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The way an individual look physically contributes a great deal to their stamina, confidence and how they are generally perceived by other people.

And this is the main reason why people who live in the present day take an enormous effort to ensure they look great and healthy at the same time, which helps them feel good and full of confidence hence live a positive life filled with energy.

With that said, it is important to note that there is an enormous number of workout machines out there that work so hard towards doing the same thing.

The main aim is to help you lose weight, build muscles, stay fit, achieve higher fitness levels and generally help you lead a healthy life.

Best Rowing Machine Under $500 Reddit

But I can give you the assurance that no machines out there can be compared to the rowing machines when it comes to burning calories, that being a "thousand and one percent" sure of.

Benefits of Using Rowing Machines:

Let's take a deep look at the benefits of using rowing machines so that you see clearly how great these things really are.

  • This is the best type of cardiovascular exercise out there; it is a great way to keep you fit by burning calories with very low impact exercises and it is equally challenging as high impact exercises. It brings awesome results. It is actually one of the best ways to lose weight, tone up your body and most of all build muscles.
  • It helps you exercise in the safest environment, and avoid any possible injuries. You do not want to have strong arms and never walk again due to back injuries.Whatever type of fitness activity you undertake should be safe for you and should not put you at risk harming any part of your body there for as you exercise proper technique is very important, it is why rowing machine comes with concise rowing technique protecting you from any possible injuries on your back.
  • For results to be seen intensity is the keyword to be practiced and rowing machine is simply the synonym but to say the least, these machines provide an intense full body work out making every muscle in your body work out hence grow and improve in health.
  • This is the greatest thing you will never hear from any other workout machine in existence, it brings along an effect known as "afterburn effect" which simply means that after you have worked out so hard that even after you stop working out for short period of time your body keeps burning calories now how cool is that? Think about it.
  • Has a special training technique known as the High-Intensity Interval Training which is a great way to work out and burn some fat, to build your muscles, to literally improve the way your cardiovascular system works and to lose weight and I mean some serious weight loss.This training technique helps you reach a state known as EPOCH which simply means post-exercise energy expenditure which even more simply means taking advantage of the afterburn effect, this technique aims to provide optimal workout in the smallest amount of time possible. Meaning, achieve your goals in only a 30 minutes work out.
  • Space-saving machines, they require such an unbelievably small space to store and are easy to move around and transport.

If you would like to purchase a rowing machine for your home use then this is the right place to be or it’s the right article to be reading if you take things too literally this article has taken a deep review of the best rowing machines out there that suit your needs and are considerate of the state your bank account, this year 2021.

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Onto the Best Rowing Machine Under $500 Reddit 2021 presents to you;

1. Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine - Best Rowing Machine Under $500 Reddit 2021!

Topping our list is Water Rower Natural Rowing Machine in Ash Wood. The beauty of this rowing machine might have you confuse it with a home decor, it is handcrafted from solid ash wood giving it such an elegant finish not to mention there are honey oat stain and an extra finish in Danish oil that explodes its style giving a look that is simply more elegant than everyday rowing machine, the choice of material which is wood is not inspired by beauty alone.

It plays a great role in distribution and absorption of sounds and vibrations to assist you to enjoy a smoother work out and a quiet one, especially since the flywheel, is enclosed in a water tank it delivers dynamic resistance and comfortably allows to choose the intensity of their liking.

This beautiful piece of art and performance machine is manufactured by water rower and comes with a price tag of $1160, bringing along the following dimensions; a height of 20 inches by a width of 22.25 inches by a length of 82.25 inches.

It also comes with a dual rail design, a 15-inch ergonomic handle, and an ergonomic saddle which provide safety and stability plus a smooth motion. It is polar compatible and supports a maximum user weight of 350 kg while weighing a cool 117 pounds.

The high tech features include; comes with an LCD performance monitor to indicate your workout data which includes the following; intensity in m/s, speed in mph, stroke rate, heart rate, calories burned, distance covered and the workout duration.

The frame comes with 5-year warranty and 3 years warranty on the parts.

2. Nordic Track RW200 Rower

Manufactured by Nordic track comes in second place, as always this is a fitness company that manufactures products with more of the useful tech and majority of the people buying their products expect to see more tech and useful advances and this product is no different, it comes with a price tag of $599 and the following dimensions; a height of 43.5 inches by a width of 22 inches by a length of 84.75 inches this machines supports a total maximum user weight of 250 pounds.

Comes with an inertia-enhanced flywheel to give you a natural and smooth exercise experience, the angle of the console is adjustable the pedals are also adjustable, brings along some to the touch ergonomic handles and the cushion seat.

The high tech features include; comes with an easy to read blue tinted screen which is lit from the back that indicates your watts, strokes per minute, total strokes, time calories.

The distance covered and your energy expenditure throughout the workout, brings with it 20 built-in programs for workout that are designed by highly qualified and certified personal trainers, to motivate and keep you on the right track as you follow your set targets, music system that is mp3 player compatible which enable you to listen to music with multiple 2 inches built-in speakers that are loud enough and of high sound quality.

Comes with an air resistance that is adjustable allowing you to vary the resistance actually increase it with the faster you row to increase the intensity of your workout.

This machine comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer, 1-year warranty for the labor and parts plus a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you don’t have a rower it’s because you don’t want one.

3. Water Rower Club Rowing Machine

As with all the water rower rowing machines, this one is beautifully crafted made from solid ash wood plus a stain of black and rose stains and a Danish oil finish it comes in third on our list, it comes with a price tag of $1160 and the following dimensions, a height of 20 inches by a length of 82.25 inches by a width of 22.25 inches with a weight of 66.5 pounds without the water in the water tank if the tank is full then it brings a weight of about 104 pounds.

It provides realistic and very consistent rowing strokes from its patterned water flywheel that copy’s the physical dynamics of real-time rowing.

The solid ash wood frame not only serves the beauty purpose but also goes a long way to ensure the durability of the frame, the ergonomic seats and footrests molded for comfort and stability, the water tank is made of polycarbonate making it hard enough to destroy. It has a maximum user weight of 1000 pounds.

High tech features include; a display that shows the following measurements; stroke rate, heart rate, distance, and duration, has a quick start and quick select options that allow single buttons press to quickly start and get on your routine workouts.

Moreover, it has an auto store and an auto-preview that store your last nine workouts settings that can be scrolled through easily and viewed, allows you to set your intensity levels, stroke rate, and heart rates zone using the zone and zone bar features which will track and tell you when you are within or out of your zones.

The frame comes with a 3-year warranty, the components have a 1-year warranty, but if you fill up the registration form the frame warranty is extended to 5 years and the components is extended to 3 years.

4. Xebex Air Rower

This is a quality machine slipping in fourth manufactured by GetRX'd come with a price tag of $945 and the following dimensions; a length of 96 inches by a width of 13 inches by a height of 47 inches with a weight of 95 pounds comes with a maximum user weight of 500 pounds.

Comes with a heavy duty frame that makes it perfect for commercial application and home use its single rail can accommodate legs of various lengths, it is an air resistance type with great settings that allow you to change settings from 1 to 10, it is chest strap compatible with wireless heart rate monitoring but the chest strap is not included so you will have to get that one separately.

the seat is 21 inches from the ground to allow for easy access while on or off the machine, there is extra padding on the seat and handle to ensure a comfortable exercise session and ensure you do not get blisters, quick one-touch adjustments in foot pads to ensure accommodation of foots of all sizes, it comes with wheels for easy transport and moving around plus it can fold up in a half to increase utilization of space in storage.

High tech features include; an LCD monitor with big buttons and programs that allow you to set distance, calorie or even time targets, the displayed workout data include; time, distance, watts, calories, heart and paddle width.

The frame with a 5-year warranty and the parts come with a 2-year warranty.

5. Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine

In fifth place comes the Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine manufactured by Kettler this machine comes with a price tag of $399 and the following dimensions; a length of 52 inches by a width of 32inches by height of 10 inches, comes with a weight of 44 pounds and a maximum user weight capacity of up to 285 pounds.

This machine uses the hydraulic resistance that provides operation with very little noise and the resistant can be altered up to 50 levels and can be easily altered on the handles if you are smaller the seat is very comfortable but if you are bigger you might find it slightly smaller.

The rowing action is also fairly smooth for a hydraulic rower, this machine is stable and very compact from its small size and the steel frame that is powder coated, on the negative this machine does not fold and the hydraulic system is prone to be affected by temperature change where it is too difficult to use the settings in cold environments.

Brings along the following high tech features; It helps you monitor your cardio wellness over a period of time with a simple scale of 1 to 6 scoring systems, uses two in-built heart pulse rate monitoring; an ear clip that uses infrared tech to communicate with the Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine and a wireless means that uses a chest strap, it does not come with the chest strap though you will have to buy that one separately.

Has a small display that shows the following data; the time, the distance covered, the energy consumed and strokes. It also contains several training programs to ensure workouts consistency and progress.
The frame of this machine comes with a lifetime warranty and the parts come in 3-year warranty.

6. ProForm 440R Rower

At number six is this proform 440 rower they are manufactured by pro form, it’s a great work out machine designed to provide full body strength training together with the usual cardio training it’s an entry-level machine coming in with a price tag of $299 comes in with the following dimensions; A height of 20.5 inches, a width of 38.3 inches by a length of 76.6 inches with a weight of 68 pounds this machine with maximum user weight of 250 pounds.

Comes with transport wheels for ease when moving it around or transporting, has a pivoting pedal and an adjustable foot strap designed to keep your feet in place, the flywheel is inertia enhanced to provide a steady and smooth bike pedal stroke

It can be folded in one simple step thanks to the space saver design, brings along a durable aluminum rail that is oversized and lightweight to accommodate individuals of various lengths, it is adjustable for maximum comfort during workouts.

High tech feature includes; an easy to read LCD screen which displays data in a scan mode for almost six seconds the moves on to the next set of data to be displayed, the workout data displayed includes the following; Strokes, strokes per minute, calories burned, time and distance.

The frame has a five-year warranty against breakage and a 90-day parts and labor warranty.

7. Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

If you need reliability say you are experienced at rowing or you have just begun then this is the machine for you things machine proves to everything you need and more. It is manufactured by concept2 and comes with a price tag of $945 with the following dimensions; a height of 24 inches by a length of 96 inches by a width of 14 inches and has a maximum user weight of 500 pounds.

Comes with an amazingly accurate training performance monitor which provides an extremely detailed training feedback, the resistance is adjustable from the flywheel and spiral damper, an aluminum rail co-joined with stainless steel track so that the seat can move smoothly, the fan has been engineered to reduce noise.

It has a quick release from the lock and wheels for moving around and when transporting it separates into two different pieces for easy storage and consumption of less space has an adjustable monitor and it is powered by batteries.

The high tech features include; has a log card and a USB access cable to access the data on the log card from the pm5 computer; the data includes; strokes per minute, distance covered, calories burned, pulse meter and heart rate.

Comes with a 5-year frame warranty and a 2-year warranty on the parts.

8. Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Rower

Are you all about budget-friendly and high quality then I purposely sneaked in this one at number 8 just for you, it is manufactured by stamina, it comes with a price tag of $699 and the following dimensions; a height of 24.5 inches by a width of 20 inches by a length of 81 inches with a weight of 80 pounds and comes with a maximum user weight of 275 pounds.

Brings along an aluminum rowing beam that is extruded for smooth rowing and accommodation of people of different heights, has an in touch monitor and an LCD that is lit from the back which displays 12 different workout programs, has a large molded seat for comfort and the rowing handle is also foam padded.

The footplates are large enough to ensure you stay in place while exercising, chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring which is included in the purchase, by the way, allows you push yourself to your optimal heart rate.

High tech features include; the LCD, 12 works out programs, a pulse recovery function which measures how fast you go back to your heart rate and assign that a fitness rating now how amazing is that? The displayed data includes the following; time, distance, strokes per minute, pulse, count, calories, and watt.
Comes with a three-year warranty on the frame and a 90-day warranty on the parts.

9. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

The almost tailing machine on our list is the Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine which is coming in at number nine manufactured by stamina comes with a price tag of $110 and comes with the following dimensions; a height of 23.5 inches by a width of 21 inches by a length if 46 inches has a weight of 37 pounds and can support a maximum user weight of 250 pounds it’s a small machine that performs just as well which makes it easy to handle and to store.

Has a steel frame and an aluminum center beam and a ball bearing roller system the resistance is adjustable through a manual control knob to change the intensity of your work out and made of gas shock cylinder plus a multi-function fitness monitor.

The high tech features include; a monitor that displays the following data; speed, distance covered, workout duration, stroke rates and calories burned.

The frame has a 1-year warranty and the parts warranty is 90 days.

10. Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

The last on the least is a very cheap machine probably the cheapest in the market and if not by no doubt its among the cheapest this machine is manufactured by sunny health and fitness comes a price tag of $ 78 and the following dimensions; a height of 21.5 inches by a width of 20 inches by a length of 53.2 inches and a weight of 20 pounds with a maximum user weight support of 220 pounds.

It is very simple but really stable it is a great means to work out at home without having to seriously hurt your bank account, brings along 12 levels of resistance and it hydraulic type, beginners, and intermediate users

Can find it particularly useful, it has a very basic digital screen that shows workout progress, the weightlessness of this machine makes it easy to move around at will and it consumes little space

Has a few features it can proudly present as high tech features like the electronic monitor which monitors the following; time, calories, burned and total rows has a one year warranty on the frame and a 90-day warranty on the parts.

Criteria for Selecting Best Rowing Machine Under $500 Reddit:

This article has taken the following qualities of rowing machines as the criteria for selection of the best:

Type of resistance, comfort, and adjustability, noise level, the price, maximum user weight, storage features, high tech features, ease of assembly and warranty.

1. Types of resistance

Generally, rowing machines come in a design that looks almost similar but where they differ the most is in the mode that they provide resistance there are four different means through which resistance is provided they include: Air rowers; cannot be considered noisy but are not necessarily silent either.

They have a spinning fan blade that produces a sound some even produce a gentle breeze that cools you down as you work out.

Water rowers produce an audible water splash as work out, they have a beautiful modern look and are mostly metal, exercising with machine brings along the most natural feeling of all rowing machines.

Magnetic rowers give you and your environment ultimately golden silence they come in extremely varying qualities giving a perfectly ranging resistance from light to heavy; Hydraulic rowers impressively low-cost machines which come along with great rewards physically, they are generally less durable.

2. Comfort and Adjustability

Good rowers are comfortable to sit on and work out on, they have good foot pads and a bit adjustable to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

3. The level of noise

Some rowing machines are deaf silent while others produce a bit of a sound, this feature really depends on the person who is buying since some people prefer total silence while others would rather have a little noise to show them they are really working out.

4. Price

Prices of rowers come in a very big range starting from the low entry level of about $100 to the high-end level of $2000 where they all come in extremely different functionality.

5. Maximum user weight

Rowing machines on a general note can support a higher maximum weight than most machines meant for work out since they have a small number of parts that are moving they are less stressed by users who have a higher amount of weight but still they have a different maximum weight limit.

6. Storage features

Mainly when we talk of storage we mean is it foldable so can you store it easily but also how easy it is to move it should come into mind since sometimes where you work out is not necessarily where you store your rowing machine.

7. High tech features

Rowing machines come with different capabilities in terms of their inbuilt computers some can keep track of your exercising data while other can connect to fitness apps and assist you to keep track of your progress.

8. Ease of assembly

This happens only once after you have made the purchase, but even so, that single time can make you hate the machine so much that each time you work on it makes you lazy before you even begin your workout or send it back to the manufacturer.

9. Warranty

A warranty that covers everything to your liking is important. It is also sometimes an indicator of the manufacturer’s faith in the product durability.

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