircular motion.

• Then breathe out as you take the dumbbells back to the initial position with your triceps.

• Make as many repetitions as directed by the trainer.

3. Unilateral Tricep Extension Workout

Here is the procedure:

• Sit on a bench and then take a dumbbell with the hand you want to workout with. Then bend slightly sideways towards the bench, leaving 75� from the bench to your torso. You will need to support your body with the arm that’s not doing the workout.

• Get your hands across your head towards the ear of the other hand supporting you on the bench and get the elbow of the hand with the dumbbell above your head and also pointing upwards.

• Relax shortly and then take the arm back to the initial position. Let the upper arm’s angle be the same throughout the workout. Get done with one arm and then proceed the other one.

• Make several repetitions.

4. Tricep Kickback

Here is how you should go about it:

• In a bending position, put one knee on the bench and the support your body with one hand of the same side with the knee. Lift the dumbbell with the other hand seeing that your palm directly faces your body. See that the upper part of your arm is parallel to how your body is.

• Move the dumbbell behind your body slowly, stop for a while, and then move it to the initial position. See that your arm is constantly at a still position.

5. Single-arm Tricep Extension

Follow the instructions below:

• In a standing position, hold a dumbbell with one of your hands, and see that the hand is raised. Also see that you have the hands raised slightly behind your head. The elbow of the raised should be at an angle of 90� with the top of your head.

• Lower the dumbbell behind your head until the elbow is facing upwards. Take a short pause and then slowly lift it up to the initial position. Keep the forearm in a still position throughout the workout.

• Finish a set with one hand and then proceed to the other.

6. Double-arm Tricep Extension

Here is the walk through:

• While standing, lift a dumbbell with both of your hands and take it behind your head. See that the elbow is pointing upwards and the arms are in a still position.

• Slowly, raise the dumbbell until the upper part of your arms are completely straight with the palm facing upwards. Take a quick pause and then return to the initial position.

• Make several repetitions.

7. Close Grip Dumbbell Press

Here is how to do it best:

• Lay on the bench and have your feet firmly seated on the floor. Lift the dumbbells and keep them slightly above the edges of your chest. They shouldn’t touch the chest. See that the upper parts of your arms are in angle of 90� with the margin of your body and the elbows are facing downwards.

• Slowly lift the dumbbells upwards without moving the forearms, with the hands fully stretching. Keep the movement of the hands at the same pace. After a quick pause, take the dumbbells back to their initial position.

• Make repetitions as instructed by your trainer.

That’s it! With these 7 insane workouts, you will be seeing amazing results in a few. What you need to remember is to have the workouts everyday and do at least 12 to 20 repetitions in each set. Preferably, you should do it well enough that your last repetition should be a huge challenge due to the exhaustion you’ve got. Also it is advised that you increase the weight of the dumbbells a bit every other week.

This should see you through this tricep building phase and help you get the most. You will know you are making progress when you find the last repetitions much lighter after a short period of workout.

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