10 Best Fitness Trackers Reviews 2021- Device You Can Wear!

If you are a huge fitness enthusiast, you may be wondering which fitness tracker is the “hot cake” at the moment. Well, we’ve got you covered!

Here are the 10 top rated fitness trackers, in order of efficiency, which most athletes and body builders find interesting, in all sense of the term.

1. Apple Watch Nike+

More determined to make fitness a serious thing for folks, the Apple Watch Nike+ has really hit it compared to the previous fitness deal breaker, the Apple Watch Series 2. The size, as well as the price, is pretty the same as Apple Watch Series 2, with the dimensions (of the HWD version) going at 1.5inches by 1.3inches by 0.4inches. On the other hand, the 42mm version measures 1.7inches by 1.4inches by 0.4inches, which is slighter higher than former.

The software part gets even better; you get a Nike+ Run Club app together with some complications, and faces that allow you to access the app from the home screen. The current constant face shows your activities, time in a classy Nike’s font, a Nike+ Run Club app widget and some space for you to add any widgets of your choice. The beauty of this watch is that you own the Nike+ Run app, everything of it inclusive, as opposed to the Apple watch Series 2 where you have to download the app to make use of it.

The straps are just like the Sports Band by Apple with elastomer silicon, only except perforations to keep you cool when your sweat starts dripping. There are also a wide variety of combined colors for the tracker. Some of them include volt, also called neon yellow and white silver, volt and black, volt and space gray, cool gray and black and many others.

This is a brilliant, easy to use a watch with a sporty appearance which is going to be a real delight for most runners.

2. Fitbit Charge 2

This is another tracker that will keep a good record of your sleep, heart rate, calories you’ve lost and a whole lot of other aspects, all on autopilot. You don’t need to press any button. It can also track all the routes you have been on and even give you accurate results of your lap splits if you connect it to your phone. This shows the fact that there’s no GPS in it doesn’t make it disabled.

When it comes to design, things are just as similar to Fitbit Alta. A band of silicone with a rectangularly shaped display module (OLED) in the center. Just below, there is a monitor for keeping track of your heart rate and a side button. You can change the bands very easily. You also get it in three different sizes: small, large and extra large.

You’ll want to download the Fitbit app on your device if you want to pair it. It is free and can use Windows, IOS or Android to pair. The good thing is, it is set to synchronize with your device when it’s near, in automation, but you can also do it manually. It can also automatically track activities like jogging, basketball or running and biking, to name a few. However, it can take up 15 minutes before it starts the tracking. But the beauty of it is, you can just track manually by pressing the side “track exercise” button.

If you charge it well, you can use it for five full days. It also has a unique charger of its own which comes as part of the package once you’ve bought it. But the downside is, if the charger gets broken or lost, you’ll have to buy another one, you can’t use other Fitbit chargers to charge it.

3. Garmin Forerunner 735XT

This comes from perhaps the most accurate fitness brand with a complete tracker of all your activities and sleep. It comes with the best features triathletes are looking for. Based on the features, I find it to be the best fit for triathletes. It is a durable battery and is also really lightweight. Amazing huh?

If you want to use for running only, make sure you go for the forerunner 735XT which has the watch, and a runner’s (HRM) bundle with a chest strap. If you are a triathlete, you can choose the bundle with strap for triathletes or swimming, if you want it for swimming. The swimming one helps you even monitor your heart rate under water. You can also tighten your USB charger, which comes with the tracker, on to the watch with a springing clip.

As with the Misfit Ray, the Forerunner has a simple but classy look and is very light, 1.4 ounces to be precise. There are two models (based on color). You can choose the gray and black or the midnight blue and frost. You can always turn it the other way round to change the color. Its band is made of silicone, and there are perforations to help with sweating.

It can stay for up to 10 days without charging, although it is indicated 11 days. The face is circular with three buttons on the left side while two are to the right, with each button’s function clearly stated on top of every button. The background is black, but you can change it. Most of the changes can be done using Garmin store (Connect IQ).

4. Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta HR has a great tracking system for monitoring your heart rate, sleep counts, and the battery is way more durable than you’d expect. There is no fork closure as with other trackers, which makes it good for exercising. A clasp has been used instead, although it feels close to snapping if pulled forcefully. When you look at the back, you’ll see a small sensor with a PurePulse brand which is for tracking your heart rate.

There are two exciting features, Sleep Insights and Sleep Stages which help you monitor the quality of your sleep. It shows you how long you’ve slept, how much you’ve been uneasy, and how long you have been awake. The insights give quite some valuable information which would be helpful to people who suffer from insomnia or even sleep walk.

One of the notable things, or rather problem, with this tracker, is that the screen takes time and a bit of effort to work. So, don’t be surprised when you have to double tap the screen to access the features.

5. Lumo Run

This is another tracker in its own level. Unlike the others, this one has to be clipped to your pants when you run and works with more gear that is costly to give you advanced and well broken down data like your pelvic drop, cadence, pelvic rotation and vertical oscillation.

Its length is about two inches with the thickness of 500cm.At the end of one side, you will get a cap which covers the charging system. When using it, different LED lights come up on different occasions like when it is syncing, charging and when the charge is full.

Immediately you begin running, it starts displaying basic recordings of time, pace and the distance covered. But when you have been running for a good while, you will start seeing more accurate details in things you can do to boost the speed and quality of your run, as well as things that will help you keep injuries at bay.

You will have to use it with iOS devices only, Windows and Android don’t work with it. Before you get up and running, you should set it up with your iPhone and then give it an assessment run of about 10 minutes.

6. Garmin Forerunner 35

This tracker will keep tracks for runs, walks and even bike rides. It also monitors your heart rates when you are deep in rest and when you are actively working out, or doing any form of exercise except swimming.

Something interesting with it is that it also records your heart rate zones, which adds to the overall efficiency.

It displays notifications when there is something on your phone that needs your attention and is also able to make changes to the music playing on your phone.

There is also a GPS tracker, and its battery life is great, lasting for 9 full days, and for 13 hours when you leave your GPS on.

However, you don’t have access to Forerunner’s app store, Connect IQ.

7. Misfit Ray

Misfit Ray has one of the best designs, with a well-defined interface which is interchangeable to match the clothes you choose to wear with it. The tracking system is cylindrical with a surface area of around 1.5 inches, with the length going to 0.1 inches. Weighing it, it is about 0.3 ounces heavy.

There are many colors including navy, rose gold, black, white or green stainless steel. You can also get a silicone or leather band, at different prices. The strap is very comfortable, and sometimes you can forget you are wearing it. It is the one of the best to sleep with.

Its water resistance is relatively powerful (5ATM) meaning you can use it while swimming and while taking a bath. There is a LED light that will flash different colors and later vibrate to indicate different purposes. When there is an incoming call on the device you’ve connected it with, it blinks green, when you should wake up, purple comes up, and few more other colors.

It connects with Android and iOS devices using Bluetooth 4.0. The set up is very quick and easy but, if you are on Android, you may have to make an update of your misfit app to have it automatically sync when the device is near.

8. Samsung Gear Fit 2

This is yet another accurate tracker from Samsung. With the attractive display and the fact that you need to own a Samsung Galaxy mobile device to use it, it appears to get closer to the more powerful Fitbit Surge tracker regarding competitiveness.

It has a sinuous touch screen (super AMOLED) which is about 1.5 inches. If you wear it on your left hand, you will notice two tiny buttons for (“Apps” and “Back” functions) on the right-hand side.

It comes in three colors, pink, black and blue and also has two sizes for the wristbands. For smaller wrists, you get 4.9 inches to 6.7 Inches, and the larger ones go up to 8.3 inches.
It is more comfortable and light, with the weight distributed in all directions. It has a very accurate heart rate monitor and a music player who stands on its own. And you can easily stream using Bluetooth. Moreover, it has a good GPS tracking system to show you the areas and routes you cover.

9. Tom Tom Spark Cardio +3 Music

As the name suggests, you get the ability to listen to music while working out without having to connect your phone. It has a storage of up to 3GB to store music.

It has a GPS system (a feature of new Route Exploration) built into it, which means it can go in the water to a depth of 130 feet.

You use Tom Tom Mysports app, which is free to help create your account with Mysports if you want to pair the watch with a mobile device.

If you want to get access to all the features Tom Tom Spark comes with, you will need a mobile, software for your PC and a web application for your browser.

The issue with this tracker is the design; it is very husky. You also have to have a PC if you want to get music into it. And yeah, there are no notifications when your phone has an incoming call or something you have to check out.

10. Huawei Fit

Huawei fits works very well in water as it is waterproof. It can also track advanced data when you are swimming laps you have made, the distance you have covered and even the amount of calories you “left” in water.

If you charge it as instructed, it may run for the 6 stated days, and at times longer. The functionality is quite intuitive as it uses the traditional but elegant style.

You can wear it for long hours without feeling the weight as it is super comfy.

Although, there are times you will have issues trying to work your way through different features.

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